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Image: New York World-Telegram & Sun Collection

Malcolm X

Taurus in a Tempest

Malcolm X rose to national prominence, from street pimp to power broker in less than 15 spectacular years. Nicknamed Red, Malcolm started out a street hustler; his criminal career flourished until at twenty, he was arrested and sentenced to ten years for burglary and gun possession.

His arrest is part of a series of obstacles that Malcolm overcame through hard work. His Aries Moon-Libra Saturn opposition led him into conflict with authority. The law, as white society developed by white racists to cheat the black man out of the justice that was promised to whites, was like a brick wall to Malcolm. He bashed at it with the fury of Aries and the strength and adroitness of his Taurus Sun. The Aries Moon, conjunct with Mercury, gave him the courage to take on the laws, the racists, the church, and even the organization that he built, which was later to betray him. No one could beat Malcolm one-on-one.

He was able to turn the prison sentence around to his advantage and to support his growth as an intellectual and scholar. He read voraciously to feed his restless, fearless and retentive Aries Mercury-brain. “Months passed without my even thinking about being imprisoned. In fact, up to then, I had never been so truly free in my life,” he later confided to Alex Haley. What he learned, he lived with all his Aries heart, and put into motion. His speeches were not only educational, but electrifying. He took on the entire white racist Jim Crow system. He repudiated Christianity and became a Muslim. He dropped his slave name for an X and joined the Nation of Islam.

When Malcolm was released from prison in 1952, he became the point man for the Black Muslims, and at 27 he had made a momentous decision for a triple Taurus (Sun, Venus, Ceres) to forsake wealth and its accumulation. Money no longer interested Malcolm. He saw a greater value in his black people. He started “collecting” them as individual trophies of black empowerment—and his own makeover powers. His Uranus in Pisces gave him connection and compassion for the downtrodden, as well as an unerring instinct.

In his autobiography he jokingly remembers “fishing” for men who were at the end of their rope—in order to give them lessons in black history. He created a uniformed militia—the Flower of Islam—with men he had rescued from drugs and self-destruction. He demanded economic and political equality from white politicians, but not with begging and non-violence. He advocated an eye-for-eye response to white lynch mobs. After years of frustration, many blacks agreed. His many followers included Muhammad Ali, and his X-brand of revolution caught on like wildfire. Malcolm meant black pride for blacks but race war to white bigots.

He was never late, hated delays (Mercury opposite Saturn); “didn’t trust anyone without a wristwatch.” His Gemini Mars made him a fierce opponent in debates. White antagonists were flabbergasted at his range of knowledge. He even turned the tables on white supremacists by asserting whites were inferior, and furthermore were biologically related to dogs, their “best friends.”

Malcolm transformed Elijah Mohammed’s Chicago crackpot cult into a powerful and influential organization with NOI mosques in every major American city. Malcolm thrived in a religious organization, using religion, history and political theory to show people the necessity for change through self-reliance. He made many friends with his Taurus Sun-Venus conjunction and love of socializing. His relentless attacks on hypocrisy, which Taurus hates, infuriated the black bourgeois, and many Christian preachers, both white and black, hated him. For the mostly white media, Malcolm’s charismatic Mars conjunct Pluto, with its resolute and passionate message was both frightening and confusing.

That militant Mars was expressed by Malcolm’s threats of black retaliation against white violence. Soon, Malcolm’s ideas began to eclipse Martin Luther King’s Gandhian principles of passive resistance, replacing it with the reality of a black uprising. Malcolm was a teacher as well as a fighter, and he won people over with the shear weight of his facts and understanding of world politics.

At the height of his power in the NOI, Malcolm (who had six daughters of his own) made a discovery that his mentor was having sex with underage girls. Like a raging bull, Malcolm publicly denounced Elijah Mohammed and the NOI, destroying it as a viable organization.

Furthermore, after having met “blue-eyed Muslims” during a mercury-retrograde trip to Mecca in 1964, Malcolm renounced his own racism and formed a new group, the Organization of African Unity (OAU). Malcolm met with Fidel Castro and called for an end to economic disparity and resistance to the war in Vietnam.

Less than a year later he was fatally shot by NOI gunmen while giving a speech in uptown New York. We now know that the NYPD was ultimately responsible for Malcolm's murder, most likely with the help and under the direction of the FBI. MORE: The Day The Music Died; the assassination of Malcolm X


Malcolm X is a determined triple Taurus, with an Aries Moon-Mercury opposing Saturn in Libra: he refusal to accept the systemic Jim Crow segregation of the time. That opposition is squared with his moon’s nodes to make an iron cross. Malcolm’s confrontation with the power structure was fulfilling his destiny. His North Node in Cancer revealed another side of his personality, a Mother to his people, and all humanity.

His "by any means necessary" philosophy reflects the life-and-death struggle of his Mars-Pluto conjunction in Gemini, which was trine Saturn gave Malcolm tremendous energy and self-discipline. He was a workaholic, and never gave up or gave in. He traveled from city to city galvanizing a growing black audience. He ridiculed the servile “house Negro” and advocated that blacks return to Africa.

No one could beat Malcolm in an argument, like any good Taurus, he did his homework, and was able to trash all of his contemporaries. He remains one of America’s greatest self-made intellectuals and grass-roots political leaders. He had a Gemini love for the tactics of politics and a Aries genius for making news. Every speech he made had the duel effect of enraging the white power structure and strengthening the black community. Way before his time, with an Aries-Moon vision, Malcolm knew that African Americans had to get mad, like the proverbial bull in the china shop, to get real equality with whites.

Malcolm seemed aware of his place in history. He was stern with his critics, but very protective of his friends and allies. When he was murdered, on Feb 21, 1965, the Daily News, the right-wing newspaper, crowed that his "chickens had come to roost", a reference he had used to characterize the assassination of JFK. While it was meant to disparage Malcolm, it only served to acknowledge that the same reactionary forces were responsible for the death of both men.

Malcolm is wheeled out of the Audubon Ballroom on a stretcher, Feb. 21, 1965.

"Malcolm X was one of my heroes. He was the most honest mass leader that I have ever known or seen. He was a great orator and his speeches seemed like a conversation between himself and the audience.

His speeches were like music to my ears and have inspired me for the rest of my life in the fight for social justice. He was so human in his orations. I still remember him when he made the Harlem Hate Gang Scare speech at the Militant Labor Forum on May 29, 1964, and other speeches in which he chuckled a “heh heh” when he was about to make a special comment.

At that forum, he said: “It’s impossible for a chicken to produce a duck egg … The system of this country cannot produce freedom for an Afro-American. It is impossible for this system, this economic system, this political system, this social system, this system period. It is impossible for it, as it now stands, to produce freedom right now for the Black man in this country — it is impossible. And if ever a chicken did produce a duck egg (heh heh), I’m certain you would say it was a revolutionary chicken (heh heh).” [Roland Sheppard]

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