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Aileen Amy Laura

Above, and at top of page; the many faces of Aileen Wuornos

Aileen Wuornos

Comedienne Mo'Nique (an Ophiuchus) once said, in her innovative TV reality show Charm School, that the first thing a woman must do is learn to cope with her anger. However, she can't cope the same way men do, with violence. By definition, and by popular (male) demand, rage in women is an expression of a truth that is unacceptable, it cannot exist.

Even the most refined woman, however, feels rage—and more so since women, as Mo'Nique must know, have a lot to be angry about with far fewer opportunities to vent. She herself was is a survivor of incest, victimized by her older brother for four years, starting when she was seven years old. It was only as an adult she was able to disclose it.

Living as second class citizens—slaves, in many cases, women are constantly angry at the injustice of a rigged society and the cupidity with which their ego-challenged male partners abuse and oppress them.

In fact, women are angry because men are cruel. Queen Latifa (quoting Nicole Hollander) has asked, "What would a world without men be like? No crime and a lot of happy, fat women" The implication is clear: violence is exported by men, and forced upon women, to their detriment.

Women as a rule don't go out and kill the men who are bugging them. Very rarely do we come across a mass murderer—a female serial killer, although there are numerous men who fit that description, it's commonplace.

Aileen Wuornos, who killed seven men in Florida, was one of the few exceptions to this rule. She was the subject of horrendous abuse. Her Aquarius with a Mars square Sun, and Neptune opposition Venus square Uranus, and Saturn square Venus, Mercury and Jupiter made her the poster child for violence and deprivation. There's no question that physical and sexual abuse is the major factor in her life story. As a young woman, her frustration quotient must have risen into def con, and she was forced to escape from not only her body, but all restraints. Wuornos may have cut loose from reality, at will, a trick that Aquarians can accomplish when the situation becomes too painful to bear. Aquarius itself is an ancient symbol of rape.

ABOVE: Aquarius Wuornos' chart, 2/29/1956, time unknown. Note her Sagittarius Mars and Pisces Venus opposition Neptune. This person can be easily seduced and deceived by more powerful people (Venus trine Pluto).

Wuornos, the central character in the film Monster, was sexually abused as an infant by her father, before he was imprisoned for raping (another) 7-year-old girl, and diagnosed as a schizophrenic. Her teenage mother abandoned her and her older brother Keith when she was four years old. Wuornos was trading sex for gifts at 11, and was also the victim of incest with Keith. Her adopted Grandfather beat and raped her, impregnating her at 14.

Her story is well-documented, and reveals that she was driven to murder, only after she had literally been driven insane by abuse and rape, as a victim since her earliest, non-verbal stage of development. Her self-destructive T-square with Uranus, Neptune and Venus is a wound that just wouldn't quit, that tainted all her relationships, and from which could not escape.

Her last words, before her execution: "Yes, I would just like to say I'm sailing with the rock, and I'll be back, like Independence Day with Jesus. June 6, like the movie. Big mother ship and all, I'll be back, I'll be back."

Lilith: Symbol of female rage (the male myth)
Lilith: the woman's view by Lorraine
Black Moon/Lilith in the signs

Amy Bishop: Don't f**k with her money

Amy Bishop

Amy Bishop's story is very different, since she apparently was brought up in a middle-class household, with no reported abuse. By now most Americans will have seen this picture of a dowdy middle-aged woman, with a severe page boy haircut and a tight-lipped expression. The dyed-black hair is pulled artlessly behind her Ferengi-like ears; she looks child-like, but pugnacious. Some see in this face the victim of abuse, a long simmering anger from possible incest. We know a lot about Amy Bishop, her brilliant mind; her Mr. Mom husband and her “well-behaved” kids; the “accidental” death of her brother; her beefs with her neighbors and the six people she gunned down on February 12, three of whom are killed. Yet, would this behavior be so bizarre in a man?

Double Aries Amy Bishop was denied tenure at the University of Alabama, in spite of her winning an appeal against that ruling. She had worked for it and deserved it. She had high hopes that her invention of a portable incubator for stem cells would take off. Men stole her idea and invention. The patriarchy blocked her ascent to success, and robbed her of her patents like taking candy away from a baby. She was facing unemployment and a career-ending move. Her anxieties exploded and she went postal on the people she ascertained were responsible.

This was a pattern. She often blew up. She may also have planted bombs in the office of her former employer who had given her a poor performance review. Bishop was argumentative and punitive with neighbors; the Boston-born “Yankee” stood no chance of being accepted in the bumpkin backwater community of Huntsville.

Bishop murdered her brother Seth in 1986 with a shotgun blast to his chest. She then used the weapon in a car-jack attempt to get an escape vehicle. She was never charged in the case, her mother was on the Police board, and convinced the DA, Bill Delahunt, now a US congressman, to drop the charges, in spite of objections from the investigating police.

All Aries are fighters, women Aries are sometimes even more belligerent than the male Rams, since they (rightly) feel women have to be better than men to achieve the same status. Victory over obstacles is vital for Aries, and fighting is often a prelude to sex, the reward. But for Bishop, the reward for playing by the rules and working hard was bumpkiss; her bosses were stealing her livelihood, she got screwed out of everything she worked for.

Her aspects, however, are the clincher. Uranus is in tight union with Pluto, joined with Mars in imperious Leo. This keg of dynamite is opposed by Saturn, the tyrannical ruler of patriarchy. Uranus wants freedom, Pluto and Mars make that demand nonnegotiable, liberty or death. Saturn’s world view, of subordination and containment, just suppresses the violent energy temporarily, just long enough for Bishop’s anger to grow to volcanic proportions, and finally, to go berserk. She’s a loose cannon.

ABOVE: Bishop's Grand Cross is on the angles of her (Taurus/Ophiuchus) Moon’s nodes, so that her sense of her own powers and feelings might be buried. The trines with the Sun would make her more impulsive and go to Code Red on a dime.

Bishop did what many men do when depressed, she transformed it into anger and transferred it to anybody she felt wronged her, the ice cream truck driver ringing the bell, the kids playing basketball on her block, the mother in an IHOP restaurant who got the last booster chair, and finally, to the smug group of professors who had rejected her and were about to steal her intellectual property.

Amy Bishop asserted control, she struck back the way a crazy male disgruntled employee would; she gunned them all down in cold blood. She resented those in authority and they finally “drove” her to murder, forcing her to take it to the next level. Unlike a more privileged woman, with access to money and power, Bishop had her back against the wall. Her husband is her wife; she is the breadwinner, on her own, no safety net. She acted in self-defense, like the head of household.

Lilith: Symbol of female rage (the male myth)
Lilith: the woman's view by Lorraine
Black Moon/Lilith in the signs

Laura Bush, a jealous Libra. Jilt her at your peril

Laura Bush

Protected and pampered Laura Bush also murdered a man in a 1963 car "accident"; her ex-boyfriend. She drove her car into the car in which he was a passenger, crushing him and killing him on the spot. She claimed that she did not see the stop sign, and later, that her brakes failed. She was never charged for any crime. Her father was the sheriff of Midland, Texas, where the accident took place.

Laura Bush, of course, went on to become a trophy wife for a sexually ambiguous and dysfunctional creep from a rich Eastern family, George Bush. With her array of vengeful Scorpio planets, and a resume to prove she didn't take disloyalty lightly, she got her husband—if he is to be believed—to stop drinking cold turkey, overnight. Her choice was well rewarded, she went on to be first lady of Texas, the state with the highest number of executions of any state, and then, first lady of a White House that was a part of a national nightmare that brought us into two bloody conflicts that have lasted longer than World War II, and killed over 850,000 civilians, wounding an additional 1.6 million men, women and children, as well as bankrupting our economy. She not only rose to the top of the heap politically, but also in terms of bloodshed.

ABOVE: Laura Bush's natal chart. Even with the 13-sign Zodiac, Lovely Libra Laura Bush also retains the insect-like tenacity and territoriality of the Scorpio Samurai. She killed the man who had wronged her.

The Verdict

The fates of all three murderesses was mostly determined by economics.

Aileen Wuornos was poor and destitute her entire life. From adoption to institution to prison to the lethal injection in 2002, when she was executed by the state of Florida. She never stood a chance.

Amy Bishop killed for money. Money that would have freed her from authority. She ruled her roost with an iron hand, no dissent; she was a gifted thinker and teacher, yet when she felt her world slipping out of her control, she had to restore order with the same violent remedy male killers use. Now, even in her cell, she has forged her own destiny.

Laura Bush was never subjected to the same pressures that made her kill the first time. The insulation that wealth provides also kept her on ice. She’s a lucky, charming Libra, who managed to surround herself with opulence. Her velvet glove covers an iron fist, however. With a stellium of planets in Scorpio, it is no wonder George gave up his vices, she controlled him like a smiling ventriloquist does the dummy. Laura killed for love, to avenge her broken heart; her boyfriend jilted her, she retaliated. She, like Bush, is above the law, and her dissonance has left her a dry husk, a desperate smile on her face, all her humanity gone. She is just as scary as Amy Bishop, two control freaks, unable to love.

Only miserable Wuornos lost the initiative and was ground under the heels of justice. All three women, in their way, killed to retain their honor. Aileen killed her rapist, Laura killed her cheater, and Amy killed her thief. They were all just protecting themselves from the onslaught of men.

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