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The Truth Hurts;
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No Justice, No Peace

Men, abusive or otherwise, depend on women the way grass needs rain. Circling men's lives like a swarm of bees, women bear them and their children, raise and procreate with them, and play the major role in a symbiotic relationship that men only dimly understand or faintly respect. Or maybe they understand only too well, and are furiously in denial, bitter at their inconsequential existence by comparison. That's the nugget of man's consciousness, how well he understands his debt of gratitude to the very women he has been given dominion over.

Women weren't always under mankind's thumb. As part of our human ancestral memory, women held an equal, and even superior role in the formation of early societies. In antiquity, women had leadership positions in all phases of life. They developed agriculture, midwifery, astronomy, language, art, medicine, and the tribal structure itself. Women domesticated men along with other animals, understanding man's part in fertility before men themselves had gained even a rudimentary understanding of their particular contribution.

Cave paintings like the one above date back to 40,000 years ago, when women were fleshed out as the vital players in early human communities, as its leaders, hunters and healers, and of course, the source of life. Men were less defined, as naked figures with hanging appendages, and viewed mostly as sperm donors, as another of women's domesticated animals, similar to the dog also pictured in the painting.

The origins of human consciousness stem from the womb and the Lunar calendar, which is based on menstruation. The womb was supplanted by a new obsession with the phallus, and the Solar calendar replaced the Lunar. Simultaneously, women's status was mostly reduced to the "handmaidens" of men, as wives, prostitutes, and servants.

The worst bondage of women centers around one the same aspect of their lives they are told is their ultimate--and only--reward: marriage. Like it or not, women are funneled into marriage like fish into a steel net. There's always a new crop of innocents spawning, a new generation tumbling into the maw of dehumanization.

History was written by men; we have yet to write Herstory. The energy women have contributed to social change is undervalued and ignored; yet it is unstoppable as a historical trend, the struggle to achieve parity and power goes on despite the many setbacks and betrayals.

Every now and then, women shake off their chains, drop their burdens, and rise up like a wave of righteousness that lays waste to the pomposity and perversion that men have placed in their path. We may be experiencing such a moment in history: with the rise in women's economic power comes their realization of their political power.

Anti-Kavanugh protesters occupy US Senate building (Guardian)

The revival of women's rights and autonomy has ignited the long-simmering outrage that each and every woman harbors over the course of her history of abuses suffered at the hands of the male patriarchy.

With a return to a more natural division of labor, this type of oppression may have reached the high water mark, and is now receding. Enter the new feminism, which we equate with the rise of its flag-bearer, Ophiuchus.

With this in mind, we can view an upcoming planetary transit with some trepidation as well as anticipation, since along with its being a threat to the institution of marriage--and all similar relationships--the means by which they will be disrupted will be sudden, and the consequences will be violent and shocking. Like a pressure cooker of contradictions, relationships will literally explode.

Divorce, Uranian Style

On October 5-6, Venus will go retrograde. After just spending 2 degrees in Libra, Venus will slip back into Virgo and will only assume its forward movement on November 17. During this time, a retrograding Uranus in zero degrees Aries will move into opposition to the backtracking Venus from around October 11 to the beginning of December, a long, drawn out connection because Venus stays in opposition to Uranus for an extended period, as if to tap into Uranian's revolutionary energy as long as it can, before resuming its passage through the sign of Libra.

While Venus in Virgo is about self-examination, appraisal and the dynamics of equality in a relationship, Libra is the judgment and transfer of power in one. By December, there will have been many, many sudden endings to relationships and partnerships, and as we close out the year, marriage as we know it will start to change into something women can live with, without the destructive forces that inevitably call for her sacrifice and victimization.

As women cast off the chains in their personal relationships and partnerships, they serve to demonstrate the class nature of revolution; the lower class, either in the workplace or the bedroom, must shatter the calm of outdated traditions in favor of a new dispensation of power. Only the destruction of the old can usher in the creation of the new.

Astrology claims that the planetary movements anticipate social movements. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that astrology reflects a natural law of change, the ebb and flow of human progress, which would include the periods of stagnation and oppression that come before the revolutionary tide that can move mountains and erode long held fears and seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Like a lot of periferal activities around astrological trends, their social manifestions seem only to haphazradly coincide. Even as transits repeat themselves, there's and endless variety of outcomes, some of which we don't even notice until later. The revolt of women has been percolating for years, in fits and starts, finding the strength to confront the patriarchy, summonning up the courage to fulfil its historical task of forging a world where equality and justice for women.

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