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Ophiuchus Today

Nov. 30-Dec 17

Rebirth by Hiroko Sakai

Ophiuchus FAQ

Why are all Ophiuchus-centered people acting strange?

Most people born since the 1980s have some Ophiuchus in them. And that part of them has been galvinized by a long Saturn transit. The influence goes beyond the transits, since Ophiuchus is setting the trends in culture and changing society through politics as if some natural force was compelling them to complete the circle. There's a palpable trend towards Ophiuchus aims to restore her symbol, the full female identity. The Ophiucans want to rebuild her temple.

Ophiuchus is the constellation of the snake goddess who was demoted and banished from astrology two thousand years ago by the Roman Empire. Sun sign Ophiuchus is anyone born from Nov 30 to Dec 17. Get an exact chart for birthdays around the cusps, where the Sun's entry into Ophiuchus will vary a few hours or more.

When Saturn enters Ophiuchus, it starts a deep rumbling of fundamental change in the state, that only manifests itself during a crisis situation. If your natal Saturn is in Ophiuchus, you are an agent of change that will emerge to galvanize people who are facing unprecedented danger. As this moment draws near, you will be highly agitated, intense and percolating with energy. However, you must also take care not to become the bull's-eye for your enemies and false friends.

Why are these people so dangerous to the system?

They are the catalysts, the spark that sets off all kinds of rapid, all-consuming and permanent alteration to the status quo. A catalyst is something that intensifies a chemical reaction out of proportion to its other elements; that makes fire burn hotter, for example. Ophiuchus are the people who add the mystery to unexplainable phenomena. According to the ancient astrologers, Ophiuchus used ether to create new compounds. This signifies how they were viewed, as creators of magic; inventors and healers, experimenting with the yet-unknown. Ophiuchus aroused awe and hatred, and were massacred for thousands of years by the patriarchs, had their female gender changed to a male, and her constellation was eliminated from the Zodiac by Ptolemy.

Why is it important to recognize Ophiuchus now?

Ophiuchus stays undercover until their moment of destiny. They emerge from their covens when the time calls for them to appear, and repair the disastrous situation facing society.

Ophiuchus people, and those under their sway, are like the comets in mythology, the come in wide arcs, seemingly out of nowhere, to bring cataclysms and revelations to the rest of us. They make that which seems impossible, happen. The source of the miracle of birth now extends herself to creating a new consciousness, a culture of feminism and compassion.

Ophiuchus culture is way ahead, and at loggerheads with male, confrontational politics. Women that hardly can identify themselves as revolutionaries, go about their business of resolving the rupture in the status quo and bringing us into a new era. They are the stars of organic change, who have put their words into action and lead others to implement change. Every sign has its place on the regular cycle of events, however Ophiuchus are activated with a purpose in the life and death moments when the wheels are clogged, and change becomes a dizzying moment of heightened awareness.

Top 6 characteristics of Ophiuchus

Modern statuette of Devi, the Hindu snake goddess

Who is Ophiuchus

Ophiuchus is all around us. Most people born after 1974 have one or more outer planets in Ophiuchus. Those born between 1974 and 1983 have Neptune in Ophiuchus. Those born 1983 to 1987 have Uranus there, and Saturn was in Ophiuchus between 1985 and 1988. Those people will soon be experiencing their Saturn Returns in that sign. Of course, Pluto entered Ophiuchus in 1999, scaring the hell out of people, and stayed there until 2006.

There won't be another outer planet in Ophiuchus until 2045, when Saturn returns. Uranus won't be in Ophiuchus again until 2067. Our recent history, from 1974 to 2016 is rife with possibilities. Ophiuchus actually has infiltrated the underpinnings of our consciousness and has changed us from the inside out.

This is what mankind has always hated about the snake goddess and the power of the female sexuality. Ophiuchus is independent of all man-made constraints and is intimately connected with the cycle of life. Man's connection with nature ends when he ejaculates. The female carries man's future, and determines his existence. For this, he has punished women, and Ophiuchus in particular, for his own limitations.

In general terms, Ophiuchus' recent rule of the outer planets is why women's liberation has been the overriding aesthetic and ideology that has consumed global politics and social relations for the last 60 years.

Fifty years ago a woman's orgasm was irrelevant to her duties as a man's wife, servant and concubine. The recognition of the female orgasm, like women's demands for fulfillment and human rights, has been the wake up call for men that they cannot subjugate women as they have in the past. Women have come forward in every sphere of human existence to demand their equality and freedom.

Medusa [source]

The costs to Ophiuchus are always high. The polarity of the female power in Ophiuchus has been between birth and death; healer and destroyer. Ophiuchus is a summation of all the mystery of the goddess, a fear and love of powerful women shared in every mythology on Earth since time immemorial. Men have always found the unrestrained female a terror, and a burden. Men mostly are unable or unwilling to contend with this heady alternating current of pliant sexuality and implacable vengeance. The society of men, the patriarchy, has characterized a woman's inalienable rights and her female culture as universally negative, and/or worthless.

Ophiuchus and Medusa

A powerful women is a dangerous women; this widely-held attitude is expressed in the Greek myth of Perseus, who was sent by King Polydectes to kill Medusa, a intransigent and unapologetically female Gorgon. Medusa was a temple-guard for women and was a ferocious and loyal defender of their rights. To the emerging Kings and other male potentates, the murder of such powerful women was politically expedient, and the pursuit, relentless.

The only mortal Gorgon of three sisters, Medusa had been raped by Poseidon, and she came to despise men, and could turn them to stone with a single look from her eyes. She was no match for the other female gods. With the help of Aries Athena, Perseus was able to behead her and was treated like a hero upon his return. He even won the hand of Andromeda in the bargain. This was the glorification of the murder of women who threatened the male patriarchy.

Joan of Arc, who may have (her exact birthday is unknown) had a Sun-Venus conjunction in Ophiuchus, and who routed the English during the Hundred Years war, was anyway burned at the stake by the Church. When women achieve a seemingly miraculous victory, it must also mean that they are connected to the "dark" female power of magic. What was magic to the men of the time, was simple intelligence to us now. Ophiuchus died many times over for her knowledge of the human body and its reproductive system, the physical sciences, astrology and astronomy, food and herbs, animals and nature. Every woman who knew too much about the world, or could heal the sick, midwife a baby, track the stars and planets, could be a witch living on borrowed time.

"Death to the Witch"

Fanciful representation of the Salem witch trials, where Martha Cory, was among the seven women and one man hanged as witches on Sept. 22, 1692. lithograph from 1892.

The Salem witch trials took place during a Saturn transit in Ophiuchus, as if to signify the colonial authorities desire to stamp out witchcraft. Salem is a tiny representation of the countless times innocent women, identified as witches for minor or ridiculous offenses, have suffered torture or death. In the last 5,000 years, the number of women, children and men who died in Mankind's war against Ophiuchus must be in the hundreds of millions of people. The long-established tradition of the persecution of shamanic women and men who frighten authority and demand freedom and autonomy is a fact of life, carried out today by the same repressive institutions and against a new crop of iconoclasts and shamans. Ophiuchus must be constantly aware she will be singled out and punished as a fearful example for other women to obey. The penalty of being a superior woman can be death.

Characteristics of Ophiuchus:

1) They are inveterate nonconformists. They don't agree with the conventional wisdom and are non-joiners and anarchists.

2) The sexual identity is undefined; they don't accept any sexual constraints or constraining gender imperatives. They can alter their gender role.

3) They spurn all forms of regulation and control from authority; they choose their own moral code, want to be their own authority and control others.

4) They despise organized religion. They refuse to accept even the most rudimentary constraints. They cross boundaries and sublimate emotions.

5) They exercise mind control in their daily lives, their companions are cats or other animals, and make potions of one kind or another.

6) They are defensive, wary and dangerous when provoked. They normally are uncomfortable in the public eye, especially when they open to attack or criticism.

The highest incarnation of Ophiuchus is reached when they form, or join a coven of other nonconformists. The group can be a commune, cadre, coven, or coterie, or any other non-sectarian intentional household, based strictly on shared interests and trust.

Can we see the influence of Ophiuchus rising?

• The rise of transgenders and a blurring of the sexual roles, expanding on the traditional restrictive male-female archetypes.

• Female rebellion and advances in women's rights in the workplace, where sexual harassment suits have caused changes to a new corporate culture and firing of men who symbolically represented the old culture.

• The violent backlash against women's rights and the ubiquity of the porn industry has emerged as the unfiltered source of abuse and hatred from those who refuse to accept a further reduction in men's dominance.

Men like Virgo Bruce Jenner, who has Venus and Chiron in Ophiuchus, can choose to transform into women, prodded by their interest in and admiration of them. The appearance of the metrosexual and the androgynous male, especially those born in since 1973, with Neptune or Uranus in Ophiuchus is a visible and palpable expansion of sexual rights. Today's man is forced to meet women on equal terms, respect her career, share housework and child raising. The term Mr. Mom emerged in the mid-70s to describe men who were willing to assume the domestic roles once relegated to women.

Emel Mathlouthi

During the same period, women have engaged in political struggle all over the world, losing their protection as property of men, and having to enter the work market. Women have been instrumental and a key factor in every social upheaval from the anti-apartheid movement with Virgo Winnie Mandela (with Jupiter in Ophiuchus) to the Women's International League for Peace and the anti-nuclear movement, to the Arab Spring and Sagittarius Emel Mathlouthi (Neptune, Black Moon and Juno in Ophiuchus). In each of these instances, otherwise oppressed and sequestered women and girls came out in full force to demonstrate for human rights, wage battles against brutality, and topple governments.

Women have made tremendous achievements in the last 40 years, and also had to struggle against male supremacy at home and in the work place, and as the subject of dehumanization and objectification.

The multi-billion dollar porn industry represents the spearhead of the anti-feminist reaction to women's autonomy and freedom. Generations of men have grown up with Pisces Hugh Hefner's Playboy Philosophy, the enabling of man's colonizing a women's sexuality, reflecting a woman's true nature as a sex-object. Modern day porn is violent and abusive, and as far removed from consensual sex as in the Babylonian era, when women were sold off as wives, and turned into prostitutes by edict and tradition.

How the Romans Killed

Roman emperors were male supremacists who treated women like concubines and prostitutes. Their legions destroyed female-led tribal societies wherever they found them, while at the same time the Roman Senate annexed the land and political power of Roman women. They also removed the 9th sign, Ophiuchus, the Queen of the lunar calendar, from the Sun's ecliptic and reassembled the Zodiac in the now universally accepted solar 12-sign system. They exculpated the women in the Zodiac who had held these esteemed places on the eponymous constellations for eons. The female huntress became the lion; the dancing girl became the bull, Aries became the male god of war and Ophiuchus herself had a sex change to a Greek snake-handler.

Ophiuchus has a penis? No. (Image: Hubble source)

There's no excuse for modern astrologers to ignore Ophiuchus. 100% of astronomers and the International Union of Astronomers all agree: Ophiuchus is part of our Zodiac. The female goddess must be included in our view of the Universe and its consequential influences on Earth. An old Chinese saying is: "Women hold up half the sky", and to refuse Ophiuchus her time in the Sun is to deny that a woman can have more than the qualities that mankind has set forth for them. Ophiuchus is the many-sided women, with sexual allure and a fierce pride in herself. A woman that cannot be wronged by man without dire results. No wonder male supremacists have sought to keep her in the dark. To awaken her would be their doom.

Visit: Who is Ophiuchus

Ophiuchus Rising

image from Alaturka

Rebuilding the Temple

The tenth house is ruled by Ophiuchus and is the symbol of an ancient temple in which women lived and worked together, without the constraints or direction of men. It was a tangible trademark of their power of self-determination and freedom. It today’s language, the temple was the headquarters of feminism. The metaphorical meaning of the Ophiuchus temple is that women’s lives and their society can function outside of man’s dominion. The temple belonged to women, politically and economically, in the same way the mythology of the Amazon women or the island of Lesbos were “nations” of women and subject to their laws and ethical standards. Men could visit the temple, rest there, seek healing and comfort inside, but they couldn’t stay. While they enjoyed the hospitality of the temple, men were expected to abide by the rules set forth by the inhabitants.

Women have always sought a retreat to an all-female fortress when their connection to men becomes too overwhelming, tiresome or threatening. The connection between the genders is sexual, biological, and can be cordial, but otherwise men and women go their own way and feel kinship and communion with their own sex. The temples designed for men were to glorify the phallus, to train them for war and to exclude women. Why shouldn’t women enjoy the same refuge from men, living under their own set of principles?

The disparate viewpoints between men and women couldn’t be more different. Women revered the womb, the vagina and the menstrual period. Men have traditionally banned women from public life if they were menstruating, and relegated them to roles as wives, slaves and prostitutes. The woman’s temple allowed women to demonstrate their talents and skills in any roles they chose. The temple was a venue to celebrate sex, life and death--and menstruation, which women used as the basis of the lunar calendar, and by extension, astrology and astronomy. In the women’s temple, the liberated woman, as virgin, sexual healer, midwife, shaman and embalmer all shared the same roof and sacred tasks. Before the women’s apocalypse at the hands of men, the temple was respected and men came bearing gifts and expressed reverence and gratitude for the services that they could only receive there. Men may have been jealous of women’s power and creativity, and at some point in history, they were no longer satisfied with this equitable exchange and made war on women, enslaved them and destroyed her temple. Men replaced their servitude to a woman’s rules for sexual union, and substituted them for rape. The Greeks rejoiced in the destruction of the temple and the assassination of Medusa—its protector--by the conniving Jason and then transmogrified Ophiuchus into a male figure, distorting her meaning and origins. Soon after, the Romans expelled Ophiuchus from the Zodiac.

With their shrine a distant memory, and terrorized by the brutality of man’s revenge on them, women lost their language of freedom and independence, and have been exploited and manipulated ever since. To this day, the “courtship” rituals that men enshrine as their tribute to women are a mocking reminder of the power that women once held over them, since the modern culmination is marriage, a form of bondage to men. This type of gender ownership was unknown during ancient times. The vestal virgins were not virgins, but unattached women, who mated with men and bore children with them, but returned to the temple to continue life without them, and maintained a separate economic and social life that if not excluded men, at least was independent of them. Today there are a few surviving examples (in Nepal) where these types of social relations between men and women still exist.

13 sign astrology is part of the resurgence of women’s power, by recognizing Ophiuchus, and supports the resurrection of her temple. 13 sign astrology recognizes the long-buried and suppressed strength that fulminates in every female. Rebuild the Temple of Ophiuchus!

from: the Temple of Ophiuchus

Music by Ophiuchus

The Works of Zearle (Double Ophiuchus)




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