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Virgo: Plasma of Creation.

The Virgo is pure energy, waiting for the light. It is suddenly changeable. Virgo consists of inert, dark matter, or molecules looking to be catalyzed. In the black world of space, they can explode with color when sparked into action. The Virgo is a search for the agent of change, the enzyme, the electrical charge, the magic spell--to awaken the sleeping Virgin and put her to work. The Virgo is like a fluorescent light--dark hydrocarbons, cold, lifeless--and then you send in an electrical charge--a magnetic field, which makes Virgo and entire galaxies light up with a brilliant reaction.

Virgos require partnership--even though they come to hate its restrictions. The same devotion that turns their darkness to light, also enslaves them to the wheel. Balance is difficult to achieve. The Virgo is reactive, responsive--which makes this a female deity--but what the Virgo does is very masculine. They turn the ethereal into the concrete. They are the makers and doers, the shakers and bakers, the drivers and strivers.

They are critics, craftsmen and creative. They posses what Engels called the "endless ingenuity of the working class". The adapt to the material conditions of their day--and makes the changes in their material world. But they don;'t do it for themselves--they do it for others.

The Virgo is part of the largest demographic of signs, with 46 days to reproduce, they are the most populous sign, the proletariat, the masses. They are the clay that revolutionaries, priests and fanatics need to complete their tasks. The Virgo needs to be kneaded--they need to give themselves, body and soul, to their electric master, the invisible charge that wakes them up like turning on the xmas tree lights on the tree.

Th Universe is made up of plasma--Virgo's humor is this volatile gas--and only when galaxies collide, do they light up the cosmos like the abstract art of a maniac science.

This is also, in microcosm, your stomach. Every gut is the bacterial universe of the human body. The digestive tract is a system waiting to be used--waiting to function. This is the Way of the Virgo. Inert until illumination. Acid until Alkalinity. The Virgo is on the cutting edge of adaption--the cutting edge of revolution. Thus she earns the name of Virgin--one with an ever-recurring ability to remake themselves.

Virgo is what he or she eats--but, more importantly, how she digests what she eats. Virgos mistakenly try many types of diets which all fail--if the underlying stomach isn't able to absorb the nutrients and remove the toxins.

But the way is pure and clean--the way to the stomach is to release the hounds, to supply it with the necessary workers to run the factory--the bacteria, the precious working class that toiled day and night to digest the foods you eat. If Toyota wants to produce the perfect car from its factories, your stomach and bowels' only purpose in life is to produce the perfect shit.

The Virgo can tell everything from the bowel movement. This is the quality control for the stomach. The difference of one bacteria dominating the stomach over another can make a tsunami of difference to the Virgo, or anyone, for that matter. The bacteria are the difference between life and death, and YOU are the owner and manager of the entire industry.

The Virgo seeks purity--the perfect shit, the perfect skin, the perfect smell. Unlike her spawn,. Libra, she seeks perfection in herself before she judges others. Unlike other mutable signs, hypocrisy is physically painful for the Virgo. The abide by the simple ethic of honesty--unless they are at war.

War is the most difficult part of the Virgo life, and the most transformative. No Virgo wants to go to war, but, once liberation or self-preservation is the issue, she will make the sacrifices, take the stand, fight to the end.

The Virgo loves people--but after a lifetime of unloveable people feeding off her like vampires, she gets her fill, and turns her love and desires for abject service to the animal kingdom, which IS pure in its simple, natural, dependable ethics, wherein the Virgo finds true beauty.

The Virgo's search for flaws and expert and withering critical eye is most applied to herself--at least, at first. She also is a tester--she is always on thin ice and treads carefully, requiring assurance, acceptance and encouragement.

But others can see this purification ritual as endless, pointless, and hurtful. The Virgo literally USES UP the energy in every relationship she has--and if forces to move on to seek new engagements, new ideas, and follow the stars, themselves-- in this case, SPICA, the brightest blue star in the sky.

Virgos are a machine, a truth machine, a reviewer, an editor, a master of detail and the source of the tyrant. It is the Virgo, whose long service, once interrupted by disgust, topples the unwary dictator and exploiter. The Virgo is the plasma of revolution.

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