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The rise of Ophiuchus and women's anger


Marquis Desade: Taurus

Malcolm X: Taurus

Abandoned housing in England

The Rebirth of Socialism

"The Sun never sets on the British Empire" was their boast when it was shining on England and its numerous colonies or subject nations. But today, the British are in darkness, shrunk like a raisin. Perhaps the Sun has finally set on the British Empire, and it is socialism that is on the rise.

England is dying on the vine. Its institutions and politics are decaying. They haven't had a revolution in 1,000 years. The Queen is 90 years old. Their productive capacity and cultural significance is vaporizing. They might very well be headed for a showdown with their huge debt, like Greece before them, or closer still, Ireland, previous victims of the same banks now sharpening their knives for the UK. Banks and money liquidity (and fraud) have found a safe haven in the United Kingdom, their activities account for a major share of its GNP. Now they want the land itself, cheap, and its people--deconstructed to a feudal-like role. The digital economy is booming; the actual economy is suffering a prolonged death of a thousand cuts, or worse, a thousand deflations. The standard of living is crashing and further austerity is a certainty.

Luxury home in London

The super-rich may see England as a chic address, but social unrest and confrontation are inevitable. The UK has become like the sick man of Europe, a pig waiting to be slaughtered.

Brexit was the last straw. An incredible miscalculation that caught the conservative government off balance and they haven't been the same since. The British have two options; to go it alone, or to cave to the siphoning of their remaining wealth by the international banking cartel. The UK may itself break apart if Scotland decides to secede.

What is a sovereign nation to do?

The choices are summarized in the upcoming June 8 election, where Labor and the Conservative Tory party are head-to-head in a desperate struggle between socialism and capitalism. The media, concentrated in the hands of a few billionaires, is relentless pounding away at the tongue-tied Taurus Corbyn, and part of his own party is trying to unseat him.

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn

His Tory opponent, Theresa May, is a very dim-bulb Virgo, helplessly melting away her lead in the polls. There are many variations in Virgo women, and May is closer to the Hillary Clinton rather than the Margaret Thatcher version, both of whom were also Virgos. Also, May is suffering a Neptune conjunct Mars that goes exact on June 8, election day. This transit has sapped her power and confused her message.

"This can be a time when you suffer from a debilitating sense of lethargy. Goals and ambitions, which seemed important in the past, can lose their attraction leaving you lacking in motivation. You may feel tired and unwell. It is not a good time to take on extra responsibilities, or to be making business decisions." (Stephanie Johnson)

In spite of the media blast against him, Corbyn and the socialists may prevail, and surprise everyone, as the Brexit vote did to the British and Trump's election did to us. Corbyn's transits include a winner-take-all Pluto over his Moon, as well as Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, which will heighten his sensitivity and intuition.

"This is a time of heightened intuition and emotional insight. Others will be impressed by your depth of feeling and psychological wisdom paving the way for greater emotional satisfaction in your personal relationships." (Stephanie Johnson)

The ironic thing is that the election was called by May and the Tory party to consolidate their power!

Trump and Corbyn: different modes of travel

Both Donald Trump and Corbyn are Taurus, but at completely different ends of the scale, much like the extremes of political philosophy they represent. While Trump wants corporations to run free like wild bulls, Corbyn is all about stopping them in their tracks. Corbyn believes in state responsibility to end the plunder of England's resources by the banks. If one were to compare the Moon signs of each man, Trump has an Ophiuchus Moon; expressing the dark side of her nature, which breeds psychopaths, mesmerizers, charlatans and serial murderers. Corbyn's Moon and Mars in Aries makes him a very formidable candidate, hard to stop and impossible to defeat through fear. He is a very different kind of socialist than Bernie Sanders, a Leo with a Pisces Moon, the cowardly lion.

The UK hangs in the balance. If the Tories win, it means unemployment and a slow strangulation of government services and institutions, which include a national health care system and subsidized housing. It also means continued participation in foreign wars. May has played the "terrorist card" to her advantage, using the tragic deaths of the victims of the recent bombings in London to attract anti-immigrant and racist votes.

If Corbyn wins, we'll see a major realignment of government policies. The British are very familiar with socialism and they will begin by rebuilding it from the ruins that 50 years of neglect and reduction have caused, and withdraw from further cooperation with American Imperialism. He is the only candidate that can save the UK from being dismantled and pauperized, and rescue the British people from their own empire!

On the day of the election, there's every indication of a major upset, since the Saturn is in Ophiuchus retrograde, and opposes the Sun.

Dorothy Wilson once remarked to me that Socialism was like a bitter medicine you took only when your life hangs in the balance. It looks like this is England's chance to open wide and swallow a socialist.

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