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People born in 1988 are now
experiencing their Saturn return

Everybody has a Saturn Return, every 29.5 years

What's it like to experience a Saturn return?

Your first Saturn return, occuring just before you enter your 30s, is like getting audited by Saturn, the IRS of the planets. Overdue bills must be paid, records must be cleared, details are critical and your world goes through the mill. Your go-to confidence is revealed to be self-delusion. The shakeup can cost you in emotional ways as well, as you could feel unloved and unknowingly repell your friends and loved ones when you need them the most. Marriages and other significant relationships have a way of ending during this transit. Saturn return often accompanies a loss of income, via losses in business, property, reputation, even of your own freedom of movement.

The 29.5 year orbit of Saturn puts the pressure on each sign as it passes through each of the signs. image

The first Saturn return occurs around 29 years after birth, and the second, after 58. If you make it that far, you’ll get to experience a third return at around 88. As a measure of the difficulty of Saturn Returns, you could definitely say they become harder to face as time goes on. Some astrologers quip that the first takes away your youth; the second, your health; and the third, your will to live.

As anyone knows who has lived through one, a Saturn return is a constricting feeling of the world closing in on you. There's no real escape or quick fix. For the first return, playing cute or positive no longer cuts it. In today's chaotic economy, if you are over-leveraged, over-extended, or under water financially, this is when you may suffer a system crash. You'll have to get rid of the errors so that you can reboot in a year or two.

Some people are ready to get to work on themselves, anyway. Foresight helps us we fix the roof before it caves in. It is way better to know what Saturn is doing to you and when. 13 Sign Astrology is here for that purpose. We can tell you when to take an umbrella if it's going to rain.

Order your Saturn Return report here. Includes 1-year Transit guide and personal assessment.

Saturn in Ophiuchus

Ophiuchus is Green Fire

The power of Ophiuchus emerges from women as a cloud of ether, her medium. The roots of man's conceits and lies shrivel and die. Men respond by persecuting her. This shows up in the backlash in the nuclear family, increases in suicides, drug deaths, Autism Spectrum Disorder, rape and pornography, and a whole range of asocial behavior; the disintegration of the center. The end of an era is always marked by collateral damage.

We're just drawing to a close of Saturn in Ophiuchus which seemed to have "infected" the global economy and its governments with breakdown and gridlock. What can Ophiuchus do to avert disaster? Can women's power solve our problems? Can a female CEO take dominion over the state? MORE

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Ophiuchus NA NA Nov 30 – Dec 17
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Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19 Feb 15 - Mar 14 Feb 16– Mar 11
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