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"Grab the pussy"

The American Demagogue

Donald Trump is a change agent, although the changes he makes are all bad. In a world where people of good will aspired to be united and to love thy neighbor, he has empowered the worst in human nature; a holocaust of selfishness and greed. It has opened the gates of hell, and allowed the specter of fascism and war to pollute the communal well. This has caused a worldwide race to the bottom, encouraging others like him to descend to the lowest levels of human consciousness. Some might call this the power and persistence of endless self-promotion. It's the end to altruism and cooperation. The only game in town is brutality. To follow or trust him is a fatal mistake. This is like falling into a bucket of crabs, from which there is no escape. As one crab crawls to the edge of the bucket, the others drag him back down.

Trump is a formidable foe and relentless showman, His Taurus Sun and Leo Mars acting in concert with a volatile Ophiuchus Moon; a King Cobra waiting to strike. The world is at once fascinated and repelled by him. His presidency has accelerated the collapse of the American Empire. Can we recover?

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He's been able to capture the growing demographic of pissed-off white men, the Klansmen of the 21st century, the last vestiges of apartheid. His reactionary segment of 35% of voters has vaulted him into the presidency, and now with state power, he can send the world into economic depression, and war, and there's nothing save a new political party that can stop him. The Democrats are no match for him, their utter corruption stifles any hope of them winning elections.

A bull in the china shop

So far, the bull has shrugged off his banderillasis, the pikes meant by his detractors to maim him for the final kill. Trump strikes back with a surprising violence, destroying them completely in one attack. Trump is actually very thin-skinned for a bull, but he can gore anyone who waves a red flag at him. He's smart enough to outsmart his pathetic opponents. He's never had to contend with defeat, he's been spoon-fed and pampered since birth, a millionaire at eight years old to help hide his father's taxable income.

Trump is a usurper, a fast talking city-slicker with a sordid history of abuse and bankruptcy. Trump-the-demagogue makes up for the lack of intelligence. His people know what to do; they know what he means. The media is addicted to him, he doesn't need his own commercials. He's mesmerizing, he's the hillbilly John Kennedy.

Billionaire bedfellows?

Karl Marx famously said of the French counter-revolution, "History repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, and the second time as comedy". This is also true of our history of presidents. Donald Trump and John Kennedy have a lot in common (see table below); both billionaires, but as opposites in their world view. Kennedy presided over a rising tide, Trump's America is on the decline. Kennedy is the tragedy of America, while Trump is the farce.

Sun in Taurus Sun in Taurus
Maverick billionaire Maverick billionaire
Father ran brothels Father smuggled liquor
Traitor to his party Traitor to his class
Trophy wife (Melania) Trophy wife (Jacqueline)
Weak opponent (Clinton) Weak opponent (Nixon)
Dangerous VP (Pence) Dangerous VP (LBJ)
Unscripted Tweets Unscripted speeches
Boorish self-confidence Sexy self-confidence
Silly bouffant hair style Cool bouffant hair style
Media villain Media star
Powerful enemies Powerful enemies

The Kennedy Magic was connected with the baby-boomer's youthful energy and rise to power, while the Trump Magic has tapped into their senility and fear. The baby-boomers grew up with Kennedy, and now grow old and feeble with Trump. The message of "Ask not what your country can do for you" and "Make America great again" is not that different, except Kennedy was drawing from the idealistic heart of youth, while Trump represents the fallen hopes of a distressed older middle-class, as they cascade into poverty. Today this white population is medicated, infirm, no longer relevant, and angry that immigrants have swooped in to take advantage of their complacency, arrogance and political confusion. White people hardly identify with their working class origins, preferring to aspire to a parasite existence of cutting coupons, living off home equity and collecting rent, like their wealthier brethren, who are, like them, white, but hardly working class.

Build a Casino
and They Will Come.

Trump is like a Jesse James for the masses. He's a mafia boss, John Gotti, a gambler and the front guy. Trump is smart because he always underestimates his audience, and never gives a sucker an even break. He rakes in the profits like a casino croupier, counting on the weakness of man, his inability to resist the fantasy of easy money.

He really connects with the basic truth of our innate and bestial desires. As a sexual predator, he knows how to abuse people. As a gambler he knows our shame. As a Taurus he can rut like a beast or mug like a drag queen; all his followers ask of him is a dream of winning, even a scratchoff win, anything to change their luck. Gambling and luck is a form of truth, or, as Steven Colbert calls it, "truthiness", where something you want to be true is not true, but that won't stop you from believing it. Trump is extracting the last pathetic ounce of faith from a brain-dead generation, numbed by their own complicity to destroy the earth and everyone and everyone on it. Trump is pure capitalism, he's the carrier of this disease, and now we all are infected with the virus.

Voltaire's Candide might have said: "Virtue and wealth are their own reward". For Trump, we can skip the virtue, since money is the key element of life. It's the rule of money that makes capitalism feel so confident in its power, and yet, it's capitalism that is killing us all.

Trump may be the Colonel Sanders figurehead for his own hotels and casinos, but isn't that the perfect politician? Despite his money coming from the stolen wages of desperate wage slaves, Trump is still the pitch-man for the dream of capitalism's populist virility, without any sense of its irony. He is selling cigarettes to a population with lung cancer.

The Donald never got the joke. Trump has the tastes and appetites of an American card shark, he personifies greed, this odds-maker makes no secret of his carnal privileges. Trump gambled his father's money and made himself a world wide brand in the capitalist world in spite of his essential ignorance. Who needs brains if you have inheritance and the gall to cheat on your taxes?

Now that he's learned the game, he's coming after the stiffs that laughed at him. Trump is a star of the world where billionaires and bumpkins meet. Politicians can't compete with him, only better ideas can defeat him. It's the new world order, with the rich and their sell-outs against the poor and working class, a natural consequence of capitalism's unnatural selection. Trump has opened the curtain on the class war that's been going on for centuries. His class is winning.

If the pundits really wanted to vet Trump they would have been better off to check out his 13-sign astrology horoscope, where The Donald is a snorting, stamping Taurus bull. He's also got the grace and agility of a big Taurus, and using his Ophiuchus magic, he can vaporize any problem or critic as if he's has green fire at his command.

donald trump 13 sign horoscope

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Ophiuchus, in opposition:
Donald Trump is a Warlock with the carnal appetites of the Bull.

Ophiuchus-types control other people with their minds. Trump has cast a spell over the American media and they put on spell on us. He is bypassing the pathetic politicians who must beg for money and votes, and hasn't had to invest in a large media campaign or a national apparatus to push the polls ever higher in his favor.

Yet, he's really a hollow man, strutting like a tin-pot dictator. His Sun and Moon and other major planets and asteroids are polarized, at odds with each other. He has no identity, which is why he can skate back and forth across party lines at will. He has no party loyalty, no real organization, no grand strategy. In his love and personal affairs, he's a two-faced Gemini, who can hardly form true friendships.

Posted Aug 2, 2015

updated Oct 22, 2018

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