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The Shocking Truth

Kavanaugh: I'm the real victim

Exposing Abuse

We can see that women have for years been in the process of reevaluating the degree of their contribution to men's comfort and prosperity. With each lapping wave of a new generation, we have girls and women refusing to accept the limitations and minor roles they have been subjected to, both in the home and in the public domain. Women, because they are able to support each other on their basic shared dissatisfaction and anger, are going to be the change agent for society that men have been unable or unwilling to become, primarily because they cannot change themselves by themselves. Women and their outrage and anger are the explosive truth that men will have to face. The oppressor is unable to give up his privileges any other way. Yet change they must, or our world will be destroyed and all we have accomplished will go up in flames.

Some idiot spokesman for the preservation of sexual predation (correctly as it were) claimed that if all men were judged on the sins of their youth, no-one would be qualified for the supreme court. He was referring to the Kavanaugh hearings in September, which have now morphed into a campaign to white-wash the victimization of teenage girls as mere frat-boy pranks with no lasting effects. Abuse of women, to this spoiled coterie of creeps, is but a stepping stone to their assumption of power, a prelude to their assumed status as the dominant gender. The rich men, after all, invented the cold disregard of women as breeders and sex objects, and this has filtered down into the battered psychs of the lower classes of men, also trying to find their way in an insect-like culture of mindless lives.

As men (as a group) see it, the sexual needs of men come before a woman's ownership of her own body. Women are historically the property of men. Kavanaugh, the otherwise beige frat-boy that is supposed to overturn Roe VS Wade (a woman's right to choose abortion) was groomed to look like a good husband, the father of girls and promoter of female law clerks, in spite of his participation in years of drunken prep-school pranks and degradation of the girls which were institutionally placed at his disposal as a prelude to his elite status. Strip away all the trappings of respectability, however, and what you get is just another male chauvinist pig.

The cost of doing business with men. image:

This is how wealthy men go about creating a pool of sexually accessible women in an environment of sexual fantasy and cynicism. As the layers of his hypocrisy peel away, it's evident that the exposure of Kavanaugh's creepy sexuality will be ongoing. It didn't end in high school; as an adult, he worked with (the now disgraced) Federal Judge Alex Kozinski for decades and may have subjected the stable of his female clerks to sexual harassment and pornography.

The exposure of federal judges in the 9th circuit as male chauvinist pigs is both a prelude and a backdrop on what lies ahead. The Uranus-Venus opposition in October-November is our astrological confirmation of a trend of the growing power of women in the work force, but also as man's greatest asset, and also his worst enemy.

Venus is the planet of male fantasies. And also of the worst outcome as the fantasy hits the wall of reality. If Immanuel Velikovasky's theory is correct, Venus originated as a comet, a hypnotically beautiful object in the sky, until it passed so close to Earth that it scorched it like a dragon's breath and caused a virtual die-off. We know today that Venus is a hot, stifling, poisonous planet, a "doomsday" world, according to astronomers who are pulverizing our fantasies of sensuality and pleasure.

Venus retrograde starts in Libra Oct 5 and stays in Libra until Oct 16, two day before it turns back into the sign of Virgo. Libra is about justice, the Kavanaugh case itself is a Libra law event, with all its worst pompous Libran qualities. As Venus starts to move backwards in Virgo, the worst property of that sign may be worse than just a show trial; its the withering criticism and cold rejection that Virgo can summon up to crush the newly-appointed worst enemy. Only Virgo can register the power and finality of the insult: "You disgust me", which usually means the end of the line for the soon-to-be-a-virgin again Virgo. With a crack of an interstellar lightning bolt a retrograde Uranus will start its opposition to Venus on Oct 18 through the end of the month. The most back-breaking transits will take place starting on Oct 24, on the full Moon, when the opposition sets up a Grand Cross involving the Black Moon, the Moon's Nodes, and the Sun-Moon opposition. Astrologically, it the perfect storm of women calling men to account for abuse and misuse of women's affections. Uranus is the means by which some inalterable fact, a revelation on the cruelty and barbarity of men, such as Christina Ford's most painful memory of the two drunken fratboys laughing at her shame, fear and discomfort after Kavanaugh attacked her.

Watch Tchiya's latest Good Risings TV: Forgiveness?

The "SNAP" Moment

The last wave of the feminist movement often referred to the "snap" moment when a wife, girlfriend, female employee, etc., realizes suddenly and finally they are being victimized. The broken heart can't un-see what it has seen. Many women credited the snap moment as the final blow to end a middle class, middle-age marriage. The Black Moon is also square Sun/Venus on and around Oct 24, so retribution from women who have been betrayed by men is almost a given. While men are able to ignore and marginalize women most of the time as too emotional, we'll now see Lilith, who, bereft of any emotions, will put men into a spiral of despair from which there is no respite. Kavanaugh and other abusive men are the hysterical bitches in the new paradigm, and Lilith is turning the screws on them, minus the usual compassion for them that men expect and otherwise demand of women. Many women will see this transit as the end of the free ride for men who have been able to get away with a variety of crimes against them.

The snap moment can also apply to our faith in the systems, institutions and social networks we depend on. Virgo Venus is also about wealth and health, as well as relationships, so its easy to see that we can be faced with a collapsing money situation--or a rapidly collapsing health situation, that for Virgo, will involve the stomach and bowels. Something you might have guessed was coming but you weren't looking until it came too close to ignore. Investments you may have thought were solid may suddenly be revealed as shaky as Jello pudding. Virgo is known for cold examination, relentless review, and constructive criticism. Venus retrograde might be one's previous love objects laying out dead on a cold slab.

This mighty knowledge is meant for warfare, violence and fighting. Uranus is in Aries so there is no chance of compromise. It's winner take all, victory or death. Venus will have no mercy when she realizes everything must change, things can't go on like they are going. The interesting factor of the mid-term election may only reflect the anger of the women who vote, and they may be the most politically innocent of all. If Venus hits the wall, the glass ceiling that prevents women from getting power, it is the wall that will fall, such is the power of the shattering truth. Perhaps a liberating truth as well as a painful one, which hopefully will extend to even the most hardheaded jerk.

If indeed abusive men can be forgiven, it's not this time around. The crimes are too fresh and the truth is too raw. The answer to the question "is forgiveness possible?" is no.

Anti-Kavanaugh protesters take over US Senate building (Guardian)

Killing Marriage

When women move as a class and not just a gender, and render judgment on the class that has oppressed them, there are no more chances, no more innocence. The timesup hashtag is the reply. Uranus has lead to moments of dreadful clarity like a thunderbolt, realization, and sudden, impulsive action to unwind a mountain of tradition. Uranus may be the secret weapon of the millennials, if they did indeed accomplish all the cultural and consumer changes the old people blame on them. No longer satisfied with "killing" clowns, the napkin, the car, etc, with their radical politics, they may start aiming at marriage, and then sexual politics itself, as it is practiced today.

Traditional marriage will never be the same after this transit, that's for sure.

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