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The History of Saturn

In modern astrology, Saturn is a malefic influence, judgmental and cold-hearted, exposing our faults and mistakes. Saturn cuts down the weak like a scythe cuts grass. We fear Saturn because we are vulnerable to its awesome power, and it doesn't give a damn about us or how we feel.

Saturn doesn't protect us like Jupiter does. Instead, it harvests us; measures, counts, and divides us. Saturn throws away the chaff that doesn't meet its standards. Saturn only rewards hard work and persistence. Saturn spurns us for being imperfect beings; lazy, ungrateful, or unworthy. And anyone who dares question its authority is invariably proven wrong.

How did we gain the enmity of Saturn? At regular intervals, we seem to pay a terrible price for our transgressions, the loss of our security, heritage and inheritance.

It wasn't always this way, our mythology recounts a tragic story, of when Saturn loved us. Now we can get squashed like bugs on his windshield. Saturn ridicules our faith, our silly monuments, our arrogance of immortality, our egos and our self-indulgence. Saturn, the hand of time, wipes the slate clean, in a periodic reminder that we are fools and charlatans.

Before there was this fear of Saturn, there was only faith in its benevolence. In ancient times, Saturn was seen as a cornucopia; a stabilizing influence on our planet Earth. It gave us milk and honey, a friendly climate, and all beings flourished in harmony. What happened?

What Happened to Saturn's Benevolence?

Artists rendition of Venus entering our Solar system

This is the sky as it might have looked 5,000 years ago, when Saturn provided us with stability, not suffering. This image from Thunderbolts illustrates Immanuel Velikovsky's theory that Venus was a comet that intercepted a very cozy arrangement of planets like a billiard break on a cosmic scale. This occurred, not millions of years ago, but within our collective human memory, and gave rise to our mythology, symbolism, science and art. The destruction of life on Mars, its near-extinction on Earth, and the disappearance of Saturn were all experienced by early human society and this has scarred us ever since.

Saturn's archetype changed with its position in the Solar system. During a "golden age" of human existence, the planets were all clustered around the Sun in tight orbits well within the habitable zone for carbon-based life. Our visual connection with the other planets was just as intimate as the Moon is today. Mercury and Jupiter were next door neighbors; Mars was as luxuriant as Earth. Saturn (without its rings) dominated our sky, as large then to us then as our Moon is today. Saturn was our guardian and mentor. Saturn sheltered us from meteorites, and stabilized our climate and seasons. Our ancient civilizations created a Saturn that mythology that reflected that ideal situation. The original astrologers imbued all the planets and celestial objects, their gods and goddesses, with the characteristics they experienced at the time. But these deities, like the Universe that encircles us, are sometimes inexplicable, quixotic and chaotic. Our common heritage of myths tell us that, like gods, the planets can war against each other, can become jealous and petty. When they are angry with us, they change their archetypal behavior and punish us at will. For Saturn, it was a change of its proximity to Earth that caused a vicious mood swing. Saturn suddenly seemed like it turned its heel on Earth and deserted the human race.

Science agrees. Saturn wasn't always where it is now, at its present 750 million to 1.7 billion miles away from Earth, (depending on is orbit). Most cosmologists agree that Saturn and Jupiter were at one time much closer to Earth, closer then the Sun. Some kind of cataclysmic event drove them out of their close orbit, to the farthest reaches of our solar system, with terrible consequences for Earth.

Although modern Cosmologists theorize that this event happened almost 4 billion years ago, recurring evidence from our ancestral symbols, mythology and cave paintings from all over the world suggest that it occurred much later in Earth's history; well within the span of human memory and our evolutionary process.

Humanity's collective consciousness recalls that the Solar system was radically altered, for the worse for us, as recently as 5000 years ago. To early humans, it was as if Saturn decided to suddenly devour what he had once protected; our god of plenty and providence suddenly saw Earth as expendable. Our father flew the coop, leaving Earth behind to fend for itself in a cruel Universe.

Garden of Eden (Karen Miller)

Even the Bible suggests that humans once lived blissfully with a plethora of plants, birds, fish and animals in a Garden of Eden, a beautiful, serene environment. Consistency was the rule. Human beings accepted the natural order because it was sweet to us. Was this a different Saturnean age, where humans basked in the love and benevolence of a nurturing god that hovered over us like a doting dad? In the event, however, this did not last.

"Saturn .. known since the most ancient times as Saturnius Mons, and was seen as a god of generation, dissolution, plenty, wealth, agriculture, periodic renewal and liberation. In later developments he came to be also a god of time. His reign was depicted as a Golden Age of plenty and peace. The Temple of Saturn in the Roman Forum housed the state treasury. In December, he was celebrated at what is perhaps the most famous of the Roman festivals, the Saturnalia, a time of feasting, role reversals, free speech, gift-giving and revelry. Saturn the planet and Saturday are both named after the god." (Immanuel Velikovsky, Collision of the Gods)

Theories about a solar system that remained unchanged for millions of years are now being questioned as new evidence suggests a relatively more recent realignment of our planets, which changed our skies and lives forever. The consequences must have been mesmerizing, terrorizing and traumatic for early star-gazers, since this inexplicable event caused a massive die-off on Earth. The fatal reckoning is embedded in our collective unconsciousness, and ancient artists recorded these events on cave walls and it is reflected in early religious texts. This disaster is the at the core belief of the Judea-Christian faith. It's also when ancient astrologers updated their archetypes of Saturn from a dependable parent to a vengeful god.

Venus in the grand conjunction. This is how the sky may have appeared to ancient civilizations. It would explain the formation of our mythology of gods and dragons. For more, watch the video Symbols of an Alien Sky

A new explanation is emerging as we learn more about the volatility of our Solar system. Between five and ten thousand years ago a giant comet, the size of our Earth (probably Venus, according to both ancient legend and modern science) entered our Solar system like the breaking cue-ball on a pool table. Our fore-bearers saw it coming, but did not understand its portent. At first it looked like another blessing, a beautiful miracle. However, as the comet's new Solar orbit intersected with the existing planets there was tremendous destruction and dislocation. Mars was scorched by lightening and lost its water and air, becoming the dead planet it is today. Saturn was side-swiped and was blasted out of sight to a new orbit on the frozen edge of the solar system. Earth suffered a near-miss and was almost destroyed by floods, fire and drought--climate change on steroids. Human life was threatened with extermination, only a fews tribes--including the Hebrews--survived this original Holocaust.

Earth somehow stayed in its orbit, although it may have tilted the polar caps. The human species somehow survived, retreating into caves, and our collective unconscious has been scarred ever since.

A possible scenario for Saturn's relocation. In the recent history of human consciousness, Venus may have caused a radical change in the Solar system, changing the dynamics of Earth's proximity to Saturn in a sudden displacement.

Saturn gave us a climate of comfort, an eternal spring. Today. the spring and summer of lives turns to winter, and the Earth around us seems to die. Hindsight is small comfort, considering how we will always yearn for what we have lost, and whatever we get in return seems a meaningless payoff, a trifling gesture. It's a poor bargain!

This is how early humans saws it. The heavenly father turned its back on his spawn, and we can never forget the shock and betrayal that the ancients felt, which still unconsciously resonates in us to this today. We still ache for the lost paradise of long ago, and now we struggle in a desert of want and deprivation, buffeted by constant change.

Saturn Today

To this day we still stand in awe of the power of of this allegory of retribution for a crime we didn't know we had committed, and have become wary of Saturn's murderous redemption. When Saturn transits us now, we expect the worst. Saturn in modern times represents harsh authority, the power of the state, a cruel reality and a stark truth. Saturn in modern astrology is an unemotional task-master who tests us like Jehovah did to Job, and can strip everything away no matter how hard we have worked for it. Saturn has no pity for our suffering. Saturn means loss of illusion, security and wealth. Saturn in the modern age takes away what we have accumulated, what we enjoy, what we thought we owned by divine right and privilege. Saturn represents our fall from grace.

The 29.5 year orbit of Saturn (image)

Just look at the effect a Saturn Return has on our lives. Every 29 years or so, Saturn conjuncts with our natal Saturn, in a recurring pattern the regulates the various stages of maturity in our lives. The first Return, approximately 29-30 years after our birth, takes away our worldly success; it ruins marriages, kills job prospects, forecloses our homes. The second Saturn Return, in our late 50s, takes away our health and the confidence we have in our bodies to be forever young. Our bones and teeth are worn away by time and inattention. Our immune systems degrade and we fall victim to problems we never knew we had. We slow down and take stock.

The third Return can literally take us out of the game as we approach 90. If we survive it, we are now in the twilight of our years, the will to live beings to ebb away, and we succumb to introspection and withdraw from active life, into senility or obscurity. We are even liable to lose our minds to Alzheimer's, and lose our senses of hearing, speech or sight, cutting us off from the lives of others, even our own families. We no longer feel the urgency that we once felt. We can joylessly await death, lose all hope, drift into memories and begin to leave our bodies behind. We lose our fascination with worldly events; we have nothing more to give, like a cracked vessel that cannot hold water.

Saturn can ignite our dependence on religion or superstition to explain the inevitable losses we endure. Spiritualists and atheists alike can perceive the irony of life, the comedy of our drama and woe. Existence after 90 is a struggle to find relevance, to leave behind a legacy.

With this track record, no wonder Saturn is regarded with dread! Many astrologers will tell you that Saturn also gives us wisdom and inner strength in return for what it takes away. Is this worth the cost? Then why do we pine for the ignorance of youth? The knowledge Saturn forced upon us, like Adam and Eve, also robbed us of our simplicity and innocence, casting us out in a cruel wilderness.

Saturn in the Signs

Saturn's travels across the Zodiac remind us that there are bigger things than us, the we are accountable to the march of time, that our ideas are subject to review by universal law and the principle of a never ending cycle of weal and woe.

Saturn's handmaiden, Capricorn, may be the only sign that recognizes this fully. Humans can only build what will be swept away. Gain is embedded with loss. No wonder they are seen as dour, overly serious and the only sign that maintains a dim view of mankind and his foolishness.

Capricorns are imbued with a sense of purpose, a will to survive and a long term view of life. What comes easily can be taken away easily, in the blink of an eye. Only work and persistence is of any value. Delusion is the work of the devil, and the means by which we doom ourselves to failure.

As Saturn passes through the other constellations of the Zodiac, it quashes the vain hopes of each of the signs with the sweep of the hands of the clock. Time is the only meaning of life, and when time runs out, we die.

Saturn's dark visage (universe today)

Saturn in Ophiuchus occurred from the end of 2015 to the beginning of 2017. This coincided with a global surge of confrontation with governments, a reaction to persecution and oppression. Governments have been controlled by the banking system since the 1980s, and they have reached an apex of suppressing dissent in the last couple decades. Just look at the seizure of power of the state, under the guise of its protecting us from "terrorism". Governments, and the sycophant media are using every power they possess to take away our freedom of thought.

Killing Ophiuchus source

This was how the Catholic church and its political arm, the Jesuits, acted in their war against the terrorists of their time, the witches. They called it the inquisition, a war against women and men who resisted the True Faith. Millions of iconoclasts were tortured and slaughtered in this attempt to maintain the absolute hegemony of Christianity.

Ophiuchus has always been the enemy of conformity and common wisdom, she's the archangel of "magic" and unknown phenomena. Saturn in Ophiuchus is a return to a war between the state and women. It pits the power of the state against the freedom to think. The real "terrorists" of our time, according to actions, if not the deeds of the US military, are not ISIS or radical Islam, but ANYONE whose ideas do not conform to the accepted dogma of church and state.

We can readily see the forces in contention today, but this time, religion and state power has backed itself into a corner. Once impregnable, and still very dangerous, they are now being hollowed out by their own paranoia and inability to adapt to the economic and cultural changes ongoing in society. Although they are fighting a losing battle to maintain stasis, US military might is being used to murder hundreds of thousands of civilians, and even more by starvation and disease. Their plunder is causing almost 50 million refugees to flee in terror from the onslaught. Imperialist "exceptionalism" has replaced the Jesuits as the spearhead of repression.

Saturn moves into Sagittarius in March of 2017, for three years, until 2020. In a word, this era will be all about sacrifice. It portends a battle of will between our lowest, base needs and our higher aspirations. This will be an age of heroes.

Who will they be? A new crop of ideologically advanced leaders who will give their lives to advance the human spirit. They will be altruists, idealists, visionaries. They will question the mores of capitalism, self-interest and man's inhumanity.

Saturn will exert a crushing force on these futurist workers for freedom. It will seek to reduce their numbers. It will attempt to winnow out the losers and the weak. The last time Saturn was in Sagittarius, from September 1988 to the beginning of 1991, was a disaster for humanity. It was when the state and its corporate masters finagled a complete take over of the economy and the culture, undermining the social contract and launching a whole scale attack on the working class and the poor.

Bad leadership: Reagan, Bush and Clinton

It occurred during the terms in office of Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Bush and Bill Clinton, some of the worst leaders in modern American history. During that time the transfer of wealth to the rich and the exclusion of the majority of Americans from the political process began in earnest. Reagan led a counter-revolution which peeled back all the advances of the 1960s era of liberal politics. Bush initiated the groundwork for regime change and imperialism. Bill Clinton gutted the welfare system, deregulated the banks and allowed a racist justice system to incarcerate millions of Black Americans and others to long prison terms for minor, nonviolent drug offenses.

During these years, our democracy reverted to plutocracy and ushered in a new, pitiless oligarchy to create a new underclass, a rearmed imperialism, and an economic system that favored greed rather than need.

Saturn was indeed unkind to the lives of millions of people, reducing them into penury, elevating the powerful over the weak. It could be said that Saturn favored narcissism and the Ayne Rand theory of self-interest to a new high, and encouraged the reckless destruction of the planet for profit.

The legacy of capitalism

Or was Saturn handing the rich the tail of the tiger? By subjugating the poor to the exploitation of the bourgeois, was it putting the unwary and politically uneducated masses into a vise, to test their mettle?

The baby-boomer generation caved like a house of cards. Their political theory was lacking, and they fled back into the sanctity of the middle class insanity whence they came, and against which they rebelled in their youth. The culture of revolution died along with their surrender to their insipid origins. Today we mock the hippies and their valiant struggle against the Vietnam war and other atrocities, their adoption of communal living, as nothing more than spoiled brats who in a fit of pique and drug-induced optimism dared to confront the capitalist behemoth.

The failure of the 60s came at a terrible price. It has landed us in this soulless void of murdering mother nature and all of her children, the waste of human and Earth's resources in a bonfire of the legitimate hopes and expectations of humanity and its progress to a more equitable world.

Saturn in Sagittarius set the stage for barbarism back then. Can Sagittarius make a comeback now, with the wisdom it has picked up in its deflationary and rape? Has Sagittarius weaned itself from hubris and hypocrisy?

Learning from Saturn

Saturn's eye (

Even from millions of miles away, Saturn has its unblinking eye on us. This is not delusion; Saturn has always seemed to effect our lives, mostly in a negative way. But Saturn is a teacher, more than anything else. A sarcastic and humorless one, no doubt, but one you depend on to tell you the worst case scenarios, with no sugar coating. There's no fooling Saturn, it's the pass-or-fail final exam that can determine your future. Only after the fall can we rise again. Today we face the destruction of the environment, world economic depression or nuclear war, or all of them. Only our ability to confront the coming fascist juggernaut head-on can save us. Our world leaders--dictators--have led us to the edge of the abyss; can we turn away? Can Saturn show us the way to rebuild and reboot?

Today we face the putrid excesses of a sick mentality, the last moribund stage of capitalism: barbarism and cannibalism. The sick minds that run the world have reached the pinnacle of their insanity, their last ditch attempt to delay the inevitable, and they are all getting insanely rich doing it. The old axiom that the "darkest hour comes before the dawn" describes our situation in a nutshell. Can we survive the death wish of our dying cultures?

The reason we are trapped in a mindless vortex of self destruction is because we still hold on to the old systems and beliefs. We know of no alternative. Ironically, the seeds of change are everywhere but we still aren't convinced a revolution is necessary. Police repression and the seduction of media propaganda has tied up our brains in confusion and cynicism. Meanwhile, Saturn is telling us that our salvation is not coming from the gods and planets, spiritualism or optimism; it can only come from persistence and discipline. Our strength to survive must come from ourselves, living in a materialist world, yet continuing on our never-ending search for truth and justice. It's a race between life and death, the truth and the lie.

Saturn may have taken away our sublime existence centuries ago, but today we are the agents of our own destruction, we are the scourge of the Earth in our mindless pursuit of undeserved, unearned profits. Saturn was our warning that the Universe is neither friend nor foe, it is just raw plasma, awaiting an electrical charge to transform inert gas to energy. Likewise our society is just a conduit for our intelligence, or lack thereof. All natural phenomena is but a clash of negative ions and a positive nuclei. This is universal law, the unity of opposites and the reconciling of their polarity so we don't perish at either extreme.

Saturn is fact, and we are the fiction. Saturn may have condemned us to live in a brutal cosmic reality, but that does not prevent us from sharing the bounty we enjoy from our home planet with out fellow human beings. For much of the world's population, death and despair is all they experience. Why do we allow capitalism to make things worse for them?

Karl Marx, Sun and Moon in Aries with Uranus in Ophiuchus, is the greatest theoretician of the modern era, and spelled it out for us: our job is not only to observe our world, but to change it. The sooner we embrace this imperative of history the better. Marx's Saturn in Aquarius helped him to see our future, and to take Hegelian ambiguity and hammer it into a workable strategy. The need for change has never been more critical, since today only a handful of billionaires are poised to destroy civilization, our environment, and even human life itself. The obstacle to change can be summed up in one word: capitalism. This outdated, unworkable economic system has its most apoplectic and fanatical adherents right here on American soil; infesting our "homeland" (if you buy into the vocabulary of idiots) with the disease of greed.

The newest empire, the greatest exponent of militarism, the player who relies most on imperialism, is the USA. The justification of our arrogance and license to kill is based on American imperialism, and its code-word, "exceptionalism". But our expansion has reached the Rubicon, the end of its tether. We are being eclipsed by China as a economic leader, and by Russia as a strategic leader. Our deteriorating domestic situation, our destruction of wealth, our disparity of incomes, and our hollowed-out shell of superiority is evident to almost everybody except ourselves. Like a clueless cuckold, we are the last to know.

The American response to the irrevocable truth is a hail of bullets and bombs. In a form of mass insanity that only infects failing empires, we have become like locusts, consuming all in a rapacious seizure that leaves only wreckage and waste in its wake.

We have only ourselves to blame for our rapid decline. What is our fate in this changing of the guard? In this last spasm of military madness, Americans, in a fit of childish anger, may choose to destroy the world rather than hand it over intact to the next generations. This is how the youth see it; older American are still blind to the reality, and bound to the past.

"The past hangs around our necks like a nightmare" said Marx. However, we can and do learn from history, we can also learn from Saturn, the scathing chronicler of our existence. Once a source of our complacency, Saturn can now be a force for our victory over our own weaknesses, and then, over our enemies.

[May 12, 2017]

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