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Uranus in Aries
Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

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Uranus means revolution, the sudden outburst of new ideas wiping out traditional restrictions and outmoded systems. The power of Uranus is the lightning bolt of inspiration, revelation and the unstoppable spread of a human demand for freedom. The question is, freedom for whom? The freedom for a few is not comparable with the freedom for the many. Is individual freedom really freedom? Or it it the height of selfishness? There is no real freedom until we are all free. This is at the the core of democracy.

Uranus entered Aries on April 26, 2018. In retrospect, when Uranus was in Pisces for the 10 years before that, from 2009, what we experienced was a sense of spiritual freedom, where subtle changes in our perceptions occurred behind the facade of a rampant capitalist expansion of repression and oligarchy. Uranus in Pisces is a quiet revolution, which occurs almost imperceptibly under the radar. Yet Pisces also divides us, by wealth, religion and politics. The symbol of Pisces, two fish swimming in opposite directions, is a clue to our irreconcilable differences, our opposing objectives. We have been living in the Age of Pisces, a 2600 year demarcation created by the precession of the equinoxes, since the birth of Christianity, that was itself divided between peace and war, compassion and cruelty. Primitive Christianity emerged as a innocuous belief in equality, only to transform itself as it took root as a vengeful force that sought to destroy all the vestiges of the older civilizations and religions. In spite of the connection with Jesus and love, Christianity became more aggressive as it assumed dominance and became synonymous with slaughter and slavery. Today's Christianity, in spite of its charter of love and pious humility has bred a culture in which pedophilia and misogyny flourish and provide absolution for corruption.

Likewise we find the Uranus in Pisces of our era guilty of many of the same vices, where revolutionary technology has been usurped and co-opted by the very elements it hoped to expropriate for the betterment of all. It is no accident that as we enter the twilight of Uranus in Pisces, the internet, which so bravely sought to liberate our minds a decade ago is now being commercialized, manipulated and censored by repressive governments and corrupt corporations. Pisces has the quality of opening the doors of perception, and then, as if fearful of the consequences, slamming them closed again.

How will Uranus in Aries be different? For one thing, Aries dismisses any form of dualism, Aries is a singularity wherein only one viewpoint can be permitted. Aries is bold where Pisces is passive, and it seeks to explore and conquer the unknown rather then glorify and worship sacrifice. Aries is action, Pisces is faith.

The last time that Uranus entered Aries, in 1934, Europe was on the brink of a World War. Hitler seized control of Germany and intensified his persecution the Jews; a military coup occurred in Bolivia; Japan broke its peace treaties with the US and Great Britain; the trade war between the US and Germany intensified; China's Red Army began the Long March; bank-robbers Bonnie and Clyde were shot dead by police.

Like Uranus' transits today, it entered Aires in mid-1934, only to retrograde back into Pisces and return to Aries in mid-1935. Some of the events of the second Aries transit included the assassination of populist politician Huey Long; France and Germany called for conscription to increase their military forces; the Harlem race riot; the League of Nations failed to prevent Italy's invasion of Ethiopia; Pope Pius XI warned his Cardinals of a coming world war; Stalin lowered the minimum age for the death penalty to 12 and Hitler declared pacifism punishable by death.

In 1850, another Uranus-Aries transit announced the onset of civil war. Harriet Tubman founded the Underground Railroad; the Pinkertons, a goon squad used to crush worker's movements, was established; the British accelerated the export of its criminals to western Australia, and the Heavenly Army clashed with European imperialists in China.

The Uranus-Aries configuration that occurred in 1767 was a prelude to the American Revolution. The colonies rejected taxation without representation by the British Crown and demanded the repeal of the Stamp tax. This marked the beginnings of a resistance movement in Massachusetts which resulted in the Boston Massacre in 1770. (The armed rebellion, however, didn't start in earnest until Uranus entered Taurus in 1774.)

In all these instances, Uranus in Aries signaled the build up of sharpening class and economic divisions which irrevocably led to war and revolution as social contradictions hardened.

As Malcolm X reminded us, "There's no such thing as a non-violent revolution. Revolution is bloody. Revolution is hostile. Revolution knows no compromise. Revolution overturns and destroys everything in its path." Revolution is something that appears only in the most dire circumstances, and leads to a complete breakdown of the social order. Revolution is the final sacrifice of the oppressed, and the end game of the existing system.

On August 5, 2018, Uranus will go retrograde, re-entering Pisces on Dec 9, before it goes direct again in January, 2019. This period may indicate that freedom for the masses will be ambushed by selfish freedom, the power of the rich over the poor, again leading to a another passive phase of non-violent protest, until the situation ripens to confrontation and conflict when Uranus re-enters Aries in February. 2019 may announce an irrevocable build-up of anger as the pent up forces of revolution once again find the energy to hit back at the clique of parasites that hold them in bondage. This may preface and accompany an outbreak of global conflagration.

Oppression breeds hopelessness, and then sparks resistance. We must accept that these titanic forces, both local and global, may simmer and deepen before the actual explosion. We can never predict nor fully understand the flash point that starts any mass rebellion. The start of a series of social upheaval seems likely after Mars enters Aries and conjuncts with Uranus, both at zero degrees in that sign, on February 13, 2019. All revolutions are preceded by periods of great misery, corruption, betrayal and pain. In the red haze of revolutionary zeal, all thoughts of self-preservation are lost, and the great roiling sea of discontent can suddenly turn into a tidal wave of change. Perhaps in our new golden age of information we can avoid the historic tendency of self-destruction, and instead usher in a new renaissance of revolution and resolution to solve our problems. If not, we can expect an era of great suffering. Now is the time to work toward a peaceful transfer of power from the few to the many.

Uranus is in Aries now. On August 5, Uranus will retrograde for five months, until Jan 5, 2019, back into Pisces. Uranus will re-enter Aries February 5.

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