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Retrograde Roundup

Sometimes you just have to take it slow

Of all the concepts in astrology, retrograde has got to be the most intellectually shaky. Really, how could an optical illusion, mostly unseen by most of the world's population, lead to any personal or societal consequences? Even accepting our ancestors' abject fear of retrograde, how could that filter down to us in modern times, when we spend way more time staring at our phones than the skies?

The only possible explanation to the validity and history of retrograde is that the planets themselves, while pushing forward in inexorable orbit, project a predictable impulse into our Solar system that changes according to their relative motion to us.

It's as if Mercury, for example, casts its curious eye directly on humankind for a brief interlude, peering at us through our own mind-set like gods, their only purpose of which is to manipulate our confidence in ourselves. Retrograde is the Universe's way of saying that we are all connected, flesh and blood to Earth, and Earth to the planets and stars. We shouldn't think our needs are the only motivating forces of our lives. It may be that we'll find retrograde is even more accessible to us than our signs, aspects or other transits. The view of the Universe twisted by retrograde signals to us how we are bound to the laws of physics and nature. When we move ahead of the pack, we are pulled back into sync with it by an optical illusion--but it's our optics that need correction. Retrograde is our opportunity to make that correction and regain balance, or to fall off our wire.

So what can you say about a transit report that has five retrograde planets—soon to be six? Watch out? Slow down? Stand in place? Be humble? Don’t take anything for granted? Check your oil? Take your vitamins? It's more than a cautionary advice; it's a chance to look back and see the problem. As Tchiya Amet reminds us, "Rx" is not only the astrological symbol of retrograde, but also, not coincidentally, the modern symbol of medicine and healing.

This period, which will run through the end of the year, give or take a planet or two, will illustrate exactly how connected we are to the ambient forces of the Universe. It's a pause, a breather, a warning, a break in the action. We are supposed to take stock of the situation and wait until a better moment to proceed, and correct what is wrong. If our lives are like walking a tightrope, then stopping and regaining our composure in this retrograde is a better strategy than pushing forward when we are off balance.

Retrograde planets are not unusual. The outer, gas giant planets go retrograde once every year, as does the Pluto conundrum of two dwarf planets and their moons. Mercury has retrograde periods three and sometimes four times a year. Venus and Mars go retrograde less often, Venus once every 19 months, and Mars, every two years.

By the time of the publication of this article, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto will all be in full retreat, with Mercury going into its shadow on July 7th. Mercury won't be a safe bet until it leaves it shadow Sept. 1

Mars and Mercury retrograde may be effect us the most, because these planets can influence us on a material and physical way, the way we interact with the world. The outer planets will change our minds, our philosophies and our societies in the long run. What will be learned during this period will percolate down through our collective consciousness without our realizing it until we look back, again, perhaps during a future retrograde period.

Here are the retrograde planets in their signs, and the dates of their retrograde motion:

Jupiter in Libra
March 9 to July 10, 2018

Saturn in Sagittarius:
April 17 to Sept. 6, 2018

Pluto in Sagittarius:
April 22 to Oct 1, 2018

Neptune in Aquarius:
June 18 to Nov. 25, 2018

Mars in Capricorn:
June 26 to Aug. 27, 2018

Mercury in Cancer:
July 7 (shadow) to Sept. 1, 2018

Uranus in Aries:
Aug 6 to Jan 5, 2019

Retrograde of the outer planets has an indirect influence on us as individuals, since they mostly show up as changes in social relations. When the outer planets retrograde, we see the emergence of social problems that were otherwise buried under the momentum of traditions and ingrained habits. The effect of Jupiter, the planet of wealth generation, has been in retrograde since March, can be seen in the accelerated collapse of the social contract in the US and the shattered economic alliances in the G7 countries. Long-simmering disputes have upturned the apple cart of mutual back-scratching with trading partners like the EU, China, Canada and Mexico, and now seem unalterably headed towards a permanent rupture and trade wars.

In addition, Saturn, which represents the state and authority, and Pluto, representing payback and fear, both went retrograde in April and put the kibosh on any semblance of cooperation among our proto-capitalist governments. As each state "races to the bottom" with new tariffs and protectionist policies, the New World Order that previous US presidents put into motion--and which was supposed to last for years to come--is dead meat, rotting in the reality of the "new" new world of disorder and destruction of wealth.

Neptune and Mars have already gone retrograde in June, and Mercury will follow in July as it sinks into its shadow. All bets are off as the last remaining illusions of world peace and Aquarian brotherhood are smashed by an heavy-handed Capricorn Mars, as it strips bare the incapacity for today's leaders to cope with the mess they have allowed to grow into a monstrous debt tumor. As Mars moves further into its shell, we'll see dictatorship become the only possible form of government, underscoring the sometimes cruel but always timely reminder that, as Mao Zedong once said, "Political power comes from the barrel of a gun".

With Mars and Mercury in retrograde, there's a private, personal component as well. The rollback of these planets, in the opposing signs of Capricorn and Cancer, respectively, will announce loud and clear what many people have been trying to deny for a decade. That is, the need for leadership, as personified in charismatic and powerful leaders, has been and remains the only way for human beings to bring about change. The oddly charming but immature notion that people can unify to galvanize themselves without leaders is a libertarian pipe dream. This had led to corruption, vacillation and disappointment, and the stage is now set for a new generation of leaders, those who lead by inspiration and example, and those who lead by force and fear.


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