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Underwater with
Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn enters Scorpio in Oct. 3, 2015

Saturn in Scorpio means we'll all have to face the cold reality of war. Scorpio rules the warrior, so we all have to become soldiers to survive. Like new recruits, we'll fall into ranks. The leaders will seize the top. The losers will be knocked down to the bottom. Being drafted into the military is going to be difficult for those of us dependent on privacy and secrecy. Scorpio is all into your business.

This Saturn is like a drill sergeant, "breaking you down to build you up". The cruel Scorpio drills down to your weakness and relentlessly exposes and ridicules them. The only advantage to this type of tough-love is scar tissue. And the sex, the Scorpio primeval sex like the petite-mort we unconsciously seek out for relief and release, our embrace of death and nothingness.

A lot of our troubles will stem from our previous excess and foolish optimism. It's the payback, the turnaround, the other side of wretched excess and waste. Bills must be paid, belts must be tightened. We're likely to have to live under martial law with military-like discipline. We will at the very least "encounter responsibility and restriction involving payment of debts of one kind or another," according to Stephanie Johnson. These are not just financial debts, since everything about our binges and foolish impulses will come back to haunt us. These are, "the kind of debts they have are determined by other factors in their natal chart … of an emotional, physical, financial, or moral nature. The intensity associated with Scorpio and the rigidity of Saturn indicate confrontation with limitations that are imposed by the presence of too much control in some area of their lives, or manipulation in order to gain control."

Dangers of Saturn in Scorpio

The mania of our previous arrogance can now really destroy us. When Saturn enters Scorpio, it's like we take a cold shower. It will wake up us with the shock of our own vulnerability. Water is also indicated on the macro level, with limitations on our movement or happiness brought about by water and its extremes, rain, floods, and, inversely, lack of water. Saturn shows no mercy, much like the oceans themselves, and for many of us, in the worst circumstances, it means the sinking of our ship, the loss of our home and security, being underwater financially, our goods dragging us down like a pair of cement shoes.

War, Weather, Jobs

"Unexpectedly dismal job growth last month cast a shadow on the nation’s economy, as a government report on Friday sent analysts scrambling for adjectives like “dreadful,” “a body blow” and “grim” to describe just how disappointing they found the latest employment figures.

The September jobs numbers are easily the worst of 2015 so far. They offer an unpleasant combination of a bad overall headline, bad details and bad timing, amid a volatile and unsettling time in global markets." NY Times

Russia bombed Syria as Saturn entered Scorpio. A bold move, considering the possible consequences of World War. The US and Russia are playing a Saturnian chess game, and victory requires swift and ruthless Plutonian action.

Violent storms and flooding around the world also accompanied Saturn's move into Scorpio, and a container ship was sunk in the atlantic, by 50-ft waves, with all 33 hands on board.

A disastrous job report undermined the latest flurry of activity in the markets, as the price of oil dissolves and the value of real estate is about to fall into the void.

Back home it's strife and politics on the job and in the bedroom. The male tries to enforce his dominance, the female sabotages everything he does. In relationships, if you have had the keys to the castle, now you must defend it or all is lost. Job loss leads to domestic abuse, which is Scorpio's stock in trade.

Things sound grim except if you realize that this is the larval stage for the real eye-opener, when Saturn enters Ophiuchus, Dec 3, and Mother Nature meets Father Time. Together they have 2 years to make the corrections necessary to stop the madness. Ophiuchus powers have been bottled up for 2,000 years and she's ready to take her rightful position in our culture. Heads will roll and skeletons will talk but justice will ultimately served when Saturn moves on into Sagittarius in Nov. 2017. MORE

BORN IN 1985?

The last part of 2015 you're going feel trapped and unloved in ANYWHERE you are or with anyone you are with. This is going to be a time of endings, not beginnings. You're going to hate where you'll be and who you'll be. during that period. During the peak of the Return you'll act like a cloud of doom hangs over your head and the only thing you can do is bolt like a blind horse. The male ego takes quite a beating, especially the successful male. 

It's a humbling period and no fun, and that's why the best advice is to spend it in a library or laboratory, or a studio or in a darkened room practicing your dance steps. It doesn't matter where you are--the only comfort of the Saturn return is the hard work of reconstruction and the plotting of a new scheme. Question is, what do you do until then. There's another excellent book, a science-fiction series of books the names of which escapes me. The hero, a polish scientist and tinkerer, gets sent back in time to the 111th century, 20 years before what only he knows, historically, is going to be a Mongol invasion that will overrun Poland and destroy civilization. He asks himself what to do? After he gets all the pleasures he can, and invents the cannon to serve his nobleman, he sets about to help the people prepare for the apocalypse--that he knows is going to hit them like a ton of bricks. So in six books, the author sets about positing: can a modern man change history by his foreknowledge and scientific skills?

That's your predicament. Should you start building fortifications for the coming onslaught? Should you throw your caution to the winds, and have a good time being smarter than the others? Should you be consumed with anxiety that your days are numbered?

This would be a waste of time BEFORE the Saturn return. Any work or worry here may be swept away or junked like a stack of old newspapers. This is no time to decide on the future that is awaiting the next 30 years of your life cycle, and the one that will determine you health and wealth for the last 30. Even our Polish scientist hero never looked BEYOND the invasion--his world was focused on the day of the invasion. The best time to decide on your future course is AFTER the Saturn Return. You may get the clarity you need DURING the return itself to make that decision; but you just can't act on it until the doors start to open again, after the invasion. Right now you can only defend what you can, what is the most important.

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