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Mercury Retrograde:
(Actions of the Heart)

Mar 27-May 20

At the end of March and through May 20, Mercury will once again confuse our senses, blur our vision, and test our common sense. The more intent we are on winning through force and self-fulfillment, the more we are liable for setbacks. We'll want to trust our hearts, but we should not take action on our heart's desire until late May. Our disappointments in our personal lives and relationships, anxiety about world events, financial instability, the banality of our culture will keep us in a fog of ennui, and we'll be looking for some kind of miracle or quick fix. We may depend on fate or luck, which precedes sloppy thinking and dangerously bad decisions. Reality fatigue can drive us into unrealistic fantasies.

Mercury retrograde, in its pre-shadow, will start at 33 degrees Pisces on March 27, move into Aries March 30, and then (apparently) reverse itself April 8, retreating back into Pisces until April 22. It will be hard to tell what is fact and what is fiction. MORE

The Fed's Cowardly Lion
and the Wizard of Oz

Photo by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Janet Yellen, the head of the Fed, has pounced. But don't worry, it's not going to hurt, she has no claws, no teeth, she's a scardy-cat that shrinks in the corner and works for kibble. All she wants is to please her tiger-taming masters. She responds to the snap of the whip.

She raised interest rates a fraction of one percent. If she wasn't such a cowardly Leo (see her chart below) she would have raised them to 20%. This pathetic swipe of her declawed paw won't even pay the cleaning bill. Yellen has continued the assault on the traditional scrooge type of leadership in the Fed. The mandated role of the Fed is to curtail the presidents and politicians when they want to provide cheap money to their constituents. The Fed, defender of the dollar, the world's reserve currency, wants as few of them in circulation as possible. When Nixon went off the gold standard, screwing its creditors, the Feb restored stability by raising interest rates 17%. MORE

The Terrible T-square

dec 2 2015

The T-square, Dec 2, 2015


T-squares give you character, they say. T-squares make your strong, they say. Sure, but they hurt. The symbol of all that's difficult is the T. In every direction, we meet snags, stress and danger. The T describes this situation. Like the Trine, there's a certain symmetry about the Square, but instead of 120 degree garlands, the T has 90 degree thorns. Either way, we have to pass through them like walking the gauntlet.

The T-square contains an opposition as well as two squares. You are stymied by radical changes and yet locked into a corner. You have to solve the problem and work it out. Maybe they are mountains to cross, a test of stamina and determination. The only way to have squares work positively for you is to plan ahead. At the end, reaching the goal, you are exhilarated.

In the Square that dominates the skies from mid November to mid December is made up of three heavy hitters: Pluto, Uranus, Mars. This is an explosive combination. Mars and Uranus are reckless enough, Pluto makes their mistakes fatal.

This is a dangerous time in war, when impulses can overcome training, and when unforeseen events can cascade down to literally blow you up. The compression of Pluto along with the hair trigger of Mars-Uranus means accidents, conflict, and flaring tempers. What was buried for a long time can now blast to the surface without warning.

Mars in Virgo explains the criticism of authority now going on full bore. Everyone is complaining about the system! Virgo represents the youth and the workers and what they do when they are united. These are revolutionary times when Mars may spark a revolution!

Revolution may be the only solution. Uranus is in Pisces is telling us (again, it's in retrograde) that it's time for love and compassion. However, against Mars and Pluto, does love stand a chance?

Pluto is in Sagittarius, the explosion waiting to go off. Pluto in Sagittarius was announced with the appearance of the IUD and the suicide bomber. So sure is Sagittarius that they can achieve glory through martyrdom, that they will gladly give up their lives if it will make a difference.

Only the shock of the truth, a rise in our consciousness can help us. We now depend on technology to help us become better humans. Can we depend on other human beings? In spite of the dynamite thats loaded into this T-square, the way out is to listen to the news from Uranus. Love is the answer.

It looks like the only hope for Uranus-Pisces to stop the war is Ophiuchus, since Uranus is also trined with the Sun and Mercury, both conjunct in that sign. Avoiding the bloodshed would take a miracle from Ophiuchus, but luckily, that's her specialty. She has taken control of the steering wheel, she can hypnotize, she can seduce, she can bring about change.

A new chance for humanity to work to face climate change, to outlaw nuclear weapons and energy plants, to stop the war in the middle east from escalating and engulfing the world.

A new chance for you and I to be loving and keep our contacts with those we love and trust. Pluto means loss, true, but this can be an uplifting experience as we cast away all the old patterns and prejudices we carry around like a cross.

Pluto can eat up our sins, if we want redemption. Uranus can give us the taste of freedom and unity we need to continue our struggle. Mars can give us the ability to examine ourselves to see what changes we have to make in ourselves to be welcomed into the greater pool of our brother and sisters.

posted dec 1 2015

'Care charmer sleep, brother to death', Samuel Daniel's words describe our lives after we close our eyes, and surrender to our deepest thoughts. Whenever Pisces is involved, as it is in the November Yod, we will experience an enriched dreamscape while we sleep. Pisces is the reverie where the unconscious takes over, if only for a night's mind travel. Our dreams could be more vivid, memorable, or frightening, depending on where we are in our lives. The young will dream of sex, the middle aged, of escape, and the old, of death. Or mix and match! Our dreams will have more significance than usual, because they may contain trammels of our real life entwined in the fantasy. We should look to our dreams as a source of inspiration. Even nightmares show us our biggest fears as they would be played out in our secret world, the Pisces playground of sleep. Listen to them.

When we awake, can we ignore the dreams? No, we should let them percolate through us, to allow our sensitivity at night to extend to the daytime, and approach our lives with more candor and caution. This Yod will show us how to live in peace with each other without losing our identities and personalities. It is the dream of the Uranus Pisces to be protected by the world, and also be free of it. It may be that this Yod will wake us up from our reverie with a rude shaking. The rational mind must take over. It is intersected by Juno, the asteroid that denotes our accumulated knowledge and wisdom. MORE

Going Back To The Future:
Precession of the Equinoxes

How the Earth's Rotation Shapes Human Civilization

Image from Lunar Planner

Both astrologers and astronomers agree that because of subtle changes in the Earth's movement, the locations of the constellations on the ecliptic aren't consistent. The Zodiac itself is moving slowly, almost imperceptibly, backwards at about one degree every 75 years. This phenomena is called the precession of the equinoxes. The omission of this tiny increment can lead to a disastrous result when calculating time and distance on the Zodiacal ecliptic. MORE

The Bubble Has Burst:
China Leads the World into DEFLATION

[Above, damaged vehicles are seen as smoke rises from shipping containers after massive explosions at Binhai new district in China last August. This is a form of destruction of wealth that takes place during deflation. [Image: actualite.c-est-quoi]

Deflation is the Bull
in the China shop

"The current circumstances are not designed to increase your prosperity. The male leadership that has led us to this crisis will be humiliated. Prepare for a period that will deplete your material assets. Your generosity is likely to benefit the wrong people or be wasted in worthless endeavors." [from Stephanie Johnson, Solar Fire]

One of the most interesting things about any financial crisis is that the stars don't view it as a bad thing. The crisis is almost always the result of corruption, so the collapse of the financial markets is often historically accompanied by positive planetary positions. The crisis enlightens and purges the markets of their inherent distortions and internecine conflict. In previous economic collapses, the horoscope drawn up often involves a favorable connection with Mercury. In the case of a crash, or a "correction" as the markets like to call it, reality and intellect pops the bubble, and sanity is restored. The monetary losses, which the universe couldn't care less about, are just the prelude to revelation, and ultimately, future success. What's bad for the banks is actually good for the people. MORE


The American Demagogue

Donald Trump is tough, "cheap steak tough" as Gil Scott Heron said of Ronald Reagan, and The Donald wants to be President in 2016. This is his sixth time, over the course of 3 decades. That's staying power, the persistence of endless self-promotion. His brand has grown from dork to demagogue, and, as blunt-talking billionaires go, he's better then the others at capturing the "great unwashed" demographic of pissed off white men, the only force conservatives have that they can realistically count on to stop Hillary.

"Trump is a Warlock, a bull in the Republican china shop

The Aug 6th Republican debate is going to get a full dose of the Donald, as both transiting Venus and Mercury are conjunct his natal Mars on that day. "Decisiveness. Mental assertiveness. Honesty. Practical solutions. Technical skills. Fast work, rapid progress." and "Healthy passions. Physical attraction. Strenuous enjoyment. Joint enthusiasm. Romance. Creating art or decoration." Neptune is trine his natal Mercury: "This a wonderful time for any mental work that requires creativity and intuition. You are open to new ideas and communications seem to flow easily. You may even discover some psychic powers."


He's going to be at his outrageous best. He'll meet blow-for-blow with the gaggle of the Republican hacks. Stephanie Johnson says, "You may feel frustrated to the point of exploding during this transit as your efforts to make powerful changes in a project are thwarted. It could be that power struggles with someone else are causing friction, or it could be that circumstances are simply overpowering your efforts. Whatever the cause you would do well to remain flexible in your approach to the obstacles, while persisting in your efforts for a successful outcome. You will achieve your goals."

the taurus bull
image source

It's not all gravy ahead, since Trump is laboring under a long rage Neptune sesquisquare his Saturn and transiting Square his Mars: "The best-made plans can go awry, which you are discovering during this transit. You are probably also feeling some anger and frustration as your plans seem to be going nowhere. You may even feel that others are deliberately standing in your way. Avoid [activities] that involve risks, at least for the duration of this transit." and "This is a stressful time during which you lack your usual self-confidence. The foundations of your life are being tested and you are being challenged to view things in a different light. However, you may feel a little shaky. Don't be too hard on yourself. Rather take some time out to reflect on what is really important in life. You are being asked to see the importance of the spiritual and more esoteric values in life, rather than the material ones." (all quotes from Stephanie Johnson)


There's more to the Donald than the whore media, or the insipid electorate, and especially the clueless republicans, realize. Donald Trump is not only the most viable candidate among the 16-odd idiots running for the Republican nomination, it's also quite possible he could dispatch any Democrat that tries to defy him. Trump is underestimated by the comedians, and the news establishment, as well as the establishment Republican party, which is facing its own Waterloo as Saturn opposes its natal Saturn.


There are 3 major misconceptions about Trump that both media "liberals" and "establishment" Republicans both have, that:


1) Trump is a fraud, trying to promote his brand or TV show.

2) Trump's brash promises are too broad for public scrutiny.

3) Trump will tumble in the polls as a former Republican flavor of the day.



None of this is true. Trump is seriously attempting a hostile takeover, he's not kidding.

Trump's promises don't have to come true, he's the dream. As long as he stays defiant and speaks truth to (other's) power, he can galvanize the white men and their clans into the unchartered territory of having a right-wing, billionaire dictator take over the U.S. government, such as it is. Trump can, and intends to do it fair and square, too, playing the players, and strangulating democracy with its own umbilical chord. At the very least, Trump can win 20% of the vote, even on the back of a third party, matching or bettering Ross Perot, another billionaire who ran for the presidency back in 1992.


donald trump 13 sign horoscope


Sun in Taurus, Moon in Ophiuchus, Donald Trump is a Warlock with the appetites of the Bull.


If the pundits really wanted to vet Trump they would have been better off to check out his 13-sign astrology horoscope, where The Donald turns out to be a thumping Taurus bull, not a two-faced Gemini. The fact that he's coming back with a sixth bid for the presidency shows that he's the persistent Taurus, and his comb-over is a testament to someone who never changes his personae. A Gemini politician has two personalities, like George W. Bush, who switched from effeminate cheerleader to a tough talking cowboy in the blink of an eye.


The difference between Trump and the other politicians is his "truth". Trump has his Moon in Ophiuchus. He is bypassing the pathetic politician who must beg for money and votes, and wants to install himself as the head of a cabal of wealthy men who can control the country. He can bully his rivals with flared nostrils and blunt talk, sure, but how he really wins is with the truth, or, as Steven Colbert says, "truthiness". Capitalism has found a true symbol of prosperity and enterprise in a man whose specialty is selling a lie.


For Taurus, the truth is beautiful, because truth is money, and money is beautiful. It's as simple as gold. It is the class-act, the irrefutable power of money that makes the Taurus, and Trump, feel so confident in their decisions to to place money above all other considerations.


"To get rich is glorious" is a Chinese slogan of China's change to capitalism. This marked the beginning in China of the accumulation of vast private wealth, and the largest human migration in history. For the American middle-class, where the home is the gold, the bubble of real estate speculation was glorious. Donald Trump, in spite of the bankruptcy of some investors, was part of both the dream of venture capital, and its irony.


The Donald never got the joke. Trump has the tastes and appetites of an American peasant, he personifies greed, makes no secret of his carnal privileges, and has earned a certain gravitas from the white man demographic. Trump is a self-made man, not only by his hu-u-ge inheritance; but in that he recreated himself as a symbol of power in the capitalist world in spite of his essential ignorance. Now that he's learned the game, he's coming after the stiffs that laughed at him. Trump is a star of the world where billionaires and bumpkins meet.

Posted Aug 2, 2015


Syriza Party shows its true colors

greece bebaucle
Chart by Prometheus software

"Distance from others. Inhibitions. Utility over beauty. Exacting distinctions. Serious or traditional social matters; this is a tense and unstable time when your safe world ceases to feel safe. No matter how hard you try to get life on a firmer footing, there will be disruptions. You would be better to remain as flexible and positive as possible, otherwise your confidence will be severely tested; relationships with other people are a source of frustration. There is nothing specific that you can identify. It is more a sense that your relationships with individuals and groups of people are not quite all that they should be. Perhaps you feel that you are being held back by certain affiliations. You may even feel anti-social, more in the mood to reassess your personal and business relationships than to mix. You would do well to wait until you are in a better frame of mind before making any final decisions."


The phony "leftist" Syriza party and the quisling traitor Tsipras have betrayed the Greek people and repudiated their own referendum, instead opting to cave into the outrageous demands of the EU banks to collect on their immoral and unpayable debt. Down with the Syriza party and replace them with a real socialist party that is willing to resist austerity.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus
May 11-June 26 (with Shadow)

image source: Astronomy Magazine

Taurus Retro: A Lead Balloon

Although tropical astrologers would insist Mercury is in Gemini, observation tells us it is passing back and forth within 8 degrees of Aldebaran, the "red eye" of Taurus. Mercury retrogrades across Taurus during May and June. This makes it appear to pass us, then slow down, stop, retreat, then switch back to pass us again (see dates below). The relative speed of our planets and the curve of our orbits make this optical illusion possible. It is precisely because it is an illusion that it effects us the way it does; in our ideas, schemes, blind faith, reliance on luck, and all the other ways we try to predict the future as we hope it to be. Anyone familiar with illusion, suspension of belief, or lack of due diligence will understand what a precarious position we are in when we surrender our practical wisdom for something we want to happen so much that we lose track of what is actually possible. Any Mercury retrograde plays into this naivety, and this Mercury is like the false illusion that our wealth can protect us from the harvest of disaster that is over the horizon.

In the illustration above, Mercury started to falter in its forward motion on May 11, slowing down and eventually grinding to a halt on the 18th. Stationary periods are said to be the worst, when things are actually in limbo and we can't even get a foothold. The actual backwards movement begins on May 20, when all bets are off and we are dragged back to the scene of our crimes! June 11 is another stationary period, and two days later Mercury starts to go direct. But things won't return to normal until Mercury wends its way back to its staring point, out of its "shadow" and back to 19 degrees Taurus, which won't occur until June 26. The shadow period may be the most dangerous time of all, since we are still in the dark. By July we will have a Gemini Mercury, and a flood of information about everything that's wrong and rotten with society. Gemini will deconstruct the imperfections and a lot of people will be forced to turn themselves around to make things work for the future. No more looking back, we'll have to face the facts and make the adjustments.


In this case the Taurus tenacity is used to stop the time, push away the facts, and risk everything for short term gain. Maybe common sense will save us, or at least slow things down so no deal can be brokered. Maybe Taurus can capture Mercury, hold it down and hold it back, at least until July, when Mercury enters its own sign, Gemini. Until then, it's like the parable of the hare and the tortoise, normally a tale of Taurus victory. The Taurus tortoise is slow but sure, and with persistence, can win over the arrogant Mercury rabbit. But in retrograde, Taurus is frustrated, worried and angry. For Taurus, it's always a struggle to achieve enlightenment, and Taurus suffers greatly for its learned wisdom. No one ever accused Taurus of being held to a higher consciousness. Taurus always reminds us of the base, physical needs, food, sex and money. But Taurus must give up all worldly goods to find spiritual happiness, yet during this period, the bull takes over from the dancing girl and attacks anyone who threatens its gold stocks. The intelligence of the brutish beast takes control and clamps down to apply the brakes. No further action is possible. Cash controls everything around us.

In terms of what Taurus understands best, wealth and money, this retrograde is the calm before the storm. This retrograde period may be the last chance to conserve wealth and hunker down before Mercury bolts ahead at full speed into a potentially disastrous conjunction in August with Venus and Jupiter in Leo, square Saturn and sesquisquare Pluto. Taurus is the expert at stubborn inaction and resisting change when they feel ripped off.

The perfect example of what NOT to do in retrograde is to launch a rocket, which the Russians tried to do and suffered a catastrophic failure. Any presidential candidate who starts their campaign now will be humiliated and wiped out by their own stupidity. Rick Perry, one of the dumbest Republicans around, is slated to announce his bid for the presidential race June 4th, right in the middle of the worst part of Mercury's backslide into futility. His doom is self-evident!

During a retrograde period, we should be fixing what we broke or let fall apart. We return to what was unfinished. Our Tao is: "repair what has been spoiled, and we should be getting our house in order and try not to let avarice tempt us to try for more than we have. Taurus is also the body, and in Mercury retrograde we'll have to deal with physical ailments we have been disguising or ignoring. This Taurus Mercury is disregarding what the brain is saying, and only listening to the reality of the naked animal. Any Taurus who has ignored his or her body is in for a setback, and will have to move into a self-preservation mode to rebuild from scratch.

The August conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is ordinarily a very auspicious conjunction, but could be turned on its head and smashed to smithereens with our hostile old timers Saturn and Pluto mocking any optimism and self-indulgence. The growth that Jupiter promises is actually a bubble waiting to be popped. Leo Venus and Mercury will pump up our perception of the financial markets, and the value of our possessions, only to be deconstructed and devalued by the mega trends of global capital. The ego will take a drubbing. Reality cares nothing about the ego. The Jupiter-Venus-Mercury represents inflation, credit and investment, while Saturn and Pluto is the harbinger of a new era of a deflationary economy and loss of wealth. The chances of an economic crash start with this retrograde, and could occur at any time, especially as we end the year in turmoil, with the most serious transits occurring in December.

Fear or Faith: Our Only Choices

We are facing the rock and a hard place. We can accept fear as our guide; fear of loss, fear of poverty, fear of the "other", fear of change. Or we can keep the faith; in humanity, in justice, in our fearless young people, and welcome change with open arms. We can accept the transitions we will have to make without fear, and with the joy that we are not holding back the future, holding it hostage to our fears. The future will happen with or without us, whether we like it or not. Our only vocation is to nurture the future, to stand guard for its innocence and hope. To do otherwise is folly and suicide.



jimi hendrix
Jim Henri >image source

The Baby Boomer Generation:
1950-1968: Pluto in Leo

Pluto and Leo go well together, NOT. This is a life-or-death challenge, and despite the cat's nine lives, Pluto wins. The people of this generation consolidated to achieve political power and form a youth constituency that terrified the establishment. Leo scares its prey, its opponent. Domination, cult-of personality, and leadership were important issues for Pluto-Leo. The downside is a tremendous ego, which they celebrate in the Eighth House of the Dead, by going back to imitate their ancestors. Being a fixed sign, they can't escape their own history.

French fashion 1740

French fashion in the early 18th century >image source

The last time Pluto was in Leo was 1701-1721. One look at the clothes and hair of that era tells you a lot about Leo. Ornate, grandiloquent, almost foppish, with great care to make the hair the centerpiece of beauty and awe.

The latest incarnation of Leo is July of 1950 to Oct. of 1968, the generation that grew up to be the hippie youth movement, where hair again was a political statement, as well as personal adornment. Instead of silk and frock coats, this generation chose working class denim and sandals to reject the bourgeois “charcoal gray” suit and wing-tip shoes of the businessman.

Hippies in the park >image source

In both eras, the rise of a new Leo generation meant revolution and unrest. They seized on the value of breaking ossified laws and stereotypes. They rejected the system and wanted to return to a simpler time, a tribal arrangement. This brought on a new cultural hierarchy with musicians, gurus and shamans captivating the public while privately harboring sex and drug addictions. The Pluto-Leos are defiant, but trapped in the jungle, and the new societies they created were destroyed or self-destructed. The rebellion was just as much an ego trip as it was a cultural leap forward.

Pluto means change is impossible without death, so only adaptation can help the Baby Boomers stay relevant in today's world as they face the grim reaper. They are all in the same boat with the younger generations in a sea of trouble, disruption and insecurity. As the cat loses his teeth and roar, he'll have to move quietly to avoid a gruesome fate courtesy of the Hyenas.

1968 -1986

"Like a Virgin", Virgo's anthem, was released by Madonna (a Leo) in 1984

When Pluto staggered into Virgo, at the end of 1968, the hippie era had crescendoed, the world woke up to chaos. The younger siblings of the Hippies inherited all the sex, drugs and rock and roll, with Big Hair but without the politics. The “me generation” followed the self-glorification ritual of Pluto-Leo in marketing but not in their purpose.

The Virgos played out all the fantasies of the Leo, and were the raw meat for their parent's hyperbole, but in the end Virgos turned against idealism, bravado and hypocrisy, cursing the Baby Boomers and their wretched fallacies. They saw the value of material wealth, security, and sobriety; and they began their own reinvention. Pluto ushered them in as supplicants and servants to the older generations, slaves to the traditions of the dead, but in the end, the earth sign Virgo accommodated to their hellish confusion, and made itself indispensable to it. Better the king rat then the starving lion.

This might be called the "counter-revolution" against the mighty forces that had risen up during the sixties. The heroes of the sixties were assassinated; everyone from John Lennon, to Salvador Allende, to Patrice Lumumba. The state gathered its remaining wits about it, turned itself over to the military, and crushed the mob that threatened Law and Order. Those fools that still believed in the blithe spirit died off and only the strong survived. Those who had resources and knew how to use them, or those who could clamber up to the top of the heap became the ambitious capitalists of a new era that worshiped capital and utility. Pluto-Virgo was a roll-back to the essentials of life, which was money. The pseudo-tribal vision of the revolution crumbled into the less spiritual goal of amassing millions while the rest of the world lay supine or stupefied.

Pluto in Libra: the Clash of Cash

If Pluto in Virgo deified the Madonna-whore and the material world, Pluto in Libra, starting Nov., 1986, was more invested in the now-all-powerful-system and its inherent unfairness and corruption. The economics of capitalism had drawn the lines, and the many who were in the underclasses objected. They came out with a renewed call for justice, using their indignation as well as their racial or gender origins as a new identity, and developing a new technology to shatter the monopoly of culture that was being forced fed to them by old-fashioned media. This is the age of the specialist, the expert who knows more and knows faster than his opponent at the table.

Society was sharply divided into two warring camps: the haves and the have-nots. The lure of easy money, debt, and scheming investment bankers gave rise to a new bloated parasite class, with dollars as the new ideology, with a free reign in the shady world of Wall Street, where greed reached new heights, and the poor became poorer. The gulf between them grew to an ocean of hate and despair.

Thus the Hip Hop generation emerged, using the bass and the boombox to pound out their contempt and mistrust for the society that had promised equality, but failed to deliver. The white man's leadership and culture had polarized society almost beyond repair. Stagflation and gridlock were the underlying factors in a slow movement back to Americanism and and a tightening of the laws against the poor. The youth had no choice but to fight back. The Black Panthers of the sixties may have used guns to make their point, but Pluto in Libra had to use the mike to spread their message and establish their power-base. Fight the Power was an intellectual message, not a cry for what would be revolutionary suicide. The truth could only be found on the cassette tape, enabling everyone to become artists in their own right. Pluto-Libras didn't just listen to the top ten, they created their own. This was the beginning of democratization of culture, the influence of a younger consumer and the notion that each generation should create its own architecture and social norms.

Public Enemy came out with Yo! Bum Rush the Show in 1987, artistically stylizing
the militancy of the Hiphop community against police brutality and racism.

Pluto in Scorpio: the Penis and the Worm

By Oct., 1996, Pluto entered Scorpio for a brief stay, for a mere 3 years until Oct., 1999. Pluto was at its most secretive during this time, as illustrated by the sex scandal and subsequent impeachment of President Bill Clinton. China started to suppress access to the internet, while in the U.S., the dot-com bubble sucked billions out of the the economy, leaving legitimate businesses out in the cold. The governments of Pakistan and Yugoslavia collapsed from corruption and internal struggle. Society tried to bury its marginalized elements, and only managed to make them more insane, more resilient, more underground. A frenzy of fear dominated the last days of Scorpio, as the dread of the future, the year 2000, caused a worldwide panic.

Pluto in Ophiuchus and Oppression

Eric Dylan, one of the Columbine shooters, is shown here in the Library.

By Oct., Pluto had moved into Ophiuchus, liberating the dark side of the female nature. This was also the start of the cultural swing to tolerate sexual and gender differences, a hallmark of the androgynous Ophiuchus character. It also highlighted the dangers of alienated youth, those who society had subjected to bullying, rape and brain-washing. Pluto in Ophiuchus marked the acceptance and glorification of the extremist, the geek, the autistic, the idiot-savant. The most magical and powerful people were the freaks. The manic-depressed or psychopathic elements stole the show, by any means necessary.

The massacre at Columbine occurred in 1999, as if to foretell of the many such mass shootings that followed suit. These arbitrary murders by >disaffected young white men as revenge for being rejected by more trendy students at their high school, showed other nihilists a way out of their subjective pain, by transference. The rejects declared war on the regime that spurned them. In response, those in authority reacted with a vicious attack on anyone suspicious or uncooperative. A new witch-hunt began to put anti-social elements in prison, millions of them. Governments acted with impunity, regardless of law or compassion. The war against terrorism began in earnest, as U.S. warplanes bombed Afghanistan, and George Bush was appointed president by the Supreme Court. The destruction of the World Trade Center enabled the Bush administration to enact the Homeland Security laws, which tore up the constitution, and snuffed out any opposition to the invasion of Iraq. Israeli carried out a war of attrition against the Palestinians, without regard to human rights. Women and children were just as much targets as soldiers. A new wave of violence opened the Pandora's box of aggression, leading the U.S. into an endless war against a hidden enemy.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., giant Ponzi schemes like Enron, Arthur Andersen, Tyco, Qwest, Global Crossing, ImClone, and Adelphia all collapsed, ruining stockholders and clients alike, while the men who ran these companies got away with millions of dollars. Meanwhile, Martha Steward was convicted and sent to prison for a much lessor crime, sending a clear message that the double standard for women could be invoked at any time, recalling the time-tested methods of repressing powerful females.

As if to remind us of her power and lack of mercy, Mother Nature took a horrendous toll on 11 countries on the Indian Ocean, killing over a quarter of a million people in the Tsunami caused by the largest earthquake in 40 years.

Pluto in Sagittarius: The Con and the Bomb

By the time Pluto entered Sagittarius, in late 2007, the world was rife with butchery and bloodshed, war, poverty and injustice, and ready to blow. Sagittarius is a fire sign, compressed by Pluto, which can only mean explosion. The centerpiece was the wide-spread use of the Improvised Explosive Device (IUE), the suicide bomber, and the use of air strikes and drones to kill indiscriminately and without regard to civilian deaths. The tyranny of the U.S. war machine became insurmountable, and it used any means, including torture and assassination to crush opposition. The inhuman conditions at Abu Ghraibe shocked the world, but did not change U/S. policy, nor were any of those responsible brought to justice.

Pluto in Sagittarius also snuffed out any hope of government transparency. Pluto in this sign is a liar and exaggerates the truth to avoid the truth. Advertising and marketing brands became a fine science as corporations had to do by covert means, bribery and hidden propaganda what they could not admit in public. Sagittarius is drawn between the man and the animal, and the rich had to paint a smile on themselves as benefactors to avoid the real beast that lay beneath. What the owning classes could not achieve by legal means, they substituted trickery, falsehood, and collusion, and outright murder and torture as they saw fit.

Yet there are also the signs of the inevitable revolt against imperialism and military might of the U.S. government. We see heroes emerging all over the world, sacrificing themselves for the greater good, for freedom and equality, and inspiring others to protest and rebel against the system. In 2010, the self-immolation of a protester in Tunisia sparked the Arab Spring, which activated youth movements to confront and topple some of the most reactionary governments in the region. Meanwhile, Adblock, a Canadian anti-corporate magazine was founded, and financed an alliance between environmentalists and anti-capitalists, giving birth to the Occupy movements that sprung up in 90 countries in 2011. Wikileaks' Julian Assange and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden are the new heroes in this age of mega-data and the government spying on the emails and phone calls of its citizens. "Liberty" is the catch-word of the day, but slavery is the reality.

Yet this just makes the ruling class even more frantic and fearful of exposure and defeat. Each vibration of reality makes these tyrants even more paranoid. They are forced to the edge of insanity, and only the most primitive concepts can serve them now. Pluto in Sagittarius means the con is on, but also means that the con-man falls for the biggest con of all, that war is a vehicle to victory.

Religion replaces ideology as the source of mutually assured destruction, yet may be the only force strong enough to make people martyrs in the confrontation with evil. That Satan is capitalism by another name. ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has established a new Caliphate, and may the the only alternative to another war for oil. One by one the Arab states are being drawn into the fray, each nation-state trying to eradicate its own youth in a savage attempt to hold on to power. ISIS has a strength that all the corrupt regimes in the area can never achieve. Although ISIS was created in 1999, it came to preeminence in 2015 as the main force in Syria's civil war. ISIS has an internationalist character that is pure Sagittarius, always the world citizen, and draws thousands of recruits, male and female, from 90 countries to join Jihad. You can't buy this kind of allegiance, it can only come from the "beating of the Sagittarian heart, yearning to throw its body on the pillar of fire, and righteously take its stance in the heavens" (From the book of Sagittarius).

Many nations have sworn to eradicate ISIS, but no one wants to fight them on the ground. Sending bombers to attack ISIS cannot seem to prevent the spread of this new, viral crusade against Western imperialism, in fact feeds it with its indiscriminate killing. ISIS is the only threat to capitalism, since they break all its rules. This titanic struggle between Islam and the dollar may erupt up into a nuclear war, since Israel is poised to strike with Pyrrhic weapons at any moment.

The irony of repression is that, like water (Uranus is in Pisces), change goes around it, under it and over it, until it is worn away. Likewise in Sagittarius, the fire is below and above us. As the bomb fall on civilians, youths have used smoking tires and Molotov cocktails to stop several repressive government in their tracks. Their use is on the increase in street fighting from London to Ferguson and Paris to as youth routinely battle with storm-trooper-like police. With these tiny weapons, can they turn the tide?

Turkish youth launches a Molotov cocktail at police during the 2014 protests >source

Can the David defeat the Nuclear-Goliath? Capitalism has enabled the most horrible of explosions already, the nuclear disaster in Japan, and yet it only makes the use of this deadly fuel more contagious, allowing for more cover-ups and accidents to happen. It also encourages them to use weapons of mass destruction. Those nations that have nuclear weapons make the dictum of might makes right a reality of the current era, and they may very well be drawn into using them in a last desperate attempt to stop the inevitable collapse of their outworn and corrupt systems. Pluto-Sagittarius is a war against the truth, and "freedom or death" are the only choices.

Pluto will remain in Sagittarius until late 2024, during which time the world may indeed be plunged into another world war, unless a new spawn of heroes emerges from the blood and mud to prevent it by sacrifice at the alter of history.

An End to Stupid Astrology

Don't let Mickey do your horoscope!

Forget American ("Western") astrology, it's just not real; only a Mickey Mouse cartoon we've been watching our entire lives. It's a fabricated view of the stars that one quick look at the night skies can dispel forever. Like Mickey, it's a screw-up. It's anti-astronomy. anti-science. Invariably, astronomy always trumps astrology because while astrology is the subjective interpretation, astronomy is the objective fact. Astronomy is the foundation for astrology. How can astrology work, if it's not astronomically correct?

Astrology has to be based on the information we get from astronomic data; it cannot exist without it. If astrologers live in a bubble of their own making, defying astronomical findings, they are digging themselves into a pit of confusion. Astrology is the extension of astronomy, the hand-maiden of astronomy, the same as astronomy!

For thousands of years astronomy and astrology were inseparable. The astrologer and the astronomer were the same person! The two fields of study are one, because both are based on the observable heavens. Today astronomy follows the reality, and astrology follows the fallacy. Modern astrology is divorced from astronomy, and wanders the fringes as an aberration of science.

How did this happen? Astrology in Europe and the U.S. --"Western astrology"-- uses a altered, "tropical" or seasonal view of the Universe. The problem is, this view of astrology is frozen in time like an Egyptian mummy. None of the planets or the Sun or the Moon is where these astrologers say they are. They have blinded themselves and are wandering in the dark. Tropical astrology is flawed in so many ways that every horoscope these astrologers produce is a complete mindf*ck. If we used their horoscope charts the way we use maps, we'd never reach our destination.

The Roman Empire: 1,000 years of slavery and oppression. image: wisegeek

Astrology veered away from Astronomy 1900 years ago, and has been thrown out of science ever since. It was no natural or intended division. Astrology was rewritten and turned upside down because of a stupid mistake, and as advertising for an Roman emperor, Augustus. Roman astrologers ripped off and abridged ancient lunar astrology around 1100 A.C.E., and changed it to a view of the stars and our solar system that only served their interests, and was no longer factually correct. They turned a science of interpreting astronomical phenomena into a propaganda machine for world conquest and the repression of women.

The astrological view of our own Sun's ecliptic was truncated for the purposes of the Roman war and slave machine, courtesy of >Ptolemy, a henchman and lackey of the Empire who also believed the Sun revolved around the Earth. He not only disregarded the >precession of the equinoxes, but drew up a whole new bogus astrology, based on the prejudices and warmongering policies of his imperial employers. By shackling the Sun's actual movements to the Earth's seasons --as they were in 1100 A.C.E -- Ptolemy insured that astrology would never work accurately again.

Ptolemy: wrong about everything

Today, most astrologers are actually still using this Julian-calendar-based ephemeris that only works for 1100 A.C.E. The Earth's precessional movements since that time have made it necessary to recalibrate backwards 30 degrees or more. Every day we use the tropical, 12-sign astrology system, it gets more Mickey Mouse --since it grows more wrong by one degree every 75 years.

A Roman prostitute at work. Image: Blogging Pompeii

The Romans killed Ophiuchus

Roman emperors were male supremacists who treated women like concubines and prostitutes. Their legions destroyed female-led tribal societies wherever they found them, while at the same time the Roman Senate annexed the land and political power of Roman women. They also removed the 9th sign, Ophiuchus, the Queen of the lunar calendar, from the Sun's ecliptic and reassembled the Zodiac in the now universally accepted solar 12-sign system. They exculpated the women in the Zodiac who had held these esteemed places on the eponymous constellations for eons. The female huntress became the lion; the dancing girl became the bull, Aries became the male god of war and Ophiuchus herself had a sex change to a Greek snake-handler.

Ophiuchus has a penis? Image: Hubble source

Ptolemy and his bosses played fast and loose with the truth 1900 years ago, and we have wandered in a maze of astrological gibberish ever since. Astrologers in their ignorance and arrogance have been shoving the wrong Zodiacal signs on us every day since we were children. We grow up not knowing our true signs, and what they mean to us. Even people who pay no attention to astrology are bombarded relentlessly with the wrong information. We are kept in the dark to serve the interests of a tottering institution, and it is time to expose them. The truth is easy to >access, and easy to see for yourself, using a (free) star finder app >Stellarium.

Notice that Ophiuchus' "foot" is clearly on the Sun's ecliptic

Modern astrological horoscopes and charts are drawn from their own proprietary data, which defies both modern astronomy and even a rudimentary observation of the sky! As science and common sense prevail, astrologers have fallen in the pit of their own lies, and are the laughing stock; pseudo-astronomers who can't even find the Sun's position according to their calculations. They are the hawkers and hucksters of a once-great field of study. Astrology is now relegated to the funny pages and used as marketing tools for >unscrupulous charlatans. Any self-aware person would be ashamed to admit they believed in astrology. Many people rightfully have contempt for it. It's been disproved and denigrated so many times, by so many people >we respect, and by astronomers, scientists and star-gazers the world over that it's nothing but a zombie, a dead system that yet walks among us.

Bad astrology is dangerous

We all know intrinsically that there is some kind of connection between us --blobs of protoplasm on Earth-- and the Moon, planets and stars; the massive and incredible galaxy that surrounds us. Humans have been puzzling about this for centuries, and we created astrology to engage this mystery. Women invented the original astrology to sync with the changing skies, which helped them develop agriculture, predict eclipses and comets, using a lunar system (based on their menstrual cycles) of 13 months of 28 days (with one day left over). This was confirmed based on the observations of astrologers and sailors. Accordingly, 80% of stars have Arabic names, since they needed an accurate "fixed-star" system to make their navigations, calculations and predictions. Astrology was created to benefit humanity. It was to function like clockwork, and many ancient cities and temples were designed to relay this information to the people of their time. What went wrong?

It is the tropical astrologer who failed to maintain the accuracy of the system. The ancient stone-age star-gazers were real astrologers. Modern astrologers are the fraud. They have lied and profited off lies to promote a 12-sign astrology that is a sham, a scheme, and an illusion. They only offer a patently false map of the skies and expect us to believe them. They collude with each other to obfuscate the truth. They jam your head with the wrong information, the kind that can ruin your perceptions and twist your mind into a pretzel.

The 12-sign astrology system is a propaganda machine for propagating itself

Stop the propaganda!

The time has come to repudiate 12-sign astrology and replace it with the truth: 13-sign astrology. We intend to OCCUPY ASTROLOGY until the last vestiges of this corrupt and misleading 12-sign system of astrology is vanquished. Throw tropical astrology in the trash bin of history, along with Ptolemy's ephemeris! Expose the astrology-industry quacks who now ply their trade without remorse or the slightest interest in updating their outdated, crumbling beliefs.

Banned for life by 12-sign, tropical astrologers!

Yet 12-sign astrologers won't even debate in good faith. They suppress and ban the truth, playing the victim. They might tell you that, ultimately, astrology is just a subjective view of the Universe, and the math behind it--using 2015 technology and all the methods at hand for determining accuracy-- is of no consequence. They might say: numbers really don't matter; they're just a matter of opinion; astronomy can reconfigured to subjectively suit whichever belief system they are pushing; or that there are multiple systems that are justified, just with different ways of calculating horoscopes.

The implication is that 12-sign astrology has any value at all. Aside from the common aspects and sign archetypes, tropical astrologers have nothing to offer but crackpot clichés. What they are saying to us that we can't believe our OWN EYES, and instead must pay them to calculate our horoscopes, which are >provably false, yet act as if they contain wisdom. They will fawn like sycophants, lining up to give you a complementary, subjective narrative, pulled right out of their butts. They aren't doing us any favors. The Universe is NOT subjective; it is an objective view of what we see when we look up and away from Earth, not deeper into an imagined static role, acclimated mostly by our social class and personal peccadilloes. To ply their trade on the back of the truth is unethical.

Walter BERG

Walter Berg, the founder of 13 sign astrology >MORE

This has gone on long enough. This is a declaration of independence from their >rehash of lies. This is the reemergence of a better astrology, aligned with astronomy and the Universe as it actually appears to us on Earth, according to the fixed stars and the >Sun's ecliptic and as developed a thousand or more years before the wretched Romans took it over.

>Join us! Reject 12-sig astrology for what it is: just another scheme to cheat us and make us deny our own instincts, blind ourselves to the Cosmos that surrounds us, and close our minds to all the evidence that we see which contradicts it.

12-sign astrology is mental bondage and a regression into jargon. It is so fatuously wrong that any astrologer who has been presented with the truth should hold their heads in shame, admit their obstinacy and open their minds. Any 12-sign tropical astrologers who have doubts about what they are saying are invited to >email me and find out more about what the skies are really telling us.


2015 is the
Year of Sheep

Built into the Yang ram symbol of the Chinese New Year is the implied sheep, the Yin component, and polar opposite. The sheep are receptive, passive, grazing in the valley while the ram is climbing, on a mission to the top of the mountain. The lunar New highlights a 2015 when the weakest sheep are cut from the herd, and the smartest goats will climb. The sheep among us, the weak, the timid, the innocent, the beguiled, our children, our lumpen, the sick or deranged, they will all be shorn or slaughtered like sheep. It's already in motion. One of three American children is already below the poverty level. Twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day. The homeless and the prison inmates outnumber college grads. There are no meaningful jobs. And Americans the lucky ones.

Those who do not or can not deal with the downward deflationary forces coming our way will be traumatized, terrorized and abused. Those who don't listen, can't listen, or those who listen but cannot act are in for a time of misery and want. The economic depression brings not only deprivation but disappointment and psychological depression.

We're headed for a poorer, miserable, even more violent America, and civil war, even world war is almost a sure thing. The Obama administration is at the helm of a death machine aimed at the Islam and ISIS, but also ultimately at ourselves. The United States as we know it may soon collapse under the weight of its contradictions, and divide along lines of consciousness, as well as economic and geographical lines. Above, gridlock, below, dissipation. Behind the grinning face of proto-Americanism is a twisted grimace of agony. The weak, the sheep, will suffer and die as slaves, yet the quick and adaptive goats may climb to new heights, and freedom.

Wherever you are on the spectrum of need or desire, examine carefully your view of your own reality, and ACT as if your life depended on your understanding. Learn who your REAL enemies are. Don't believe anything the state, the media or opinion-makers and market manipulators say.

War and Taxes


A war economy needs an endless stream of money. Crippling taxes are inevitable as any nation goes into its death spiral. New taxes on oil, sales tax, user taxes, property taxes, state tax, sin tax --all taxes will rise as the last gasp of government to survive.

Used progressively, taxes are legit. The tax structure now in place is regressive, the low income earners pay a huge chunk of their cash to taxes, while the rich only contribute a minuscule amount.

Even with new taxes, government will cut services and entitlements. The first to feel it will be the states and cities that have collapsing tax bases. Arizona, Oaklahoma, Nevada lead the states as being ripe for collapse.

The stars are pointing to a preview of what is ahead. The developing T-square between the Moon's nodes, Uranus and Pluto is developing which can only mean fundamental retraction and constriction. Here, Uranus, in Pisces, is still eroding the past. When there's a hole in then dam, water will find its way out, water can dissolve the rock we built on.

This influence is likely to be felt as a generational conflict, the youth against the old. Times Cycles Research predicts: "It is likely to bring circumstances or movements in the outer environment that disrupt the source of power; political, economic, or physical". In the late 1970’s a Uranus-Saturn square occurred coinciding with the radical changes in the Chinese and South African governments, as the world struggled to eliminate the worst excesses of dictatorship. Uranus was in Libra, and air sign, and acted like a wind of change, using intellect and reason to blow away the excesses of state power. Now in 2015 Uranus is in watery Pisces, and will have to face the dreaded Pluto. This is the old story of the internecine war between the future and the past. Although the future always wins, the past will do everything in its power to prevent change. Uranus will win, since even the fires of hell can be extinguished by Uranus' flash floods.

Uranus is the kind of energy that washes away the roots of the past, Pluto in Sagittarius will lose in the end. Love will conquer war. There's an indomitable will of humans to work for a better future, to survive. There is hope, and it is hidden in our most magnificent attributes: compassion and generosity. Uranus is in a water sign. Love is the answer, and we will perish without it.

With the Moon's nodes involved, these changes will occur in our hearts, rather than our minds. We will have visceral reactions, rather than intellectual understanding. People will react with fear and confusion, and will be reduced to their basic natures. The Uranus effect will be to suddenly undercut and weaken all our delusions are force contact with the unknown. Uranus is also trine Saturn and Jupiter. "Our sense of justice and hopes for a better world will be based on our accumulated experience, organization, past efforts, and the hard work of transforming our pettiness into a broad attempt to change ourselves, and our society.

Unorthodox People will come along to provide us with recognition and rewards if we can make the changes. Present circumstances may tend to upset our traditional structures or ideas but the key is to incorporate the old with the new-- getting rid of what is no longer viable or useful and adding the benefits of new people, new ideas, and new technology. All of this may be quite unexpected and out of your control. You cannot entice or manipulate people or events to bring about your own good fortune. They will come on their own, and then it is up to you to react expediently." (Times Cycles Research)

(Stay tuned for more on the financial crisis on Siderealist.)



The stars and the economy would seem like strange bedfellows. It is not that the Universe is keeping tabs on the money supply, or gives a damn about ideology; it only registers cycles in the stars and planets, which mean changes for us, as we move from one extreme to another. Changes which effect us like fish in the ocean.

Americans have been living in a bubble since 1954, when the central bank started printing inflationary dollars to feather our nest at the expense of anyone else who used dollars. The more they printed, the less the dollars were worth. Anyone who was paid in dollars took a cut in pay, a reduction of their quality of life. The middle class avoided being consumed in the fire using credit. The credit bubble has burst again and again, 1975, 1987, 2007, 2010, to name a few recent examples, but each time the US government has printed more dollars to save itself and turn the screws on the rest of the world. Our stock exchanges became rich off hustling the cheap dollars from investors' and pensioners pockets, crushing their dreams, forcing war and destruction on the world, while creating a few hedge fund billionaires. The US government is throwing away money while it drowns in debt.

Each time, the US government has papered over the bubble, so that it could continue its insane policies of eternal war. Each time, it extended more free credit to the banks and squeezed the life out of the lower classes.

We know that there will be a reckoning. The US government has gone too far. The central banks of all the industrial economies, copying the US, have similarly used "quantitative easing"-- the printing of worthless currency-- to patch up their problems, while never dealing with the fundamentals. The game is over, players.

America is like the Colossus of Rhodes, straddling the world with its power and immanence. Yet the foaming waters beneath are slowly etching away at the foundation. The American empire, like the Colossus, is doomed to fall into the sea, like all other empires before it. In our case, it's oil--Petroleum-- that is melting us back into history.

Meanwhile, the capitalists have set their sights on destroying the Earth, and its natural abundance. The world economy is stretched thin, not by a lack of resources, but a glut of them. The Capitalist method of distribution has caused extreme disparity of wealth, while corrupting the system they created. The capitalists are bleeding us dry, they are taking the joy and hope out of our lives, they are killing the host--us.

Certain trends are historical fact. The sabotage of the currency will lead to war. The currency wars of today will lead to trade wars tomorrow, and REAL war will be the inevitable result. Capitalists, the scum of the age of Pisces, know of no behavior other than personal gain, greed and need. Since there is no force today that can oppose them (with the exception of ISIS) the capitalists will lead us into a world war to solve their problems with surplus capital. War is INEVITABLE unless the majority of humans get the capitalist monkey off their backs.



*This Full Moon in Cancer Cycle will be in effect for the next 2 weeks. If you would like to know more about this alignment and how it relates to your 13 sign birth chart please complete the form below, thank you.



The above chart, drawn for the 23rd of January, shows the predicament: Saturn, newly reformed into a heady brew of irrefutable fact and cold retribution in Scorpio, is in a long term square with Neptune in Aquarius. The battle of these titans can make our ideals of an equitable society and reform seem like childhood fantasies. Saturn in Scorpio means responsibility and restriction involving payment of debts, the BIG reckoning. "The intensity associated with Scorpio and the rigidity of Saturn indicate confrontation with limitations that are imposed by the presence of too much control in some area of their lives, or manipulation in order to gain control." (Undunne)

Capricorn is a mean sign to have in three luminaries, the Sun, Venus and Mercury. Like a blast of winter chilling us to the bone, our lives can be crushed into a pulp if we refuse to accept the sad, depressing truth: our world is in deep, deep trouble. Alone, our natural state according to Capricorn, we can do nothing.

Mercury is also stuck in a daze, before going retrograde, and making any or all of our new projects, ideas, and plans reckless and foolhardy. Any investments of money or time are throw-aways. This actually will mean that everything begun before March 2, 2015, when Mercury returns to its most forward position, will probably come to nothing, or worse, be a ruinous gamble.

We can also see a one-day Yod forming with Pluto, Mars and Chiron on the 23rd. This is the deadliest kind of energy, and it is directed at Lilith the black Moon, as if this jackknife of an aspect will release her, like a miasma, a dread curse from Pandora's box. The rich font of Feminine energy which was taken for granted, will dry up, leaving only a staring skull. Lilith is already emotionally dead; she wants an ever-recurring revenge on her killers, tormentors.

Sagittarius Pluto is also in what seems to be a permanent square with Uranus in Pisces. This is hardly a war of equals: Pluto in Sagittarius can smote the ethereal Uranus at will. This transit is forcing you to choose which side you're on. It could be that either way, you'll be forced to do things you will hate yourself for afterward. Of course, we know in theory that the Age of Aquarius will rescue us from the wretched excesses of polarization, gridlock--but when?

These two planets have been eying each other like worst enemies; there's blood in the streets, a hopeless impasse, and everyday, a new gruesome parade of victims marches before us.

Capricorn will also mock our deepest yearnings: "The spiritual path is overgrown with the weeds of bad Karma. All your rituals, sacrifices, meditations, and "revelations" are infused with nonspiritual desires and materialistic ideals.

If you move or act you will fail, and become prey to the forces that threaten to overwhelm you. Even if you take no action, you are still defenseless. You are damned if you do, and damned if you don't." (Sam Reifler, "The Collapse")

If you think that you can remain on this path, you are wrong. Only a revolution can save the situation, and this will not occur before many many more have suffered under this bad combination of social and cosmic influences.


Earth has a Fever

Like a human body under stress, our global body is sick, burning up with a fever. The global temperature is rising, the ice is melting, the extremes of heat and cold, flood and drought are everywhere and dominating our climate like a virus.

source: Union of Concerned Scientists

The vital ingredient of 2015 will turn out, not to be oil, but WATER. As we leave the Pisces era, and precess our way into Aquarius, the true value of water will be determined by its absence. Water itself will determine our future, and our existence.

There's no cooling off the future without water. The outlook for this volatile transit of the Sun through Sagittarius is very explosive--FIRE and WAR. Pluto has been in Sagittarius since 2008, and the bombs just keep on falling. Maybe this is the year of the drone--where we, like the wicked witch, use flying monkeys to search and destroy opposition to American imperialism.

The forces of profit are now embarked on a course for WAR. No force on Earth can seem to oppose them. War is imminent and inevitable, according to all natural law and man-made law. The dialectic of change is upon us, and it's not pretty. "The dragon is released from its tomb" (Ho Chi Mihn)

They've made the weapons, and they're determined to use them. The passion for aggression meets the need for the destruction of labor power and production--destruction of the labor itself--you and I must now die to maintain the status quo. Hegel nor Marx ever believed the capitalist would be this ambitious or this monstrous. Human love has been turned on its head, defiled.

The last measure of madness is WAR.

Sag Pluto is joined by Sun, the crusher is upon us. Anything is game, anything is fair. The unbelievable is true; the truth is a lie. The true believer Sagittarius is under stress, and he may resort to barbarism in frustration. Growth in a crisis is impossible. Sagittarius will be consumed in his own fire. The hopes and expectations of the higher self will be drowned in corruption and greed. The US economy is the barometer of our consumerist souls: the facts speak for themselves, there is no hope for recovery, another crash is IMMINENT.

source: Daily Telegraph

The Sag is daring, convincing, energetic. But Sag needs inspiration, a glorious future. This time there is no joy, no Jupiteresque growth, only despair and defeat. Now the Fire Horse runs amok. The muscles do the thinking, and out of panic. A crisis develops, new leaders must emerge. This journey of Sag is reminiscent of the story of Jonah and the whale.

Thunder and lightning has the masses terrified, only a true Sagittarius hero can lead us into the inevitable confrontation. Or, is it a trick? Many a Sag. is a wolf in sheep's clothing. They lead us to destruction. When it comes time for the inevitable sacrifice they must make--they shirk their duty. They can be liars--or imaginers? Every Sagittarius has a flaw--the Achilles heel--that leverages the few of them who overcome it into greatness, and immortality. It is this wound that implants the leadership and mental acuity. If Sagittarius forgets its wounds, its origins, loses its humanity, both he or she, and us--are all lost.

On August 15, 2014, a 75-year trend of inflation and growth, suddenly and invisibly turned into its opposite polarity: deflation. Deflation destroys savings, profits, quality of life and encourages countries to drown themselves in debt rather than face the new dispensation. Deflation is the brick wall of capitalist expansion. Corporations hit the wall and die. As the poor dream of revolution, the rich implant fascism.

The collapse of the inflationary economy occurred in August, 2014; the beginning of deflation--
the cheapening of goods and services: currency wars; trade wars; global wars.
source: Daily Telegraph

Sagittarius has a choice: it can walk, trot, gallop away from its doomed brethren, who are all locked in a death march. In mythology, Sag rejects his tribe--the centaurs were rapists and berserkers--and becomes a healer, historian and philosopher. Every Sagittarius is one-of-a-kind, a self-made man or woman. They have but a short time on Earth to accomplish their goals. Sagittarius in its greatest triumph sacrifices its body for the cause. Thus is the Tao of the hero.

The Wars Come Home

As The Sun moves into a T-square with Pluto, Uranus and the Moon's nodes, we can expect the wars, the ones overseas and out of sight and mind, to come home, with violent repercussions. The returning veterans have been alienated to a suicidal extreme by their experiences as imperialist tools. They will not join in any jingoist parade. Their only contribution to our society will be to terrorize it as they have the Iraqi and Afghan societies. What will we do with the torturers and murderers that come home to us?

As the banks stagger their way to insolvency and collapse, the pressures on everyone will increase. The T-square is like a vise, squeezing the head, the heart, and our futures. When such compression takes place--an explosion will follow. The T-square involves instant, unstoppable change. Not peaceful change. Violent change, which involves political and cultural swings, increased aggression by the US military, and and equal and opposite destruction of OUR security and well-being. The quality of life in America will sink to new lows. Certain things need no cosmic help: the dollar is sinking fast along with the price of oil; buying power is being swallowed up by deflation; our infrastructure is collapsing, the social contract is in shreds. What was good is now bad and what was bad is now OK. Fire will consume what water hasn't flooded. Pluto always means loss, sometimes it's a healthy surgery like cutting away the tumor of parasite class that rules us. The stock market crash is bad for investors--but it's also a healthy correction--for those who survive it. Pluto helps us look at the parasites that suck us dry, and starve or dismember them with the power that only utter hate and disgust can generate in us.

Likewise for the individual. Loss is inevitable, healthy, normal, terrifying. Our loss is a byproduct of an inevitable volcanic eruption, we are not to blame. But loss and death is not the main thing. It is how we come out of the fire. Are we tempered steel, stronger and embolden to take action? To lead the charge? Or destroyed by our own folly and web of lies, self-delusions and propaganda? The time is now.


The Ferguson story

The Killer

pigdarren wilson the


Above, the chart of Darren Wilson, the opportunistic cop who shot and killed Mike Brown, an unarmed Black man. What is a P.I.G.? Police Industry Goon. Wilson would have joined any uniformed agency, so long as it gave him power. He had boyhood problems with authority, his father and the system, but instead of fighting back, he chose to ape the behavior of his tormentor, catering to his needs.

Giving a gun to this hard-headed Aries was a , and utter lack of compassion can be seen in the placements of his Sun, Moon and Mars. Self-centered and morally rootless, he can change without warning when threatened, and another Gemini personality--the Man who is also his abuser--takes over to defend him. Wilson's tyrannical father alienated him and also dehumanized him. He was ripe to find work where he could bully and intimidate people without consequences. Driven by forces out of his control and beyond his scope of understanding, he can only hang on to the trappings of material wealth and fame, finding refuge in a notoriety that will eventually doom him, and disgrace everyone around him. Read more at left.


Mike Brown, the victim of the Police attack, was a Taurus. His high school teacher called him a gentle giant. The Taurus is slow to boil, mostly stayed to his neighborhood, and was interested in permanent gain and wanted to be and be around people of substance.

The blue-eyed Nazi cop who killed Brown, shares a Gemini Moon and a Taurus Venus with Brown, an accident of time, since the combination made Wilson a psycho cop but only made Brown obese.

The one plausible thing about Wilson's testimony--that Brown came at him like Hulk Hogan--may be true. The wounded Brown went into a Taurus rage, for which they are famous. Whatever Wilson did to provoke the conflict was strictly the result of his Aries piggishness, and his zeal as a cop to harass Black men and boys. He provoked the response and deserved the results.

Brown was not a violent person. He saw all sides of the story, and may have been a steadying hand in the neighborhood, and example of patience and ability to see the big picture.

Yet Brown shared father issues with his killer, he struggled with authority and restrictions, as a child his father may have been absent or overly strict. He, too felt rejection and suffered from bouts of hopelessness. He attracted partners who repeated this childhood pattern.

Brown ate because he was stymied in so many ways. He may have felt that the world was opposing his deepest wishes and he stopped trying, to only await his fate, his undergoing change only as a reaction to external pressure.

Ironically, Brown may have foreseen his untimely death. Uranus trines Chiron to awaken a generation. "You have the gift of foresight. You are able to use your brilliant ideas to help humanity. You are able to initiate changes at a very deep level." [Stephanie Johnson]

RIP Micheal Brown

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hunger games

Sun in Ophiuchus
Nov. 30, 2014

Above, the zero degree Ophiuchus, at her most powerful. With a conjunction with Mercury, her mental strength is exceptionally acute, and she may aquire authority by dint of her intellect, a new weapon in her arsenal of mind control techniques.

On the 30th November (Depending on where you live) the Sun moves into Ophiuchus, who is overlooked most of the time, since they live under the shadows in deep contemplation, trying hard to avoid any potential attention from authoritive figures.

These masters of magic and metaphysical sciences have no choice but to walk a fine line between good and evil; unfortunately, either through complete misunderstanding or pure genius they will eventually be exposed to the public/media arena, just like Katnis in the ‘Hunger Games’. Katnis who keeps her head down through fear of being nominated to the yearly brutal games created by the supremacy for their own pleasure, there can only be one survivor in this cruel and inhumane game and the 12 districts are folly to the heartless authority that controls their domains. Every year each district is under threat, whilst the wardens choose their prey, regardless of age or sex. As Katnis’s younger sister falls victim to the district warden’s nomination, Katnis has no other way of saving her, other than to sacrifice herself in her sister’s place. Katnis survives the ‘games’ by using her sharp instinct and innocent heart and having grown up in the 12th district, is a scholar of archery, she represents the 12th month of Sagittarius and even uses the Sagittarian’s element of ‘fire’ as her gimmick of promotion.

As Katnis evolves through the ‘games’ and becomes loved by all, the supremacy decides that she must die, she has become a threat to their system and a trophy to the 13th district! The 13th district that was wiped off the map due to their rebellion against the cruel system, but there have been survivors from this district, who have formed an underground movement that grows daily, becoming more threatening to the supremacy who are afraid that these rebellions will filter into the other 12 districts and cause the anarchy that is inevitable. As the 13th district re-emerges with Katnis as their mascot and glimmer of hope, Katnis finds herself in the middle of a revolution that is so completely unexpected. This is the story of Ophiuchus, Ophiuchus the 13th sign, who has been living behind the veil of Sagittarius, but is now re-emerging in this time of crisis not by choice, but by fate.

Is you is or is you ain't
(my baby)?

nov 18 2014 Is you Is or Is you ain't

Fig 1 [Nov 18, 2014]

Astroapp's new "Oriental" version, above, lays the 64 I Ching hexagrams along the path of 13-sign Zodiac and according to the planetary positions and signs. Not sure how it all works together, but Pluto/Mars are connected to the I Ching hexagrams #32 and #50, Continuity and consolidation. This is the desire (Mars) but the situation is fluid, and nothing can be guaranteed. In the transit chart, this area is the top of a wrenching T-square with Uranus and the Nodes. Is Pluto the cutting edge of a scalpel that is eviscerating our goals? The Moon's Nodes give us the feeling of polarity and division, and we don't really want Pluto to force us into a long march of attrition to find balance, so we'll ignore all the signs until its too late. Polarization is a condition of the universal dialectic; differentiation before consolidation.

polerized milky way

Fig. 2 The Polarized Milky Way

The image above is from the Planck satellite, now defunct, that was launched by the European Space Agency in May 2005. Planck used its detectors to investigate polarized light coming from various locations in the Milky Way. Small dust grains, said to be rotating at several million times per second, are constrained by magnetic fields that cause them to form field-aligned channels through which light is emitted. That causes the light to be polarized. More

Highly energenic forces are bound up in tight suppression. The center cannot hold. This is a recipe for explosive confrontations--Uranus is eroding the limits of Pluto, freeing up its stifled and immutable power. Can war and inhumanity be far behind? There can be no progress without peace; there can be no peace without justice. Things are bound to boil over--or in this case catch fire, as in Mao's remark about a single spark that can light a prairie-fire. Pluto in Sagittarius is the bomb incarnate. Mars just added more bang. It's going to blow, sooner or later.

Uranus can let the whole thing go in a New York minute, opening up a hole in the dam, the beginning of the end. Once released, there is no return to the old ways.

It's the time of the MOLOTOV. The angles run along the Moon's nodes, so its not just social unrest. Earthquakes, floods, volcanoes are all indicated. The funny thing is, none of this is any surprise. All these things have been predicted for decades, and are only hovering around in our subconscious, making us unable to act in self-defense, and also unable to acknowledge the danger. It's so curious how the information is way ahead of our perceptions of it. We can't possibly process it until it slaps us in the face. Our stupid leadership has prepared us for failure. Anyone who thought the Illuminati or the Rothchilds was a bunch of geniuses is in for a rude shock. The billionaires are brainless pupae, eating their own spawn. To believe their lies is true insanity. Their media is actually saying the exact opoposite of what is true! Their mendacity and corruption has come the full circle. How can it not be a shock to discover what's real?

Ergo: which side are you on? Better decide before Lilith and her gang of angry witches arrive in December.


Walking the Tightrope
with Libra

November 2, 2014
Nik Wallenda succeeded in walking on a tight rope between two skyscrapers in Chicago today. Without a safety net, he actually walked across the abyss twice--the return trip blindfolded! Although Wallenda is a steady-nerved Capricorn as well as a third generation tightrope walker, his feat illustrates our situation in Libra this November. Libra, and all of us, must traverse the unknown, venture into the battle zone between two titanic forces. Which way will Libra--and each of us--tilt? Can we make it through without blame, shame, defame and social alienation--a fate worse than death to the Libra?

Libra, as we know them, is all about peace. Known to abhor offending people (to their faces at least) or upturning the apple cart, they extract the ways and methods of the middle road, and try the reasonable, rational approach to find solutions. Libra is the negotiator, the compromiser, the diplomat, the fair witness and the secure banker and broker. Libra knows how to create and manage relationships like the fulcrum and prefers to play behind the scenes, making gentle waves. That's the way it usually is. But this month, November, the Sun's passage makes Libra shows its ass, and want to be the center of attention. So unlike Libra! This month they are willing to go to war, fight instead of prevaricate. How does a Libra fight? Address power? How can the unsure Libra achieve victory over the odds? They fight with justice on their side!

This November will see the fiery male arrogence of Sagittarius pit itself against the lunar forces of Lilith and Juno, the two most powerful female forces in the Zodiac. An Aquarius Chiron and Piscean Uranus are also fanning the flames of revolution and uprising. The opposition in viewpoints spreads everywhere--including intimate and family relationships. Will the father again be able to suffocate us? Or will the mother lead (some of) us from the darkness? We won't know until Libra decides!

The Man's Sign in the Zodiac
The sign of Libra itself is not ancient at all, nor was it devised by the same female astrologers who created the 13-month, lunar-based ecliptic and assigned the original eponymous constellations. Libra was developed by Man--capital M. Ptolemy and his misanthropic Roman priests re-arranged and re-branded the ancient Zodiac around 110 ACE to eliminate the female spirit in the heavens. They defrocked the female goddesses to animals and old men, and split Scorpio in two parts to create Libra as an eternal monument to Emperor Augustus.

Augustus held power for over 50 years and brought law-and-order and respectability to Rome, after it suffered a series of disastrous tyrants. He snuffed out the female tribes that challenged Rome, and eliminated the power of women inside the Roman hierarchy. He was a pedophile and sexual freak who maintained a vast, personal harem of sex slaves.

Changing the Zodiac to reflect the Roman gods was part of their dominance of the world. The Romans chose the scale to represent Libra (the only machine in the Zodiac) depicting the even hand of Augustus, and the measured way that he countered his enemies with other enemies, to grow the Empire to its furthest borders and achieve ultimate power.

For Libra, this means that they are the most modern sign: they are the progression from the ferocity and reptilian fanaticism of Scorpio into the sterile, intellectual computer age, where evidence can be balanced and the truth can be discovered. Libra moves the cold-blooded Scorpio into the cool-headed protagonist. Some astrologers have dubbed Libra as the "tail of the Scorpion" because the deadliest poison resides in the Libran glands.

A Sign Without a Heart
Maybe we should eliminate Libra, and reunite it with its shadow Scorpio again. Libra can be just as sexually charged and relentless as the Scorpion. They just cover it up better. This may be why Libra is accused--by their detractors--of being a two-faced liar with little or no loyalty to anyone. Libra loyalty may be to the ideal, they are forever on a quest for the refinement of truth, which itself is beauty--at least in the opinion of romantic poet and Libra John Keats. ("Truth is beauty; beauty is truth")

The human emotion may easily get lost in the search. Much the same as the romantic in Keats was annihilated by the grim reaper; the shattering loss of his brother, and his own consumptive illness. The romance in life is often extinguished by reality, and Libra finds itself counting on justice rather than love. The wiser Libra offers friendship, and this expertise in compromise makes them the experts at relationships, human or otherwise.

The Battle of the Sexes
This time around the Sun, however, we see a different side of the Libra love machine. The surface will appear the same; Along with the Sun, Venus and Saturn are also in Libra and conjunct. Conjunction is actually a turf war between the planets involved. None of these Libran planets can stand each other. Only the wisest Libra can hold on to this bag of wild, libertarian activists. Maintaining balance is of the utmost importance. The outer shell does not reflect the turmoil within. From the depths comes the polar opposite of law-and-order: Mars and Pluto in Sagittarius. This is literally the bomb. This volatile conjunction is connected by faith, by politics, perhaps by fate to the mad engineer, Uranus in Pisces.

November is a Prelude to War
There's no way conflict can be avoided. The Libra is no longer in charge. Outside events may take charge and disrupt the routine. In fact, the usually bi-sexual friendly Libra becomes a hotspot of the battle of the sexes, as it reflects in his or her own life the more universal occurrence where men and the women of the Zodiac square off against each other in a month-long series of Yod placements which could mean unexpected and exponentially radical movement. As in any battle, there will be casualties and winners. As with all wisdom, the result is already decided.

In personal events, the friendly Libra may cringe at the work involved at supporting its coterie of vassals or yes-men. These fans may be distorting Libra reality and must go. Pluto says so. Libra will have to cut away the fat and suffer loneliness.

In the context of the financial markets, which are going insane as the end of QE and the boom market grows close, Mars and Pluto represent the revenge of the market--on the market itself. A Virgo Mercury is very analytical: no profits; no future. How can the system continue without the bounty of fictitious fiat dollars? The next bust will wipe out all the gains of the last uptick years and take out the rest of the overextended players that managed to survive 2008.


The next (inevitable) bust could occur as soon as November 6, as seen above in fig. 1

Note the sextile between Pluto at 15 Sagittarius, Chiron at 15 Aquarius. If you extend this into an isosceles triangle of planets, (see fig. 2) which form a point of contradiction at the angular tip. In the case of the November Yod, the Pluto conjunction links with Chiron to trigger a leap forward to Juno.

Fig. 2: The Yod

The base planets, Pluto-Mars in Sagittarius and Chiron-Neptune in Pisces, are the male and the female, charged to their extreme opposed natures. Even though a sextile is a favorable angle, these opposing forces can only act in their nature. Sextile is the opportunity for harmony, but hardly guarantees it. In fact, favorable transits often mean stress and even violence, as the culmination of a long suppressed future trend. With Venus, Saturn and the Sun also connected to Pluto-Mars by sextile, and squared with Neptune-Chiron, the opportunity for extreme violence is so much the greater IF you regard the violence as ushering in changes that the ruling class and its media have ignored or have been able to oppress. If you see the future as a book already written--that our tragedies and triumphs were meant to be--then you can understand how this Yod will play out in our lives this November.

Listen to the Hag
Juno, the tip of the Yod, is the X factor. Juno is the hag; female wisdom from the ancient past when women ruled the world. Nine centuries ago they were the chiefs, warriors, hunters, astrologers, healers and artists. Juno has gained wisdom, but she is also resigned to death and tragedy. In her past, she has seen every advance be met by a contraction, every revolution has faced a counter-revolution. There truly is "nothing new under the Sun" and everything is vexation for the human species.

Yet in the wisdom of Juno is the core belief in life, renewal, and the female (yin) receptivity and responsiveness that will provide the clarity and the ingenuity needed to made the painful but fundamental changes required to solve the problems we face.

Is this the moment when the female deity of Ophiuchus rises up to seize control of the corrupt wortld of men? This could occur this fall as Scorpio fastens its sights on change, bringing the forces of calamity and dread into an already volatile situation. The whirlwind will continue until Ophiuchus spreads her wings in December. Hold tight!

Stay tuned for the coming Scorpio term Nov. 23

The October Kite: The Female Glory

The October transits drift back and forth into a sensational KITE, an accelerated form of the Grand Trine. Like the literal meaning, the Kite zooms up with great speed, soars in the sky, climbing to ever greater heights. The only thing that tethers the kite to the Earth is the cord, the connection to it. As the situation becomes more elated, or more acute, the winds of elation pulling up, the weight of reality pulling down, a reversal is inevitable. A crashing descent is the only way to end this ride. The only question is how hard is the landing going to be. In September of 2013, the last time a kite appeared in our skies, Obama and the imperialists were selling a new war with Syria -- against the Bashar al-Assad government. The whole silly farce came crashing down in October of that year when the British parliament squashed the idea of another war flat on its face.

Obama had to return to the war room, rejected and dejected, and wait for another year before he could repackage and resell the war that they are now, a year later, waging against the Islamic State -- defending the Assad regime.

The Kite is a visual signal more than a representation of something that is real and lasting. The October, 2014 Kite, happening now, is flying along the Moon's Nodes, with the top of the kite, full of opportunities, in the North Node in Virgo. What positive motives! What a glorious future our Virgo proletariat will bring us, once they assume leadership. The wings of the Kite are Mars in Ophiuchus and Jupiter in Cancer. This Kite has amazing powers to change the way we choose leadership. Cancer has the key to what we want in those in responsibility. We may be tired of our politicians, the outworn baby boomer, lock-jawed puppets, chosen by us in our own confusion and the miasma of corruption we live in. We want the leadership that comes from natural sources and is community based. Not a racist, pig-headed community, now created in our midst by paranoia and economic disparity, but a real world community, based on the tried and true principles of MOTHERHOOD. The mother and her daughters, Ophiuchus, Lilith, and the other suppressed female totems are all now pushing us towards our better future. But will men and their madness kill us all before the transition is complete? The tail of the Kite is in the Pisces Uranus that has led us to this perilous revolution of consciousness -- and polarization. Keep tuned.


Full Moon Eclipse

(Blood Moon)

8th October 2014

The second of the tetrad (blood moons) takes place on the 8th October and this Moon eclipse will be more visible on the West Coast of America before sunrise and in Australia and Eastern Asia at sunset. The four consecutive blood moons taking place over 2014 – 2015 are said to represent the ‘End Times’ prophecies, this would make perfect sense in the fact that we are approaching an end to a time, an end of an age! ‘The Age of Pisces’ and are already well on our way into ‘The Age of Aquarius’. We are seeing many changes occurring on our Earth and this has been escalating since the turn of the Century, I believe that these changes are for the better of mankind but like the saying goes….. ’there is no gain, without pain’ and this is becoming more apparent as time evolves and moves forward from the pit of emotions in Pisces to the state of higher mind in Aquarius. For more information on the Tetrad (Blood Moons) please see link below:-

This second Moon eclipse takes place in Pisces and the tension in the air will be highly sensitive and dramatic! Pisces Moon is all about emotions, depth of feeling and psychic impressions, but this Moon can also become neurotic, psychotic and irrational when under stress. As this Moon is also part of a grand aspect, ‘the Kite’, its affects will be more profound. (Please see for more information on the Kite and other grand aspects taking place this month).

The Moon will be conjunct Uranus and the South Node, both retrograde in Pisces, Opposition the North Node retrograde, Mercury retrograde and Venus, all in Virgo. Moon also trine to; Mars in Ophiuchus, Jupiter in Cancer and the Black Moon Lilith in Leo, and to top it all, the Moon will also be square to Pluto in Sagittarius. This will be a time when erratic emotional impulses will be the theme of this Moon’s vibration and more than likely cause a great lack of trust globally. ‘Out of the blue’ occurrences and extreme emotional behavior will cause a stir by the poor timing and the unreliability it creates and causes a feeling of unease and mass confusion among many. It will be Uranus conjunct the Moon that causes the out of blue occurrences and Pluto square Moon that will cause the abrupt intensity of unease and the drama of the hype it becomes , making it hard for us to see; ‘the woods for the trees’!

But if we listen carefully, this Moon advises us to use our own psychic instincts which will be powerful but highly emotional, and if managed and directed in a controlled and constructive way, can lead us into finding unique solutions, to new ways of thinking and new ways of living, while the inevitable changes to the Earth and mankind takes place. The other side of the fence is; that the Moon is in trine to Mars in Ophiuchus ‘The Warrior’, ‘The Medusa’ and her placement here represents the power of mind control, manipulation and deceit. Intense experiences will definitely be felt with this aspect.

The Black Moon Lilith also in trine to the Moon is the great revealer and can bring to the fore an opportunity for growth and that the coming change, is the nature of the Universe. But also, that in the process of such great change, is the fear of letting go of what we already know or have, the fear of being lesser than what we already are, hanging onto the status quo although we know that it is dissolving before our very eyes and revealing the true ugliness of all that is hidden. This aspect can help us to break down our boundaries, take off our blinkers and allow the ego to fall away, it is time that we realized that fighting to remain the same is an exhausting mindset that is a waste of good energy and to put our faith into the true supreme being; ‘The Creator of the Universe’.

Read MORE from Star



Day Of Doom

/Aug 24 /Aug 13 /Aug 26

"There seems little doubt; the system is stretching to its limit. Man's institutions are collapsing from within; from stagnation, exclusion, corruption, incompetence. The social contract is broken, it's every man for himself. Women? they become the vessel of man's corruptions. Except for the few that rebel, and those who exact retribution, we are all pawns in the grand sweep of universal forces.

Those that rebel, force change, are the heroes of our era. Ophiuchus-led, these are the Jihadies who will make change by force -- and by magic. Not just their own force, but the spiritual power of the risen masses, the titanic forces of an angry Earth, and the irresistible impact of the Uranian dialectic. The revolution today is on the side of universal forces that are far stronger than any billionaires club or military force. In fact those degraded institutions will be the first to collapse in terror, as the problems we face are of their doing. This Frankenstein's monster of destruction is after them, not us.

As we crawl our way to the Age of Aquarius, we are closer to the vast sweep of history, and all the work left undone. We must hurry and prepare for our tribulation and the work ahead. Before you are knocked out of your comfort zone, go forth without fear. Act at once to reach out to others on your path and forge a new center, a new dynamic. Break with the past, all the lies and depression. Let your heart heal. This was meant to be. Let everything else that has hurt you drain away..." (Socialist predictions)

Violence will be used; blood must be shed.

Whenever we put off a task, especially a momentous one, it always comes on us like an avalanche when we least expect it. In September, we get the first rumblings, the sense of impending doom. The status quo is in gridlock, insane. Yet there is no escape. We are between a rock and a hard space. Is there enough room for us to squeeze through? To make the summit?

We have no way to understand the future. We have been in a bubble. Our illusions, our innocence, have been left intact by our own design and a perversion of democracy and justice. Those of us feeling the "fire and steel" of imperialism, oppression, murder know only too well what is at stake. Soon, we will ALL realize this, as history accelerates our approach to a shocking and relentless transformation.

This is NOT the apocalypse, in spite of the fact that those clinging on to their illusions will see it as their destruction. This is merely the swing of the scales. Pluto in Libra has let the balance wheel find its new harmonic pitch. The new epoch requires a new mindset, and the old way of life is going into the trash as fast as the click on your smart phone. For the youth, the rebels, the thinkers, the revolutionaries, this is their moment of truth, the heavens have destined them to led us through the coming storms of lightning and thunder. Fear is the mind killer.

The Dialectic always seems like death. We find ourselves thrown into a world we never know existed. Everything we have known is false, or gone forever. The sheep go to the slaughter. Yet we are also catapulting into the future, if we can keep our eyes open and senses alert. The important thing is to know where you are going; and who are your companions in this adventure.


August 17

Lilith's Sorrow

O Mother, why are you crying?

Let your head rest on my shoulder

I'm your son, can't you see?

Misfortune, Mother, is your way

never let the things get you down

they were meant to be

--From Dennis Brown, "O Mother"

/August 13


Lilith's Revenge

Ferguson, Missouri. Just the beginning.

I open the gates of terror and destruction
And even if my own house shall fall
I will celebrate the dreadful end of you
This is forever my curse and upon you
Ceaseless hate and derision
Shall never end for all time

Mars is racing to catch up to Saturn retrograde at 9 degrees Libra around the 26th of August. However cordial Libra may make the meeting, it can’t go well, especially with the receding square with Lilith. This dark Moon is very unpredictable, and there is no telling what will unravel up to and including the 26 of August. With Libra in the balance, things could tip towards the destruction of the intractable state, or its revenge on those in resistance. Judgment is at hand. Libra represents the point at which things are weighed, and balanced. A slight tip in either direction will cause calamity for one side of the equation. No compromise is possible when man makes war upon himself.

Lilith can make any of man’s institutions fall, the otherwise solid and invincible (too big to fail) facade may crumble, or become so toxic that it collapses of itself. This might range from a large corporation, a long held idea or philosophy, an entrenched religious or authoritarian regime, or anything to destroy the confidence and future of the tyrant. This deadly force against Saturn is a square Lilith, the absence of emotion. Lilith is a very angry, vengeful side of the female. Coldly, she can doom a man not just in his own life, but through his progeny and whatever endeavors he may ever have. By ruse or by politics, Lilith will assure that the fate of her enemies carries on to eternity. Lilith has paid a terrible price to free herself from dictatorship; she will exact her payback without letup or remorse, killing the future of men as well as the man who has wronged her. The wounds that she exacts on her tormentor only later reveal themselves in their full horror.

AUG 26


aug 28


By the 26th of August, a retrograde Chiron has trined the battle zone. A trine in this case, just makes it easier to remember past injustices and become even more intransigent. Here is where the secret, hidden wounds that still cause us agony, will become the breeding ground for revenge. In Aquarius the bitterness and anger is caused by the loss of freedom and the loss of individuality. The Aquarius, like Lilith, is also a rape victim. Can the two of them expose the rapist? The murderer? Will the Lilith-Salome demand the severed head of he who has abused, refused her, served cold on a plate?

Salome with the Head of John the Baptist 
by Caravaggio, National Gallery, London, c. 1607-10

Much of the research about Lilith’s past and path was provided by *The Good Witch* You can read her full article about the Dark Moon here:

Lilith the Dark Moon

and click to her webpage here:

Star the Good Witch

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