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Vitamin E

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This powerful antioxidant will remove toxins and dead cells from the body fluids and organs and revitalize the body's systems. Users will testify that Vitamin E makes them more active physically and mentally, and increases the sex drive. How? Vitamin E naturally cleans the blood. It promotes healing and accelerates your skin's ability to recover from burns, cuts and scarring.

When the blood is clean—the heart and kidneys are happy, the libido is strong and the energy levels increase. Vitamin E is also great to place directly on the skin to heal and moisturize it, by breaking open the capsules and applying it on and around the wound or burn. Absorption is quick, and your skin will immediately feel and look better, within hours! Vitamin E has near-miraculous results with anything from sunburn to diaper rash, and so much more.

Vitamin E is 100% beneficial to the entire system, and no toxicity has ever been found, it's also 100% safe. The medical establishment, however, warns against taking Vitamin E if you are taking blood thinning medication. Vitamin E naturally helps lower high blood pressure without "thinning" the blood, but by actually removing fat and plaque from the circulatory system to improve general blood flow to the heart.

However, the brand you use is extremely important, since 90% of vitamin E is synthetic, made from petroleum waste products like acetone and which will actually burn the skin and has none of its benefits. Only 100% natural, acetate-free vitamin E works. One trusted product is SOLGAR Natural Vitamin E.

Vitamin A and D

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Vitamin A&D


Taken in its natural form, Vitamin A, as fish oil, has been used for hundreds of years to ward off infections and bacteria. Back in the day, most children were given Cod Liver Oil as a natural preventative medicine against infection. Today we can get as much Vitamin A&D in a small capsule as a tablespoon of the smelly fish oil. Vitamin A is a substance that most mammals produce in their livers. However, our own function to produce Vitamin A in our bodies is inhibited by many factors, which include bad diet, vitamin deficiencies, or pharmaceutical drugs. The best type of anti-infection medicine is a naturally-occurring Vitamin A that we can normally find in abundance in our food. However, our foods are sometimes so adulterated and dangerous that they do not provide us with the nutrition we need.

In order to supplement our diet, the best way to boost a worn-out or weakened immune systems is to take Vitamin A&D on a regular basis. The only natural Vitamin A, and the most effective, comes from fish oil. The active ingredient, retinol, is isolated from the fish oils and can be assimilated quickly to build new natural antibodies, and restore protective cell membranes, especially on the eyes and skin. Vitamin A fights infection naturally by helping our own germ-killing systems to fight it off. Every cell in the body is protected, or should be, by a coating of retinol, and especially the membrane covering the cornea.

Vitamin A eliminates every type of bacterial infection from acne to gingivitis. Vitamin A also restores the health to the eyes, curing fatigue and night blindness--which are prime symptoms of A deficiency. This is why A is called the "eyes, ears, nose and throat vitamin".

Vitamin A is also an effective fungus-killer. Most of us can easily pick up unwanted yeasts or bacteria that attack our skin, nails, feet, genitalia and organ tissue. When our own biome has been overrun by opportunistic bacteria, they can wreck our healing systems from within. Traditional anti-fungals are only temporary at best. Even when yeast infections are suppressed by anti-fungals, the core problem often remains, and they return again and again. Vitamin A can control and destroy fungal colonies permanently using our own body's defenses against them, and the affected area will be healed naturally, especially when healthy gut bacteria is restored.

Essentially, every skin infection is a sign of kidney infection, so no topical or temporary remedy can work without eliminating the opportunistic bacteria in the kidneys first. Only Vitamin A goes to the root of the problem--the kidneys--and helps our natural defenses kill the infection there, so that the symptomatic skin problems have no source for new outbreaks. Healthy kidneys insure healthy skin, healthy gums--and a healthy sexual appetite. The antioxidants Vitamin A&D, Vitamin E and Vitamin C are all potent weapons against infection and fungus.

What you need to know before taking vitamin A

Vitamin A needs another vitamin to be effective: Vitamin D. Vitamin D is the key element to absorbing vitamin A. Vitamin A should ALWAYS be accompanied by Vitamin D. The reason for this is that we normally don't have enough Vitamin D in our systems to help assimilate the Vitamin A. We might be able get all the D we need if we spent more time in the sun, since vitamin D is absorbed through the skin from sunshine. However, for a variety of reasons, we cannot rely on sunshine, and must seek other sources. One such source is Vitamin D-3, which comes as the oil from sheep's wool, or Vitamin D-2 which is derived from a beneficial yeast fermentation, and is vegan.

The ideal daily maintenance dose is one or two capsules of Vitamin A&D, which includes 25,000 IU of A and 1,000 IU of D-3.

The amount of A you need depends on how bad your deficiency is; so the more A you take, the more D you will need as well. If you are in crisis mode, suffering from bacterial infections or inflammation or fever due to infection, you could ramp up the amount of Vitamin A&D to 5 or more capsules a day to quicken response.

There have been many case histories of effective cures for chronic types of infections (like gingivitis, thrush and acne) when megadoses of Vitamin A have been used, up to a million IUs of A per day, which the body can assimilate with no toxicity, providing an equivalent amount of vitamin D is taken with it, at the same time.

This type of megadosing is not approved by the medical establishment, which lags behind in knowledge of nutrition and vitamins because they are not trained to regard these areas as important for health and healing.

In particular, for some medical professionals, and the medical industry in general, Vitamin A is used to back up erroneous claims that vitamins are dangerous. What is true is that Vitamin A can be toxic without vitamin D. If vitamin A is taken in large doses without vitamin D, it can cause temporary swelling of joints and the liver, among other side-effects. These effects are temporary, however, and will disappear in a day or two as the body catches up in absorption of the extra Vitamin A. Proper absorption of Vitamin D with Vitamin A will eliminate any possibility of toxicity.

Some studies by the medical industry are very ill-informed. For example, warnings that Vitamin A can effect a woman's reproductive system are false, based on 50-year old study of low-birth rates among Eskimos, whose diet consisted of mostly fish oil, but, you guessed it, no sunshine--in other words, no vitamin D.

There's an enormous amount of misinformation about Vitamin A. One reason is because when testing Vitamin A, the medical industry uses palmitate instead of fish oil from which to extract retinol. Palmitate is a cheaper but very poor source of A. Fish oil is more expensive, and a much more effective and natural source of A. The danger of unwanted side-effects is also increased with the use of palmitate.

As of this writing, there are very few companies that still supply Vitamin A as fish oil. Bluebonnet is one of those companies. Any other brand of vitamin A is likely to be sourced from palmitate. Read the label!

Taken in its modern integrated form, vitamin A and D is safer and more effective than antibiotics and anti-fungal drugs. It’s your ultimate way to self-medicate your body's immune system back to fighting form, with the added benefit of healthy eyes and beautiful skin. For more information about the power of vitamin A, read Adelle Davis' book, Let's Get Well


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These are your energy pills, take 1 or 2 a day in the morning to give you energy all day long. When do you want the energy blast? Plan ahead. The B-vitamins take 3-6 hours to kick in. It's best to take them in the morning. If you take them late in the day you will be kept awake that night with your excess energy, but taken at bedtime (like vitamin E) you will wake up clear-headed and ready to go.

There is a slight side effect: you may feel a tingling, like a slight sunburn feeling for a few minutes, maybe within an hour of taking a strong B-complex. This is OK; the Niacin, an essential B vitamin, is opening up and stimulating your capillaries, which is a good way to bring fresh blood to the skin layers. You may also notice your urine is more orange, also a normal effect of bladder-cleansing vitamin B3.

The best B-complex has ALL the B vitamins you need for so many chemical processes I can’t list them all here. We tend to recognize the importance of B-vitamins only when we are anemic or deficient in them, which cause very serious problems. B-vitamins are essential for almost every physical and psychological process in the body and the brain. One of the MOST important is B6 which prevents water retention—a vector of disease in both men and women. This gall-water is a mess of infection and dead cells. Many women are carrying around at least 2 lbs of rancid water in their body cavities at times in their menstrual cycle. It’s important to get rid of this cesspool of pus as soon as possible! This is the best, natural way to get rid of it without harmful diuretics. B-vitamins are a girl’s best friend when it comes to monthly moon-cycle water retention! Bonus: Jarrow B-complex (shown above) has the additional advantage of not smelling like medicine!

Vitamin C (Ascorbate)

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Vitamin C was first used to prevent scurvy, a terrible disease which killed its victims in as short a time as six weeks. Death by scurvy was painful and gruesome. The British Navy first gave limes--which contain vitamin C--to their sailors, and eliminated scurvy from the fleet. The disease-free British Navy went on to dominate their enemies who were not aware of this simple cure. This is why the British are often called "limeys" to this day.

In modern times, preventing scurvy isn't the only benefit of vitamin C (ascorbate). The basic function of vitamin C is to adhere the flesh to the bones, giving us a firm and supple skin; keeping our teeth securely locked in the gums; our nails hard and fastened into the toes and finger tips, and helping us grow luxurious and abundant hair with healthy roots. Ascorbate must be present wherever bone or hair meet the skin.

However, we know now that C has many, many other advantageous properties, from helping the immune system to cleaning and purging the body's systems of unwanted toxins and free radicals. Vitamin C is the ultimate antioxidant, a vitamin that removes harmful and dangerous substances from the blood and the organs.

Vitamin C pills are not the best way to take ascorbate. They dissolve poorly, lay in the stomach, and cannot deliver the high enough doses that are most effective. This is why powdered vitamin C is highly recommended. Powdered vitamin C comes in 3 forms: ascorbic acid, calcium-ascorbate and sodium ascorbate. The calcium-ascorbate is superior because it buffers the bowel effect and provides additional calcium and magnesium.

Vitamin C is the ideal vitamin for megadosing. The more you can absorb the better the effects will be. There is no upper limit for this remarkable substance. The ascorbate molecule is one of the most complex known to science, with 128 electrons. Each of those electrons helps to clean your body by adhering to the unwanted flotsam and jetsam and flushing it out.

Many medical professionals agree that the amount of C determines its effectiveness. The more you take, the more the body can absorb, and the more health benefits you will experience. In a crisis situation, for example, to heal infected or damaged tissue, break a fever, or clean out your digestive system, a teaspoon (3,000 mgs) can be taken orally repeatedly throughout the day until you feel better. The effects occur within one to three hours. The C helps the body purge the offending disease-causing materials in the body, and eject them out the bowels. This is ultimately like an internal scouring system, an intestinal makeover, leaving you feeling pounds lighter, and ready for a fresh start!

Vitamin C rockets you back to top performance and a feeling of well-being. It may not cure the flu but it can help you to function through it. On the longer term, you’ll also see a lot of other improvements.

Vitamin C evacuates all the gunk hidden in the gut, intestines, bladder and spleen. It cures constipation immediately. It cleans out all the leftover indigestible gristle that the body normally can’t get rid of.

Be prepared for an urgent bowel movements and passing gas the first day you take Ascorbate.

The first time you take Vitamin C, it will not be fully absorbed, and can cause "bowel evacuation", or diarrhea. Make sure you are within reach of a toilet 2-3 hours after your first dose. However, the body soon learns to absorb more of this vitamin, creating molecular pumps that absorb it into the cells so that the bowel discomfort disappears within a day or so. All these symptoms will disappear and the benefits will increase as the body utilizes more of the vitamin.

It's a great way to clean out the dead cells we store in our cellular fluids and lymph nodes. Megadosing (taking at least 3,000 mgs a day) is the key to success with vitamin C. The latest studies have revealed that ultra large doses of ascorbate, upwards of 80-100 thousand, applied intravenously, can shrink tumors and extend the life of Cancer patients.

Since its popularization by Linus Pauling, (the only winner of 2 Noble prizes) the medical establishment has spent the last 40 years trying to denigrate the effectiveness of vitamin C. Meanwhile millions of users have disputed big Pharma and have continued use C to restore and maintain their health. The best proof is in your own increase in health and vitality.

Calcium Magnesium

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Calcium and Magnesium are the most critical minerals, without them we would all fester in undigested fats and kill each other in mindless anger. Dolomite is a cheap, natural Cal-mag powder and a heaping tablespoon a day (1000 mgs of Calcium and 600 mgs of Magnesium) will keep your immune system in tip-top shape and keep your temperament mellow.

Animals in the wild assiduously seek out calcium-magnesium sources in order to survive and propagate. Deer lick the calcium-slime on rocks in streams to get their daily dose. Farmers feed cal-mag supplements to their animal stocks to keep them healthy. Humans have been eating calcium magnesium from ground-up sea shells for eons, and the healthiest and longest-lived people in the world are those who have a steady and reliable source of these minerals!

You can get Cal-Mag capsules from 500 mgs to 1,000 mgs of calcium with magnesium included. It’s very important that these two minerals be taken together, the accepted ratio being 7 parts Calcium to at the very least, 1 part Magnesium. Each on its own can have negative side effects, but together, the sky's the limit.

These minerals are the way the body neutralizes harmful acids, and almost immediately you will notice a benefit to your mental state of mind as well. Most people suffer from an excess of uric acid, and this condition is a disaster for the organs and skin. Uric acid cause a multitude of problems from gout to kidney stones, and Cal-mag is an easy and natural way to transform uric acid into a harmless salt.

Also called “nature’s tranquilizer”, Cal-Mag creates a soothing and natural peace of mind in all mammals. Cal-mag can help you study your life and problems dispassionately, and without hysteria or anger. It also helps the body fluids balance the correct alkaline amount in the PH. If you want to live a long, healthy, productive life, these minerals are your best friends.


I am in no way associated with nor derive any compensation from any of the companies or websites mentioned, nor do I endorse them in any way. I only offer them as suggestions for the convenience of readers.

Information presented on this site is gained from various articles and publications available online, personal experience and information from users. I am only an end-user of vitamins. I make every attempt possible to make sure that the information here is accurate, and the vitamins recommended are accurately labeled. Beyond that, I cannot assume any further responsibility. Try it for yourself, decide for yourself! email me with comments or questions.


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