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Trump's Ophiuchus Moon

The Horror

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Donald Trump has reached 72 years of age and has no friends. Sure, he has followers, toadies, sycophants, temporary allies, even a mafia coven of gangsters hiding in his background; but he gets no love. Not even his children, wives or concubines, or the other corporate pigs at the trough actually like Trump the person. He's not the kind of guy you can trust. There's no warmth, no compassion. He's not nice. He's the type of demagogue only a loser could love, he's a larger-than-life sadomasochist, a peacock with the pomposity of a pope. He's ugly and creepy, protected by an army of robots and a coterie of ass-kissers. He's like the impressionist painting that decomposes the closer you look; the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. His face and hair have been worked over so often that he has the look of a embalmed corpse. He's a narcissistic megalomaniac, and the loyalty from those who voted for him is as thin as ice. Nobody really likes a bully, they only enjoy him when he is tormenting others. When Trump's rural bible-thumpers and suburban BBQers start to feel the impact of his poorly-thought-out policies, as they come back to bite them on the ass, they'll turn on him like a bunch of squealing harridans.

There are just too many people can't wait to see him meet his Waterloo. You can't make enemies all your life and expect them to save your ass when it comes to that. Other megalomaniacs from Nero to Mussolini to Muarmmar Gaddafi have tread this same path, and met with painful and humiliating ends. When you rule through fear, you can be destroyed by anyone who isn't afraid, or has nothing to lose. The only hope for Trump is to eliminate all opposition to him so that he can rule like a dictator; to make everyone afraid of him. But what does he really have to offer except more war, more poverty, more insanity? Even dictators have to make some segment of the 99% of the population better off, not just the 1%. They have to at least provide some type of effective rule, not just chaos.

Trump is a Taurus with his opposing Moon in Ophiuchus. The Taurus Sunsign is just the shell, what we see, the angry, reality-TV boss, a pink-skinned, Jabba-the-Hutt narcissist. Behind the bluster and banality, however, it's the prissy mean-girl-Moon in Ophiuchus that really gives him his power. With his pompadour lacquered hair, his make-up, his padded-shoulder suits and butch vogueing, he's the essence of a cross-dressing queen. Like a throwback to the French Kings, with their garters, ermine, wigs and mascara, Trump is playing to the rabble, exciting their errant sexual urges to flaunt a distorted and exaggerated femininity they can only secretly covet.

Like other charlatans before him, he's his worst enemy, he's one false promise away from bankruptcy and one more public disclosure of his deviate behavior, sexual and/or financial. When we truly know him, the type of man he is, when we are privy to the secrets of his overriding envy, naked narcissism and sexual peccadilloes, he can't escape the one thing he can't control: our opinion of him.

His supporters are like his ex-wives, they all see themselves as victims, and want retribution and a payoff. In truth, they want to inflict pain on others, so they want to see Trump abuse others, following the same logic as a white trash mob at a lynching. Trump is the white-trash wizard, who can revitalize his followers to jump and shout as if they had got the Holy Spirit in them. Trump's Holy Spirit, however, is the acknowledgment of the cruelty and sadism that lies within his American audience of white "dreamers". Unlike the immigrant dreamers, Trump's supporters don't look for a better future; they dream of the rotten past, when white people were the majority and foreigners were foreign. They dream of the 1950s, when white people were driven like a herd of sheep into a cold war; when it was OK to be culturally, sexually, emotionally repressed, with conformism and consumerism as the only permitted activities. They dream a stupid, unrealizable dream, and Trump promises it to them. They love him for it, no matter how impossible it is for him to deliver.

Trump's success thus far is due to his success with stereotypes, and the over-the-top charisma of a drag queen. His agenda is to disrupt and denigrate. He's a cruel son-of-a-bitch, who doesn't care who he hurts. What makes these qualities so attractive to the segment of the white population that elected him is his vanity, a quality they share but are unable to make work for them. Trump imitates the wrath of a woman scorned, the victim of abuse, he and America have been raped. Yet he shows contempt for real rape victims, the real abused masses. His pain, white pain, is all that matters.

Trump promised to help white people relive their greatness, but in reality he is taking them to their doom. Like most modern presidents, he shits on the very people who voted for him. That's not exclusive to Trump; Obama left Black people hanging, poorer, and destroyed the progressive base of the Democratic party. Trump has fragmented the ruling class and is screwing the white porkers who put him in office. They were so scared of minorities taking away their shit that they can't see how Trump's tax cuts and foreign policies blunders are going to send them back to the lower class with nothing left to them but their choice of drug addiction.

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