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Sun Enters Gemini
June 20-July 20

The Many Faces of the Gemini


Gemini is best identified by its two brightest stars, Castor and Pollux. These two are noticeable for being bright and close together on the sky’s dome. Like brothers, or sisters. Gemini is also the male and the female brought together by an alternating current. From

"The Greek myth of Castor and Pollux explores the inherit duality of life – of mortality and immortality forever intertwined and perpetually in conflict. Castor and Pollux were the sons of the god Zeus and their mortal mother Leda. The offspring were a mix of the base and divine, with Castor being the mortal brother and Pollux immortal. The two portray the dilemma of the human condition, the story repeating itself over the generations. Castor and Pollux were joyfully united in spirit yet sorrowfully divided by circumstance.

When Castor was slain in battle, Pollux was inconsolable in grief, begging Zeus to relieve him of the bonds of immortality. Pollux chose death, so that he could join his brother Castor in the great beyond. To this day, Pollux and Castor stand reunited in the heavens, a tribute to the redemptive power of brotherly love."


You can see the comparative size of the star Pollux and our sun in this image, as well as some other stars. Courtesy: EarthSky

From Astrobob:

Pollux is an orange giant star and a little brighter than its brother Castor to the north. While Castor appears single to the naked eye and in binoculars, it’s actually a gravitationally bound family of six stars. Yes, a sextuple!

The beautiful binary star Castor as it would look in a small telescope.

Credit: Frederick Ringwald/California State-Fresno

Castor A and B form a binary or double star, each one orbiting about the pair's common center of gravity. The two brightest of the six, A and B revolve around one another over a period of about 445 years. Castor A is magnitude 1.9, while its companion is 3.0. Both stars are similar to the sun but hotter, heavier and whiter and lie 51 light years from Earth.

It gets even more interesting. Each of the three is double again making Castor a sextuple star. Most telescopes won’t show these three additional companions, because they’re much too close to each other to tease apart. We know they’re there thanks to the spectroscope, an instrument that plainly reveals each star’s telltale light “fingerprint” when astronomers examine the star’s spectrum.

Castor C is a pair of red dwarf stars a little more than half the size of the sun that revolve around one another in just under 20 hours. The companions of Castor A and B are also smaller dwarf stars. How perfect that the Twins should be home to sextuplets!

SOURCES: Topastrologer / EarthSky / Astrobob


cyril fagan

SUN IN GEMINI according to Cyril Fagan

• Essentially rational in behavior and cogitation, though occasionally pushy on personal autonomy or freedom. Pragmatic, demands facts and figures. (Always looking for the clue.) Plays expert.

• Mental orientation makes feelings a sore point for them, something hard to understand and deal with.

• Versatile talents. Greatest dangers are dispersion and irresponsibility.

• Courage of convictions. Speaks truth without hesitant.

• Commercial, capitalistic. Instinct for free enterprise.

• Quick thinkers, can whistle and blow smoke rings and still be businesslike.

• Most clear-cut orientation to youth. Frantic striving to hang onto their own youth.

• Keen sense of humor helps them maintain youthfulness. Love of pretense and play. Game-playing.

• Athletics, especially basketball, boxing, track, cross-country, tennis, etc. Perfect sense of rhythm; mental and physical quickness, agility.

• Alcoholism and smoking to help sedate themselves. Extreme nervousness (lots of speed).

• Pedantry for dualism; some are compulsive “pairers”.

• Feel loneliness deeper than any other sign, like a child who has lost its playmate. Needs affection and attention praise and appreciation are taken gratefully.

• Does not let go of people or things (trivia collector).

• Retreats when wounded.

• Most are quiet, even withdrawn, not being able to comfortably drop all barriers and relate to others. Hard to get into.

• Paranoid personality style. Mobilization of entire system (rigidity, caution, edginess, defensiveness) cuts Gemini off from spontaneity, feeling, and creative expression. Loses touch with self, becoming very self-conscious. Frail autonomy mobilizes further and he begins to perceive a threat of subjugation. (Overly conscious of will of others because of an increasingly lessened or compromised own will.)

• Irreligious and amoral. Dislikes pomp, circumstance, and title. Sensitive to rank. Doubting Thomas, skeptical: more scientific than religious.

• Mobilization makes them good at mechanical/technical things, even if bad in relating.

• Most musical of all constellations (especially vocal and composition).

• Sexually response commonly wired to enduring or inflicting pain (algolagnia).


The Three Natures of Gemini

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