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Ophiuchus Mass Murderer

James Holmes: Jesus or Jerk?

The chart of James Holmes, the young man who shot 70 people in Aurora, Colorado, during a Batman movie premiere on July 20, 2012, to make a new US record for mass murder, reveals he is an Ophiuchus. Holme's stellum of planets is mostly clustered in the 13th sign of Ophiuchus, with the Sun, Saturn Uranus and Mercury all conjunct. The male witch inside Holmes was his deepest secret, never to be revealed. Holmes' Saturn-Sun conjunction is a weighty burden for him, like much of his generation he failed the expectations of a strict or absent father-figure, was rejected from the patriarchy, and has no confidence in his own worth. He, like many of this 20-something age group, is without hope. His talents, meager as they were, were unappreciated. He might have blamed the world for his troubles. He may have struck out at society in order to teach them a lesson on how he wanted people to respect him--fear him. He may have carried out this massacre as some kind of sacrifice, or martyrdom to another person, or a higher cause. The killing would be a mystical offering, the slaughter of the innocents, like an Aztec God, Holmes will decide the fate of the tribe, and shed blood to make his magic work. Ophiuchus run amok.


You're either living up to expectations of authority or in conflict with it. Holmes' Venus is in Sagittarius, and like many of his peers, a self-promoting willingness to inflate his importance through fantasy, exaggeration and delusion. There might have been a catalyst as his illusions were punctured, probably by a girl, or someone whose love he wanted. His has a certain patina of innocence, like a lamb who has lost his way, lost in the shuffle to the bottom. His Moon could be in Leo if he was born before 12 pm and in Virgo if he was born after that. The Leo would want the mad attention that he now has--and also would have given him the hunter's animal instinct to kill others as a predatory and premeditated attack. He was doing it for the Pride. The Virgo, on the other hand, might account for his smooth critical appraisal of the situation, and would have given him the intense attention to detail when he was putting is weapons and battle garb together. The Virgo would have added the technical craft to the Ophiuchus blood lust. The Virgo Moon could be the vehicle of his dramatic change from geek to gladiator. The Virgo Moon, incidentally, would also set up a monster Grand Cross with Moon opposing North Node, and Chiron opposing the Sun, Saturn and Uranus. I believe this is the correct rectification, considering the outcome. A Grand Cross would make Holme's suffering something way grander than the small town death that he foresaw for himself. This is the mark of the Jesus figure. In his mind, Holmes may have thought that by offering up a bloodbath he was anointing his amulets, he was priming the pump for a spectacular finale--the recognition he craved.

Was he following the savage animal in his chart, or the cool critic, finding the most efficient way to eliminate as many people as possible in as short a time as possible? His Taurus Chiron--representing the childhood wounds that are invisible--is not evident in his blank face--his youthful and unsullied white privileged face. Taurus might indicate physical abuse--some physical deprivation. He may have been sexually abused. Is he playing out his revenge? Was his ultimate sacrifice going to be his own suicide, but his gun jammed at the last minute?

Holme's childhood was not just influenced by a bad dad, but set up a pattern for a repeat treatment at society's hands. He will be treated the way his father treated him--imprisoned, tortured and reviled. Holmes will never have the chance to find balance, and find himself. Now he is a true child of the state. His fate will be determined by others, the faceless bureaucracy of the white man's legal system. Society has reaffirmed what he already thought: that his life is worthless, unless sacrificed to capitalism. At the age of 25 he decided to cut himself away from the society that rated him and rejected him. The growing evidence that he could not attract a girl to his own dark passage through life, just means that he would be inclined to see them as enemies worthy of humiliating or killing. A half-crazed boy with a hopeless crush on the cute cashier at the A&W.

I see him as trying to glamorize himself as a warrior, and the killing, as an offering to some secret lady, like Sir Lancelot paying homage to the Queen, before a joust. This also was a love he could never really feel or enjoy. As Knight of the Round Table, Lancelot killed and murdered, all in a futile gesture of love for his forbidden desire. His life, his crime--and his life sentence--all all marks of the Ophiuchus that has lost himself in his own magic.

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