OSCAR WILDE -- Gay Martyr

Tormented Virgo OSCAR WILDE

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Born Oct 16, 1854, Sun and Venus in Virgo, with Mars in Scorpio, Wilde was a playwright and author whose light comedies and short stories belied the serious message and profound and long lasting impact.

His life illustrated how persecution of homosexuals via laws and social stigma, unfairly destroyed their careers and lives, and in Wilde's cause, essentially caused his death.

His Moon was probably in sensitive Cancer, although his birthtime is unknown. He also may have had a Yod pointing towards his Moon, pushed like the thorn in the heart. This is the writer who bemoaned that he had "lived his art" instead of leaving a body of work as a legacy. Wilde was the master of the repartee--his jibes, at himself as well as others, made him politically embarrassing in his day. His life was much like his novella, The Portrait of Dorian Grey where a young man retains his youthful beauty despite his nightly forays into the fleshpots, whorehouses and gin joints of London. As the picture shows the ravages of syphilis and drink on the face of the portrait, the young man remains pristine and pure. The destruction of the portrait meant the death of the man.

The story aptly reflects the divided sides of his personality—the rather prudish romantic—The Virgo/cancer combination, and the sex addict who couldn't let go—typical of Mars in Scorpio.

His private activities may have been protected by the secrecy and hypocrisy of his day, but when Wilde pursued a much younger nobleman the outraged parents had him arrested. Wilde's Mars is opposed his Pluto, obsession, anger and violence was bound to permeate Wilde's relationships in spite of his frail constitution, and his debauchery was bound to effect his health. He was made to pay for his pleasure and persistence with a jail sentence for immorality. Like something out of American Beauty the outraged father prosecuted Wilde in open court for seducing his titled son. Wilde, an intellectual and favorite at the rich salons, was destroyed for what others continued to carry out in secret. Wilde, once exposed for his sexual preference, literally died because of it. He was a victim of British aristocracy—His Saturn opposition puts him in the bulls-eye of power. Wilde's life ended tragically, of respiratory illness—perhaps because his lungs were ruined by the foul air in prison.


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