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Black Moon/Lilith in the Signs

By Kim Lovelace
The Black Moon Lilith in Astrology plays an important role in our Natal & Transit charts, she represents our Shadow Side, our deepest fears and how we project those fears onto others. Sometimes we are aware of this side of ourselves, sometimes we are not! By understanding and working with this side of ourselves we give ourselves a chance to overcome what limits our souls growth, Lilith is in our charts to help us understand the negative aspects of our nature and learn control over our ego, or better still, to completely release the ego and put our complete faith and trust into our Creator of the Universe. Below are brief interpretations of Lilith through the signs, I will post up an article soon on the White Moon Selena through the signs and how working with her helps us to enjoy the healing properties of the Moon, and helps counteract the negative traits of the Black Moon-Lilith. If you'd like to see how the Black Moon-Lilith is operating on you right now, in your transits, you can learn more and order your Moon Transits.

If you want to learn about your Black Moon's sign and characteristics in your birth horoscope, order here. Here's a preview of the Black Moon in the signs:

Black Moon Lilith in Aries

The deepest fear of Lilith in Aries is a 'fear of unworthiness' Aries is the hero, the protector of the underdog and needs to feel worthy and successful. Because of this fear Aries has issues with low self esteem and self identity as people with this placement are prone to compare themselves with others. The goal for Lilith in Aries to overcome this, is to not measure their own success or standards by other peoples, but to value themselves and others as unique individuals.

Black Moon Lilith in Taurus

The deepest fear of Lilith in Taurus is the 'fear of scarcity' Taurus strives to find security in material comforts and the Lilith in this sign creates issues of not having enough to feel safe and therefore tends to over do it with collecting things of material value, or to indulge in compulsive consumption. The goal for Lilith in Taurus is to not fill the empty void they feel with 'things' and to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones in the material world by tuning into their spiritual nature.

Black Moon Lilith in Gemini

Rejection is the deepest fear of Lilith in Gemini and too much emphasis is put on what other people think of them. Lilith in Gemini's issues revolve around labelling others as selfish, or accusing them of not doing the right thing, these are the qualities that they hate in themselves and therefore project these feelings onto others. The goal here is for Lilith in Gemini not to compare themselves with others, to express their own individuality and not care whether others like them or not.

Black Moon Lilith in Cancer

The Black Moon/Lilith in Cancer reflects a deep fear of abandonment, Cancers are the nurturers in society, but are prone to feelings of loneliness and lack of support. Lilith in Cancer brings up issues around dependency and co-dependency and detests people that come across as needy or clingy; this is a part of themselves that they dislike and therefore reflect these issues onto others. The goal here for Lilith in Cancer is to learn to do things for themselves and practice unconditional love.

Black Moon Lilith in Leo

The deepest fear of Lilith in Leo is the 'fear of change.' Status and recognition is very important to Leo and change might mean losing their grip on 'control.' Lilith in Leo is in danger of arrogance and self centredness and are prone to project this part of themselves onto others that come across as overbearing or vain. The goal here is for Lilith in Leo to give credit to others where credit is due and welcome the opportunities that present themselves by embracing the change that these opportunities may create.

Black Moon Lilith in Virgo

Lilith in Virgo has a deep fear of failure and has issues with feeling unworthy or flawed in some way. Lilith in Virgo is prone to self criticism and therefore projects this criticism onto others, feeling that they are not performing well enough, or are incompetent. This placement of Lilith is prone to overdo things to excess The goal here for Lilith in Virgo is to not focus too much on flaws or errors and not to do everything in excess, it is not their responsibility to have to fix everything.

Black Moon Lilith in Libra

Lilith in Libra has a great fear of loneliness and isolation. the issues here revolve around perfection and unrealistic expectations, Lilith in Libra has problems with forming boundaries and has a habit of criticizing others, particularly of how things appear, or seem. This placement also has issues with perfection. The goal here for Lilith in Libra, is to not have to have things so perfect and to find solace and comfort in being alone. Lilith in Libra needs to recognize that everything is not just black & white.

Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio

Lilith in Scorpio has a deep fear of loss and losing and always has to win! Death and endings are the issues that this placement suffers, as well as a tremendous need to have to rescue others at any cost. Lilith in Scorpio will strive hard to win any challenge or situation that presents itself. The goal here for this placement of Lilith is to learn how to accept closure and to not have to struggle so hard in always trying to win . Lilith in Scorpio needs to stop feeling the need to rescue people.

Black Moon Lilith in Ophiuchus

Lilith in Ophiuchus has a deep fear of persecution and has issues around self defensiveness, there is also a tendency for Lilith in Ophiuchus to isolate themselves, therefore missing out on people or situations that could be of great value, this placement of Lilith alienates others and causes them feel uncomfortable in their presence. The goal here for Lilith in Ophiuchus, is to allow others into their space who are genuinely keen to learn from them.

Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius

Lilith in Sagittarius has a deep fear meaningless and has issues around truth and honesty, this placement has a great distaste for people that lie or come across as naive. The goal here for this placement of Lilith is to not persistently seek the ultimate answer, to accept that 'truth' comes from many different perspectives. Lilith in Sagittarius needs to tolerate the ordinary and to not always need proof.

The Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn

Lilith in Capricorn has a deep fear of neglect and of not being acknowledged. This creates issues around a controlling nature and attention seeking behavior. Lilith in Capricorn are prone to bossiness and negative reactions. The goal here is for them to be comfortable when not in control and to stand up for themselves in a 'self controlled' way.

Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius

Lilith in Aquarius has a deep fear of powerlessness and not having their own way. They have issues with power struggles and have a great distaste for people that come across as weak or undisciplined. The goal here for Lilith in Aquarius, is to learn to ask for help and to stop being so detached or stubborn. they must also learn control over their need to overpower others.

Black Moon Lilith in Pisces

Lilith in Pisces has a deep fear of vulnerability and has issues with trusting people that come across as too nice, in their opinion these people must want something from them! The goal here for Lilith in Pisces is to let their guards down once in a while with the appropriate people and to focus on themselves as much as they do others.

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Lilith: the First Feminist

By Lorraine

The mythology of Lilith is simple, yet through the ages it has been twisted.

Lilith is described in legend as the original woman, before Eve she was first and was conceived by the creator to exist in love and equality with the original man. This partnership was not comfortable for her male counterpart, he demanded subservience from her and rather than lessen herself she departed, expressing the pain of her rejection as fury. Her self respect was intact but according to legend her heartbreak at the injustice of this has burned throughout the ages. MORE

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Lilith in Astrology

Credit: gatewaytoapollo


By Kim Lovelace

There are 3 "invisible" Liliths in astrology, the "true" Dark Moon Lilith at the apogee, the "Black" Moon Lilith in the void created by the apogee and the derived "Mean" Lilith at the the midpoint of the apogee and the eclipse. Then there is the actual Lilith asteroid, discovered in 1927. There are different opinions on the Lilith Moons! Are they all different quantum mechanical abstracts? Or one and the same but expressed in different ways? I would dare to say that the three points do exist separately, as Lilith throughout history has taken many different forms that represent her dark journey into the grief, the hate and the exile. See the illustrations below for the Liliths determined by mathematical models.

Dark Moon Lilith in Astrology

The Dark Moon Lilith and Black Moon Lilith are two separate entities. There is a named asteroid, Lilith which represents the trinity of ‘life, death and rebirth’; I have finally come to the conclusion that the Dark Moon is simply that! The dark side of the moon! The side of the moon, that is always in darkness and never lit by the sun. The dark side of the moon would represent the side of ourselves that we may or may not be aware of, a side of ourselves that we sense but choose not face until we are forced to acknowledge it. The revelation of our unconscious mind and realization of our negative actions are down to the activation of the Black Moon Lilith. The Dark Moon for some is a more serious matter as they have no control over this side of themselves and this shows in the twisted minds of many throughout history. The Dark Moon is connected to our deepest fears, our shameful secrets and manipulative tendencies, it is in essence the other side of our spiritual nature, the hidden side that unleashes itself when tolerance is a lost cause and It is without consideration, that we unleash this dark side of our nature onto others, without a thought as to who we may hurt in the process. Whatever your poison is, will depend on where your moon sits in your chart and its aspects in relation to Black Moon Lilith and of course other bodies, such as the moons nodes, the asteroid Chiron and the outer planets, these all play a big part in the revealing of the Dark Moon’s tendencies and the Black Moons forceful will to make us face ourselves, whilst guiding us through the wilderness and showing us the sacrifices we must make to overcome our primitive ego so to mature our soul.

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Black Moon Lilith in Astrology

The Black Moon in astrology shows us what we must sacrifice, how we must face the dark side of our nature and how to put our faith into the unseen, the creator of the universe. Many Gods have walked the Earth and have come in guises of many different names, so who is the real god? There is no doubt that life and the creation of the universe is an astounding miracle, but how it was created is open to debate. But the one thing you can be sure of with the human psyche is that it needs to believe in something and it is at our lowest ebb in life that most of us find god or have a spiritual revelation. When the black Moon reaches that vital aspect in our charts its effects are more often sudden and very fast moving, for most it will be a very painful experience and is often referred to as the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ It is where we reach the rock bottom in our lives and where we struggle with deep depression, drug abuse or a mental/physical breakdown. The Black Moon takes us to a place of deep inner darkness, the pits of our being; to make us face the dark depths of our soul and to make the choice to either heal or wallow. From time, the black Moon Lilith has been portrayed in a negative light, but there is a side to her that is also a blessing and it is vital in our life’s journey to embrace what the rock bottom in life teaches us, that there is more to the universe then a load of man-made scripture. Black Moon shows us that life isn’t simply black and white and that it is not just a multiple colored world that we live in, but also a multiple colored universe. Black Moon gives us the choice of sacrificing our ego to the winds and shows us that to survive the painful truth of the darker side of ourselves, is to put our faith into the unseen which in the end is the only way forward to pick ourselves up and brush ourselves down and to rise out of the ashes like a Phoenix. Black Moon Lilith is our savior in our soul’s journey; she is the one who leads us to the still waters and restores our soul for good or ill, this having great significance to the 23rd Psalm.

Although the activated black Moons influence is more often than not an horrendous experience, it is vital to our souls growth into maturity, with the dawning of the ‘new age’ of ‘Aquarius’, man must prepare himself mentally, physically and emotionally so that his soul will evolve with the new vibration occurring on our Earth, rather than to be destroyed by it. Health and maintaining health physically and holistically is the key element to aid us into the transformation taking place here.

Credit: luxnoxhex


The Black Moon is signified by the empty void in space between our Earth and the Lunar Moons apogee, see map above. I recently read a book by Laura Walker, ‘The Astrology of the black Moon’ Her research has led her to believe that the Black Moon is the essence or phantom left behind by the planet ‘Tiamat’ that was once Earth’s neighbor in our skies. Tiamat’s destruction was the cause of the asteroid belt and formed planets such as Venus and Mercury. The general theory is that Tiamat was destroyed by a natural cosmic catastrophe, such as the theory of our second sun in which most suns in the universe have as a twin, this second sun is often referred to as Nibiru, Tyche, Nemisis, Planet X or Herculobus and has an orbit of around 36,000 years. The bible refers to it as Wormwood. But Laura is more inclined to believe that Tiamat was destroyed and blown to pieces by a Galactic war. But overall she believes that Tiamat’s energy is still apparent and its impression still as strong as it was when in existence.

For more information on the Black Moon and Dark Moon Lilith click the links below:




Asteroid Lilith in Astrology

The asteroid Lilith is the Black Moon that is not hypothetical and is the physical form of Lilith before she turns into the demon she can become. This asteroid represents the brewing of negative thoughts and feelings, the suppression of staying reasonable in situations that we dislike. The building up of resentment and the need to escape the negativity taking place in our lives. This asteroid leads us into unleashing our dark side, for some it is an impulsive reaction, for others a cool calculating plot. The asteroid Lilith in our chart shows our rebellious side, how we fight for freedom and how we deal with the unfavorable demands of others. She is the maiden of the 3 Lilith’s and is naive to the darkness that will eventually follow when the unexpected defilement of her individuality and childlike demands are pushed to the limit. The asteroid Lilith shows us where we are at with our views and opinions and how we portray the rebellious side of our nature.

Asteroid Lilith in astrology is the naive Lilith, the one that is blind her dark side until it is unleashed in rage or terror, transforming her into the gruesome demon she becomes once afflicted.

Dark Star Astrology gives a description as to what stages the 3 Lilith’s represent in astrology.

For more on the Asteroid Lilith.



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