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"Scorpio" By Hiroko Sakai

Save the Eggs
Nov. 23-Nov. 29

Scorpio only has six intense days to reproduce per year. Of all the signs, the most rare is the true Scorpio. The "usable" life of a Scorpio is short and spectacular. The Scorpio is a soldier ant. He or she has but two purposes, to attack the enemy and repopulate. Although they take their tactics from the ant, far from being insect-like, the Scorpio is very emotional, and like the other water signs, Cancer and Pisces, is haunted by fear, real and imagined, and also the unseen; drawn from the underworld of the collective past; dread, terror, and legacy of the dead. Scorpios are serious.

Scorpio was eviserated by the Romans, who carved it up to create a bogus sign, Libra. They wanted to tame the primordial Scorpio and replace it with a nicer image. Yet the Scorpio remains embedded in Libra, like a lost child. This reduction of their agility and scope has just made modern-day Scorpios even more wary and resentful.

You could say Scorpio carries with them, in their Eight House, the screams of a million wounded warriors. Scorpio deals with fear like a battle weary soldier. Fear is the mind killer. When fear is conquered, death is conquered. Like the Egyptian pharaohs who defied death, Scorpios live to die to live forever.

Body part: The Genitals
With so little time for the birth of Scorpios, the sign is very conscious of providing offspring, and sex is mandatory, relentless, and limitless. The purpose of sex is also to dominate the mate, procreate. The sex of the genitalia doesn't matter. Scorpios ARE their genitals, a machine to propagate the species.

Scorpio’s stamina in sex depends on the autoimmune system, and the kidneys. Once infection has entered the body, problems with the genitalia, such as loss of libido, impotence, STDs, yeast and fungal infection are not far behind. Once sexual appetites are gone the Scorpio can be an angry zombie--or rise again like Osiris (with the help of Ophiuchus).

The Scorpio is the expert at sex, because that's the favorite field of study. Eroticism and pornography are the realm of the Scorpio. Early masturbators, sexually aggressive, Scorpio children are often chastised for their curiosity about sex, and can easily be involved in molestation or rape, and other life-or-death struggles involving dominance and power. The young Scorpio can be overwhelmed by the adult authority, which preys on them while despising them. Scorpio boys can be perceived as prurient and sadistic as they are seeking out the meaning of the sexual taboos they encounter. Girls can fall under the hypnosis of sexual gurus.

Scorpio men, both gay and straight, are often fans of anal sex, role playing, and fisting. It's not quite the anything-goes attitude of Taurus, who likes everything physical. Scorpio sex is like a war. Every aspect of sexuality must be investigated and learned as if the Scorpio soldier must become expert at weaponry. Leather, bondage, torture, humiliation, there all part of the Scorpio's skill set. Sex is often a weapon, a way to take power away and also to surrender it. Anyone partnering with a Scorpio must be prepared to delve far deeper into sexual variations from what is socially acceptable. Really, there is NO boundaries that Scorpio won't cross when it comes to sex. To win is orgasmic.

Fresh Blood is the Scorpio Aphrodisiac

Sexual desire and performance depends on the blood. If the blood runs hot and clean, the sexual act can be a marathon of lust for Scorpio. If the blood is stagnant and full of gunk, the sex drives goes south. The enemies of clean blood are fat and sugar. The Scorpionic weapon against dirty or sluggish blood is the powerful anti-oxidant, vitamin E, a natural substance that can reduce the potential for heart disease, reduce inflammation in the muscles, and increase virility and sexual response. The other anti-oxidants, Vitamin C (ascorbic) and Vitamin A and D are all essential for the health of the kidneys. If they are not plentiful in the diet or not supplemented, a Scorpio can run out of libido and the only joy in life. A life without sex is like a living death for the Scorpio.

Deeper than the lyrics

Scorpio Defiant

Through the steam of their brainless lust, men really fear Miley Cyrus, she's way too out there, too flagrant. Cyrus has defied the male supremacy by anticipating it with a wanton expression of a crude aggressive promiscuity that rivals theirs. She doesn't give a damn about men, anyway. She's a huge influence on, and a expropriator of, the teenage girl's curiosity and confrontational approach to sex. She is meeting men's expectations of her sexuality head on, and taking no prisoners. Men are intimidated by her; here is a girl who bites back. She does what women have been afraid to do for centuries, act out, upset the social contract with men, which is that girls must be passive and adoring of them.

Cyrus may be just as ambitious as any other young singer, but her act is threatening, bordering on the obnoxious. She's sexual but not sensual, according to the conventional wisdom. She expresses a female frankness that men are afraid of, that puts their egos on the line. She makes a joke of their sexual turn-ons and dares them to confront their own lust.

Cyrus is taunting men to attack her, knowing she has the power of a mass audience behind her. She's irresistible because sex is universal. Girls all over the world are imitating her. She's the new female Scorpio, tenacious and powerful. She's not waiting for deliverance from men, she's taking it by force. Cyrus' influence is far and wide, and her message is clear to women and girls: now is the time to mock men and their ridiculous sexual fantasies. Fuck them before they fuck you!

The biggest taboo in society is to recognize power openly. To seek it and revel in it. Sex is power. Superiority in sexual matters means dominance and survival to a Scorpio, and the reproduction of the species is actually an act of aggression against any comer. In the ant world, the colony with the most ants wins EVERY TIME. The genitals are akin to an imperialist weapon, the source of Scorpio power over others. The genitals are like a sword of conquest. They represent the future for which Scorpio fights, in a never ending battle for survival, the outcome of which is predestined and out of their hands. Their sex organs are their eternity; the DNA will survive.

Scorpio can be the rampant penis or the demanding vagina. Scorpio's genitalia determine their moods and serve as a bellwether for their health and well being. The genitalia reflect the temper of the entire body. Scorpios bond in their sexual relationships because their genitalia acclimates to another's. This is why separation from a sex partner is so difficult for a Scorpio, since the genitalia stay connected long after the mind is free. This is their form of undying loyalty, a trait that you can count on in friendship, business and love. Once you have sex with a Scorpio, they own you for life.

Watch Out

Don’t lie to a Scorpio. They'll find out.

Scorpio the Soldier

Scorpios don't choose to be warriors, but they draw violence to themselves, and eventually they must defend themselves. Scorpio is compelled to be a better soldier, which means insight into the weakness of others, penetrating intellect, and a razor-sharp tongue, their coup de grace. A Scorpio can hurt with words like no other sign, leaving a lifetime wound in their adversaries. They have extreme patience to deliver the blow, they'll wait in the shadows like a ninja. If they are wounded, they can use extraordinary self-healing even if it takes years, sacrifice, and planning. It means they can get even.

Because of its planetary ruler, Pluto, Scorpio always has one foot in the nadir--the underworld where others fear to tread. The surface world never satisfies them. They are the relentless detectives of our crimes and secrets. This sours them on our high hopes; jades them to the possibility of peace, and justifies the use of any means necessary. When attacked, Scorpio goes to war, and it's for keeps with no quarter or mercy. There's no returning to your corner to rest. The civil war's most effective Union general was William Sherman, a dour Capricorn with a relentless Scorpio Moon. His march to the sea to destroy the Confederacy is the way a Scorpio etches its way to victory, no holds barred. Scorched Earth, lay waste, collect the corpses. For Scorpio, that sometimes seems enough to live for; to see the complete destruction of their enemies.

Scorpio claim: "I'm not jealous, I'm just painfully aware"

Mythology aside, They can also represent the implacable NO in conversation: as in, "No way." This is one Sun sign who is liable to lash out at free advice, or any advice, making it costly for the advisor. They can't be improved upon, they are already at the apex of their power. Change can only diminish them, they are a fixed sign. For Scorpios who have made up their mind, the best course is to leave them alone unless ordered not to.

You'll never know the real Scorpio. Secrecy is the Scorpio specialty. Their stock and trade is YOUR secrets, but not their own. They are sensitive enough to sense duplicity in you, but not weak enough to share theirs. Scorpios can come at you cold, you'll never know how powerfully the emotions run through them, especially if you aren't paying close attention to the signals.

Scorpio IS emotional, but as an adult, plays it close to the chest. Scorpio's emotions center around shame and secrecy. Scorpio gathers a lot of wounds in childhood, to emerge scarred and bitter at the injustices done them, but they choose to bury their anger until it's fermented, like the best revenge. It's best to stay off their shit list, but, considering the many sore points they have, if you live with one, eventually you get bitten by one. They can be as poisonous as a Tarantula.

Pluto, as seen by New Horizon Probe, Oct. 2015

Scorpio's ruler, Pluto, is a scary object in space.

Pluto is not a dead planet. It has the life force of an ancient system, however. Like a crazy spinning whirlwind of gravity-defying activity, at the edge of the Sun's solar winds, Pluto is the power of chaos and transformation by violence that has inevitably mentored the birth of the inner planets of our Solar system. It is the on the ring of planetoids that face outward, beyond the Solar winds. The Sun is at their backs. Although the International Astronomy Union has relegated Pluto to planetoid status, it still represents what we can't see or understand, and therefore, what frightens us. It also reminds of of the titanic power of the Universe beyond our scope or understanding. It really doesn't matter where it is in your chart, Sun, Moon, ascendant or in the aspects--The influence of Pluto will always add a pang of finality to wherever it visits. Pluto is death at the door. Scorpios resolutely face their destiny, as if going into a battle they will ultimately lose, like the Vikings going to Valhalla.

"Pluto is where evolution collects it's materials to build anew. It will create new ideas from the birthed remembrance of decay—a word we use as the ultimate accompaniment of death. We could also use it as the ultimate giver of birth. To take lessons from Pluto is to understand our own nature. Just as the cycle of life brings endings, completions and to us sentient beings, sadness, we can also see opportunities in our daily world view to appreciate and anticipate the good with the bad, the birth from the death and the newness from the decay. Pluto holds all of life's lessons, if you are listening."
--Alicia Ruth, from the Aboriginal Astronaut

Pluto reeks of ancient history, of millions of years and the mysteries of birth and death. Scorpios feel it as a hidden signal from outer space. They develop an instinct for the timidity in others. They exploit our weakness.

Pluto gives Scorpio its resolve and fosters the sense of duty and discipline. It is fearless in the face of the unknown. Representing the will, the determination, psychic strength, regeneration, Pluto is the repository of our oldest concepts, darkest urges, and complete destruction; the way we meet our fate. Only Scorpios can face the terror of Pluto with a serenity that comes from the eons of time.

Pluto and its Moons

Pluto is a miniature planetary system, with a Moon, Charon, almost half its size. Pluto's other tiny moons—only discovered as late as 1978 and as recently as 2011—only add to the charisma and audacity of Pluto, whose eccentric orbit defies the sun's ecliptic, and moves in wild swings from it. Charon, aptly named for its dark energy, summarizes the myth of Hades and Persephone, a deal made with a hellish reality. Pluto and Charon are so close it almost seems like a double planet, and no matter how strange the connection, they are bound together for eternity.

Pluto, like Scorpio, may hold the key to the secrets of our solar system, as well as our secrets on Earth. Pay attention or pay dearly to the arcane knowledge of these dark heroes of death.

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