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One Libra Against the World

13 sign Libra Roseanne Barr has walked a rough road to get to fame and fortune, and bashed some egos on the way. She's pretty tough, outspoken, and, if you ask the Hollywood suits that tried to control her, incorrigible. That's a pretty tall order for the diplomatic Libra, who'd rather be a frenemy than an outright enemy. She is a Libra, BUT, she has a Scorpio Mercury and a Taurus Moon. She is like a judgment machine, churning out (unpopular) opinions and slapping the face of corporate patriarchy. She's an in-fighter who isn't afraid to play dirty. And that Taurus! when she gets angry enough she can chew nails, pull down the temple pillars. One thing is for sure: no force of man nor any men can force her to kowtow to their ridiculous views of femininity, she makes her own rules and walks her own path.

It's not just being difficult, or different. She speaks from conviction. She has her Venus in Ophiuchus, the Zodiac's defender of women's rights. Her views are deep and resonate with women everywhere. Yet she's been more persecuted in relationships than loved; along the way she learned to become or handle any gender, and drink any or all of them under the table.

The Taurus Moon compels her to throw the truth in your face with a biting humor and a resolute stubbornness. Her Moon celebrates her Midwestern roots and the simple words of the straight shooter. She's never acting as such, playing a part; she's acting out who she is, and what's in her chart. In this she joins other Taurus types, from Prince to Donald Trump, in getting to the root of the meaning of her message.

She says what she feels. She means what she feels and what she says. She's not going to change her mind due to trends, or peer pressure. Her comedic onslaught is both relevant to ordinary life and a testament to extraordinary women--and children. She holds an ideological view of the American family. In her view, the nuclear family is a remnant of the oppression of women, and in her comedic writing, she exposes the hypocrisy of male domination with a searing dispassionate backhand. She developed a feminist working class hero as a response to her self-admitted childhood alienation and smarting from the hysterical resistance to her ideas from the male patriarchy that run the TV networks.

Her chart shows her to be identify more with a Scorpio-type than a Libra. Perhaps her snide Libra sarcasm has replaced the violent Scorpio anger. That's natural, since Libra was created by the Romans as a face lift to downplay the war-like qualities of Scorpio and replace them with a milder and less dangerous exterior. Libras today are still Scorpios at heart, they retain the claws of the Scorpio. That's why, if you don't go along with them peacefully, they can tear you to pieces.

The misogynistic Romans, like her contemporary backstabbing TV executives, have at least one thing in common; they all detest the female "ball-buster" Ophiuchus-Libra with the strength of a Roseanne Barr. They like to burn this type of witch at the stake!

Her Ophiuchus Venus is the complete alienation from the cult of conniving men in the entertainment industry who tried to squelch her point of view. Only her stubborn Taurus persistence and menace were weapons against the sycophants, censors and male chauvinists that tried to tame her. They didn't know who they were dealing with, literally! That's an indication of her Mars-Uranus opposition, she's both highly emotional and unpredictable, she'll never fully integrate her multiple personalities.

Barr's real problems are her Neptune/Saturn square Mars. Her violent outbursts, and alcohol and drug related issues are public record. It's part of Barr's terrible T-square, where Uranus and Mars plunge a knife in the solar plexus of Saturn and Neptune, in a dramatic rejection of of her many accomplishments and sense of self. Events themselves conspire to tear apart the delicate webs she weaves. Yet, as she had grown older and wiser, she has tamed her demons with an active mind and a world view of change through action.

The combination of such powerful elements in her personalities made her marriages with controlling men untenable. Venus in Ophiuchus reveals a secretive, unpredictable, gender-bending side of the "natural" feminine healer and guardian, so it could only mean difficulty with men. It's not the intention of Ophiuchus to do harm to men; they can actually save one, as if by magic, from humiliation and failure. She saved her husbands, her show, her network. She made money for everybody around her as she became a franchise and a brand. But she also threw it away in a querulous fit of destructive Taurus anger. She could just as soon destroy what she had built.

There's another source of her fiery personality: the Aries Jupiter trine with a Sagittarius Mars is a winning combination. In spite of corporate opposition, the boisterous, optimistic, combative female character of "Roseanne" was loved by audiences, who responded by making her TV program number one for seven years in a row.

As TV land began to inexorably wear her down, she cut away the tentacles, and went further upstream from Hollywood, all the way into politics. As always, she expresses the rock-ribbed logic of the American white working class, and she has adopted the militant view of a political rebel among the bland, homogenized shills who follow the party line. If honesty could ever be as appreciated as much money, Roseanne Barr would be a billionaire.

ROSEANNE BARR natal chart : 11/3/1952

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