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The True Live Time Sky
by Kim Lovelace

Full Moon in Taurus


13 ZODIAC FORECAST – FULL MOON – 23rd November 2018

The Full Moon reaches its peak in Taurus on the 23rd November @ 05:39 in the GMT Timezone and @ 12:39 am in the EDT Timezone.

The Moon in Taurus is a great placement for getting our domestic affairs and finances in order, it is also a good placement for completing any snagging lists that have been left to a later date and this will be the theme now that Mercury is in full swing of his retrograde mode, as Mercury Retrograde is all about tying up loose ends. The Moon in Taurus can slow down the pace a bit, especially if this month so far has been full on for you. This Moon is very sensual in nature, but can also be quite self indulgent and lazy, so more often than not will need a kick to get moving, but once up and running will not stop until the end result is achieved. Negatively, the Moon in Taurus finds it extremely hard to break bad habits and can get stuck in certain ideas, morals and expectations and for some this will be an issue that will arise this Full Moon, although the aspects are offering some great opportunities towards healing, enlightenment and union, both on inner and outer level.

Our full moon will be in conjunction to the asteroid Juno who will be at 0 degrees, whilst our Moon will be at 7 degrees and this suggests that relationships will be a major theme this Full Moon especially in the GMT Timezone where the Full moon takes place in the 7th house of relationships. In the EDT Timezone the full Moon takes place in the 10th house of Ophiuchus, which suggests that there will be a division between spiritual and material values and needs. But on the whole, it will be to do with our relationships, or a decision regarding our future security with regards to our relationships......

The Moon in conjunction to Juno, shows a great need for emotional warmth and a peaceful environment. Equality in relationships will be very important at this time, especially when it comes to emotional bonds.

Our Full Moon and Juno will both be in sextile to the North Node who is also at 0 degrees as well, so for some, this is a great opportunity to gain the strength and clarity to to meet their own emotional needs, or reach a realisation that there is more to life than just material stability, especially for those that are in a loveless relationship that is based solely on financial security or co-dependency. If this is the case than these aspects of the moon, juno and north node will help you to break free from restricted thinking patterns and old habits that do not serve your highest and best. These aspects are actually a blessing and gives great opportunities for some to heal some deep relationship wounds that have prevented them from reaching that important place of self trust and self love and this is especially relevant since Chiron the wounded healer is also in sextile to our Moon and Juno. This area of the chart shows a lot of progress and opportunities towards a balanced heart and mind reaching a full merge of the sacred union within.

Mars is also at 7 degrees in Aquarius and in square to our moon, so some of us must beware of being too independent for our own good! Some of us could be using certain props to disguise the loneliness and unhappiness that we are feeling deep inside. Where our pride and ego prevents us from reaching out to others for support and guidance. Yes we do need to work on our own self healing and achieve an independent outlook, but no-one is an island and being open to receiving is just as important than giving. This aspect
between the Moon and Mars suggests problems in domestic situations and poor health. Suppressed anger could lead to issues with the stomach. it is very important for those that resonate with this aspect, to find a way to release all this pent up anger into something that requires a lot of physical energy, or else you may explode or implode.

Our Moon and Juno are also in opposition to Retrograde Mercury, the Sun and Jupiter and all are in Square to Mars, so this is a warning for us to stay in our integrity, as unfulfilled promises could lead to uncomfortable dramas. Or, we could be led astray by false promises, whatever the case, things may not be what we were led to believe. These aspects also suggests that there are bad habits and negative cycles that need to be broken and healed. We all deserve love and support, we all deserve peace of mind and happiness. We just need to find that place within, that place that is all knowing, that place that is connected to the divine, our creator of the universe. We must nourish our Soul's growth and become a living example of authenticity, transparency and equal respect and this doesn't mean we should be a pushover either! We should develop healthy boundaries towards those who are needy or manipulative due to their own insecurities and issues, but at the same time we must hold on to our compassion, empathy and maintain a non-judgemental attitude.

The Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius is in conjunction to both Pluto and Vesta and also in conjunction to the South Node and opposition to the North Node... In Sagittarius the Black Moon is extremely distrusting and suspicious and in conjunction to Pluto her spouse, Vesta the Goddess of the sacred fire and the South Node our comfort zone shows that many are looking for that superlative truth that doesn't really exist, our Taurus Full Moon although benevolent, is also a placement that only believes what he sees. So it seems that there will be a great divide between faith and reason and the spiritual and the material.

Another thing to be aware of especially in this month of divine intervention, is that the brighter our light becomes is the larger that the shadow grows, so we must keep our wits about us and not necessarily be secretive, but to know what to reveal and what not to... We may be tested under these energies and must not make decisions in haste.

So for this Full Moon and the next 2 weeks I suggest grounding techniques and meditation, also breathing techniques and walks in nature. This is a time where a significant Soul cleanse is taking place now, major transformations globally and within to prepare us for the next stage of our Earths journey. We must stay as grounded as possible, eat good food and not be in resistance to breaking self destructive habits.

I suggest that we burn a white, blue and/or purple candle, or all three, for purity, spiritual clarity and wisdom. Sage cleanse your homes, and/or burn frankincense and myrrh incense, to cleanse any negative or stagnant energy and bring in spiritual warmth. Raise your vibration through sound and crystal therapies, chanting, praying, singing or dancing will create a strong potent energy that as a collective will raise the vibration of our Mother Earth.

Much Love

New Moon in Libra

image: Upsplash

The New Moon begins in Libra on the 7th November at 16:01 in the GMT Timezone and at 11:01 in the EDT Timezone.


This New Moon is all about our health and well-being by bringing into balance our emotions, work life and desires, which is affecting our health physically, mentally and emotionally. There is a strong emphasis on habitual patterns that some of us have become stuck in, or worrying too much about other peoples opinions of us. Maybe some are burying themselves in work, or forms of escapism because they feel a bit lost on their path, or are lacking in self esteem. The Moon in Libra can't bear disharmony and may follow the crowd to keep the peace.

Our Moon will be in trine to Neptune and in sextile to both Pluto and Vesta. These aspects are urging us to realign with a more healthy lifestyle with regards to our diet and quality time. Many of us may have neglected ourselves through work pressure, or being too much in our heads regarding our relationships, or worrying about the future. Many are not happy with their situations and therefore lack that 'feel good feeling', unable to relax and unwind. Neptune brings in hypersensitivity and even delusions for some if they are not able to use Neptune's energy wisely. We must not allow ourselves to get caught up in a web of fantasies, but use this Neptunian energy to create, craft, or meditate for our own well-being, this is not a good time to work on manifestations unless you are truly at one with yourself and not lacking in self esteem, or self honesty. Pluto is bringing in a strong energy that we can use to empower and heal ourselves, if we use it for deep breathing exercises, yoga and meditation. This New Moon actually emphasizes the need for meditation, or taking the time to get our heads and hearts in order. Vesta the Goddess of the Sacred Fire and Rituals, is giving us the opportunity to spend quality time on self nurture and developing healthy habits, especially when it comes to good food and quality time.

This is emphasized in the GMT Timezone as the New Moon takes place in the 6th house of health and being of service. A lot of health issues could be due to the working environment where the erratic working hours are draining our energy and depleting our feel good feeling. So problems in the workplace, overworking, or not nourishing our bodies properly can be a problem with this placement of the Moon.

In the EDT Timezone the New Moon takes place in the 12th house of groups, friends and organizations and suggests that a balance is needed between the work place and quality social time. With this placement of the Moon the theme will likely to revolve around a feeling of not being good enough, or not having the time or the confidence to socialize in a comfortable way. This placement of the Moon brings up issues around our hopes, our dreams and our motivations.

We have 3 Grand Aspects this New Moon. As well as the ongoing Grand Cross that started out as a T.square in June, we have a Star of David and a YOD. So on one hand we can benefit by raising our consciousness and enhancing our spiritual gifts, when it comes to healing, teaching and metaphysical practices, whilst on the other, having to deal with repetitive cycles of bad habits and obsessions. Our destiny as a collective is to become the best we can with regards to our humanitarian values and healing gifts without actually being taken advantage of, so I strongly feel that this New Moon is about bringing into balance the giving nurturing side of our natures with set boundaries and self value. For the last few months the Planets have been pushing us out of our comfort zones and many of us may have been left feeling exposed and vulnerable to the unknown.

Many may be experiencing telepathy or psychic impressions, if this is the case then it is important that you find a way to share your experiences rather than keeping them bottled up. But I would say the most important thing is, is to keep it real as there is a very thin line between psychic visions and imagination, so I would advise anyone going through this to find a reputable and respectable outlet to expand on, grow and share your experiences.

With the Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn and in conjunction to Mars, there is a great danger for some to act too impulsively, especially if we are feeling undervalued or unappreciated. Some may be tempted to walk out on their jobs, or suddenly lose their temper, so try and hold on to common sense, because sometimes under this aspect we can tend to cut our noses to spite our face.

The YOD which is one of the most difficult Grand aspects to overcome is with Chiron in sextile to Juno, which offers us a great opportunity to heal relationship issues or old wounds regarding past relationships, this wound would be the root cause for a loss of self empowerment and self trust. As both are in quincunx to Venus and Ceres, there will be some who will hold onto relationships that are not good for them and continue to give their power away due to not feeling good enough or putting another's needs before their own. For others it may be a case of being in fear of trusting again, because the wound has been locked away rather than being dealt with. In Quincunx to Ceres, there is a great need for self love and self nurture, where give and take in relationships may be way out of balance and therefore takes its toll on our health, especially physically and psychologically.

Mercury is in the shadow this New Moon and will be at 0 degrees in Ophiuchus as the New Moon begins, so we must watch out for obsessive thoughts for some, whilst for others that are more aligned with their divinity will experience new and innovative ideas, or tap into unusual information. There is also an emphasis on telepathic communication and psychic experiences. so it is more important than ever for us to work on grounding techniques, breathing techniques and meditations. Also we will need to raise our vibration, so uplifting music would also be good way to enhance a feeling of wellness, but most importantly we must nourish our bodies with good food.

So for the next two weeks there will be a great need for us to integrate and bring into balance our mind, body and spirit. This has actually been the theme for quite some time, although the emphasis is stepping up this month as the energies coming in will be reaching their climax. I strongly advise that anyone who is going through the 'dark night of the soul' or a Kundalini Awakening to join a reputable forum and meditation group to develop their inner strength and self empowerment, so that they can gain the confidence to understand and develop their own spiritual understanding and spiritual gifts. I personally feel it is important that we follow our own paths independently, but share our experiences and concerns with like minded people that can help us to come to terms with this powerful transformation. Please do email me if you would like some direction or to ask any questions.

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FULL MOON OCT. 24 2018

The Full Moon reaches it's peak in Aries in the true live time sky on 24th October 2018 at 17:45 in the GMT Timezone and at 12:45 in the EDT Timezone.

By Kim Lovelace

The Moon in Aries creates a lot of volatility when it comes to our emotions and desires, impulsiveness can be the Moon in Aries biggest downfall when it comes to acting without thought or consideration for the consequences or how it will affect the people around her. Our Full Moon will also be conjunct to Retrograde Uranus which will bring to the fore a lot of unrest and agitation, so it will be important that we keep ourselves grounded as our dreams and desires become more urgent and insatiable.

The T.square between our Moon's Nodes, Uranus and Mars which has been in effect since the beginning of June has transitioned in a Grand Cross at present, co-joined with the Grand Aspect 'the Kite' and our Full Moon is in the mix. Mars has moved away from the South Node now but is still having a difficult time changing his way of thinking and how he communicates, in a balanced way. Although he is now having to work on his self esteem and self nurture. So the Masculine energy is still battling with his ego. Mars is also the Ruling Planet of Aries where our Full Moon is taking place. Even for those of us who put in a lot of effort to keep ourselves grounded will find it difficult to stay focused through the energies coming in. The problem with some, is that they are pushing forward on things that feed their ego and not moving forward on the things that truly matter, the things that would truly fulfil their Soul's growth and like I said before! We will all have to face our destiny whether it be the hard way, or the easy way. We must overcome our pride and accept our failures, by being honest and turning all our downfalls in life into a source of great wisdom.

The South Node who is at the top of the 'Kite' Grand Aspect is in Capricorn and although Mars is moving away, the Black Moon Lilith and Pluto are closing in and joining forces with the South Node. Some of us may feel that we have the weight of the world on our shoulders, or feeling the pressure of the establishment and our obligations.

What we really need to be aware of this Full Moon and for the next two weeks is that we are being given the 'rope' as a test, to see if we are going to follow our ego, or surrender ourselves to truth and justice, self honesty first of course and then honesty with others. The more we hold onto our egos is the more burdensome our life's journey will become, but the sooner we drop the ego and open ourselves up to the truth, then the quicker we will arrive on our destined path.

The Black Moon Lilith and Pluto are partners in Mythology and are very loyal towards each other, as a matter of fact they are the most loyal couple out of all the planetary relationships because they both take their life's mission very seriously. But they are also the Bonnie and Clyde of the Zodiac, often causing a lot of devastation and chaos wherever they go, but at the same time, enlightening us to our Shadow, our Ego and our Projection. As they are both sitting on top of the Grand Aspect the Kite; we must be aware that when we get as high as a kite! Or when we feel we have reached the top and achieved success in our expectations, we may suddenly realise that it wasn't what we expected, or, that it leads to an abrupt ending. This is a time now of shattered dreams and having to pick up the pieces. Especially when it comes to intimate relationships, marriages and business partnerships. For some, this could be a time where you will enter into the dark night of the Soul and although this experience is initially a painful process, there is a lot of wisdom and beautiful experiences that can be felt through the journey. Especially that of self love and the unity that we develop with the Divine. Out of the ashes the Phoenix will rise in her full glory to begin anew. Keep the faith, because if this is happening to you, you are going through a powerful transformation, a Kundalini Awakening that will direct you onto your true path in life.

For those of us that have already been through the dark night of the soul and have turned all our pain and sorrows into healing tools, this is a time of further ascension and downloads. So don't feel bad if you haven't been able to perform in your healing or craft work how you had planned, because if the energies aren't affecting you directly, they are definitely affecting the people around you, which could prove to be very distracting and draining. The mind is active, but the body has become fragile with the erratic energy that has been coming in since the eclipses throughout the Summer months. Some may just be on burn out and need to rest without feeling guilty about it.

What really caught my eye when I was looking at the Chart Wheel for the GMT Timezone is that Saturn is 8.8 degrees in the 8th house of Libra! This is an 888 energy, so I definitely feel that whatever manifestations or circumstances that were occurring around the Lion's Gate are now ready to manifest into the material world, or there will be a re-occurrence of them in some way. 8 is the number of balance & abundance, but also the number of lack, * repetitive cycles, Both Saturn and the number 8 are very karmic.

The 8th house in the true live time sky is ruled by Libra, the sign of balance and justice, the 8th house represents, partnerships of all kinds, inheritance, taxes, investments and how we handle our own and other peoples money. There could also be unexpected windfalls with this placement, or a payout that is owed. Also, it could be that justice is served, where dues will have to be paid.

In the EDT Timezone, Saturn is 8.8 degrees in the 1st house of appearances and attitudes. But what caught my eye with the EDT Timezone was that the Asteroid Pallas, is 1.1 degrees in the 10th house of Ophiuchus! 1 + 0 = 1, so this is a 111 energy that I feel is connected to the first house where Saturn is transiting with his 8.8 energy. So to cut a long story short because I am not a numerologist as such, I feel strongly that a completion is being reached with regards to justice being served regarding women, or the feminine energy. Fingers crossed it will be justice based on truth and not appearances!

Also both the 8th house and Saturn rule money and businesses on a corporate level, so karma will definitely be played out when it comes to the tax office and local and national government agencies. Also large Corporations, Banks etc.....

so I want to discuss the tail of the Kites energy where the North Node sits, because for those of us that are reaches high for the skies and hitting a brick wall, there will be those that are working hard to keep themselves grounded, focused and committed to their destiny will achieve a lot of harmony within their relationships and/or career. The North Node is in sextile to Juno and this energy creates beautiful committed relationships that are long term and destined for mission work. Sometimes the thing we desire the most and is good for our soul, is right under our nose, but we are too blinded by high expectations to see it. The Kite energy is a test of our faith, our inner knowing, our inner strength and our self love. If something ends abruptly, then let it go, because there is something more meaningful that will be coming in.

So for this Full Moon and the next two weeks, I would highly recommend grounding techniques, sound therapy and lots of meditation, not necessarily sitting in silence, although that would be great if you are able to. Breathing techniques would be highly beneficial, because we tend to shallow breathe when we are excited or nervous.

I do feel it is the higher chakra points that are being affected for those of us that have been on this path for a long time. But for those who are just going through, or just coming out from, the dark night of the Soul, then it is likely to be the lower chakra points that are being activated and healed. But once again I feel the Chakra point we should be aware of the most is our Solar Plexus, because this is the central point in the chakra system. So for this full moon I recommend burning a yellow candle and rose or lavender incense, for clarity and calming. Use splashes of bright colours among deep autumn colours, to feel positive about letting go of the old and allowing the new to come in.

use the affirmation: All of my life experiences have served me well and led me to where I need to be. I am a beautiful Soul.

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13 Star Sign Astrology Forecast & Energy Update

Venus Retrograde
5th October - 15th November 2018

Venus will be Retrograding from the 5th October until the 15 November 2018. In the true live time sky Venus will start her retrograde mode in Libra and will retrograde into Virgo on the 18th October.

So watch out for obsessive thoughts, especially about the past. It could also be that people from the past return into our lives and if that is the case then I strongly advise you to use your power of wisdom by taking things slowly and not rushing in, especially if its regarding Love.

Venus in retrograde represents a deep reflection of the past regarding love and money, for some there may be difficulty in letting go of a past love or situation, sometimes to the point of obsession, but this will depend on our own personal Natal Charts and where the Goddess of Love is retrograding. In Libra this retrograde suggests that our ideals and expectations can be too high, especially when it comes to intimate relationships and investments. There is also a danger of going over the top in our efforts, in trying to please another or others due to a fear of being alone, or feeling separated. Ultimately Venus Retrograding in Libra can cause a great indecisiveness about what we want, or very high expectations that can blur the lines of our reality. We must also watch out for manipulation or mind games that can be damaging to the Soul, either our own or someone else's. With this Placement there is a great danger of shattered dreams, if we are not being true to own hearts.

Throughout the Venus Retrograde mode this Tsquare will continue to shapeshift into a Kite, as well as a Grand Cross. The Grand Cross represents repetitive cycles and the Kite represents Blissful Highs and more often than not Crushing Low's. Often, this will be more to do with our emotions, again depending on our own personal charts. So we must stay as grounded as we possibly can with this aspect. We must think 'twice' before taking any risks, we must protect ourselves from the winds of extreme and erratic change. Especially when Uranus is involved.

Uranus is in opposition to Venus and will be omitting a lot of electrical energy that will cause the Venus Retrograde nature to become even more unstable and unreliable, where deep desires can become insatiable and uncontrollable. This aspect is chaotic and impulsive where we can rush into things far too quickly with out thinking first of the consequences. We will be experiencing extreme highs and lows with this aspect, especially where love and money are concerned and because Venus is in Retrograde it could be that we become obsessed with the past, regarding past mistakes and impulsive choices that may have caused us some sort of devastation. So what with the Kite in formation and Uranus's opposition to Venus, we have a case of double trouble. Also Neptune's Trine can make it easy for us to delude ourselves into believing that we are invincible, or maybe it will be just a case of 'building castles in the sky'. However for those of us that are spiritually aware and on the path of enlightenment, this can be a very magical time. If ever we were close to the spiritual realms, then this is a time where we will be closer and more in-tuned then ever before. Healers, teachers and guidance counsellors will hold a strong healing presence.

Venus is also in square to Mars so there can be a lot of hot headedness taking place and tension, especially when it comes to our intimate relationships, family relationships or business partnerships. It could be that control issues surface, or forms of deception, even self deception. Again we must think before we act, slow down, take a breath and contemplate the outcome first before taking any impulsive action.

Saturn will be in sextile to Venus and this aspect can actually help us to maintain stability, if we pour any erratic or passionate energy that we may be feeling into our craft, or anything that demands structure. If we use this aspect wisely, by maintaining our self esteem and sense of self worth, then we will definitely be on the right path. As a collective we could see certain structures crumble, or a sudden change regarding money and wealth.

Venus Retrogrades into Virgo on the 18th October, in the true Live Time Sky and Virgo is the overseer of the 7th house of partnerships, unity, diplomacy and equality. Once again this suggests high expectations and unfulfilled desires when it comes to our relationships, we must beware of being over judgemental, over analytical and nit picking. There is also a fear of love with this retrograde, or not being authentic and true to our hearts because of what others may think. There is also a tendency for some of us to feel disconnected from our true emotions. Never feeling good enough and therefore projecting this feeling onto others. Venus Retrograde in Virgo shows a need for clarity and a proper perspective with regards to the real world. When Venus Retrogrades into Virgo we must watch our health
and not give away our power to others.

During this time we should work on self nurture and moderation, but not in isolation. Nature walks, spa days and getting out into the world would be a good way to refresh any stagnant energy. Watch out for issues with the Solar Plexus, as Virgos nervous energy will rub off on the best of us. It is important that we find a balance between our needs and the needs of others, between our expectations and what is realistic, most of all, we must keep active and not take things for granted, especially when it comes to our time and creativity. We must not concentrate on our past failures, but look to the future and the bigger picture.

Sound Therapy will be a great healing tool at this time, use your voice, sing, pray, or chant. Whatever your thing. This does not have to be a journey of regret, it can be a journey of wondrous revelations if we take the time to truly nurture our mind, body and Soul.

Peace and Much Love <3

Kim Lovelace

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13 Astrology Forecast & Energy Update for the Autumn Equinox, Full Moon & the next 2 weeks (22nd Sept - 9th Oct 2018)

The Full Moon reaches its peak in Pisces, on the 24th September @ 22:52 in the EDT Timezone and on the 25th September @ 3:52 in the GMT Timezone.

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The Moon in Pisces is a supersensitive Moon, but also a very creative moon when it comes to art, music, rhymes & poetry. This Moon is very absorbent of energy and therefore must take extra care to avoid toxic environments, people and toxic thoughts and feelings.

The aspects to our Full Moon this month once again holds a lot of Grand Aspects, the first has been ongoing since the beginning of June, mostly between the Moons Nodes, Mars & Uranus. Venus and the Black Moon Lilith have been popping in and out of this Tsquare to add their convictions and points of view. I am actually quite taken with this Grand Aspect because it shape shifts from a Tsquare, to a Grand X, to a Kite and then back to a Tsquare! All being very challenging in their own unique ways. As this Tsquare has been escalating we have also had some other major aspects forming which are just as relevant, But regardless of how these Grand Aspects play out in our own personal lives, the fact is, that we will have to face our destiny and our Soul's Purpose come what may, either by surrendering to it gracefully, or being dragged in kicking and screaming :) I am actually planning again to do a separate podcast on this subject as this particular Grand Aspect will play out until around February 2019.

We also have a separate Tsquare taking place with Chiron in conjunction to our Full Moon in Pisces and both are in opposition to our Sun, Mercury and Ceres in Virgo and 'all' are in square to Saturn and Vesta in Sagittarius..

The Moon in conjunction to Chiron shows a serious lack of self esteem, bringing to the surface a fear of being rejected due to past experiences, normally stemming from our childhood. There is an imbalance with this aspect when it comes to giving and receiving, often giving a lot more than we receive Sometimes though this can be an aspect of martyrdom, if this is the case then we must analyze why we are so willing to sacrifice our own happiness to idealize others? Are we avoiding something? Like our own issues? There seems to be a serious lack of self love, feeling like a failure, or fearing failure. This aspect also shows that some of us are throwing ourselves into work to avoid facing our discontent and insecurities and may be stuck in a pattern of self neglect, or a lack of self nurture. Objectivity is the key word this Full Moon, especially when it comes to our way of thinking. We need to bring into balance our time management skills and make the sacred space needed for our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Our wholistic health.

The worse thing we can do right now is to whinge and wine about our misgivings, if we are willing to get up and put in effort in remedying any hardships then we are on the right path. Remember 'Actions speak louder than words'. Another thing we must avoid is wallowing in silence and drowning in our sorrows, it is absolutely vital that we keep ourselves busy but in a productive way, not forgetting of course to take time out for sacred space. Yoga, meditation and sound therapy are very beneficial tools to use at this time and we must remember that our bodies are our temples and should be treated as such.

We must be true to ourselves and speak from the heart, not in anger, the Black Moon Lilith has joined forces with Mars and brings a lot of irritability and resentment to the surface.. especially if we are overthinking things, we must empty our minds and we can do this by putting our heads into something we feel passionate about and not being concerned about what others think either, although we should be considerate, but confident of our own reasoning skills. With the Full Moon in Pisces and the North Node in Cancer, it is our destiny to create, craft and share. Whatever your thing, get on it!

We also have another Grand Trine, this Grand Aspect is about our relationships, mostly our intimate relationships, for some of us our relationships will go from strength to strength when it comes to support and encouragement. But because the South Node is involved, I am more inclined to think that this aspect will bring to the surface co-dependency issues and sticking to what we know regardless of the pressure and the unhappiness we are feeling. For some marriage guidance or counseling would be a great help, for others, it may be time to let go.
As a collective we are entering a time where we no longer have time to folly around and waste time, there is an urgency more than ever before for us to get onto our path of enlightenment, expanding our consciousness and sharing sacred knowledge. This is a time where traditions are crumbling and where we need to adopt a new way of thinking that is based on inner strength and unconditional love.

This is a time of self empowerment for the betterment of mankind, our children and our children's, children. To transform our pain, our sorrows and our life experiences into Healing Tools by first healing ourselves and becoming an example that encourages others to do the same.

So for the next two weeks I suggest that we meditate on all of our Chakra Points, for most downloads are coming in to the Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. So watch out for heart palpitations, sore or clogged throats, headaches, eye irritations, even blurry hearing and ringing in the ears, Also watch the Solar Plexus as the electrical energy coming in from Uranus and the Galactic Centre are causing a lot of unrest and agitation. I would once again burn white candles, but also use splashes of yellow, blue and light green either with fabrics or crystals. Actually crystals will be highly charged at this time too. Burn soothing incenses or oils, such as Lavender, Rose, or woodland fragrances.

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Black Moon/Lilith: Lust and Fear: the male myth

Black Moon/Lilith: the Real Goddess (by Lorraine)

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Recommended Books

[These books are for 12-sign astrology; However, aspect and transiting angles are the same in all systems.

Go to our Ophiuchus Rising page for the meanings of the angles, planets and asteroids in Ophiuchus]

Key Words for Astrology -- Paperback
by Hajo Banzhaf, Anna Haebler
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Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope -- Paperback
by Sue Tompkins
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Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes -- Paperback By Stella Starsky, Quinn Cox
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Transits Simplified -- Paperback
by Sakoian & Acker
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Astrology of Human Relationships -- Paperback
by Frances Sakoian
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