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The Dawning of the
Age of Aquarius
Just 600 Years To Go!

Image: Earth Sky

Some astrologers say we are within a stone's throw--55 years--of the Age of Aquarius, or we're already there! Unfortunately, they are wrong. None of us will live to see it happen. But so what? The end of Pisces might be a gas. More about that later. First, why have we been mislead?

Beyond an innocent mistake, saying we've changed into a new age before we actually do is injurious to our mental and physical health. It would be like telling a pedestrian to step out into a crowded intersection, with a green light to proceed, when actually the light is still red. Anticipating an Aquarian age before its time is like walking into traffic. We'll be in Pisces for a long time to come.

The "Ages" of the constellations embody the nature of our planet and its peoples and animals as it evolves and changes over the eons. This was tracked by the ancient star gazers. They named the stars they saw--80% of the time with Arabic names--and built a mythology based on them that has lasted to this day. The ring of the Zodiac is dotted with constellations that the early astrologers invented to measure time, eclipses, seasons, tides, direction, as well earmark human beings and tell the future.

They created the original "eponymous" signs that make up the Zodiac. Each culture created a series of different-but-the-same archetypes.

The above illustration from Wikipedia shows the Sun's apparent path in its yearlong travel along the ecliptic. The waving motion is caused by the Sun's declination to the Earth's equator. A sharp eye will tell you that a 13th eponymous constellation, Ophiuchus, which is is on the path (between Scorpio and Sagittarius) but not included in 12-sign astrology. This was done by choice and only relatively recently.

The signs are a basically a figment of the imagination, and can and have been changed over the last 2,000 years according to which Empire ran the system. The one thing they can't change is the vernal equinox.

Shown above in an image from Astronomy 161 is the vernal equinox, Earth's spring in 2015, where the ecliptic meets with the the celestial equator. This intersection is slowly moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius as part of its 26,000 year journey. That's why our spring equinox happens earlier every year as time advances.

The backwards movement is caused by a wobble in the Earth's rotation, which slows us down 1 degree every 75 years. This is the Precession of the Equinoxes, a phenomena still not adequately explained by physicists. The precession is the fly in the ointment, the mathematical glitch that every calendar has had to incorporate, from the Mayan to our latest, the Gregorian calendar.

The diagram above from Lunarplanner shows the vernal equinox today in its sidereal position, and extends the circle out from the Earth's polar axis to show the precessional arc, or the "clock of the ages" which is the cycle of a complete rotation of the Zodiac back to its staring point, at zero degrees declination.

Time marches on, but as man changed his views on the human condition, he also replaced the lunar calendar with the solar, and manipulated the signs in the Zodiac by changing their gender and placement.

The Babylonians and Greeks fiddled with the existing constellations until Ptolemy wrote the first Tropical ephemeris in 118 CE, using only 12 signs instead including Ophiuchus. He also ignored the precession, and in the 2K years since then, this system has gone out of whack like a cheap watch. Ptolemy's changes plunged us into confusion, and has sped us up hundreds of years into the future. They also anticipate an impending change in consciousness that won't really occur for a long, long time.

The visible reality of astronomical time, according to NASA and the International Astronomical Union, dispels the notion that the age of Aquarius is just around the corner, instead pointing to a completely different reality.

Ptolemy omitted Ophiuchus, inserted Libra, and homoginized all the signs into perfectly identical 30 degree slices of a galactic pizza pie. Actually, each constellation gets a different share of the 360 degree circle of the Zodiac, according to the time it takes for the Sun to travel through the sign. For example, Virgo occupies around 45 degrees of the circle, while Pisces occupies 38 degrees, and Aquarius, only 24.

This diagram from Nick Fiorenza shows the vernal equinox and sign cusps in the 3 astrological systems. The tropical system is fixed on Aries, and therefore shows no change since Ptolemy's time. The sidereal system, which does factor in the precession, shows that the vernal point has moved to within 5 degrees of Aquarius as of 2000 CE.

The length of each age is determined by the number of degrees of the Zodiac sign. The age of Pisces started in 68 BCE, and because Pisces occupies about 10 percent of the ecliptic, its Age lasts almost 2700 years. Belgian astronomer and mathematician Jean Meeus (who uses the 13 sign system) reckons we won't cross over into Aquarius until 2597 CE. The Austrian astronomer Hermann Haupt places the start of the Aquarian Age at 2595 CE. [Source]

The true reckoning of the Age of Aquarius shows that we'll be in the Age of Pisces for another 25 future generations. The Piscean age will continue long after we all are dead and gone. If humanity survives another 600 years, perhaps our successors will enjoy the benefits the Age of Aquarius.

In an image from Gone Fishing, the two fish of Pisces are seen tugging in separate directions, the hallmark of the last sign in the Zodiac. The vernal equinox can been seen intersecting Pisces, and its future host, Aquarius, can be seen by its water jug further along the ecliptic.

It has been a wild ride in this Age of Pisces, starting with the uplifting in consciousness against the slave culture of Rome, yet has been rife with conflict and war ever since. Pisces is marked by polarization, its symbol of two fish is endemic of the differentiation of the world's people. Empires and nations have all come and gone, leaving behind a trail of blood and tears. Should we expect more of the same for the next 600 years?

Every sign has its decanates, with the strongest points at the beginning and end of the sign's cusps and the middle part being the immersion in the sign's personality traits. The yearning for equality and the golden rule of reciprocity marked the start the Pisces reign, before it dissipated into man's inhumanity to man, and the same sentiments will return at the end. In the meantime, will men with guns destroy the Earth in a paroxism of internecine warfare and mutually assured destruction, or can they be won over? Can we develop an international version of the communal integrity of the Christian martyrs or the indigenous American tribes while still in the Age of Pisces? Can the shattered remnants of bankrupt empires rebuild themselves into a loving and sharing community in the latter part of Piscean rule?

Pisces can be a battlefield littered with corpses or a Sunday picnic in the park. The sensitivity of Pisces is often hijacked by tyrants who use them to assuage their guilt. Pisces is the cry of lamentation and loses hope easily. She is also the most compassionate sign, the guardian of small animals and the sick and dispised among us. Can the hunted and expoited Pisces absorb the high ideals of fraternity and friendship? Can Pisces to keep her heads together long enough to avoid a World War at the end of her reign? Human consciousness must answer these questions before we get to Aquarius, where violence and malace is naturally abhorred.

image: Supermumlover

This next 600 years will be an exciting time, with the fate of humanity riding in the balance. Every generation born before the Age of Aquarius arrives will have to cope with the differences that divide us, and find within itself the unselfish and boundless love that every Pisces keeps locked deep within her weaponless heart.

Posted Oct 28, 2015

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