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Roseanne Barr has walked a rough road to get to fame and fortune. She is a Libra, with a Scorpio Mercury and a Taurus Moon. She is like a judgment machine, churning out (unpopular) opinions and slapping the face of corporate patriarchy. He views are deep and resonate with women everywhere. Her Taurus Moon compels her to tweak the powers that be with a biting humor and a resolute stubbornness. Her Moon celebrates her Midwestern roots. She's never acting as such, she's acting out her chart, instead.

She says what she feels. She means what she feels and what she says. Her comedic onslaught is both relevant to ordinary life and a testament to an extraordinary woman. She always held an ideological view of the American family. The nuclear family is a remnant of oppression of women, and in her shows, she always tears apart the hypocrisy of male domination with a searing humor. She developed a feminist working class hero in the face of childhood alienation and the bitter resistance to her ideas from the male patriarchy that run TV networks.

Her chart shows her to be closer to a Scorpio than a Libra. Scorpio was changed back in the ancient Roman empire to downplay the war-like qualities of Scorpio and replace them with a milder and less dangerous sign. They designed Libra to be the symbol of Roman hegemony. But Libras today are still Scorpios at heart. They come out of their cocoon biting and fighting. Roseanne is the example of this. Her Libra sarcasm has replaced the vociferous Scorpio anger.

This is evident in her battle with the networks. Her Ophiuchus Venus is the complete alienation from the team of misogynist men in suits who sabotaged her every move. Only her stubborn Taurus persistence and menace were weapons against these nay-sayers, censors and male chauvinist pigs. She has a Mars-Uranus opposition, she's both highly emotional and unpredictable, she'll never integrate her multiple personalities.

Barr's real problems are her Neptune/Saturn square Mars. Her violent outbursts, and alcohol and drug related issues are public record. It's part of Barr's T-square, something she has had to grapple with in spite of, and as a hindrance to, her great writing talent. Although Venus escapes a bad aspect, in the secretive, unpredictable sign of Ophiuchus, it could only mean difficulty with her partners.

Ophiuchus actually saves people, as if by magic. She saved her husbands, her show, her network. She made money for everybody around her as she became a franchise. But she also threw it away in a querulous fit of destructive Taurus anger. She could destroy what she had built.

If it weren't for her Aries Jupiter trine with a Sagittarius Mars, she would have been destroyed by the system, and not beat them at their own game. Audiences, however, responded, making her TV program, "Roseanne" number one for seven years in a row. Today, she has adopted the militant view of a political rebel among the bland, homogenized shills who make up our roster of Hollywood celebrities. One thing is for sure: no man or men can force her to kowtow to their ridiculous views of femininity, she makes her own path.


ROSEANNE BARR: 11/3/1952, time unknown

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