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AUG 10-SEP 15

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Who said that meat, the trash-or-treasure protein option used before civilization advanced to farming, was actually good tasting, anyway? Your erstwhile dying parents, and their largely prematurely dead forebearers? The vegetarian must think outside the box, in this case, the mental cage. Hunger is not a mysterious or unexpected phenomena and does not have to be satiated in the fastest possible way. The preparation and cooking of whole grains and true greens will humble Leos and give them time to think.

Fats and Death

For Leos to live a long life, they need to control the one thing they crave the most: fat. The Leo wants to live off of burning fat, but unfortunately, fat starves the brain. Glucose is the only food the brain can use, and a high fat diet will starve the Leo brain, and also clog the heart and veins. The Leo heart must be fat-free to work properly. Any problem with the heart will drain the life out of a Leo, fast. Fats track Leos like a Father Time ready to cut them out of the pride; there’s a limit to the largess of life for the predator. The laws of the jungle are the same for everybody. Unless Leos can learn to save their heart from fat—which actually causes them to become hard-hearted—they will descend from the hunter to the hunted as a matter of course, and meet with a similarly grisly and untimely end.

Grain, not Gristle

A large heaping of brown rice or other whole grain contains almost all the digestible proteins and complex carbohydrates that the body needs; it’s the perfectly balanced food—halfway between acid and alkaline. That’s right: whole grains replaces meat. If you must have a centerpiece on the plate, let it be the grain, not the gristle.

But let’s say you just need the bulk and feel of meat, as well as the taste. The Indonesian staple Tempeh may be your answer. It comes in meat-like slabs, and you can fry it, broil it, and flavor it with bacon if you want; whatever you need to chow down this great source of non-fat protein, B-vitamins and friendly intestinal flora. Enterprising cooks could also use gluten—the grain “essence” without the starch­—to make into a cutlet-like substitute that can be flavored at will. There IS life after meat, Leos, so take heart, you can still pounce on your prey and live a long, disease free life.

Worship the Clean Greens

If you must eat meat or otherwise put indigestible fat and gristle in your gut, you must also compensate in equal measure by eating grains and roughage. What is the right roughage? Leos must endeavor to eat raw, sautéed or steamed greens every day. FYI: there are only three “true” greens: collards, kale and broccoli. Don’t even fool yourself into thinking lettuce, spinach or chard can replace the nutritional value of a Clean Green. It’s the leathery toughness of the true green leaf that gives it the biological banquet of vitamins and minerals that you cannot find elsewhere. Don't overcook them.
Vegetarianism requires a complete mental turnaround for Leo. Typical question: how to “replace” meat? The answer is that you cannot. You must find the taste and texture satisfaction some other way. Blood-lust aside, meat by definition is unhealthy: why look for a replacement? Do you really want to take dead or rancid cells into the body? Is the heady taste of meat a legitimate craving or merely clever packaging for a recipe for slow agony and early death? Is the come-hither smell of meat leading you to your own version of a Waterloo.

Sex and Fat

Leos must beware of the effect of oil and saturated fats in the diet, if only to preserve their libido. While fresh oils like cold-pressed olive oil or natural coconut oil are less harmful, ALL fats turn to acid in the Leo heart and will slow it down and kill it as surely as a bullet will. The advantages to living longer means only one thing to Leo: having sex more often and for a longer part of the lifespan. The demise of the Leo sex drive is like the proverbial Eskimo without teeth; without it, life itself becomes redundant. A Leo without sexual desire can only hope for a swift and painless death.

Without sex, the Leo is like a pet cat with too much food available, the Leo will become obese, lethargic and self-indulgent when the fat levels get too high. The only recourse is for the adamant flesh-loving Leo to give up meat in order to live longer. Meat eaters die of fat, whether by heart disease or cancer. True, meats are the traditional sources of protein, minerals, and B vitamins, but cause more problems then they solve. The fats and proteins in meat actually sabotage the body’s own cell-building systems. Eating animals and their byproducts for short-term energy gain is a temptation, but leaves behind serious and degenerating problems of the blood. The Chinese call this condition "sluggish" or dirty blood. Unless a person is a reverent and consistent exerciser who can regularly reach the inner chemical temperature required to burn fat, whatever fat you eat stays with you forever, clogging veins, spleen and colon until they burst. Fats literally burn through delicate membranes and cell walls. Fat will eventually smother the overtaxed blood pump—the heart.

At the heart is the mind.

Leo heart rules the Leo mind. If the heart goes, so goes the will to live and the greatness of Leo. The lion becomes a hollow shell of what was once a mighty beast. However, it is never too late to change. Heart problems can be prevented or reversed with a non-meat, macrobiotic diet. Leo without the meat? It pays to consider the Biblical prophesy of the lion laying down with the lamb: Leos can and will be successful vegetarians if they follow a modified Macrobiotic diet. Technically, this means eating balanced meals that consist of 60% whole grains and 25% seasonal vegetables, 10% fermented food (such as miso or Tempeh). The Macrobiotic Way is a state of grace achieved when you eat to live, and not live to eat.

Leo and the Hair Test

Leos will also be pleased to know that vitamin E makes for beautiful, healthy hair—along with vitamin C and the B-vitamins. It’s worth mentioning that the HAIR TEST, an inexpensive and non-invasive alternative to the blood test, used in drug testing, is also the best way to check for anemia or any vitamin or mineral deficiency. A hair test can tell the body’s overall condition more accurately than blood—hair is the final product—a printout our body’s chemistry, and the pride of the Leo. The blood test is a only snapshot of a circulating “highway” of information; all about transition—while the hair represents the entirety of our chemical wellness. Most doctors don’t know or feign ignorance of the hair test because it adds nothing to their profit margins. In the case of Leo, deficiencies revealed by a hair test are usually zinc, calcium, magnesium, and shortages of vitamins A, D and the B-complex.

The Leo Vitamin

Vitamin A&D may keep the Leo cheerful when there isn't sunshine, but the vitamin hand-maiden to the Leo is vitamin E, because it increases the sex drive. It does this by cleaning the kidneys, the heart of sexual health. This derivative from wheat germ is actually an oil which disperses and emulsifies the “bad” fats and other acidic gunk in the bloodstream and muscles. Vitamin E is the vitamin you take to balance your wretched excesses. Vitamin E will heal the damaged tissue that injuries have left behind, by cleaning the blood naturally and effectively. By taking a capsule of 1,000 I.U.s of vitamin E every day, you are cleaning out the toxins and impurities in the blood that you may have put there earlier with a lousy diet. Vitamin E will burn away the greasy leftovers in the blood, leaving your veins clear, your heart strong, and, most important, can be used like an aphrodisiac.


Recommended Vitamins

SOLGAR Natural Vitamin E
400 IU capsules

NATURE'S PLUS Vitamin A & D combination
10,000-400 IU capsules

NUTRIBIOTIC Ascorbate (Vitamin C)
buffered with calcium

JARROW B-RITE Formula B-complex

KAL Calcium Magnesium (as Dolomite)



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