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The One and Only Aquarius
Feb 16-Mar 11

Freedom or Death

Aquarius needs freedom more than other signs, since it was taken away in their ancestral memories. In mythology, the young Aquarian herdsman was raped and kidnapped by Zeus, who brought him to Olympus as his personal man servant and sex slave. Aquarius has never forgot this humiliation, and will never be captured or enslaved by anyone--Aquarius will face death rather than give up freedom.

Far, far ahead of its time, and therefore a target for the mundane, Aquarius offers knowledge as the key transformative factor in the universe. Aquarians thirst for knowledge in order to share with the world. That is why science, higher education and the search for truth is ruled by Aquarius. When they fail, or when they are wrong (never admitted) they can always disappear. Like a bird, they can fly away. We can’t pin them down or change them. Aquarius can think whatever they want. If you don't like Aquarians the way they are, then don't come knocking on the door. Who are the enemies of Aquarius? Anyone who would impede or obstruct the Aquarian agenda. Aquarians' idea of competition isn't to vanquish the enemy, but to achieve freedom.

"I’m free. I just do what I want, say what I want, say how I feel, and I don’t try to hurt nobody. I just try to make sure that I don’t compromise my art in any kind of way, and I think people respect that."

Erykah Badu, double Aquarius, 2/26/1972


Out on a Limb with Aquarius

Aquarius is the exception to the rule, so Aquarians will always play the devil’s advocate. They won't agree with you if their life depended on it. While utterly confusing and annoying others, Aquarian seek to achieve a Zen state of complete detachment from what you think of them. Aquarians will gladly sympathize with the majority, but join them?—not in your dreams. Always willing to pull the plug on hypocrisy (except their own) they want to have the final say on the extraordinary. If their truth be told, Aquarians will want to try to be impartial and tolerant, anthropologists and journalists, but in the end, they will only find the truth in themselves. Aquarian’s perspective is elevated from hurtful emotion, they can soar when others are mired in manufactured consent. This way they can stay calm during times of disruption, attack, and a sudden change of wind direction. Lightning bolts or electronic impulses from Uranus, their ruling planet, shine a crazy light on the Aquarian brain, they are halfway to the furthest star, already. Our connection with Aquarius will finally become clear—in 650 years when the Age of Aquarius begins in earnest. We're still struggling with the polarity of the Age Pisces until then. If we survive the adversarial nature of the fish, humanity will transform into its unified self, all encompassing, all-knowing, and fearlessly friendly to one and all.

Uranus: the Razor of Truth

Johann Bode named Uranus soon after its discovery in 1781 by William Herschel, but it took over a hundred years for freedom-loving Aquarians to break away from their previous ruler, Saturn and its restricting rings, and gain the eclectic and erratic genius of Uranus, the weirdest planet in the solar system. With its sideways rotation and unusual orbit, Uranus is a planet that doesn't belong. With its own faint rings and mysterious moons, Uranus swings in and out of our lives like a scythe of truth; cutting in all directions, emotionless, without malice, as it wreaks havoc on the studied, systemic existence we humans need to create. With Uranus providing the excitement and surprise, who else but the forever young and reckless Aquarius can cope with the twists of unruly fate? Like a rebellious teen living with a wacky uncle, Aquarians find the perfect planetary match in Uranus to their lonely path, and take full advantage of the situation by uprooting itself, breaking attachments, and freeing their feet from the the earth.

Aquarius Factoid: They like to debate, they'll never agree

Air and Stagnation

The quality of Aquarian air is fixed and wet. Like a downpour, Aquarians bring the rain. Like the atmosphere itself, these cloud dwellers hold the sky together, and then let the pressure drop. The water-bearer slakes our thirst, cools off the heat, brings relief.

Aquarians need a fresh breeze to sweep away decay. What we regard as chaos they see as a house cleaning, having complete faith that change brings improvement. Not that they won't be nostalgic about the past and grieve their losses. Aquarians endlessly pontificate on former perfection and grace. It keeps Aquarians running, and on the run. Since stagnation is death, Aquarians have to keep moving, like the shark, even in sleep, to remain vital.

"When you're a carpenter making a beautiful chest of drawers, you're not going to use a piece of plywood on the back, even though it faces the wall and nobody will ever see it. You'll know it's there, so you're going to use a beautiful piece of wood on the back."
Steve Jobs, Aquarius, Feb. 24, 1955


Aquarian Ankles

Aquarians often have beautiful ankles, strong and supple, because that is their strength and the source of their balance. The ankles telegraph Aquarian health, and they are also an early warning system for excess and disease. When these ankles swell with water, beware, the toxins are running rampage on the organs, and sickness isn't far behind. Aquarians must protect the Ph balance in the cellular fluids to keep their ankles healthy. Also, they should massage these sensitive areas, and use yoga to stretch the hamstrings.

Aquarius Sex

Aquarians should only have sex with their best friends and their worst enemies; when Aquarius flies the coop, the enemy won't care, and the friend will forgive. To subject a regular lover to periodic rejection would be cruel.

The Friend Zone

The cumulative strain of detachment can cause Aquarians to fall into a reverie that can be catatonic, as if they are in a state of shock. Ennui can become paranoia, due to stress and poor nutrition. Stress turns Aquarians into “comfort” addicts. They procrastinate when it comes to action. They’ll adopt bizarre eating and sleeping habits in avoidance. And, they will fade out of their love relationships, either mentally, or, if possible, physically as well.

To the Aquarian, the entire world is in the friend zone. This includes their closest friends, relatives, children and their lovers. Lovers never really leave the friend zone, they just inhabit a larger part of it. The lover or mate of the Aquarius must realize that if they demand more than friendship, Aquarius will bolt, or evaporate. Life long friendships are easy for Aquarius if they never leave the zone. Only complexity, passion and the demands of others drive them away.

"Punk is musical freedom. It's saying, doing and playing what you want. In Webster's terms, 'nirvana' means freedom from pain, suffering and the external world, and that's pretty close to my definition of Punk Rock."

Curt Kobain, 2/20/1967


Aquarians often create a state of turmoil that is the opposite of their intentions. This reveals the older symbol of their sign: the crossed swords. Aquarians love the contest of contrary opinions. They hone in on a state of concentration to the exclusion of everything else. Once the gauntlet is down, Aquarians compete with as much intensity as their other cerebral cousins, Sagittarius. Both signs fight furiously in the game, but Aquarius can reach a cognitive dissonance that rejects all opinions but their own. Once in the dead zone, Aquarians can slam dunk with a great, incredible Michael Jordan leap forward. If Aquarians listened to the crowd, or cared about the expectations of others, they could never win.

Aquarians see the world as a no fault, no malice, no blame free-for-all, like a mosh pit of ideas. People will oppose their daring, and build resistance to the Aquarian grab for freedom. How dare Aquarius? To cope, Aquarians distance and elevate themselves in order to defeat the naysayers. If they meet a brick wall, they merely float over it. Is it any wonder that Aquarians solve many of their relationship problems the same way? Like a rolling stone, the downside to freedom and casual friendship is isolation and limited, truncated partnerships. Aquarian’s perspective is free of hate, a hurtful emotion, but their style of love is rootless and intellectual.

Aquarius Michael Jordan: 23 is a prime number

Facing the music

It's foolish to pity the water-bearer, or wonder how Aquarians got the way they are. They like it like that. They are the most stubborn sign in the zodiac. When directly opposed, which is often, Aquarians never give up their principles, or their dreams. Even if their lives are frilled with drudgery, difficult and suffocated with authoritarianism, they would rather disconnect than submit. Aquarians faced with repression become so detached that they are capable of drifting off to the winds, further and deeper into their memories and melancholia. The idiom of a person being free within a prison's walls applies to Aquarius.

The Age of Aquarius: 600 years to go
The visible reality of astronomical time, according to NASA and the International Astronomical Union, dispels the notion that the age of Aquarius is just around the corner, instead pointing to a completely different reality. MORE

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