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The True Live Time Sky
by Kim Lovelace

New Moon In Taurus


The New Moon this month takes place on the 3rd June at 11:01 in the GMT Timezone, at 6:01 in the EDT Timezone and at 20:01 in the AEDT Timezone and the New Moon will take place in the sign of Taurus in the True Live Time Sky.

The New Moon in Taurus and with all the aspects involved, which are quite challenging this month, shows a strong need for many of us to get to grips with our lifestyles with respect to our way of thinking and being. The energies coming in are still heavy and dense from the Full Moon that occurred last month, especially for those of us that are still struggling with self love or are still stuck in karmic cycles regarding old traditions either inherited by our upbringing or our community. Taurus is very Earth bound and can be very materialistic since his sense of well being is based on his need for material security and the comforts in life, and he can become insatiable, obsessed and self indulgent when under stress. But on the whole Taurus is a sign that we can depend on for longevity and getting the job done if he is in a place of balance. Taurus is not a sign that initiates, he is a sign that will take the bull by horns and complete the tasks already set, with grace and dedication.

But the aspects this New Moon are inclined to push him out of his comfort zone, especially since our Sun and Moon will be in square to Neptune which can leave many of us feeling overwhelmed, because Neptune is of the higher realms, where ones well being is based on a blind faith and that is not something that Taurus is familiar with. What you see is what is real when it comes to Taurus's outlook, so in square to Neptune this aspect can either leave us feeling over sensitive and depressed, due to a feeling of lack, or self indulgent and extravagant to satiate a need to feel safe and secure.

Emotions are likely to run high since our Moon and Sun will both be in opposition to the Goddess Ceres which just adds to the restlessness, where disappointments, misunderstandings or a sense of loss will leave the best of us feeling agitated, unfulfilled, as well as unmotivated. But only if we are still holding onto our pride and ego within certain situations that call for us to be more open minded and open hearted, but from a place of inner strength.

I mentioned on the last Full Moon, that Pluto's energy was going to be quite strong over the last two weeks, and the energies that have been coming in have been very dense and heavy as many of us have been forced to shed a lot of burdens, fears and phobias that we have suppressed and not dealt with throughout our lives. Or at the least to face them or even recognize that we are holding onto them since we can bury them so deep within us that we actually forget as time goes by, that they ever existed in the first place. But they do still exist and will continue to seep into our unconscious minds niggling at us to take note and deal with them.

Pluto's Retrograde through Sagittarius, is one of enlightenment when it comes to our beliefs, especially self belief and will cut through the mask of illusion to reveal the truth regardless of the affect it may have. Pluto is ruthless, he has no inhibitions when it comes to transformation and elimination. If it doesn't serve a purpose in his eyes then it must be eliminated and replaced with the new, especially on a soul level. When we are completing a cycle in our lives, it is Pluto's energy in our natal charts that gets to work for good or ill, since he rules the 9th house of completion and endings of cycles in the true live time sky.

So while Pluto is rounding up his work, Saturn's energy is breaking down old structures, on a Global level this is to do with organizations and institutions, on a collective and personal level he is out to restructure our way of thinking and our way of being especially again when it comes to our belief structures, including self belief. So whilst Pluto eliminates, Saturn breaks things down, brick by brick. And since Saturn is also in retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius, we are vulnerable to berate ourselves for the mistakes we have made in the past, or to re-evaluate what our belief structures have been built upon. But we do have an opportunity with Saturn in Retrograde to put right the wrongs of the past as long as we don't become stuck in remorse or self punishment.

Change has been the key theme for quite some time now, not just on a personal level, or on a collective level, change has been occurring globally and with our whole solar system and is speeding up even more so than ever before. Actually we are quite lucky to be living on Planet Earth because the chaos that the other Planets are undergoing are much more severe than the changes that are going here on our Mother Earth and that is saying something when we really open our eyes and take note of all that's going on in the world, at present. Although at the same time there is a lot of fear-mongering and distractions put in place to keep us from facing the real stuff that needs addressing, lets say for instance, putting money and time into things that could actually help to heal the Earth by eliminating fossil fuels and plastics for example, or giving us access to our true history which in itself would be quite enlightening and helpful not only to us that are here now but also for our future generations to come and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

On a personal and collective level, many are being forced to let go of what they are familiar with, when it comes to their belief systems or repetitive situations that keeps them stuck in karmic cycles and prevents them from truly achieving their goals. We must make it our intention to embrace that which will lead us into the growth and wisdom that is needed, and deep down, we all yearn for. Self pity and self indulgence is definitely not the way to go this New Moon.

We have three T.squares this New Moon. One, which is of course the ongoing T.Square between the moons nodes, Saturn and Pluto. Throughout this last year the North Node has been handling her corner solo, mostly, but now has Mars and Juno in conjunction, which ramps up the need for us to step into our personal power and take the reins when it comes to us fulfilling our destinies and achieving our goals, in whatever context that may be for each and every one of us on a personal level, which will also depend on our own personal Natal Charts.

But what makes this T.square so important, is firstly, Uranus was the main initiator of this T.square when he was moving out from the sign of Pisces into Aries in the true live time sky last year, and where major shifts within our consciousness started to take place and where we were being urged to bring into balance our masculine and feminine energies.

Then Saturn and Pluto joined forces with the South Node around march of this year, which put a further pressure on us to start clearing out the old to make way for the new, and since Saturn and Pluto are connected to our ancestry lines and are about to come into an exact conjunction on the 12th January 2020 in the sign of Sagittarius in the true live time sky, makes this particular T.square highly significant since it represents a complete shift of and break down of old belief structures regarding religious organizations, belief structures in general and the corporate world on a global level.

So since this particular T.square has changed players once again, this New Moon has heightened the need for us to bring into a further balance of our inner masculine and feminine energies and our material desires with our spiritual values.

Since the last Full Moon Pluto's energy has been very strong working on eliminating, inner fears, phobias and lack of faith mostly within ourselves, but now Saturn is stepping up and demands that we face our misgivings and mistakes, to take responsibility for our actions, especially since Mars is in opposition which is a very energetic and active planet. and as Mars is in conjunction to our North Node and Juno, it does suggest that these energies will play out in our commitments, our relationships and ability to take a risk, which further puts pressure on us since the Taurus Moon would rather stick with the familiar and is definitely not a risk taker, although the Taurus Moon does hold a lot of strength and endurance, but can also be stubborn and headstrong. Although in saying that Mars can be headstrong too, actually both can really stamp their feet and spit their dummy out when being forced into situations that they either don't want to be in, or be a part of. So we must beware of being misunderstood, or not being in a place of understanding when it comes to others and their own way of seeing and doing things. But what we really do need from the Taurus energy this New Moon is his common sense and ability to think before he acts, because although taking a risk might be needed, we will need our common sense to know if that risk taken will be for our highest and best, or to our detriment.

This T.square is also bringing up a lot of old childhood or relationship wounds. Also issues around sexual hang ups or childhood abuse.. So if there is any suppressed feelings around these particular subjects, than this New Moon will bring them to light as Pluto continues to clear out the old to make way for the new and is associated with the root chakra and at 26 degrees in Sagittarius, these issues can go way back to our ancestry lines. So we wont just be clearing out our own emotional wounds, but also those of our elders and our ancestors. This is such an important time, because not just on a personal level, but also collectively on a global level. Sagittarius is the Sign of belief systems and faith, representing religion, philosophy and the higher mind, but in an institutionalized sense.

Sagittarius's ruler Jupiter is still retrograding through Ophiuchus and Ophiuchus is the Sign of the Divine Feminine and Christ Consciousness, she is not in favor of institutions, she is a free spirit and does not support any corporate establishment that is man-made, because her connection to the 'divine' 'the creator of the universe', comes from her inner temple and she relishes in the natural world of nature and the elementals, she does not have to be among a body of people to pray, because she is fully aware that there is no separation, and that we are all one, in holy communion, continuously with the divine. To her, meditation is a constant state of being where there is no beginning or end, it is a continuous cycle a way of being.

So between Jupiter Retrograding in Ophiuchus, and Saturn and Pluto retrograding through Sagittarius, we are becoming fully aware of the spiritual war that has been taking place for many a century, that has been based on control, greed and manipulation. Even Ophiuchus herself was evicted from her rightful place on the Ecliptic, because of the knowledge that this constellation holds. The knowledge that we are all divine beings of light, and love, and are capable of so much more than we are led to believe. So the ongoing T.square, I have been following since last June; the great awakening that is currently taking place on our Earth and the Saturn, Pluto conjunction in January 2020, are all preparing us for the rising of Ophiuchus's energy, the Divine Feminine, and her aim isn't to come in and destroy the masculine, it is to bring us back into our self power, our self love and our self control. To help us unite in holy communion with nature and universe, and to take her place beside the Divine Masculine as his equal, once the evolution of his soul is completed.

That is why so much emphasize has been placed on the twin flame union over the last few years and that is not to say that the twin flame union between man and woman doest exist because it does, but! It is the divine union of our masculine and feminine energies within that is the most important part of the process, once again the balance of our material desires and spiritual values, because if we are not whole, or holy within ourselves than how can we think that we are ready to fulfill our true destiny as a collective if our egos are not balanced with our sense of unconditional love, how can we call ourselves humanitarians if we are still stuck in cycles of fear, greed and lack . This is what this time is all about, its about the evolution of the soul and the rising of divine consciousness. We must stay focused and follow our own instincts with self love and self belief, not ego and pride.

The second T.square takes place between our Sun Moon Jupiter and Neptune, which puts a lot of us in a vulnerable position since our perceptions can be quite distorted under this grand aspect, adding to the possibility of misunderstandings, or lack of clarity. For some there could be a heightened sense of disillusionment through high expectations or dissatisfaction with the status quo in life. We must beware of jumping into things too quickly or make any life changing decisions, because the energies at present are just far too restless and stagnating for us to make decisions that are based on practicality and common sense, since its the more negative qualities of Taurus that are being instigated this New Moon.

The third T.square is between Chiron, the Goddess Pallas and Mars, which again is forcing us to reassess our direction in life and to bring our spiritual values into balance with our material desires. It is human nature to want to be more, have more and to feel secure and loved. The reason why the energies are so intense and restless this New Moon is because we are completing a cycle and the upcoming Full Moon in Ophiuchus will be the Grand finally to this years cycle that started in January. And even if we are not openly aware of this, we are definitely feeling it on a deep soul level. So any restless energy that we are feeling is down to not knowing what the future holds, as well as all the fear-mongering that is taking place within our media and any unhealed wounds that are being brought to the surface in a seemingly cruel way. But although we cannot see it yet, there is a method to the madness that we are currently in and in time we will see that this time was necessary and was for our highest and best. The more we resist it, is the more we are hindering our souls growth and self empowerment, but the more we embrace the unknown, is the more magical and rewarding our path in life will be. So we must trust ourselves, be true to ourselves and most of all respect everyone around us as our equal, with unconditional love and non judgment, but with integrity.

So for this New Moon and the next two weeks I recommend that we continue to get out in nature as much as possible without neglecting our responsibilities, I recommend that we burn a pink and a blue candle for balance, between the emotional and the spiritual, the masculine and the feminine. And Cedarwood or Sandalwood incense for grounding and protection. this month I am recommending two of Steve Nobel's meditations since I feel they are both relevant this New Moon, one is for emotional healing, to help us to allow our feelings to flow in a more harmonious way and the second is for clearing out old karmic cycles or any negative energy that we find ourselves stuck in, or are still being affected by. I do recommend doing the two over the next two weeks.

Peace & Much Love

Emotional Healing Meditation

Diamond White Fire to clear out of Karmic Patterns

Full Moon in Libra


The Full Moon this month reaches its peak on the 18th May at 22:11 in the GMT Timezone, at 17:11 in the EDT Timezone and at 7:11 in the AEDT Timezone on the 19th May. The Moon will be in Libra at 19 degrees, whilst the Sun in opposition is at 4 degrees in Taurus conjunct Mercury at 0 degrees. And as Katharine Kinnie from Cosmic Numerology pointed out in her last live transmission, the times 22:11 and 7:11 are relevant numerologically and it will be interesting to see how they play out in the timezones they are associated with. Although the EDT Timezone is relevant to me at the time of 17:11 because 1+7 equals 8 and this is an 8 universal month numerologically. Please listen to Katharine Kinnie's Numerological Forecast for May if you would like to know more. I think she is actually using her YouTube Channel now, if so I will post the link to that below, if not you can find her transmission on my Face Book Page the link to that is in the description box below.

So the Full Moon in Libra is relevant to this 8 Universal month because in the true live time sky Libra is the ruler of the 8th house and Scorpio is actually the ruler of the 9th house. The 10th is the house of Ophiuchus and the 11th the house of Sagittarius, so just from that alone we can see that the difference between the true live time sky and western astrology are quite out of sync, although the aspects tend to be the same for the most part, although even then are becoming more and more out of date also. The true live time sky isn't fixed and is forever moving and flowing along. Anyway I wont get into that too much now because I am very close to doing a separate video or videos even about Ophiuchus and the 13 Zodiac. But this Full Moon to me is all about karmic clearing. Also Pluto and Saturn in retrograde are taking us back to our ancestry lines and past life karma for clearing.

Anyway back to this Full Moon in Libra, the 8th house in which Libra rules represents a weighing up of our deeds, in thought and action, it is the house of karmic debt and karmic reaping depending on what we have put in on our journey up to this point. It is the house of inheritance, taxes, relationships, equal opportunities, balance and justice, poetic justice. It is the 9th house of Scorpio that is the house of endings and the underground world. Which would make more sense since the number 9 numerologically is the number of endings, endings of cycles, where we judge ourselves and face our consciousness and clear out the old, to shed our burdens, the 9th house isn't the house of rebirth, but it is the house of the awakening, spiritual enlightenment and universal laws. It is in the 10th house that we are reborn.

Full Moon's are all about endings, letting go to start anew and this is especially relevant this Full Moon as the Moon at 19 degrees adds to the number 10 and represents a final clearing and a beginning of a new cycle, also the 10th house in the true live time sky is the house of Ophiuchus, the house of rebirth, Christ consciousness and metaphysical abilities. It also represents the masculine and feminine energies, the no. 1 representing the masculine and 0 representing the feminine. This is also the house of the Kundalini, the great awakening that has been taking place for a little while now. The Sun at 4 degrees in Taurus shows a need for balance between our hearts and minds, making decisions and sticking to them because Libra is about bringing in balance and harmony, especially when it come to our relationships, our relationships with others, our relationship with money and our relationship with the divine. Mercury at 0 degrees in conjunction with our sun shows that we must empty our minds to allow for new information and wisdom to come in, to let go of all that we previously thought we knew and to move forward in a new way.

Venus conjuncts Uranus in Aries at 5 degrees this Full Moon and I feel that this is a very relevant aspect because first of all we are in a 5 universal month, but also because in Aries makes this conjunction an activation in the physical/material realm. So we can expect some big changes or shifts when it comes to our consciousness about the way view love and money. This conjunction shows that our sense of freedom within one to one relationships will become more important than ever before, where we will want that connection that goes beyond the mundane, where good sex is not enough anymore, many of us are feeling the need to connect in all 3, mind, body and spirit. So there could be a lot of restless energy and boredom for those that are caught up in relationships that are just based on obligations or responsibilities. Also Jupiter Retrograding through Ophiuchus the Divine Feminine is in opposition to Mars who has just recently entered into Gemini, so the masculine energy is reflecting a lot on where he has not been truly honest in the past and having face up to the consequences of his actions within his own subconscious mind. And this energy is not gender specific, it applies to us all.

Another conjunction that is taking place this Full Moon which is relevant is with Neptune and the Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius. Neptune is at 20 degrees and the Black Moon at 22 degrees, so this is a very significant aspect when it comes to how we feel at a deep soul level, because of the constant shifts that have been happening it is likely that many are likely to feel confused and a little bit lost on their current path. The worse thing you can do at this time if this applies to you, is to let go of the fear and confusions and work on grounding techniques until this energy passes. Because the Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius casts her shadow of power struggles and sense of loneliness, her power here in this sign is phenomenal, but if she is not in her conscious mind she can actually be quite crushing and destructive. But if she is tuned into her conscious mind then she can be a genius and very uplifting. So we must keep a tight grip on reality, since the retrograde planets, especially Pluto can distract us from keeping it real. Fears, phobias or self delusion, can be a hindrance to our souls growth.

The ongoing t/square that I have been discussing since last June has also had a shift in players. The north node is still in opposition to Pluto and Saturn, as well as the South Node and instead of all being in square to the goddess Pallas, are now in square to the Goddess Vesta in Pisces, which actually steps up the pressure on us with regards to our shadow selves. So when all were in square to the Goddess Pallas we were all being forced into seeing the Bigger picture of our past behaviors, and the reality of our situations, where as this square to Vesta will be putting pressure on us to face up to any resistance we may still be holding onto regarding our insecurities, our hang ups, our destructive tendencies etc,.. so if we are avoiding this by throwing ourselves into our work, or continuing to behave badly, then we will have a harder time transforming the negatives into positives and we must also remember that karma is the key theme for this Full Moon.

So I recommend that we do some shadow work, as well as grounding techniques, to slow down and listen to what our soul is telling us. For some it may be that you need to take a step back and face whatever is blocking your path and eliminate that block consciously with unconditional love. For others it could be about coming to terms with childhood abuse, or it could simply be facing where you have been destructive in life, to face your consciousness and clear that energy with once again unconditional love. This is not the time to judge ourselves or others, it is a time to let go and refresh our mind, body and spirit for the upcoming new cycle that is nearly upon us.

I also recommend that we burn a white candle for purity, and just recently my good friend Gloria has introduced me to San Paulo, which is a wood incense. So normally I would recommend frankincense and Myrrh after sageing, to bring in spiritual energy after cleansing, but apparently San Paulo works the same way but is much easier to use rather than using charcoal and granules. So either or either would be okay.

I am also recommending Steve Nobel's 'God/Goddess Reunification Meditation' which is about reuniting your personal masculine and feminine energies with the Universal God and Goddess archetypal energies. This will take place in the heart, sacral and third eye. In which I feel would be a fantastic meditation for most of us, even if we feel that we are in balance already, because the heart, sacral and third eye chakras are very relevant this Full Moon, especially since our psychic energies could be off the scale at this time. I also recommend grounding ourselves through walking barefoot on grass or concrete, but if the weather conditions are good where you are then I would definitely recommend taking a trip to a park, and laying on your back put the soles of your feet onto a tree and just let the energy flow through you. Actually I am going to be recording a guided meditation soon on grounding and re-energizing, its a visualization I use when I'm stuck indoors and cant get out so I feel I should share that one with you all, so watch out for that.

Peace and Much Love

Kim Lovelace May, 2019

New Moon in Aries


The New Moon begins in Aries in the 'True Live Time Sky' The New Moon will begin on the 4th May at 23:45 in the GMT Timezone, at 18:45 in the EDT Timezone and on the 5th May at 8:45 in the AEDT Timezone.

We have space to breathe this New Moon, the aspects are cordial and opportunistic if we use this time in the right way. The energies are not intense but with the New Moon taking place in Aries it is likely that many of us will feel restless and ready to face any obstacles that are on our path, and as long as we are doing this from a place of self responsibility and consideration then we are on the right path. Although I'm not saying to overlook bad behavior of another with acceptance, but to act with integrity when moving away from circumstances that are a hindrance to our own growth whether, mentally, spiritually, materially or physically.

There is a deep urge with this placement of the Moon for some to rebel against restriction or obligations, there may be an underlying urge to break free and rid ourselves of people or circumstances that aggravate us. We have 2 Tsquares this New Moon as well as the ongoing Grand Cross with the Nodes, Pluto, Saturn and Pallas, with Mercury and Venus as the guest speakers. So even though the New Moon itself is offering us ease and opportunities to take a breather, these Grand Aspects are reminding us that there is work that still needs to be done, especially if we are in partnerships or relationships where we are restricted by limitation, although the planets do suggest that the sense of limitation is basically down to our own belief structures and what we feel we deserve. So the 2 T.squares in affect this New Moon apart from the ongoing Grand Cross are likely to make some us feel a strong need to escape.

The first T.square formed by Pallas in opposition to Chiron, blinds us to the bigger picture when it comes to self belief and what we could actually achieve in reality and because they are both in square to Juno the Goddess of marriage and commitment, old wounds could surface around deception and boundaries within relationships, or there could be realizations that occur regarding our relationships. This particular Grand Aspect in its negative sense keeps us stuck in karmic patterns and volatile situations that are not good for our Soul's Growth. For some it could be that there are obligations or responsibilities that keep them stuck in these situations, maybe to do with children, or shared resources, like a business, or a mortgage. However the ongoing Grand Cross with the Nodes etc... is the Strongest and most significant aspect because of its longevity, as well as its players, since they are all very strong and powerful characters. So this particular T.square with Chiron, Pallas and Juno is basically waking us up to our self worth, our obligations and ability to shift our perspective, rather than to allow ourselves to become irritable, or being too stuck in our head negatively.

The second T.square is with Jupiter Retrograde in opposition to Mars and both are in square to Neptune. Both Mars and Jupiter are very independent and demanding planets. Jupiter is Retrograding through Ophiuchus at present, breaking down old belief structures around injustices, belief systems and financial structures. Whilst Mars in Taurus, is on a mission to fulfill his desires and will dig his heels in if opposed with a stubbornness that that goes beyond common sense. As both are in square to Neptune These two planets can go over the top to prove a point, acting recklessly and carelessly, especially when it comes to money, possessions, drugs or alcohol. Drowning our sorrows or acting impulsively or rebelliously is definitely not the way to go this New Moon.

The ongoing Grand Cross that has been shape shifting from a T.square to a Grand Cross since last June, is actually in affect to help us transform and transcend old traditional belief's, values and structures that are no longer serving us both personally and collectively. “And please do listen to my past podcasts. So we would all fare better if we embrace the changes that are taking place rather than to go into resistance, because the more we resist is the more that we make our lives and situations harder for ourselves. And its not an easy process because the changes taking place on the grand scale of things, is not just uncomfortable, it is highly unnerving for those who don't understand its significance or just have no idea of the energies coming in and what needs to be done. So it may take something really big to happen to wake those up who are in the dark with regards to esoteric knowledge.

There is a collective shift that is happening, especially during this build up to the Saturn Pluto Conjunction that will take place in January 2020, which is already uprooting many of us, but in different ways, for some it could be moving home, for others it could be a change of job or career, or even breaking with friends or family ties. And this is occurring to push us forward to where we need to be, who we need to meet, but most importantly to allow the shift to occur in terms of energy. Because environmental energy can become really stagnant if we have outgrown it, its like trying to breathe in oxygen from an empty oxygen tank. As well as preventing us from furthering our Souls growth on our journey through life.

So for this New Moon I recommend deep breathing techniques, grounding your energy by walking barefoot, especially outside if you have some green space. But even standing on concrete outside will be beneficial. I always see walking barefoot on the grass as Earthing and on concrete as grounding, although paving slabs would work more efficiently. I suggest that we burn a pink candle for calming and an earthy incense such as Cedar Wood or Sandal Wood for grounding and clearing.

The meditation I am recommending for this New Moon is Steve Nobel's Diamond White Violet Fire Transmission: Clearing Old Karmic Patterns and Programs

Full Moon in Virgo


The energies coming in are diverse and extraordinary this Full Moon, there is definitely a big shift happening at the moment and the schism between the energies of light and the dark is vast right now. Its almost like we have come to a point of it being all or nothing, politically, socially, spiritually and even intimately.

Some may still be experiencing break downs of their appliances or services since the energy coming in is electrical and highly charged, Also watch out for your nervous systems and issues around the Solar Plexus and Throat Chakra areas. This energy is very transformative and will be with us for a little while, pushing us out of our comfort zones and waking us up to the truth in all its forms, whether that be politically, socially or personally.

So the Full Moon reaches its peak once again in Virgo this month in the true live time sky on the 19th April at 12:12 in the GMT Timezone, at 7:12 in the EDT Timezone and at 21:12 in the AEDT Timezone.

We have 3 T.squares this Full Moon which are very challenging Grand Aspects and set to bring a lot of karmic patterns to a head for better or worse, depending on our outlook and how we absorb information, but most of us will find this time quite challenging energetically, especially as the Black Moon Lilith is in an exact conjunction with Neptune in Aquarius, in which I will get into in a little while. But like they say, things happen for a reason and for a season, so we must hold on tight to our sense of compassion and empathy but from a place of inner strength and unconditional love, because the theme this Full Moon is all about Power and Control especially when it comes to our relationships and our sense of duty.

But it doesn't just stop there, because on a collective level, there will be a revealing or revealings, when it comes to the scientific, political or computing industries. Although we must trust our instincts and know that not all will be revealed in its entirety, so we must keep our minds open and concentrate on our own well being right now, because unless we are fully aware of the hidden motivations behind certain events, we will just end up stuck in confusion and fear rather than integrity and enlightenment.

Our Moon in Virgo will be in opposition to Uranus in Aries as well as our Sun, The Sun will be at 0 degrees, Uranus will be at 3 degrees and our Moon at 35 degrees which will break down to the number 8 numerologically. So basically our Full Moon will be in a Karmic void that will be extremely active and some events have already occurred since the New Moon earlier this month on the build up to this Full Moon, but as I said before, the build up to the Saturn Pluto conjunction 2020 will be very revealing although like I said, not all as yet will be revealed in its entirety, so keep your eyes open but also concentrate on your own health because I also feel that there is a lot of toxicity in the atmosphere and if you are a sensitive you will be more susceptible to it, especially those of us that live in a City.

The first T.square is with the Moon opposition the Sun and Uranus all 3 will be in square to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node which are all in Sagittarius, so the energy is likely to feel very militant and berating for some, whilst for others, this energy can be very innovative and self empowering as long as we are in a place of self confidence with a faith and trust in divine timing. Because this year is all about the completion of Karmic Cycles and old traditions and values, that no longer serve us both on a collective level as well as personally. It is also a time where some will break bonds with those that don't have their best interest at heart.

There may also be a sense of loss with these transits too, a loss of loved ones, or having to walk away from loved ones due to abusive or addictive behavior. The New Moon did warn us earlier this month about trying to help those that we are not equipped to help and if we are still in that place, then it is likely that the deep seated frustration, sadness, or anger is likely to erupt this Full Moon.

On top of that we have the 2nd T, square with Mars and the Goddess Juno in opposition to Jupiter and the Goddess Ceres and all are in Square to Neptune and the Black Moon Lilith which further emphasizes that emotions and frustrations will be running high, especially when it comes to abandonment issues, neediness and power struggles, which can really take its toll on our health, self esteem and ability to see things clearly.

These energies coming in will be very testing and overwhelming. But only if we are too obsessed with our situations, or are being overly critical, either about ourselves or another, playing the blame game, or berating ourselves for our past mistakes. We cant run from ourselves and we cant hide from the truth, not when its smack bang in our face. What we can do, is open up and speak our truth and if we cant do that in a disciplined way verbally, then we can write it down, or voice record it and if we want to keep those thoughts or feelings private, then we can either burn it, delete it, or listen back to it at a later date once we are in a better frame of mind. And You will be surprised at what you can learn from doing that, as long as you can listen back to it with an open heart and mind. But It will be different for each and everyone of us depending on where we are at on our life's path. Some may hear from someone or people from their past, either for closure or to reunite. whatever the case is, this is a time of speaking our truth as long as we do that from a place of balance and clarity. Only fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

The 3rd T.square is the ongoing Tsquare I have spoken about constantly since last June with the Moon's Nodes, The North Node has mostly stood alone which has shown just how powerful and determined this particular Node is, the North Node represents our destiny and what we need to fulfill in this lifetime before we leave the Earth Plane. At present the North Node is in opposition to of course the South Node which is an aspect that never changes, but shows to us the vast division between destiny and karma, the South Node representing karma. So as well as being in opposition to the South Node, the North Node is also in opposition to Saturn and Pluto and these 2 guys are serious dudes as we are already seeing on a collective level as they come together in an exact conjunction. The Moon's Nodes, Saturn and Pluto are all in Square to the goddess Pallas who in mythology is connected to the Great Athena and represents the true strength of the feminine energy, but can be brutal and harsh with her judgments, Athena was responsible for the defiling of Medusa, cursing her to a life of pain and suffering and turning her into the bitter witch that Medusa became... Most of you may already know this story, but for those of you that don't then you can find it online. But what the Goddess Pallas does represent in astrology is the hard core truth, seeing the bigger picture with clarity, using integrity and fairness in judgment. Even Athena herself would have had to have her karmic debt for persecuting the already unjustly persecuted. A very similar story morally when it comes to Pontius Pilate and Jesus, 'Yeshua'.

But no matter what was done or said in the past this T.Square doesn't ask us to live our lives in guilt and remorse. It asks for us to learn from our experiences and past mistakes, to accept and heal what was and to move forward with the integrity and a greater insight. To forgive ourselves, or those who may have trespassed against us.

This particular T.square has been the leading authority when it comes to all the other aspects, dominating the wheel of life and revealing the darker side of life, the abuse of power, addictions. bad habits, repetitive mistakes and obsession. But its not designed to break the already broken, it is designed to break and eliminate all that which is unfair, unjust and Soul destroying. And at this point I would like to big up all the Spiritual Warriors out there that are spreading the light of love and truth, because the energy that is being radiated through their love, compassion and concern for our Mother Earth is definitely working. This particular T.Square is urging us to step into our self power and work on our self esteem, our health and righteousness in its true sense.

Jupiter is now Retrograding through Ophiuchus which is also likely to bring up some big realizations around past injustices and abandonment issues, and also times when we have abused our own power. But it can also bring up hidden gifts, or secrets from the past. Jupiter retrograding through Ophiuchus can also dig up ancient knowledge or truths on a collective or Global level , and I feel that this is especially so with the Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius. And Aquarius in the true live time sky rules the 13th House, the house of the hidden. But! And its a big But! We must not allow our ego to overrule our common sense and trust that the divine is at work here and that whatever is revealed during this time is for the benefit of humanity and our Mother Earth at the end of day. and it is what we have all been subconsciously yearning for and manifesting on a deep Soul Level, and now this change is finally being put into effect. To move forward, we must use our powers of discernment and continue to work on manifesting a better world for our future generations by staying focused on our own well being and being an inspiration to those that are new to the awakening.

So for this Full Moon and the next 2 weeks I recommend deep breathing techniques and that we get you much fresh air as possible, even hug a tree, or 2!

Mantras, affirmations, Chanting and prayer will be highly potent at this time. Drink plenty of water and meditate on all your chakra points, but paying special attention to the Solar Plexus and Throat Chakra, to keep your nervous energy to a minimum and be able to speak your truth with clarity and self control. I also recommend that we burn a Black Candle and a White Candle together, to bring equality to both the light and the dark energy. The meditation that I am recommending for this Full Moon is: Living on Light Transmission: Expanding your capacity for absorbing Prana, by Steve Nobel.

I haven't shared an affirmation for quite a while but I felt that I needed to this Full Moon and the one I am sharing with you is actually one I shared last year. So that affirmation is:-

I am conscious of my actions and am mindful of my self empowerment. I empower others to create good karma and use my own inner truth to inspire and encourage unconditional love and peace. I am blessed.

Peace and Much Love <3


New Moon in Pisces

Watch the Video

By Kim Lovelace

The New Moon begins on the 5th April at 9:50 in the GMT Timezone, at 4:50 in the EDT Timezone and at 19:50 in the AEDT Timezone and the Moon will be in Pisces in the true live time sky.

We have 3 T.Square's this New Moon including the one I have been following since last June, between the Moon's Nodes and Uranus, which was also a shape shifter and a very important Grand Aspect that has played a major role in the evolution of our spiritual development throughout the portals and gateway activations that took place throughout last summer up until the end of March this year. Uranus is renowned for sudden shifts, especially when it comes to shifts in consciousness since he rules the Crown Chakra and is also the ruler of Aquarius. Uranus has now departed from the T.square, so the intense nervous energy that most of us have been feeling since last June will now subside, I guess for anyone with Planets or points in their 13 Star signs Natal chart, have been feeling this energy the most, But even though Uranus has left the ongoing T.square, the Goddess Pallas and Pluto are still involved and recently Saturn stepped into the picture too, preparing for his face to face meeting with Pluto in January 2020. In which I discussed in my last podcast. Pluto is in an exact conjunction to the South Node this New Moon and they are determined to clear out the old to make way for the new and Pluto is connected to the sacral chakra which is also connected to our Maternal lines and is the place where our Shadow hides, so Pluto's wife the Black Moon Lilith is also associated with the Chakra. So some of us definitely need to meditate on this area for healing our ancestry lines and as I said to help the Kundalini to flow . But if we are going to work on this area, then I would also meditate on healing the Root Chakra too, because the Root Chakra is also connected to our ancestry lines but those connected to the Paternal, The Root Chakra is associated to Saturn and represents our roots in the physical world, our sense of security with regards to our material desires.

The Goddess Pallas however is very much associated with all the air signs, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra, and are all connected to the mind. Pallas herself is all about seeing the bigger picture and recognizing patterns, especially with regards to our emotional reactions

and behavioral patterns. So while Uranus was pressuring us to make the shifts and changes to our consciousness, our way of seeing things, the Goddess Pallas is now broadening our scope. Remember 2018 was all about inner reflection, but 2019 is about outer reflection and manifesting our concepts into our physical world, that is why it is so important for us to stay focused on keeping our vibration high. If anyone is struggling with this then I really would recommend that they divert any intense energy into something creative, art, music, poetry or any other form of crafting, to release the intensity of their emotions.

This new T.square formation with the Moon's Nodes and the Goddess Pallas isn't smooth sailing though, because although the Nervous Energy of Uranus is out of the picture so to speak, the Moon's Nodes, Pluto, Saturn and the Goddess Pallas, will be enforcing us to break out of old patterns of behavior and to develop our ability towards self sufficiency following our own guidance, self confidence and stepping outside of the box with regards to our way of thinking and being.

The Moon in Pisces is all about creating healthy boundaries and inner strength. We must avoid over analyzing our problems, or concentrating too hard on any details. We must avoid becoming obsessed with trivialities and open our eyes, our hearts and our minds to make the best of this aspect. Especially since this T.square with the Nodes and Pallas will stay in affect until around the Lions Gate Portal that takes Place mid August.

The other 2 T.squares are more or less in sync energy wise, urging us to break away from toxic situations or people that we feel obligated to and where we give away our power through compassion or pity that can so often be mistaken for Love. We can only help those who want to help themselves and even then we have to assess what type of help is needed and if we are really equipped with the tools to supply that help. Sometimes we just have to trust in the divine and follow our own instincts in this time where our sense of duty and self value is being recreated. Although staying non judgmental and in a place of unconditional love.

The Black Moon Lilith will be at 26 degrees in Capricorn, whilst her husband Pluto will be at 26 degrees in Sagittarius and in an conjunction to the South Node which further emphasizes the need to break out of karmic patterns and on work healing our ancestry lines, our Sacral Chakras which will help us to connect with the collective as an individual part of a whole, not to submerge ourselves and get lost in the crowd as an insignificant entity without cause or affect. Together we are stronger, but only if we are connected and in control of our own Super Power, our own intellect and our own self confidence.

Mars in Taurus will be in sextile to both Mercury and Neptune in Aquarius, offering us the opportunity to see things clearly and to take right action when it comes to our intuition and avoid those situations that can prove uncomfortable or invasive. Mercury and Neptune are also in sextile to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node which helps us to look beyond superficiality and live our lives by example, it is not our duty to wake up others to their own lives, it is our duty to plant the seeds by being an inspiration and allowing them to come to their own realizations.

The Goddess Juno in Taurus is in sextile to Uranus in Aries, offers us the opportunity to make the changes needed within our commitments or obligations, through compromise and equality.

Jupiter in Ophiuchus is in sextile to goddess Pallas in Virgo which is offering us a great opportunity to see beyond the material world and see that there is a greater need for us to connect to our inner divine wisdom and not our desires for physical gain.

So for this Full Moon and the next two weeks I suggest that we connect to nature as much as possible for grounding, I also recommend that we spend as much time as possible near water, actually the water element is very strong this new moon, firstly because the Moon will be in a Water sign but also because Pluto and the Sacral Chakra are connected to the Water element too. Spa days would also be great at this time as well as Sea Salt baths.

Burn a white candle for purity and a wood fragrance incense such a Cedar Wood or Sandalwood for grounding and the meditation I would recommend for this New Moon is Steve Nobel's Archangel Jophiel Transmission: Which is about invoking the Citrine-Gold Ray of Beauty, creativity and joy.

Peace and Much Love


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