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Are You Scared of Scorpio?
Maybe you should be

Dan Olsen /Shutershock

Sun in Scorpio
Nov 22-Nov. 29

Some of us fear them, some are fascinated, most of us prefer to leave them to their own devices. Are we talking about spiders? Yes; but everything about spiders is also true of Scorpio, who only appears in the light from midnight on Nov. 22 to midnight on Nov. 19. For the rest of the year, Scorpio can be a recluse attuned only to their inner clock and unshakable purpose.

Scorpio's paranoia is understandable. Their historical stronghold in the Zodiac was destroyed when the Roman republic became an Empire, and its astrologers surgically extracted Libra from Scorpio, ripping off its claws and truncating its lair. The Romans wanted to create a new face for Scorpio; that of a peaceful, balanced, law-abiding Libra machine to hide Rome's true nature; a slavery-based, hive-like nation of rapacious, blood-sucking insects. Roman legions destroyed the original tribal systems wherever they could find them, and used Roman "law" to dominate the known world with an intricate infrastructure of patriarchal oppression. Rome was the ultimate predator. Even after it was decapitated, Rome still exists today in the guise of the Catholic church, colonialism and the Eurocentric philosophies, all of which are similarly based on expansion and exploitation.

Scorpios are driven by the fundamental forces of the most extinction-proof life form and the most efficient social system. Ruled by Pluto, it's propagate or die; destroy your enemy before he destroys you. The biggest colony always wins.

That's why for the rest of the Zodiac, getting too close to a Scorpio can mean slavery and violence, and a one-way-ticket in. There are, of course, those who would flourish in such a relationship, finding passion and commitment; who would want to escape?

Self-absorbed, relentless, thoroughly remorseless, Scorpios are jealous and seek revenge for every slight, no matter how seemingly innocuous. Exposed to ridicule or injury, Scorpio plots and schemes. Yet their passions are magnetic and dynamic. They can tempt us and excite us, drawing us into an emotionally entangled trap. By the time we snap out of it, it’s too late; like a fly in the web, we have been ensnared.

Don’t joke about a Scorpio. When it comes to their defenses and survival skills, they can be very emotional about themselves. Somewhere along the line, Scorpio outwaits their emotions, subjecting them to a clinical dissection of a single question: who has the power? Scorpio, wherever it appears in the natal chart, turns emotion into a weapon. The spider gives no quarter, makes no allowances, has no mercy, feels no human sensibility. Scorpio has the same intensity and the same work ethic. The pressures on them are enormous, since they carry our ancestral struggle in every gene, so everything depends on their survival.

Yet there is a lot to praise in the lifestyle of this solitary predator. Spiders assiduously weave their silken web, an architectural and artistic marvel of design and function, the purpose of which is to ensnare the curious, the negligent, the otherwise unobtainable fly who ventures too close to its doom. However, the web is not only for fast food; it plays a big part in spider sex, too. The horny male spider puts on an elaborate show of dancing and cajoling the female into opening her epignyne. If the male is agile, he can place his sperm-laden webbing into it before scampering away to avoid being eaten by the female.

With sex, as with all things Scorpio, there is a certain macabre relentlessness of desire without apology, without fear, that makes loving a Scorpio a tricky affair. Those with nothing to lose, a sense of adventure and an equally unassailable ego can dance on the Scorpio web; if security and subtlety are required, you’ll have to enter into their world, never to return. Pulling away from a Scorpio can be painful and maybe impossible unless you enter a witness protection program. If you linger too long in Scorpio’s embrace, you may find yourself wrapped up in a silk prison forever. MORE


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