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Chris Hani the Agitprop

Chris Hani, a double Gemini, took over the CPSA after Joe Slovo, and was a colleague and contemporary of Mandela and a co-founder of the ANC. After the success of the revolution, he was deemed dangerous enough to be assassinated within days of the new government taking power.

Hani's exhortations of total victory and implacable hatred of the Boers and the oppression of Black Africans stirred up the crowds he addressed, and he advocated no mercy for the killers and torturers of the defeated apartheid regime.

Hani was a double Gemini, with his Sun and Jupiter conjunct in that sign. He was never at a loss for words. His speeches were inflammatory and roused the fighting spirit among the black masses. He led the general strikes that crippled the ability of the apartheid regime to stay in power. His Moon in fiery Sagittarius made his leadership a quest for immortality. As head of the army after Joe Slovo stepped down, he forged a fighting force (the Spear of the Nation) that forced the Boer regime into retreat, begging for peace with the ANC.

His four planets in Taurus, along with the Black Moon, enabled him to grasp the fundamentals of party-building, and gain the loyalty and support of millions of Africans. He confronted the Zulus and other elements in the Black tribal zones that still supported the racist regime of FW de Klerk, and forced them into submission.

Yet, Hani was also criticized for his Gemini indecisiveness and superficiality. He chose to live in a white, middle-class neighborhood, according to his Taurus love of luxury. Regardless of his faults, his status as a Communist agitator made him the enemy number one for the white racists, and Hani was assassinated on the threshold of power by a Polish ultra-right wing renegade, who was paid and armed by a white fascist party after the victory of the ANC.

The death of Joe Slovo and Hani, and the subsequent persecution of Winnie Mandela, robbed the fledgling ANC government of its militancy, and while Nelson Mandela helplessly looked on, the party became what it is today: one of the most corrupt organizations in the world.

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