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Mars in Aries
The General

This is the strongest placement of Mars in the Zodiac. The Aries Mars is the perfect warrior, who gains its strength from defeat in a never-ending quest for supremacy and control. Relationships can become a combat zone. Bold and decisive, this placement has a strong drive to initiate activities and take action. The courage of these natives to strive for what they want seems immeasurable and relentless. Sexually, Aries Mars is a pure Top, leading the way into an explosive physical experience. Even as a Bottom, their responsiveness can be dominating. Aires Mars are spontaneous and like to take risks, unafraid of experimentation and crossing boundaries. Nothing can prevent them from getting what they want. They may also be rash and accident prone, and even manage to play the victim while victimizing their opponent. They never retreat. The downside is disappointment that can release their anger and aggression if they are thwarted or ignored, and Aries Mars can mistake a supportive, peace-loving partner for a weakling, growing to despise the poor mate who cannot fight to the bitter end as they will. Pity is the end of the line. Losers and whiners are soon dispatched with a withering sneer.

Mars in Taurus
The Collector

Taurus in any planet brings a heady mixture of pleasure and poetry to any relationship. Sex can be purely transactional, however: you do me and I'll do you. They can always find a way to accumulate valuable objects and lovers, Mars Taurus can be seeking trophies that appeal to their sense of beauty. Starting with a come-hither erotic signal, Taurus ultimately promises a maximum physical impact, and a potential life-long connection. Aries Taurus is open for any type of exchange of body fluids, guiltlessly running the gamut of all sexual permutations, from ecstasy to punishment. Mars in this placement is more interested in "collecting" people than being challenged to grow and change. The fixed nature of Taurus does not allow the Mars to push too far into unknown territory, and can often allow childhood fetishes and habits to inhibit growth, unless it's accompanied by material gain.

Mars in Gemini
The Dancer

This can be a breath-taking combination for a short spin, as natives are more of a dance partner than a life-partner. The Martian strength adds vigor and irresistible charm to the Gemini's passionate curiosity for the latest trends and attainment of status. Sexually, this combination adds emotional inconsistency to physical love, and a tendency for Gemini to be all things to all people. If Mars Gemini starts to worry, they can rankle everyone with unnecessary insecurity and a shallow commitment. Geminis' core of self-doubt and anxiety can surface in Mars as self-pity and over-thinking a relationship instead of sharing a learning experience. Mars may push Gemini into hot water, overpromising results and overreacting to the slightest criticism. Although Gemini Mars is a very self-involved entity, they can provide an endless array of sensory experience and will banish boredom in a complimentary quest for new vistas and shared compulsions.

Mars in Cancer
The Mirror

The Cancer Mars is passive and profound, reflecting the energy that others possess back at them. This moody combination can suppress action with feelings, but can bring the best out in others. Sexually, this placement is about stimulating the emotions in the partner that can enable heights of passion. This can also minimize Cancer Mars' ability to express itself in a relationship. Can anyone really know what they are thinking or feeling? This creates a barrier that can be hard to penetrate. The upside is that Cancer Mars is a muse from which others gain great wisdom or insights. The dangers of Cancer Mars is that it allows others to cling on to their fantasies, in the same way a poet glorifies feelings that only exist in the words. Cancer Mars idea of attacking its enemies is to disarm them with a smile, to transfer the ambitions and power of others back at them, confusing them. Cancer Mars is a disco mirror ball, spinning around to disorient and excite the dancers, providing, at best, inspiration for others to be their best selves and to revel in the release of emotions.

Mars in Leo
The Empress

This is one of the most powerful fire positions for Mars. There are no bounds to the need to dominate and demand subservience from others. Leo is the hunter, taking what it wants, with little regard to the needs of others. The gift for grandeur is here, as well as the fierceness of the wild beast, the sexual marauder and the self-appointed emperor of any available domain, even if it encroaches on someone else's territory. Sexually, this ego makes Mars a serial lover and requires some form of worship from its conquests. This egotistical Mars placement also embodies many of the negative sides of the cat, namely ultimate selfishness, overblown expectations and irrational behavior. Yet loyalty and sacrifice can also be part of the bargain. Behind the bluster of the warlike Mars, Leo is a feminine sign, the protector of the pride, and a source of warmth and comfort to her inner circle.

Mars in Virgo
The Magi

A self-effacing but very active and versatile energy is the cornerstone of Virgo Mars. The native can excel as a conscientious benefactor of important and timely gifts, since the native is always on a journey of the Magi, drawn to a distant brighter star. Timing is everything with Virgo Mars; the otherwise inert hologram that can light up suddenly with a burst of creative and ingenious energy; and just as easily burn out with lack of a catalyst. This placement requires a partnership and connection with a person, animal, group, or set of ideas and ideals. Sexually, the Mars Virgo can adopt the preferences of the partner(s), without much thought of reciprocity, at least until the situation becomes abusive. This placement can then become a harsh critic who denigrates what was once fulfilling. Mars Virgo is very crafty and good with its hands. If they don't stay busy they will become nervous and can stagnate into a listless state until re-awakened by a power perceived to be greater than itself.

Mars in Libra
The Player

You are a lover, not a fighter. You'd easily see the other side of the story and rather use diplomacy, flattery and friendship to disarm your critics and enemies. Your weapons of choice are judgment, evasion and the "white" lie. It's easy for this placement to attract potential partners, yet there's a lethargy in this Mars that can make the native lazy in love. However, once activated, the Libra can be aggressively managerial and a perfectionist in bed. Sexual desire is very much influenced by lust, but the atmosphere and the attributes of the partner are very important. The abandonment to the moment can snap back to reality in one unguarded moment. Since Libra can be a player, sexual partners can be juggled so that this Mars always has a alternate backup plan.

Mars in Scorpio
The Assassin

Every Mars Scorpio should have a warning label "Don't tread on me". So pervasive is the implied threat that they can often draw violence to themselves or perpetrate it on others. Scorpio becomes enmeshed in all its sexual affairs and partners cannot escape without a witness protection program. Jealousy can become a major problem for this placement. Sexual energy is stored in the genitals and cannot be detached from their lovers without pain and loss. For this reason, Scorpio Mars can abstain from sex until the pressures are so intense that only a powerful dominant obsession will give it release. This placement has the instincts of the insect to invade and conquer a lover with little regard for his or her wishes and needs. Potential mates need to remember not to start what they can't or won't finish.

Mars in Ophiuchus
The Wizard

Mars in Ophiuchus is a hypnotist, who can draw lovers into his or her web, never to escape. This Mars can cast spells on partners than can render them into captives. Androgynous, but sexually thrilling and controlling, Ophiuchus is a complete package, and expects absolute exclusivity. Ophiuchus is in touch with each sexual modality in turn, natives may cast away any restrictions or limitations on sex and sexual preference, living a secret life to satiate their pleasures, although they can also hold these desires in check for years before indulging them. Ophiuchus can disguise themselves as the opposite sex. They can be critical and severe if opposed. This Mars feels entitled to access multiple partners, and can collect them like charms. The weapons of Ophiuchus Mars are secrecy and taboo, and even former lovers will be subject to a lifetime pact of confidentiality.

Mars in Sagittarius
The Dreamer

Sagittarius Mars is an enthusiastic and athletic lover. Combining carnal lust and an enlightened optimism is the specialty of this placement. The native will put a lot of effort into pleasing the partner. Love can seem so complete until the Sagittarius tires of the sport. Sagittarius Mars can also be very blunt in conversation, and easily buffalo partners using omission and exaggeration. The problem is that this Mars can believe its own illusions, and can deflate when they are discovered. The dream of eternal bliss can come crashing down when the partner wants more than the Mars Sagittarius is willing to give, especially when the more mundane aspects of a relationship are tested. Sagittarius Mars has a hard time with reality, and is likely to move on when the bubble bursts.

Mars in Capricorn
The Boss

Mars Capricorn sweats the details and demands complete compliance. The native is indefatigable, unforgiving and expects a lifetime contract. This Mars can handle a love-hate relationship and doesn't give in to intense feelings. The native can seem more like a distant or strict parent than a lover, and partners must be able to handle feelings of low-esteem, withering under Capricorn's contempt for them. This can leave the partner feeling closed off and shut down, helpless to change past sins. Much of the Capricorn relationship effort will consist of improving the shortcomings of the partner, although this Mars can be like a rock of Gibraltar during tough times. Like all things Capricorn, the sex will seem like hard work, but when successfully completed, can be ultimately very rewarding.

Mars in Aquarius
The Eagle

Aquarius Mars spends its energy in flight--the need for independence comes before all other desires. Sexually, this is an unemotional approach to relationships. Talk isn't cheap for this Mars, it's a prelude to intimacy and enjoyment. Aquarius Mars turns friends into lovers, lovers into friends. Refusing to be captured, natives can fly away at any given moment and commitment and reliability are always a problem. Aquarius Mars is so fixated on freedom that all else is secondary. However, the joys of partnership can come as delightful surprises rather than as a duty or compliance with convention. There's a warmth and solicitude that can emanate from these natives that they will freely offer, instead of mere cliches and routine. For the partner who doesn't push this Mars too far, a tenuous but permanent arrangement can emerge despite all the insecurity of this relationship that refuses to say its name.

Mars in Pisces
The Empath

Pisces Mars is very, very attentive and will go to great lengths to sexually satisfy, even physically drain, the partner. The native responds to desire in all its forms, and lovemaking is so complete it may seem more like healing. Pisces wants to melt into their love object. But the out-of-body illusion can take over the reality. If the Pisces Mars must continually sublimate his or her needs to add to the enjoyment of the partner, her infidelity may be the result, since the techniques she employs can be used on anyone without prejudice. Jealousy is always a factor in a relationship with a Pisces Mars, but always from the other party. Usually a possessive partner can be suffocating to the Pisces Mars, and drive them away or deep underground. This placement needs a private place as a retreat and respite from the incessant emotional cacophony that surrounds it, in order to rest itself and restore the wellspring of love to continually refresh the relationship. A wise partner will not kill the golden goose.

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