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Surrender to the Moon
Jul 20-Aug 9

Moonchild by Hiroko Sakai

The Moon is our queen and she is always on time. The original lunar calendar was designed to keep track of her time, according to her moods and magic. The lunar yearly cycle is 13 months of 28 days and one day left aside for our calculation to catch up to reality. All our natural changes are connected to these movements. The power of our Moon is relentless, universal and indispensable, and yet, also contacts us in our deepest places. The Moon is our poetry and the font of our illusions, and Cancers are some of the Zodiac's best poets and actors. They are also our auditors and appraisers. Behind the shy cancer, there can be an all seeing eye measuring us and manipulating our behaviors.

The Moon isn't just ethereal, it exerts a huge gravitational and emotional tug on us. Globally, the Moon decides the timing of the tides; internally, it drives fertility, migration and murmurating in all forms of life on Earth. The Moon drives the phases of female menstruation, the ebb and flow of the seasons, fertility and decay, and every aspect of Mother Nature. She is female on a titanic scale, and she has been inscribed throughout the eons as our original Goddess, our closest heavenly body and the Sun's counterpoint and companion. She is our ancestral mother, the beginning of all our consciousness and the Earth's benefactor. She runs circles around us--invoking the the most visceral feelings of any planet.

The 13 sign Cancer is the Moon's Earthly companion; also her lover, her slave, and her messenger on Earth. The Cancerean third eye is always gazing at the Moon, following her cycles and translating her commands.

Like a handmaiden to the Moon, Cancer is attentive to all her moods, growth and decay, fullness and emptiness, pleasure and pain, life and death. Cancers can cultivate an understanding of the boundless sea of emotions and the infinite coldness of the ocean. While other signs sleep, Cancer is plugged into the Moon, its turmoil, its contradictions, and uncannily radiates a mournful autocracy it gets from her. The Moon can be beautiful, filling our hearts with love, or a lifeless mask holding death like a bowl full of dread. Cancer meanders through all the Moon's visible incarnations, like the rest of the signs, but it also sees the invisible, the hidden tragedy and rage behind the Moon's placid face, Cancer sees everything; the truth and the lie of the Moon's love.

Humans are almost bystanders to the synchronicity of the Earth and the Moon. The Moon controls the tides and the fertility of the soil, it tells us when to sow and to reap; the Moon gives warm summer nights and cold winter months. The Moon shows herself and hides, only revealing half her intentions at any given moment. She never reveals her hidden side, the dark side. The dark side of the Moon is an essential part of the inexorable, repeating circle of natural events, great and small, good and bad, amazing and horrifying.

Something in Cancer is wounded--this sign may lose all hope, and then regain it, as if the Moon's cycles can reshape Cancer's world in the same way it does its face. Is the Moon a soulless orb, moving in complete disregard of all human hopes and ideas? Or a source of succor and sympathy, our only celestial friend?

We'll never know. Man's hopes and conceits are nothing compared to the Bell curve of natural return; nature itself is two wildly divergent poles in the process of transition.

"It’s left to Cancer to assimilate, explain and experience the opposing sides of the Moon's extremes. Cancer reveals the secret nature of what we are experiencing. Cancer represents the overall unity of opposing dialectical forces, the majesty and totality of inescapable change, and the slow march of the draining away or filling up of our souls." (The Book of Cancer)

Cancer spends its youth trying to understand the lunar cycle, trying to fill the void that it feels inside no matter where on the cycle Cancer is at the moment. The relentless slide to the dark side is always a factor. That's why there's danger and drama, and a downside to everything in the life of the Cancer, and this sign uses visual cues, the power of suggestion, and clever camouflage as defense against potential consequences and ever-present enemies.

One easy way to get a fix on Cancer is to visualize the crab hiding under the sand, only to emerge in the Moonlight. Also, one can look at Capricorn, Cancer's Zodiacal counterpart for clues. Both signs are symbolized by sea-creatures. While the Cancer crab travels back and forth over the same hallowed ground, Capricorn's symbol, the sea horse, seems to float from the ocean's depths to its surface. Capricorn is naturally bossy and materialistic, and makes no bones about it. Its ambition to rule is obvious. Cancer also exudes leadership and practicality, but hides its obvious determination under a more mysterious feminine cover. Cancer symbolizes the mother, but it doesn’t mean a human mother, it means Mother Earth, who can be distant and severe at times. Like nature, Cancer can seem to be breathtakingly comforting one moment and uncaring and sarcastic in its opposite incarnation without a second thought. The Cancer is more in sync with the Moon than with any human, and its waning and waxing often separates it from human emotions. Like the crab, Cancer can be inscrutable and circle around a problem rather than confront it directly. The crab represents antiquity, the most ancient of creatures, and early astrologers thought all cosmic life originated in the Crab Nebula. Cancer is also the Third Eye, the Moon’s eye, the inner sense that sees all and retains all in its ghostly apparition. The deeper truth often is hidden behind the mask. Cancer honors this connection more than a face-to-face contest of wills. The essence of the Moon and Cancer is in the regular immutable cycles that perpetuate its endless waves of contradiction and polarity. The alertness of the Cancer to emotions surfaces in a flush—it engorges the breasts—and then, as the light fades, it can organically and physically transform into its hidden counterpart, nesting under the surface of our consciousness.

Cancers observe that nature loves diversity and hates stasis, and is fluid like Shiva, creating and destroying with the same busy hands. Yet, almost instinctively, Cancers will try to suppress change out of sheer terror, so fearful are they that it will bring something worse. The fear of disorder, the fear of attack, the fear of altercation and disaster always haunt the Cancer sensibilities. Nature herself has taught Cancer to fear the unknown. This can make Cancers anxious and vulnerable. When nature is bountiful and the Moon is full, Cancer can rest and gather strength against the darkness.


I Believe By Hiroko Sakai

Make us Believe

That paradigm prefaces every Cancer mood: how to navigate the dialectical forces of nature without losing traction. Today, with the Solar calendar and the pressures of man's laws and desires, the Cancer tries to make a straight line out of the curve. The Moon must survive in a world that denies her powers. Science has pitted itself against her, human law confronts celestial law, and Cancers are in the middle. They have to make us believe in the unknown and unseen.

Cancers can make us visualize them as the person that they want to be; they suggest it, we affirm it. This helps them solidify their hold on reality, which they see as relative and subjective. How well they succeed reflects the quality of their acting abilities and persuasion.

The power of suggestion is why there are more Cancer film and stage actors by far then any other sign, except perhaps Pisces. Cancer shuns fame and fortune, but mankind's greed forces her to seek them, so sometimes Cancer has to settle for notoriety.

Cancers engender love and hate in equal amounts. Ambitious Cancers Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jennifer Lopez, Lucille Ball, Barry Bonds, PeeWee Herman and Carl Jung all suffered from the disarray of their own lives; yet they have all been since reabsorbed into the cultural maw; they’re all too much loved to be thrown away, in spite of their shortcomings. In Cancer, love itself can become the enemy of rational thought. Growth becomes an instrument of invasion. The mask replaces the truth.

The Moon's phases: Moon Connection

Cancer and Lunacy

How the Moon affects Cancer
The Moon phases directly affect Cancer. The shrinking moon drains Cancer of vitality. The new moon is a new start, and Cancer’s stature grows in sync with the waxing moon. When the moon is full, Cancer is confident, capable of great action, theatrics and sometimes a great foolish delusion. This also is true for people with a Cancer Moon or other luminary planets in Cancer.

The Moon, like the human heart, is volatile, but very lovable, and awakens desire in us. Defying a penis-fetishist obsession, Cancer resonates with voracious female appetites, demanding complete supplication and satiation. Cancer is the sign of a ravenous and inscrutable sexual yearning. Beyond law and morality, it's a woman who takes a young lover; possibly her son, possibly a god. Cancer has many lovers and haters, it’s part of the Cancer charisma that all these secret urges are classified and held close to the heart. Cancer men straddle the male and female, yet also guard their mystery under a shroud of darkness, the depths of which cannot be judged or revealed. Cancers worship the unknown and seek to own it; Cancer Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn didn’t just love the human body, he designed our graphic concept of it as well. He dissected corpses to locate muscle sinews, to enable him to recreate it in his drawings and paintings.

Cancer the Disease

Cancer can be a killer. Cancer is the slow death of the anarchy of growth. Unconstrained and limitless growth can be evil; we can be killed by the abundance of life itself. Ungovernable growth is insane growth; the desperation of life to exist and reproduce can overwhelm its actual purpose. Life, which is beautiful and had limitless possibilities, becomes a parasite, a predator, and an evil force that chokes out the host itself.

Cancer is growth, good and bad; the sacred expression of love, the newborn baby, and the sickening results of over-population, presaging starvation and war. Cancer can grow even in the most hostile environment, for no other purpose than to dominate, the way a vine dominates the side of a building, or chokes out all other competing life on a tree trunk. Like its medical cousin, Cancer wants to rule through critical mass, wants to invade every cell; Cancer is the fear of death and the imperialism of life. This behavior is mirrored by human Cancers who struggle with the basic insecurity of their desires.

Good Mom, Bad Mom

As the human body decays, our grip on life and health falls away and the unity of our purpose on Earth is forgotten. We are abandoned by our creator and mentor. Cancer is repelled by what she created. The Mother hates us. Cancer prepares us for death, as it has given us the breath of life. There is no escape.

Bad Moms by Ros Chas

Why is Cancer associated with the Mother? Cancers are inconsistent Mothers, giving birth to their young and deserting them as quickly, as they must move on to the next phase. Nature ennobles motherhood only as long as she requires its fecundity. Once the womb is empty, the menses dry up and the Mother becomes the Crone, the female must incarnate into the destroyer of maudlin romance and sentimentality. She goes from protector to leader. The mother deserts us for wisdom. What she created, she must also kill. This fashions the human Cancer's dichotomy of good mom versus bad mom, where both sexes of Cancers can withdraw into the shadows and forsake their Earthy obligations

Real Mom, Media Mom

On earth, Cancers want to be loved by all humanity. Many Cancers feel they must sacrifice parenthood altogether to offer their services to a larger audience where love becomes impersonal and universal.

Triple Cancer Sally Struthers was spokesperson for Child Fund International, in so doing, she expanded her range from her own daughter to all children, calling upon everyone to be a good mother. Cancers can take motherhood from the micro to the macro. Some Cancers, male or female, do provide nurturing and maternal love, but others can be an absent or even a cruel mother; Cancers who are involved in career and fame often have no time for their own brood.

Double Cancer Rose Kennedy had a reputation as less of a mother and more of a superior officer. She ran a military operation and banished her retarded daughter to an institution, for the sake of her husband's political ambitions.

Cancer fathers may be conscientious by choice, but are inhibited by their own children, as if they were actors raising their own critics. Why nurture someone who will grow up to criticize you? Cancer Men often exhibit these tendencies; they cannot bear being upstaged by their own offspring, and remain childless, or are purposefully detached from their children. Some, like double Cancer David Spade, cling to their own childhood, and resist taking responsibility for their own kids.

On the other hand, Cancer can be a mother hen, like triple Cancer Carlos Santana, with a Leo Moon, who cultivates and supports a expanded family entourage that includes old friends, recording artists, former wives and assorted kids. Significantly, some Cancer women, like early feminists Annie Oakley and Amelia Earhart, eschewed kids altogether to advance a cause, in this case, equality for women. The mother love here is spread to all humanity.

Cancer and Capricorn:
Opposites but Alike

Cancers can learn a lot from Capricorn, (and vice-versa) two opposites in the Zodiac. Both signs have big ambitions and leadership aspirations. Cancers can do everything that Capricorns can do; achieve long term objectives and delay gratification; but they can do it with style. While Capricorns are the bones and virtue of structure, the unheralded foundation of growth, Cancers can make even a desert bloom like an oasis. If Cancers could get their priorities sorted out like Capricorn, they’d be more credible. Cancer can do by implication what Capricorn does by a direct order. Cancer becomes what they want us to be, to show us rather than force us.

Capricorn represents a painful, paternalist, learning system, and offers the promise of hard work. Cancer wants a maternal, flexible, codependent one, and offers the dream. Life with Cancer can be like a traveling band of troubadours, while Capricorns want to run everything like a business. Both signs are attuned to work, accumulation, and money. However, while the Capricorn is the master of Earth, Cancer is the mistress of the oceans. They can flow without resistance, and cover all they encounter with the inexorable rise and fall of water. Capricorn must carve in stone, awaiting the erosion of time, while cancer uses the cyclic natural forces to lay claim to greatness.

Bad Cancers

When Cancer is good, she's very, very good, when she's bad, she's very, very bad. Even when Cancer is evil or heartless, she always appeals to the heart, and so people still come to her for comfort and entertainment. Even Cancer Machine Gun Kelly had his bevy of admirers. However, events can snap back painfully on Cancers when they do let their guard down.

Cancers can be bad, very bad. If they’re not getting into trouble, they’re helping us get into trouble. They’re shifty. They can be very mean and passive aggressive while they protect themselves. They rely on the suspension of disbelief in many of the sales pitches they use to get their way, and cause confusion and despair in us when we wake up from the fantasy. They are full of intrigue and need cohorts. They are often paid to misrepresent things, and willingly do so, very well on stage and in the boardrooms, too. The bad mom is typified by double-Cancer Benito Mussolini, a ruthless manipulator and serial liar. His private life, replete with multiple wives, bastard children and backroom mistresses, is quite the Cancer cult-of-personality run amok. For his perfidy, he and his wife were rewarded with a gory death by their former supporters.

The Many Hats of Barack Obama

Barack Obama, our Cancer president, is a case in point. Rising like the full Moon from obscurity, he hypnotized (an ability all Cancers are born with) millions of voters into adulation and an unquestioning love. We never checked his policies or objectives. The Nobel peace prize winner morphed into a war-lover. He has used American military force no less than the other hawkish imperialists that came before him. He disguises his aggression in rhetoric and uses drones and death squads to achieve the same level of destruction and slaughter of his predecessors. He's overseen the most dramatic attack on our privacy in history, while he maintains the sanctity of his own. He's given fewer press conferences than any recent president, remained aloof even to those in his own party. He's changed his personality as easily and as often as changing hats. The careful constructions of his public persona are all false. He's exactly the cunning politician that he convinced us he wasn't, covering his tracks with a religious puffery that defies the truth of his actions.

Obama is everything to everyone—his supporters see him as intelligent and compassionate; African Americans see him as Black; the Right Wing Tea Party see him as socialist. Everyone is wrong. We never see the real Obama. He's even kept his tobacco habit as a secret in the Oval office. His humanity is a disguise for his cruel sense of humor and his fealty to wall street bankers. We all have trouble looking at the real Obama, excusing the mistakes and misdeeds of government—buried deep underneath a load of religious sanctimony. We expected nurturing, instead, we got nailed to the cross. MORE

Cancer Conmen

Barack Obama, Carl Jung

Two ambitious Cancers fakers who played us like card sharks. They both managed to sneak in the back door to get what they wanted, telling us everything we wanted to hear, gaining our trust and betraying our hopes. They used our own weaknesses and gullibility against us. They both came in as good Moms, but once in power, were revealed to be very bad moms, since they both deserted us at the critical moment. MORE

Curing Cancer's ills

Cancer emotions have their own dynamic, not connected to reality. Cancers can convince themselves of anything. They can feel sick without a corresponding disease, or feel well in spite of sickness. They have an ultimate faith in the natural healing abilities, and are suspicious of faddist health regimes. The are wedded to their bad habits and never change internally, only rebuilding their image to suit the occasion. When the the tree of their lives begins to bear bitter fruit, they withdraw into a castle behind a moat, close the drawbridge and withdraw into a paranoid schizophrenia that defies logic and reality, as did Carl Jung did when the enormity of his fraud became known.

When assaulted with ill-health, Cancer can readily believe in laughter as the best medicine, or other placebos and emotionally-based methods of curing disease. Of course this just delays the inevitable crash into dismal reality, something that can crush the Cancer spirit.

Not only will Cancer panic at (or ignore!) signs of illness, they have a tendency to repress stress and anxiety under layers of secret ruminations and deceptions. Cancer won't tell the doctor the truth. It’s a desperate need—but failure to achieve—control of the environment that causes this anxiety. Since the only place control can be so complete is in a dreamscape, Cancers become experts in creating one. However, the body is not subject to fantasy, but rather physical law, and not to listen to it is to desecrate it. The Cancer has a captive audience of its own body, a congregation of all its extreme emotional offshoots, and the act of self-realization and self-love can be a tour de force performance.

The worst danger to our bodies from the Moon cycle is water retention, when the body, and especially the feet and other extremities swell up. The fluids are a toxic mix of dead cells and gall, and a disease vector. This is part of the Moon's 28-day cycle, and applies to ALL men and women, but Cancers just feel it more intensely. Extra potassium will also help, as well as exercise.

Love can be an attack of sorts; the need, the suspension of disbelief, the invasion of privacy. Cancer and kids is problematical, even with the Moon's connection with nurturing and maternalism. While Cancer will use the techniques of nurturing, it isn't drawn from warmth, but the cold icy blue of Moonlight, with an unseen side of melancholia, that can be hard for a young child to deal with, or fascinating, depending on how much distance her or she can maintain when the Cancer parent is in the waning phase. To regulate their bodily functions, Cancers must return to the reality of the physiological, and cancel their dependence on their psychological gifts, which have no effect whatsoever on reality. They must respect the needs of their cells, and cater to them by acknowledging the truth, and admitting the limitations of their own illusions. MORE

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