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Libra is the Newest Sign
Oct 31-Nov 22

The Scientist by Hiroko Sakai

The Devil's Advocate

Libra was invented by man, not the gods. They are meant to be humans in a perfected state. They are more connected to other humans than to the stars. Of all the signs, with the possible exception of Aquarius, Libra is the least likely to believe in astrology, much less agree to be a Libra. It's not stubbornness that keeps them aloof, rather it's the inability to decide who they are that keeps them in limbo. They are only capable of being half-way into astrology, and then, only a part-time Libra. Any sign would be too confining! One hundred per cent of anything runs counter to their conventional wisdom. It's not manageable. It's theory. It's inhibiting. There's no freedom in having no options.

They see a valid viewpoint on either side of the equation. They seek balance, a feat that isn't possible in the real world. Equilibrium, if the truth be known, is just a temporary achievement, as we slide from one extreme to the other, or move from one foot to the other. The symbol for Libra is the scale, the only machine in the Zodiac. But they could just as easily be symbolized by a handshake, or a kiss. The weighing and counting is just the beginning of the complex machinations of the Libra mentality. Libras are the precursor of the cyborg, half-robot, half human, that has fascinated science and science fiction alike. They want to integrate with their environment, not battle it.

Although Libra is a "cardinal" sign, which indicates drive and ambition, it also acts like a "mutable" sign, changing and flexing with the situation. The Libra can play the devil's advocate to avoid being trapped in one side of the argument. The quality that helps them resolve differences and master all types of relationships is the ease with which they can straddle the fence, and yet seem to sympathize with all the contestants. Libras are rarely fully invested in a relationship, usually making themselves useful to others, rather than rely on the passions of love. Half of Libra is always capable of stopping the action and reassessing the situation again.

13 sign Libras are usually disappointed in their own sign, in line with their buyer's-remorse take on the world. Libras feel Libra is incomplete. Libra lacks the wholeness of the animal or the goddess, for example. Libras want their bestial nature back from Scorpio, which was surgically removed in 100 AD/CE, when the sign of Libra was created by the Romans to celebrate a hundred years of peace under the rule of the Emperor Augustus. Libra is made by man, designed by counsel, and defended by reason. Is it any wonder that Libra's few faults have to do with man's hypocrisy and duplicity?

Libras might wish for the simplicity of violence, and Libras could envy the tough backbone of the soldier, or the single mindedness of the insect, all of which are qualities of Scorpio. But this is not to be. What Libra does have, however, is the voice of reason, and the power of reason. They believe in human behavior, social systems and political isms, not in the limitations of the stars, the possibility of miracles or the depths of the soul. They are of two minds about themselves, like everything else. If they accept one point of view, they lose all the other possibilities! This is how they get their expertise at managing others, who are powerless in the face of their own passions.

When it comes to leadership, Libras are like new, improved Scorpios, using a thin veneer of genteel manners to compensate for Scorpio's erectile tissue and suppressed passions. While Scorpio's only job is to protect itself, Libra takes pride in the mastery of a world of give and take, compromise, and peaceful coexistence.

Libras would never expose their robust desires, at least not in public. In truth, however, Libra's deep dark secret is that they are just as much a slave to lust as Scorpio. However, the Libra is ultimately able to regain control of itself, and carry on in a high minded fashion rather than surrender to the rutting of beasts.

That's because Libras are humanized by civilization. The Libra would rather join a partnership than fight. Their weapon isn't the sword, but charm and seduction, and the ability to exercise tact and diplomacy to get what they want. Libras are complicated, like human beings, and it can be said that Libras are the highest order of human beings, born to lead and rule over the lessor signs, a role they often play as managers and organizers. This may also be why they can suffer the vanity and insecurity commesurate with humanness.

Libra Factoid:
They have to double check everything, and still are in doubt. They worry. A lot.

Every Libra is his or her own lawyer, a shield against barbarism and chaos. Famously, the Libra wants harmony. It's unachievable, but why bother telling Libra this? It's their myth, they can tell it anyway they want! Many Libras are breathlessly sexy and people naturally want to believe them. They are civilized and persuasive, and there's always promise of a sexual alternative to arguing. The Libra is a lover, not a fighter. However, they can't resist judging other people, getting one over on them, and pointing this out. That's their power, and Libras love it.

The world peace that Libra yearns for is the submission of the vanquished. A new world order, a coda of behavior and an immaculate system to rule the unruly mankind. The law is enforced by a dictatorship of morality. Libras are the managers of this brave new world. The savages bow before them in awe. The law is enforced by the dictatorship of enlightenment. They appreciate meritocracy, so long as they decide who is what. They are the managers of the whole system. Their hidden passion is power. People must naturally love them.

Whoa! that sounds a like like a Scorpio trait. And it is. Libra is secretly a Scorpio, tyranny re-branded as democracy.

Libra is the brand of the Roman Empire.

The Roman astrologers wanted to honor Augustus (Octavius), who they not only named a month after, but also enshrined with a new Zodiac sign, Libra, the scales. This symbol encapsulated the noble Roman family, and the high level of intellectual, architectural and social advances the Romans made. They regarded the rest of the world as barbarians. Romans, like Libras, ruled by force if necessary to bring the benefits of civilization--slavery--to the rest of the world.

Augustus ruled Rome for almost 100 years, Romans imagined him to be the heart and soul of Rome. 100 years after his death, Ptolemy redesigned the Zodiac in his honor. He cut Scorpio in 2 pieces and gave the bulk of that sign to a new, improved constellation. In short, Libra got the claws, Scorpio got the balls. Scorpio was given only 7 days to stew in its larval state. The Romans felt Scorpio was tribal and too visceral for their taste. Scorpio could only exist in the ring, the Colosseum, where slaves and gladiators fought to the death with wild animals. Controlled by the Emperor, Scorpio was the animalism enjoyed as spectacle but only overseen by Libra law.

Perhaps the Romans eviscerated Scorpio trying to avoid its dark thoughts and perceptions. The result of this operation left Libra with a highly active but secret sex life, inadvertently echoing Augustus, who famously installed a permanent orgy on his private island of Capri.

Scorpio's fascination with the taboo of procreation and sex remains with Libra, and blossoms like an endless libido during Libra's share of the Sun's visitations. However, Libra can manage the passions that drive Scorpio mad.

The Romans also made Libra share Venus with an agile female bareback rider, who provides most of the attraction and entertainment to the sign of Taurus. This had made Libra eternally jealous and insecure in her relationships. For male Libras, it's made them skeptics in love, and qualities that are ideally suited to a pimp.

Libra is sometimes like a jealous sibling, juggling her flawless beauty and ultimate perfection on the scales of vanity against Taurus' gross love of luxury and indulgence of body pleasures. Making Libra the a Zodiacal machine makes this sign the coin of the realm, a bankable commodity rather than an ancient archetype. Is it any wonder that Libra is set on having it all; 2 of everything, having the cake and eating it too?

The Lovers by Hiroko Sakai

The Libra Book Of Love

We love Libras--it happens to all of us, at one time or another, like a guilty sin. They ARE very likable, and that's where the trouble starts. We are flattered by their attentions. But there's always a hidden side to Libra: the Scorpio side. Do they see us as potential lovers or potential slaves? Libras come on like a lamb, but their ancestral memories are that of the wolf. Their warmth can instantly dissipate and be replaced by a cold, cold wind that turns us to ice and freezes love into a hard, sharp weapon.

It's easy to accuse Libra of not having feelings, but that would be false, because the torment and worry of maintaining equilibrium is very emotionally draining. Libra is a little envious of animal passions that need no reason and have no consequences. However, balance is a mechanical construct, impossible in the human drama, and Libra is puzzled and frustrated that it can only be achieved for brief moments, like an orgasm.

Libra and Polarity

Drama for the Libra is the element of the swinging scales, weighting, worrying, wanting; it's very exhausting for the Libra, and the only way to return to balance is deep prolonged sleep. The Libra down time.

This machine has a human side--how could they not, they have a body, don't they? But they're connected with it for only half the time. Their polarity swings from the body to the mind, suddenly, as if nudged by natural forces beyond human control. Maybe there's a Libra switch that gets turned on when there's sexual heat in the air, and turned off when Libra confronts the sweating animal who actually does the deed. Would Libra rather fantasize about sex than really do it?

A lot of Libras would protest, but Libras ARE put off by grunge and chaos. That's because unhappiness, strife, war and ugliness are against the Libra Law, and breaking the law is the one thing that Libras are emotional about.

The Other, the Chosen One, perfection

This is why Libra may love the relationship more then the actual partner—they fall for love like a teenage crush, which can either bloom or turn repulsive with one sudden realization. When in love, Libra forms a menage-a-trois, comprised of the Libra, the partner, and the Relationship. The two people can never escape the composite of the relationship, they must always abide by its rules. It's what others see that counts.

Loving Libra

You will share your Libra lover with the hybrid emotions that the two of you create, like the anxiety of a tightrope walk over thin ice. Maybe it's a bank account that's shared, for security. It's in the book of Libra lore: Love can't last, but beauty is forever. For Libra, love is the ultimate thrill and the tireless joke in their existential view of life. They all know that everything eventually breaks down, but they can't stop trying for eternal life.


Libra Burt Lancaster, 11/2/1913

Danny DeVito 11/8/1966

Gordon Ramsey 11/8/1966

Rue Paul

Grace Kelly 11/12/1959

Roseanne Barr (11/3/1952)

Antoinette (11/2/1755)

Libra: to love is to judge

Rejection never happens when Libra is at the peak of charm. Libras normally do the rejecting--often in a nice way, you might almost not know you're being rejected. Libras would NEVER tell you to your face the obvious, that they just aren't into you anymore.

It's just as likely that almost ALL the other signs have been dumped or ignored by a Libra at least once, and may become disenchanted with this sign. Who does she think she is? they say. This can generate a lot of self-destructive impulses in Libra. Many Libras have tragic lives, in spite of their success or expertise in manipulation. There's a sadness in Libra, as if it carries a permanent flaw. Those with Chiron in Libra will know what this means, like the loss of a twin, a limb, or another side of yourself. The Libra judges themselves harshly, with little tact or the diplomacy reserved for others. They can be tainted and scandalized by associations with their secret enemies, held captive by a boor, against whom they have little defenses, especially if flattery works.

Libra women are susceptible to bad marriages, if not more than the other signs, then Libra may be the most disappointed when it comes to love. If one thing is certain, they can be everything one would wish for in a partner, and still lose love in the end. One look into the real, pent-up thoughts of Libra can sour even the most romantic soul. Male Libras can play the field for so long that they forget that their lives are worthless without true love, and end up hollow shells surrounded by their enemies.

The curse of beauty

A smart Libra keeps it all in perspective. However, as Libra perfection fades, the circle of admirers draws ever smaller, and this is liable to freak them out. A Libra never wants to be told that he or she has lost their touch, a memory of the sleek sex machine she once was. The male Libra has a harder time growing old gracefully, and often is the guy with the toupee and the sports car. What has happened is the tables have turned, the judge is being judged.

Libras probably sense that their days as ravishing charmers will fade, and their only insurance policy is FRIENDSHIPS. They will try to put lovers and everybody else into the friend zone, a sort of fawning network of fans and groupies that will flatter and gossip with Libra, but not tax their emotions. Libra normally will NEVER ever want to trash a relationship, and will hang on to you, in the event that you are needed again at some point in their lives.

Vanity by Hiroko Sakai

This is the fate of Libra women particularly; the poor-little-rich-girl syndrome may fit many of them, and Libra women hang on too often and too hard for too long, often ending up disgraced and unwanted by the same coterie of admirers that once fell under her spell.

People ultimately hate perfection--and perfect people, and the Libra, as he or she succeeds at it, is subject to the lynch mob of social opinion when it turns against them. All Libras should beware the fate of The Queen of Libra coquettishness, Marie "let them eat cake" Antoinette, who, in spite of her charm and innocence, was beheaded by her furious subjects.

Searching for Harmony

The Libra lifestyle is made up of bits and pieces of philosophy, science, art, ideology and erotica, a sensual and delicate balance of everything the Libra mind wants and collects. The Libra can be a dilettante, or a renaissance sign. They seek the excitement out in the world that they don't feel inside. The key factor is intellectual curiosity, with no emotional attachment.

Libras are promoters of a lifestyle, or a point-of-view. They have marketing techniques and protocols to establish their validity, their Way, the correct line--and then start to evaluate and judge everybody else from that vantage point. Libras work best from a high pedestal.

Libras have searched for the truth, and found it. Like the computing and measuring machine that they are, they piece together an impartial picture, based on their observations, and render a verdict. They can choose any narrative, see every side to the story, the best and worst side of any argument. This is why ultimately, in spite of Libra's desire to be nice--they render judgments like a modern day Jacobin.

The Libra wants to be a glamorous Hollywood star, to be loved, and have an impressive resume, to be admired by all. Flattery will get to even the skeptical Libra. Likewise they know how to use it, from fawning over their love object to diplomatically shoving people out the door.

A Question of Love by Hiroko Sakai

However, it's not easy balancing what is often contradictory information. So the Libra numbers are always crunching, the wheels always turning. They NEVER completely decide on one course of action. They suffer from acute and constant second-guessing. They're always doubting you and their own decisions based on your advice. It's no wonder Libras need so much down (sleep) time. It's not just beauty sleep, it's the time when they can be alone with their dreams, without the constant din of other peoples' needs bombarding them.

Variables are always changing the result. The scales may swing one way and the other, according to which way the wind is blowing, but the Libra will always seek balance, never fully committing to risk everything. Balance, however, is a fleeing and elusive utopia. Every turn of the screw can swing a Libra one way or another. Libras may seem set in their ways, but can and will change and twist with the breeze, like the wind sculpting sand.

Libra Love: Only Skin Deep

Libra is also the natural sign of the pimp. Or the concubine. Or the juggler. They are like the subject of My Last Duchess, Robert Browning's poem about the selfishness of love. They can love everyone, and this often isn't enough for their lovers, who want it all.

Libras spread their love around, they should not submit to the rule of a tyrant, because they would be eliminated by him for sharing themselves. For Libra the old socialist adage works in love: "To each what they need, and from each what they can give." The Libra would do well in open relationships, of they could find a partner who would agree. The Libra is a socialist, but not on humanitarian grounds. Socialism is merely a better way of sharing than dealing with animal needs and egos.

Love is difficult for Libras because they are the only sign that can multi-task in love. Others want the simplicity and sanctity of complete ownership, which Libras can't give.

When it comes to relationships, Libra love is available, but never unconditional. Libra is developing an hedge fund collection of people he or she finds either important, beautiful, useful, and/or complimentary, and then places them under a microscope. Who knows, you might become their latest experiment. They are, you know, the scientists of the Zodiac, hardly able to accept any pie-in-the-sky promises.

Geisha by Hiroko Sakai

Libra the Love Machine

What Libra is doing is studying us. Why? Because that's their interest in life, interacting with others as the scientist runs tests on caged animals. They are programmed to relate, it's not a natural occurrence. To a Libra, nothing is more important than relationships. Libra preens itself to be a thing of beauty, a tromp-l'oeil so that it can build and maintain relationships with the common theme of love and affection. Libra has beautiful relationships with people because it tries so hard to bring harmony and justice to the connection. Libra is a fair witness who can see the arguments for both sides, and stands up for what they perceive is good behavior. This is Libra's connection and service to society. They are seventh-house people, looking for the counterbalance, the counter stroke, the back-beat, the reciprocal love, the eternal OTHER. Can this love machine make it happen?


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