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Kenrick Lamar and GF


By Eric

Kendrick lamar joins other hip hop greats Biggie and Tupac as Taurus rappers. Very different in all their other planets and aspects in the chart, they all share a “do-me” physicality that’s hard to resist. They all can take turns, being mellow, sweet, pretty even, except for whatever addictions eventually overwhelm them, and the infamous Taurus temper. Their negative sides can grow with their income. Biggie’s gross physical desires were insatiable, and Tupac exhibited an bullish alcohol-fueled rage that undid him.

Kendrick is young, his middle class west coast cool has enabled him to view his surroundings, LA black culture, with the eye of the artist, as well as the performer. Like all Taurus, his art promotes his lifestyle and political viewpoint. The issue that keeps coming up in Lamar’s chart is independence and freedom. This is a Taurus that acts more like his Moon than his Sun. The Moon is Aquarius, since we don’t know the time of birth, only the sign. This is difficult, since this escape-artist Moon could aspect any one of his planets, and it would come as a complete surprise to those trying to figure Lamar out.

He’s different—his take on life comes from the detachment of the Buddhist. he’s a bird flying around his territory. He allows us a bird’s eye view, a very intimate view of his world, through the eyes of his alter ego, a detached collector. His songs are intimate, but delivered by a offscreen narrator, his own life is the highest Taurus possession. He is but the steward of it.

Lamar’s strongest aspect is Chiron-Sun. He is a crippled genius, who can’t heal his own wounds. Early in life he may have been subjected to violence, unaccountable pain, which colors his dour and wary attitude about life—and his obsession, for a young man, with death. If he was born around 9 am, his Moon would be in the 8th house, trapped like bird in a cage. Around 5 pm, his Sun, Chiron, Mercury, Mars and Lilith are all in the eight house. The thoughts of death can become so consuming that he lives among his own dead ancestors, enshrining them rather than the living.

Two planets in Ophiuchus make Lamar a harbinger of change. A hidden weapon of the inexorable wheel of Karma. What he does will topple his own mantle. He is as much an agent of change in himself as he is in hiphop.

Lamar is the new generation of gangster. He’s too beautiful and delicate (although he has a poor body-image with a Chiron in Taurus) and he can only suggest what other tougher guys demand. However, his Mars in Gemini makes him a clever and deadly opponent, having to use the enemy’s strength against itself. Gemini Mars uses the element of surprise to win victories.

The Gemini Mercury accounts for his lyrics being both inscrutable and free-associative, a polyglot of words which like the pieces of a puzzle, come together after you have experienced the song. Words are his turn on, even if they are meaningless emotive pearls on a string.

Lamar also has a YOD between Pluto, in the 8th house (at 1 am) and Venus and Jupiter. Even bad news can register as beauty in Lamar’s 8 house world. Death itself is sweet and liberating, the final and ultimate freedom. Missing the fire of other rappers, the smooth as silk Lamar has the power of a taut bowstring, a capacity to leap ahead, moving rap music into a new era of unity and beauty.

Let's take a look at Hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar's chart (below). He has his Sun and Venus in Taurus. Although we don't know his time of birth, and the exact position of the Moon, we do know it's in Aquarius. This is why he's interested in the higher consciousness of this air sign, and why his lyrics are dense with stories about his difficult youth and experience with pain and death. With Chiron also in Taurus, he suffers from a poor body image and also perhaps is too connected to past hurts stemming from his family systems and childhood patterns. Like other Taurus singers and rappers (Tupac and Biggie, Prince, Alanis Morisette and Janis Jackson, among others) he's unconsciously sexy and feels most of his emotions very viscerally. His body talks to him the same way that other signs use religion to keep themselves motivated and active. His Jupiter square mercury and Mars conjunction keeps him from feeling the big ego boost from fame and fortune. as big as he gets, he'll always have difficulty managing his fears and poor self-esteem. As a hiphop artist, he is going back to basics, trying to avoid getting a big head, and overconfidence. He's second guessing himself from past experience. His greatest strength is his lack of pomposity and bragging in his songs. He's humble and cynical, with the inner sadness of his generation (His Saturn and Uranus are both in the persecuted sign of Ophiuchus). 

Lamar gets his strength from other people, women especially. Most Taurus are collectors of objects and wealth, but Lamar, like Malcolm X, is a collector of souls. He needs women in his life to keep him from ruminating about the power that women have over him. His Lilith and Black Moon are also in Taurus and they are conjunct with his Sun. This is one man who cannot escape the dark side of female sexuality and their deepest resentments. Lamar hears the voice of women, and yet, cannot turn himself over them.

His girlfriend--as far as we can tell from the press, is an Aries. This powerful sign (see her chart at the bottom of the page) makes her almost more passionate and domineering, the components we associate with masculinity. Her chart reveals an Aries Sun and mercury in Aries: the same placements found in some tyrants and bullies, like Adolph Hitler. With her Mars in Sagittarius, she provides the fire and inspiration to get Lamar off his ass and into the public arena. Lamar owes his success to her and other influences which normally he couldn't have reached out to get by himself. Her Moon is a bit of a puzzle. If she was in the early morning, her Moon is in Taurus, which would weld them together in deep emotional ways that could last a lifetime. Born later in the day, she would have a Gemini Moon, which would make her verbose and changeable, a never ending collection of various personalities that could both fascinate and dominate his love life. The Gemini influence would also keep him guessing and make his impulse to hoard her and add her as a trophy to his mantelpiece very difficult.

Kendrick Lamar has changed hiphop forever, eschewing the gangster-thug image and replacing it with humanity and a deeper understanding of human nature, his great gift to a musical genre that has been dominated by blowhards and bumpkins who can only shout and scream about how bad, bad, bad they are. Lamar breaks the mold!



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