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Going Back To The Future

How the Earth's Rotation Shapes Human Civilization

Precession of the Equinoxes:
Ignore them at your Peril

Diagramming our view of the Universe is how astronomers and astrologers understand the Earth's cycles. Ancient star-gazers developed the Zodiac to identify and remember where important star systems were in relation to Earth. Our time keeping and navigation depend on the use of the Zodiacal belt, or the Sun's ecliptic, shown above.

The ecliptic is the route the Sun apparently takes as we see it, although it's Earth that's doing the moving!. Over 365 days, the Sun seems to be making a complete journey through all the constellations on the Zodiacal circle, and then starting over again. Of the 88 designated constellations, certain "eponymous" (or Zodiacal) constellations were chosen by astrologers by their proximity to the ecliptic path and distance from each other. They were given names and traits to which we still refer, in a common language and a universal map for all the peoples on Earth. They are the foundations of mythology, travel and civilization.

Although astronomers disregard the astrological meanings of the signs, they nonetheless use them to identify their points for navigation and space travel. Without using the signs, farmers wouldn't know when to plant, and ships or space probes would never reach their destinations. Only the "fixed" stars can have this function, since they are so far away they have no apparent motion, and are always in the same place in the sky. However, make no mistake, the Earth is constantly changing!

Astronomers and Vedic and Sidereal astrologers* all agree that the locations of the constellations aren't consistent, at least to our view. Because of subtle changes in the Earth's rotation, like two trains moving at different speeds, the Zodiac seems to be moving slowly, almost imperceptibly, backwards compared to Earth.

Of course the stars don't move, so it is the Earth that slows its movement down about one degree every 72 years. This phenomena is called the precession of the equinoxes, and it is of the utmost importance. All usable calendars, from the Mayan to the Gregorian, calculate using the precession. The social systems that human beings have devised for themselves are characterized by the precession's "Great Year", identified as an "Age" that forms our conscious and unconscious awareness. For a small wobble of the Earth at only 50 arc seconds a year, it makes a HUGE difference to science and humanity in general. These tiny incremental changes in our view of the Universe can determine our worldly activities and social relations that form over a huge span of years, in human terms.

Moreover, the omission of this tiny increment can lead to a disastrous result when calculating time, distance and the date of the Earth's seasonal changes. We can plot the backwards motion of the Zodiac by the changes to our first day of spring, the vernal equinox, the exact date that the ecliptic and the Earth's equator meet, below, to start our growing season in the Northern hemisphere.

image: Astronomy 161

This point is slowly moving along the yellow line from Pisces to Aquarius. This takes approximately 2600 years. That explains why our spring is earlier today then it was in Ancient Rome.

This is also why ALL Western tropical 12-sign astrology charts are incorrect, because they DON'T factor in the precession of the equinoxes.


Above, the comparison of a tropical astrology chart (left) and a 13 sign astrology chart (right) for Nov. 1, 2015. The tropical chart has the Sun at 8 degrees Scorpio; while in the 13 sign chart, the Sun is at 0 degrees Libra. All the other planets are in different signs as well.

Which chart is real? Not the tropical version! Tropical astrology does not include the precession, and is therefore seriously out of whack. Tropical charts also round off the size of each sign to 30 degrees, miscalculating the real cusps of the constellations. Tropical astrology is a fail.

13 sign astrology includes the precession and actual degree of the cusps and accurately shows the true positions of the planets. Anyone can verify this by one look at the night sky. It's even easier to see when you use an astronomical star-finder such as Stellarium. As further proof, both the International Astronomical Union and NASA use the 13-sign Zodiac in their calculations. Anyone contemplating space travel better use an accurate map!

Tropical charts are ONLY used by tropical astrologers and are viewed by the entire scientific community as worthless. It's a damn shame that so many well-meaning astrologers are so mislead or uninformed.


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* Vedic, the eastern astrology developed by Hindu astrologers, and Sidereal astrology, developed by Cyril Fagan in 1948, both correctly enable the precession of the equinoxes. However, both are 12-sign systems and fail to include Ophiuchus, the 13th sign, and also don't use the exact degree of each sign's travel across the ecliptic. Both systems fail to deliver the correct planetary positions. Only 13 sign astrology gets it exactly right.

The precession is a phenomena still not adequately explained by physicists. The precession is the fly in the ointment, the mathematical glitch that every calendar has had to incorporate, from the ancient Mayan calendar to our modern Gregorian version. The precession is a very important variable when it comes to the big picture, and the degree of the signs on the ecliptic.

The diagram above from Lunarplanner shows the vernal equinox today (in its sidereal position) and extends the circle out from the Earth's polar axis to show the precessional arc, or the "Clock of the Ages". This is the 26,000 year cycle of a complete rotation of the Zodiac back to its staring point, at zero degrees declination.

Over the course of thousands of years, the changes in the vernal equinox not only change the dates of the seasons, but also indicate massive changes in the Earth's evolution and human consciousness. In the modern era, we have moved from Aries to Pisces in the precession. Did human beings embrace a new world order as the clock moved back from Aries to Pisces, around the turn of the millennium, at 0 CE? World religions changed from animism and animal worship to a monotheistic and humanistic view of the world. The value of human life itself underwent a sea change, and Pisces brought a higher sensitivity to the way we interact with each other, and build our societies. The age of Pisces marked the diminution of unadulterated conquest, and ushered in a more self-conscious and complex human being. However, the Age of Pisces also meant the irreconcilable division in human societies created by a hard fork in our spiritual and material development, and the endless conflicts that erupted in spite of it.

As we enter the final phases of the Age of Pisces, the things that divide us are in in direct contention with our yearning for universal peace and understanding. The appearance of our modern religions during Pisces have served as an excuse for internecine slaughter that continues today, in spite of our protestations of the contrary, that we must unite in some form of humanitarian utopia. This idea is a forerunner of a possible hopeful future, of cooperation, friendship that expresses the noble ideals of the coming Age of Aquarius.

Although we won't live to see the Age of Aquarius, we can guess from the archetype that life will be more peaceful, and people will be drawn together by friendship, and only divided by ideas, not race, nationality or religion.

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