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A Cancer Man in a Crazy World

Paul Mooney is a man of many hats—literally, he worked as a writer for many comedians, from Richard Pryor to Dave Chappell. He is like a mother to his black people; he defends them, loves them, and uses the bitter facts of injustice to send racists to the exit door in a hurry. His assessment of the bias of white culture, Hollywood, and current events is so pungent and flat out true that it draws blood. “They let a little drug addict white girl [Lindsay Lohan] out of jail because ‘the jails were too full’. If it was you, they would have found room for your black ass. ‘Fire the cook—put your black ass in the kitchen’.”

Yet he is apart, private, a gloomy figure that surfaces only to mock and ridicule the social fabric. He is not a bitter, angry man, he only plays one on TV! He dons that role to scare his enemies, like clacking his claws to warn you of his intensions. His support of Barack Obama is the understanding of one Cancer man to another. Both of them know that their hold on popularity and power is to recreate the same characters that people love in them. Who is the real Paul Mooney? Who is the real Barack Obama? The public will never know unless chance or circumstance will turn these Cancers on their backs and render them helpless to cover their weakness.

Both of them have an outrageous sense of humor. Obama has a Leo Mars, his jokes are aimed to kill, wherever he can tell the truth without being faulted for it. Mooney has a Pisces Mars, he’s sly, evasive, yet can turn a person out with one or two words, because we all know it’s true. In mocking the Queen of England, he called her a billygoat. Everyone sees that, but Mooney’s Sagittarius Moon makes him the one who says it out loud.

If Barack Obama had a Sagittarius Moon, instead of his taciturn, stubborn, reactionary Taurus Moon—things might have been different; he would have taken on the Republicans directly, and even might have smoked his cigarettes in public. Obama holds on to his anger, and knows it would be political death to call Sarah Palin a “whore, a slut and a prostitute” as Mooney did.

Mooney’s Sagittarius Moon has forced him to quest for higher knowledge, to say things that no-one dares to say. He's a hero to the African American community. Paul Mooney’s Venus is in Leo, which is why he is like a big cat in front of his audience. Preening like a well-oiled eunuch, or Genii, he skewers hypocrasy and dares his audience not to laugh. He chuckles, "I've still got it", when white people storm out of his shows. He ridicules the politically correct double standard. “White people will throw a baby into a dumpster and run away, but stop traffic all day if a puppy gets lost on the road”

Paul Mooney speaks only the raw truth—he is a mirror for our most extreme description of injustice. “White people steal everything from us—they even want to take Martin Luther King. But they gave OJ and Tiger Woods back!”

Cancer men will continue to lead us, entertain us and confound us with their reflection of ourselves. Like the Moon, Cancers reflect our emotions, our fears, and our mysteries. Without Paul Mooney—who would know Man’s dark reasoning behind racism and hypocrisy? This Cancer man is not afraid to show us what lies on the side of the Moon that we never see.



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