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Lilith in the signs


Lilith: the First Feminist

By Lorraine

The mythology of Lilith is simple, yet through the ages it has been twisted.

Lilith is described in legend as the original woman, before Eve she was first and was conceived by the creator to exist in love and equality with the original man. This partnership was not comfortable for her male counterpart, he demanded subservience from her and rather than lessen herself she departed, expressing the pain of her rejection as fury. Her self respect was intact but according to legend her heartbreak at the injustice of this has burned throughout the ages.

The original man is then said to have requested a woman made of his own body who he thought would bend to his wishes. We all know how that story ended, ultimately Eve sought knowledge and was vilified in mythology and religion for thousands of years. Lilith meanwhile was subject to a lot of vilifying herself, but her story was eclipsed by that of her sister. History shows that it was preferable to forget about the angry one who rebelled, better to tell the story of Eve, the stupid nosy one and blame her for humanity’s 'fall from grace’.

Mythology, legend, ancient stories from a long ago time .

So why is this important now? Why do I not simply laugh at Mr Tysons’ shame- laced sexual ramblings? After all his book, which is published as fiction, only sold 1000 copies and it’s quite by chance that a friend forwarded me the Lilith article on this website that seemed to suggest he was an authority on this subject. I mean, what do I care?

Well I think that storytelling and mythology play a huge part in how we all create and share the collective unconscious.

I know that for many people of both genders this is a time when they are realizing what a huge disservice we have done to our society by disempowering women. 

Some of the painful result of this longstanding hurt is still playing out among us women and men both. One example, The 'Shades of Grey Trilogy’ casually reinforcing male conditioning that they must bully and dominate in order to be attractive. It then goes on to confirm the conditioned female belief that eroticism lies in a woman being a willing victim of abuse and not satisfied with that it promotes the idea that ‘playing’ at being tied up and tortured is an empowering privilege granted by sexual liberation. This fantasy indulged by many while in reality young women are still forcibly having their clitoris cut off in the name of cultural subjugation. Awww! Now arnt I the killjoy? Getting way heavy about a bit of pop soft porn. It’s uncomfortable I know, to have something that is sold to us a ‘fun’ contrasted with something that we would rather not think about at all, but I want to illustrate my point clearly, misogyny is deeply embedded in men and women alike, we are all dishonored by it and we would be well to be rid of it.

So back to Lilith, this most hurt, proud and brave of Goddesses, she was the original feminist. That’s right I said the F word!  I guess I should address it before I alienate my readers, if I still have any ( appreciate ruining the S and M dream and bringing up genital mutilation might have lost me a few).

FEMINIST- For some the name feminist has become a dirty word, it’s one of the worst things a woman can be right? We are supposed to be passive and acquiescent, either keeping ourselves unthreatening and child like in body and mind or modeling ourselves on the ideal mother, eternally giving, a source of comfort and endless patience. What we are not supposed to be is in any way proactive, vocal or assertive, it’s not ‘feminine’ is it? So heaven forfend that we should express anger, have an opinion, question or demand anything. 

A feminist is a man hater. Myth! No I haven’t suddenly developed a lisp and anyway I prefer Ms if you don’t mind (Humor).

A feminist is a man hater? It’s simply not true, I recently was sent this quote and would like to share it.

“Feminism didn’t teach me to hate men, it taught me not to prioritize them over women, but it turns out that a lot of men think that’s the same thing as hatred".

Lilith the original feminist, the one who did not submit, the one who put her own identity and self worth before the dubious comfort of compliance and apathy. The one who defended her femininity so fiercely, that when her ‘lover' disrespected her womanhood, she left and in the pain and anger of betrayal sacrificed her softness.

It’s so ironic and not at all acceptable that she should be sexualized in a base way, I believe it to be a way of diminishing the power of her mythology,  'Liber Lilith’ is a perfect example of this.  On the Amazon page advertising his book. Mr Tyson claims to 'understand the true nature of Lilith, beyond all the centuries of unjust propaganda thrown against her by the patriarchal dogma of the abrahamic tradition', but the blurb then goes on to say  'Liber Lilith - both an entertaining read of fiction but contains magical and daemonic ceremonies which could work if practiced by a serious committed Occultist. REMEMBER - DONT GO SEEKING LILITH IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED FOR HER TO DEVELOP A DEEP DESIRE FOR YOU !! !! Follow the instructions of Liber Lilith and you might make contact with her. . . . but don't be surprised if you end up a slave to her obsessing influence and hot bitter/sweet kisses.’’

Sadly he fails to comprehend that by claiming her and sexualizing her, he is in fact an expression of the very patriarchal lunacy he mentions. She is the one who said no, not the one who seeks to enslave, it’s pure projection.

Lilith is not a demonic, penis consuming, harlot; she is an essential aspect of the divine feminine, who’s story has emerged again now for a reason. Many women resonate with her rage, they recognize expressing it as a valuable part of the process of forgiveness. Lilith is hugely relevant and those who attempt to cloud the power of her mythology by projecting their sexual fantasies on her, only reveal the extent of their own delusion and expose a desperate need in themselves for the healing she brings. I don’t think its intentional, I just think its mindless arrogance, to disregard a woman’s true identity, even a mythological woman and to make her what you want her to be, the irony is that this is what Lilith objected to in the first place.

That's why it’s worthwhile, staying up so late and writing a response.  Lilith is the one who embodies the process of self liberation, who embraces the expression of righteous anger, she is the one who burns through illusion, she is the one who stands up for herself and in doing so accepts and understands the frustration of injustice and the pain of rejection.  She will speak, she will be heard at all costs and it is uncomfortable, but necessary for women and men alike because this story, this aspect of the divine feminine, this mythology tells of a process that is essential in the restoration of a painful imbalance that is deeply embedded and that when exposed is often fiercely denied but is actually hurting us all terribly.

Lilith wields an uncompromising sword of truth on behalf of women and so she heals us all. Shame will be exposed, guilt will be felt and anger will be expressed. I pray that this will lead to understanding, compassion and ultimately forgiveness for the process we have all been through together


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