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Trump and the Moon:
His Worst Own Enemy

Retrograde Saturn is taking another swipe at the Trump Magic

Donald Trump's Moon Problems

The last time Saturn stepped on Donald Trump's Moon was less than two weeks before his dreary and demoralizing inaugural. He was humiliated, caught with his pants down as he tried to exaggerate his crowd numbers. Meanwhile, the Women's march drew millions nationwide. This was the first of many gaffes, and his administration got off to a rocky start. During the term of Saturn's transit of his natal Moon, his Mexican wall, anti-Islamic immigration bills, and the repeal of Obamacare were are squashed. Moreover, his cabinet was trashed by a media broadside and a relentless meme ridicule. The "resistance" to his presidency was in full swing. He had to crawl back under the protection of the Republican party he almost destroyed.

Starting in early July, Saturn came back in retrograde to take another swipe at his bubble, and the reality of his incompetence and contradictions are coming into full view. For the second time his trajectory is stopped in its tracks. Everything he says one day is regurgitated the next to mean the opposite. The elimination of Obamacare, like an open wound, seems to be harder to deal with than he thought.

Saturn isn't accelerating the gradual descent into financial crisis and political anarchy--that's Pluto's job; but Saturn is damn well raining on Trump's parade.

In the patois of astrology, a Saturn-Moon transit is called the "Bitter Lady" and implies a very adversarial situation. It's hard-hearted, inhibited, suspicious. Any false sense of security is stripped away, and feelings of loneliness, isolation and depression make us cling to hopeless, unwinnable situations and self-destructive practices. The only emotions we have left are low-self esteem, resentment and envy. A person going through this beating isn't going to be the life of the party, much less be able to successfully pursue a political agenda.

Odd-man-out at the G20 summit

Trump's magic with the media and ability to galvanize his followers depends on his own myth of his invincibility and confidence, but Saturn has been slowly hammering away at the image, making him withdrawal into an ever smaller circle of trusted confidants. Although still popular among his millions of followers, they haven't seen any progress, nor have any of their actual demands been addressed. His quixotic policy statements are so dualistic that even his handlers are confused. His recent grandstanding at the G20 summit and his attempts at reconciliation fell flat, and he was the odd man out among a veteran set of players who seem to have already discounted him and American power. Russia's Putin and Germany's Merkel seem to have run circles around him. Internationally, he's quickly becoming old news, a flash in the pan, an embarrassment--which must disappoint Trump if not his supporters. Some foreign media have actually labeled him a "mobster".

Transiting Saturn and Trump's natal Moon conjunct in 14 degrees Ophiuchus. This really amplifies the Ophiuchus fear of persecution and hope for renewal, two very predominant influences for those who have the goddess in their birth charts. Trump is a demagogue; a blunt and direct Taurus on his best days. His Moon in Ophiuchus gives him an ability to cast spells on the unwary, like a horny old wizard hypnotizing a crowd of bumpkins at the circus. Now, in the harsh light of the internet, working behind the scenes is impossible for him; all three times that Saturn crosses over Trump's Moon have put his weaknesses in the spotlight, and will subject his brand of boosterism to piercing scrutiny.

Was it not for this cloud over Trump's Moon, this would be a fortunate time for him. Trump will get a taste of the generosity of a Jupiter return in Virgo during August that will pump him up, part of a series of very lucky Jupiter connections in August. A Virgo Jupiter is a fixer, and Trump may actually appear to enjoy a tailwind. But there's stormy weather ahead. Any optimism may be slapped down again by Saturn a few weeks later. Most of Trump's first year of his presidency has been held hostage to this Saturnean triple-slap at the presidential ego, and he's not out of the woods until November. The final Saturn transit of Trump's Moon will start to apply at the end of August, go exact on September 27 and be active until mid-October.

During the same buildup, Jupiter will trine his Sun and Uranus will bolster his Mars-in-Leo energy, so he might be able to bluster his way through. However, Jupiter could also inflate his confidence like a balloon, expanding his ego and his stomach. He could find himself having to backtrack from exaggerations as Saturn undercuts his boasts with facts.

By the end of the month, there's no escape from the bottom line. That's when Jupiter and Uranus both start some difficult transits of their own, the final phase of Trump's Saturn-Moon transit could really strike deep and personal, with some key relationships spinning out of control, and into public view. A minor but very dangerous Neptune transit of Trump's Venus makes him very vulnerable to confusion, frustration and a pitiless reality exposing the true Trump and his sexual proclivities. Of course, scandal is his middle name, and his supporters have tended to overlook them in the past--when it was convenient for them.

If you factor in the volatility of today's politics; the herd mentality of the mainstream media; the potential for military defeat in any of our far flung wars, (particularly Afghanistan); worsening global trade relations; and a deflationary dollar causing a hyperinflation of the cost of living, the possibilities for a major crisis seem imminent. Trump may be hard pressed to stay on top of the curve.

However, the Taurus in Trump will never let him quit. The consequences are worse, and with no leadership from the zombie Democrats, Trump may survive and go on to oversee the greatest financial crash in history. Trump represents a void in American politics that no one man or woman can fill at the moment. As the need is greater than ever for effective leadership, Americans face the possibility of a Trump administration bloodied like a mortally wounded bull in the ring, kicking and trashing around, part of a global trend of failed states mired in corruption and fraud. His own lack of substance, desperate isolation and pervasive paranoia may spell more danger for Trump than any media backlash or attempts to disgrace him by his enemies. Only Trump can defeat Trump.

Donald Trump's natal chart.

A Taurus native with a Ophiuchus Moon, he taps into the magic of mass appeal with a frank, outspoken simplicity. Trump's contradictory statements and Twitter tantrums are easily explained by his Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Gemini. Rather than the mark of the sexual predator, Trump has his Leo Mars buried in the 13th house, closeted in a shroud of secrecy even from himself. Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in the 2nd house enable him to appear larger than life, seducing people to believe he possesses powers that far exceed his true capabilities. His Taurus planets are trine his Virgo, he's survived in public life so long because he's adaptable (for a Taurus, anyway).

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