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The Mother of South Africa

Nelson Mandela is a Gemini, the communicator, with a Libra Moon, the emotional need for equality and justice. He lead the ANC for 30 years like a Gemini. As the titular leader of a bag of cats, he included all the political stripes and persuasions, from tribal chief to the communist party, and they all felt they had a place at the table. He suffered 27 years in prison for his commitment to the job.

He's steadfast to his values (Venus in Taurus) and quick, versatile and adaptive (Mars in Virgo). His intellectual mind (Mercury in Cancer) was the reflection of the needs of the African people.

In fact, he has Saturn, Neptune and the asteroid Lilith in Cancer as well as Mercury. Mandela was the mother to his people, the mother of South Africa's birth as a democracy.

His Cancerean qualities of grabbing on to something and not letting go helped him fight the long struggle. His ideas grew slowly, like a vine. When he was sentenced to hard labor at Robbin's island, he was a complete unknown. By the time he was released, every child in every village was chanting his name, and, millions agreed with the aims of the ANC.

This mass movement coupled with an international outcry eventually choked apartheid to death.

Nelson Mandela was a speech-maker, he traveled the world after his release from prison, promoting the revolution and the new South Africa. Mandela's support of liberation struggles all over the world was meaningful and inspiring.

Nelson Mandela, a descendant of African kings

The Moon in Libra makes Mandela is a reflection of the best in us, the demand of freedom, the struggle for justice, the love of humanity. He is the symbol of sacrifice and revolution.

Mandela has now retired to a modest farm house outside Johannesburg, but has recently (6/9/2013) been returned to hospital with a recurring lung infection. [Nelson mandela died Dec 5th of that year]

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