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Gemini! Gemini!
said the spider to the fly
June 20-July 20

"Boukyo" By Hiroko Sakai
Also available as a phone cover


Geminis are players; they like to play. How could that be bad? Geminis don’t like to lose; they really don’t, and they can go to any extreme to win. They like testing themselves and others to see who wins. Gemini can dazzle, obfuscate, seduce, or coerce with their talking points. Geminis got shtick, the hipster patter, the paid propaganda, the street cred to talk their way in or out of anything. They are often our most fascinating person, and definitely their choice for most fascinating. Gemini thinks they are fascinating--why won't you?

Gemini is childhood at its best. Life is a secret garden for the two celestial twins, one of whom is a boy and the other a girl; these two opposing elements are artfully joined at the hip to explore and frolic inside the exciting Gemini world. They both share many exemplary qualities, intelligence, vivacity, curiosity; however, they become bored and restless easily, instantly, always needing new and wilder stimuli for the voracious brain, the desperate heart; to feed their biological hard disk with new memories to entertain them when they are alone with themselves.


Gemini Factoid: Ask any Gemini about anything in their past, no problem; for them it's like it happened yesterday.

Wheeling and Dealing with Mercury

Gemini gets all the benefits from the planet Mercury, even if this includes sharing it with the equally brain-driven Virgo. Among the qualities Mercury offers Gemini: an irrepressible intellect to collect and correlate the heightened and enlightened senses. The twins can often conduct profitable enterprise between them. Geminis pose the best questions of all the signs in the Zodiac. They collect these answers, shuffle them, and then republish them at whim, ad hoc, ad nauseum.


Gemini's Clique

If you’re in a relationship with a Gemini, it’s like marrying the mafia; You are the outsider; Geminis have their own Cosa Nostra of characters who hold sway over their behavior. With a built-in lover and friend, Gemini needs of very little from you except your attention. Who needs marriage when you are already in a long term relationship? In fact the ways and means of others are really irritants to Gemini. Although they can socialize like baboons, like their equally strung-out cohorts with Sun in Virgo, Geminis prefer solitude and self-improvement, reveling in their many contradictions in the privacy of their own ivory tower.

Nervous Nellies

The main emotion Geminis feel is not love, nor even hate, but nerves. Nobody does the heebie-jeebies, the butterflies, the sinking stomach like a Gemini. Like a taut tripwire, each Gemini is a IED waiting to for a trespasser to wander too far out of the green zone. Driven to distraction, the overheated senses can whip Gemini like a snapped guitar string and change the mood in a second. Like other cerebral signs, getting strung out by sugar and the hyperglycemia that follows is a major pitfall for Gs. Those quixotic mental habits can be a contest between the good and bad twin: The bad twin does the snacking and jacking, booze and meds, allows compulsive behavior, even sexual and personal obsession. The good twin tries to cope, picking up the pieces and making amends, hating itself. This type of dialogue between extremes can wear even a strong Gemini down. It is hard to integrate such divergence. Besides, Gemini likes it this way.

Gemini uses mental and manual dexterity, exciting body language, the gift of gab; they enrich with new information, excite us, make us laugh, get us to trust them. And then, suddenly, SLAM, the darker version of the twin appears like a cold wind. It’s a disorienting and shattering experience for non-Geminis. This other twin represents the person Gemini hates and fears the most, just as the happy Gemini is the one they love the most. Back against the wall, the happy twin calls out for the homicidal maniac to take the helm. Meeting this Mr Jekyll is too much for most people to handle; they make an exit and a mental note to never trust that Gemini again. Charisma is a Gemini birthright, and they have double their share. Too often they squander it like loose change, switching non-integrated personalities too abruptly. This quick-change, the how and why of it, is at the heart of Gemini anxieties, and works like a safety valve when they feel threatened. The protection device is the root cause of Gemini alienation.


Michael Gerard "MikeTyson (also known as Malik Abdul Aziz) (born June 30, 1966) is a retired American professional boxer. Tyson is a former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world and holds the record as the youngest WBC, WBA and IBF heavyweight champ at 20 years, 4 months, and 22 days old. A very Quixotic character, Tyson was diagnosed as bi-polar, but he was probably expressing his violent Gemini twin at the wrong times. His cold blooded deconstruction of his opponents into punching bags marked the hurt, injured child grown into a man-monster, who raped women and abused men for enjoyment. Prozac didn't help him in this, and he went psychotic when he tried to wean himself off of it. He and Ophiuchus hustler Don King went though hundreds of millions of dollars and eventually Tyson was ostracized by both the industry and the public. He had a epiphany of sorts after the tragic death of his daughter, Exodus, and today he mostly flocks pigeons from a New York rooftop.

Garbage in, garbage out

Try to use some discrimination when it comes to knowledge, realize that all data isn’t equal. For Gemini, it’s difficult to pick the jewels from the junk, they become disoriented while sorting through their own shit; they cannot see any disparity in the array of experiential evidence.

Peripheral Parts to Watch

Your lungs oxygenate the blood. Bad food, bad blood, bad lungs. Crappy diet also can endanger the Gemini extremities, those areas of the body where blood and fluid accumulate: the tip of the nose, under the eyes, the brow, the hands and fingers. Broken veins or swelling in the legs and feet is the bellwether of disease.

A Healthy Reality Check

Using the libido as a measure of health, Geminis can make a solid link between sexual dysfunction and exhaustion of the immune system. The enemy of good sex is putting sweet and fatty foods into your system. Aside from a loss of virility, this also makes the limbs ache and the blood turn to noxious tar, literally burning the flesh and inviting infections that wear down an otherwise balanced system.

Gemini can’t integrate

his or her personalities, but can regulate the food intake at the threshold. Whatever toxins Gemini can’t digest or process into waste gets thrust out the their porous skin. Body fluids loaded with poisonous uric acid penetrate the entire structure, the body cavities, the veins and arteries and the bronchial, trachea, Eustachian, fallopian, ureter and urethra tubes. Opportunistic bacteria can reach the kidneys, resulting in dark circles under the eyes, clammy skin, high blood pressure, eating and sleep disorders; all signs of chemical imbalance and stress on the immune system.

Geminis can be smart and also eat dumb

Eating can be a stimulating intellectual repast as well as a base physical one. As these nutrients pass through your system, imagine the tumult of chemical activity that takes place to give you your busy lifestyle. Resist the thrall of our profit-making food and drug culture of fear and greed that beckons us toward nutritional suicide and genetic degradation. Question conventional wisdom and authority and Commence your own independent study of the world around you as it really is. Connect with your physical body and generate positive change when it benefits your health.

Macro, Not Mickey

You’ll live to regret settling for fast food because it’s fast. The fats in a Mac-Donald’s type of diet will destroy the liver and the kidneys before you know it. Whole grains are your only way to achieve balance, because they are close to PH- neutral and contain the slow-burning carbohydrates and B vitamin-enzymes you need for energy. The body requires and desires a Macrobiotic diet. Your mouth—the victim of childhood addictions—wants fat and sugar., instead. What the stomach needs is half the food you eat should be whole grain. Try to get as close as you can to that. If you are a vegetarian, whole grains ARE the meat substitute, not tofu, which is a highly refined and indigestible paste. Your plate should reflect a 50-30-20 pie chart. 50% whole grains, 30% fresh vegetables, and 20% whatever you want. If you were to add miso soup to the meal, nutritional perfection will have been reached, in a rational world.

Vitamin and Minerals

In the life of a Gemini, one of the twins is ALWAYS under the weather! To the rescue! The antioxidants are the way to get health points. Peripatetic Gemini needs a lot of help from quick-fix supplements. You can mega-dose your way back to health with a conscientious program of taking Vitamins E, A and D.

Gemini Vitamins are also Twins

Many vitamins and minerals only work together in a dialectical partnership, in the same way as the Gemini twins, dissimilar and contradictory, yet allowing the greater sum than the parts. In the chemical workshop that is our body, two components like Sodium and Potassium are opposites; yet when balanced, allow both to be more effectively absorbed. Without Potassium, the additional salt that most people take on their food would cause edema, a harmful and potentially fatal condition caused by excess water retention. Men suffer this, too.

The most potent vitamin, and the most universally beneficial—Vitamin A—is considered toxic in any significant amount by most of the medical establishment. Yet, mega-dosing Vitamin A, as derived from fish liver oil, will eliminate and cure severe and chronic infections, as a natural and superior alternative to antibiotics. Vitamin A is effective against sinus congestion, common eye, ear, nose and throat problems, gum infection, skin acne and fungi, as the most common applications. However, without the presence and assistance of Vitamin D, Vitamin A cannot be absorbed.

Dosing the twins

Antioxidants are measured in IUs (International Units). In order to use Vitamin E, for example, it can be taken in daily amounts of 6,000 IUs or more. Smaller amounts don’t at quickly enough for Gemini. Since vitamins are not drugs, and should be derived from natural food sources, they can’t be compressed into tiny doses, like most drugs, and measured in micrograms. Absorption through the digestive system is a slow and ponderous method, requiring you to repeatedly ingest larger amounts vitamins and minerals, which are noninvasive, non-addicting and non-toxic. Vitamins can be taken in large or small amounts, but the result is the same: the body needs them for building its own natural defenses and healing systems and helping them to work better.

Mega-dose Management

The way we assimilate vitamins and minerals is sharply different from drugs. Drugs must be taken sparingly, counting every grain in order not to overdose. The consequences of mega-dosing drugs would be catastrophic. Vitamins, unlike drugs, can be taken liberally, as needed, and when needed. There are no significant downsides to mega-dosing vitamins and minerals. You are free to decide your own threshold, on the basis of your own observations of results. With vitamins and minerals YOU are the master of your fate, and your doctor falls from god-like status to a mere consultant. Vitamins are not just for prevention. Used in large doses, they are effective and potent therapeutic weapons in your arsenal against disease, fatigue and stress.

Good Oil Eats Bad Oil

For example, Vitamin E helps tissue heal, cleans the blood, supports the kidneys and immune system, increases sex drive, and can be used in virtually unlimited quantities with no downside, except when used in conjunction with other synthetic and potentially harmful drugs that are used to thin the blood (of function that Vitamin E does naturally). However, a vital footnote is that most Vitamin E sold is synthetic and often ineffective, or actually harmful. Click to find which vitamin E has the real Tocopherol and which are the fakes.

Foods to Feed Both Tastes

Most people are beset by some kind of eating disorder; pity the poor Gemini with a ravenous stomach and an anorexic brain! Imagine having the appetites of two or more hungry people, and the finicky tastes of a food faddist. Gemini must reconcile the ideal of food with the reality. Which is: you have no choice, no option than to adhere to a diet featuring the whole grains that can nurture the nervous Gemini stomach.


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