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The Cat Has Nine Lives


The fight-flight instinct of Leo is illustrated in the charts—and lives—of two young African Americans who faced a critical showdown with white America, but had very different reactions:

Dave Chappelle dispatched himself to Africa, and then to his rural farm in Pennsylvania to escape being captured by the white men in suits at Comedy Central. He fled what he judged to be a media-coup d'etat of his comic genius; they wanted to homogenize his satire and make him a Disney character, like they did to Eddie Murphy. They were, in his words, laughing at him and not with him.

Fellow Leo with the same birthday Gangster Dontae Morris stood his ground in a shoot-out with two police officers, and killed them both. He was an assassin and enforcer for his family of drug dealers, and now his life is forfeit; he's in a Southern jail awaiting trial; his best hope is life imprisonment and perhaps a rare (and improbable) second chance to help people.

Both men have a Sun-Neptune aspect (which they share with Barack Obama) —a dangerous combination where Neptune tells us our fantasies are real, and the Sun actually helps shape us physically to look the part. While Sidereal Cancer Obama shaped himself into our political mother-substitute, Sidereal Leo Dave Chappelle became our hippest commentator on American race relations and deftly satirized our racial fears and stereotypes. His Gemini Moon gave him the sly smile as he easily skipped from one character to another. He is many people, a bag of cats that must be appeased, his Mars in Aries makes him very dominating person to worth with. Yet in partnerships, he was a Virgo with a need to serve others. Once he realized he was being exploited, that was it. This cat flew the coop and was never seen again. His new slogan, like Virgo Greta Garbo before him, is I want to be alone!

After Chappelle’s ground breaking TV show went viral, he was offered a multi-million dollar contract to essentially sellout, like Martin Lawrence. Chappelle balked; he worried that his sense of humor was about to be hijacked and trivialized. Chappelle’s Sun Neptune square’s bubble had burst in his face, and he didn’t want to be known forever as an Uncle Tom crackhead.

By the time the public learned he had turned the offer down, Chappelle’s white business partners were calling him insane, and having am mental breakdown. In the corporate family, there are no quitters, only scapegoats, and the media was furious at him. The Leo in Chappelle realized that his pride of lawyers and partners were his exploiters and were laughing AT him, not WITH him.

With his Gemini Moon, Chappelle actually just reserved the right to change his mind, to choose the Flight option, and he had the strength—Mars in Aries—to escape before he was swallowed up.

In a more tragic case for all involved, Dontae Morris chose the Leo's fight mode instead. As a hit man for his pride—a clique of Florida drug dealers, Morris had been implicated in two gangland executions already. He is charged in the shooting deaths of two Tampa Bay cops during a traffic stop. Before he gave himself up, Morris reached number two—after Osama Bin Laden—on the FBI Most Wanted List.

Morris is Virgo like Chappelle, but it ends there. He's got a fire Mars in Leo, and shares a touch of versatile Gemini with Chappelle via his Venus, but Morris isn't funny. His Ophiuchus Moon is a sign that life-and-death struggles are an every day occurrence to him. This can be one of the most vengeful and controlling positions of the Moon, and combined with the spirit of the Leo animal, is capable of incarnating into a killer, like a jaguar stalking his prey in the jungle.

Morris has Sun-Neptune too, as a Trine—he’s a visionary—with great empathy and understanding. With such sensitivity, why would he opt for the role of an assassin? The pent-up aggression of Mars square Saturn would set him at odds with authority. Jupiter is opposing his career growth, his lack of other options may have conditioned him to see murder as just another job. With a Cancer Mercury, he would do anything for his partners in crime—even kill.

Morris was a loyal street fighter. His violent life evolved in a REAL jungle—the drug wars—and he did what was needed to survive, killing the policemen who were trying to cage him. As a black man in a white-run prison system, his Sun Neptune turned into an express train to hell; the reality is the racist state that created him will now bury him.

Rehabilitation in prison is the only hope for Morris; his arrest was a forced withdrawal from a sordid, vicious life. Malcolm X was forced off the streets and sent to prison for armed burglary, yet honed his intellectual skills there. Morris might be a healer instead of a monster. If the Florida penal system doesn’t execute Morris, he could well embark on a new life, and find redemption for his crimes by healing people instead of killing them.

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