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Black Moon


Good Mom/Bad Mom:

Obama's beguiling Neptune-Sun square makes him look like the president we've always wanted, but now that we have had him, he's faded like a cheap suit.
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Jung's fantasy-laden Neptune-Sun square gave Jung power over his female patients, which he seduced and tricked into submitting to his creepy sexual advances.
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Two Cancer pretenders and their charts
"Two ambitious Cancers, both empty shells and lying shysters who managed to sneak in our back door to get what they wanted, saying everything we wanted to hear. They both came in as the Good Mom, but once in power, both were revealed to be very Bad Moms, since they both raped us in one way or another."
The Ergomaniac Establishment

A Sun Neptune aspect is all about the yearning to be what you’re not—the positive side of which would be striving to be great, to heal the world. When Neptune is squared the Sun, it means the inclination to serve is still there, but truncated to delude and disenfranchise, like media hype; to mislead, lull and rip people off instead of actually saving them. It is the Walt Disney version of helping people with their problems.

Obama and Carl Jung both have the square. With it, one can be the both perpetrator and victim. Sun-Neptune makes us believe the myth and drown in our own fantasy. The aftermath is the true meaning of depression—in this case, an economic situation that implodes our reality, denies us our dreams, and rips the ingenuity out of us like a sacrificed heart to a stone god.

Going down with the ship of state
As a Cancer-Neptunian leader, Obama is pretending to be the leader we need, but political failure is inevitable. Already we see a man who has aged 10 years in the 5 he has been in office. A Taurus Moon square Uranus makes him very slow to adapt, inwardly resisting the very changes he promises. He's a staunch conservative and a war-monger, despite winning an undeserved Nobel Prize for peace.

Of the many hats he wears—to appear the good mom—he will never be the courageous reformer we needed him to be. It takes more than a dream and a good PR team. He never had solutions to offer, only rhetoric, which was written for him to help us suspend our disbelief. No wonder he gaffs NOW every time reporters catch him out of character—his Cancer Mercury opposes a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. When he relaxes and shows himself, it’s his arrogance and anger; he squelches inquiry, so he nor anyone else can disclose the true nature of his hapless, rootless, bankrupt regime. Instead of slaying the dragon, he wants to kill the whistleblowers.

We’re already doomed by our failure to acknowledge our previous failures
Obama has had a powerful Grand Trine of Moon, Mars and Jupiter/Saturn to protect him from reality. He is the vessel of our inspiration and energies. He’s a facade of what we want in a leader. Would a real Good Mom torture people and pursue an imperialist war? We’re asking too much of a guy with nothing to give. Can reform occur alongside a dying structure? Obama weaves a spell, YES. But he is bluffing. There is no savior, no shining knight in armor, no hybrid progressive politician to save us.

The question for Obama now is, how can he withdraw into his shell? He’d rather resign in disgrace than be exposed for the pulpy worm that he is. He might very well go insane in office, which is a common hazard for war-making presidents. One thing is for certain, his failures reflect the failure of the democratic system to give the people what they want.

A Philandering Nazi Doktor also fools people to this day
Cancer avatar and guru Carl Jung also used his Sun-Neptune square to manipulate the “collective unconscious”—one of his own concepts—not for political power, but for the sexual exploitation of his patients.

Jung was a classic pimp who used his genius to con his female patients into performing sex acts. His distant father and unstable mother damaged Jung’s ability to love, and he propped up his rampant misogyny with mysticism, astrology, religion and the I Ching, anything he could conjure up to bamboozle his clients into awe and submission. Jung was a serial seducer, with a roster of adoring—or hypnotized, female concubines. Jung was the talisman for the bevy of whacked out gurus that appeared later, in the 1960s and 70s, using the same godhead philosophy and mysterious spirituality that he essentially invented.

Jung’s expertise was psychology and the occult; he first utilized them as commandant of a Swiss concentration camp during World War One. In the 1930s he worked for the Nazis to set up the German Society of Psychiatry, trying, as he later protested, to “protect” Jewish doctors. Jung refuted claims that he was a Nazi--instead pointing out that many of his best friends were Jews. Anti-Semitic, no; Nazi, yes. He was a religious quack and political throwback to Wagnerian political views, defending corporate individualism and decrying the evils of secularism. Jung was a Nazi inside his head, but offered the smiling face of the conciliatory savior. In this he and Obama share the same MO and also, entertain the same fear: that they will be exposed.

Jung tried to escape socialization; his Moon-Uranus square made him fear attachment; his Mars-Jupiter-Pluto kite is the mark of the demagogue and misuse of power. Neptune Sun square blurred Jung’s already weak boundaries between psychology and mind control. He used some valid concepts for evil and personal gain. In failing health and drifting in and out of schizophrenia, Jung spent the last years of his life fortifying his home into a castle, complete with a moat, into which he withdrew until his death in 1961.

Obama and Jung were both foisted on us as liberals, humanitarians and nurturing leaders, when, in fact, they are both frauds, motivated by egotism and both put into power by a socially reactionary power structure.

In any case, we ended up with the Bad Mom instead of the dreamt-of Good Mom we had hoped to find in either of these poseurs. You never know what the package contains until you open it up.

UPDATE: Five years into the Obama administration, and with flagging poll numbers, the only questions remain: 1) How weak is Obama? 2) How dishonest is Obama? and 3) How wicked is Obama? The answer, as we know from studying the news, is VERY weak (his failure at politics) VERY dishonest (his refusal to answer questions) and VERY wicked (his obeisance to Wall street and pursuit of imperialistic wars). Obama's future is bleak; half-way through his second term, he may be impeached or disgraced so badly that both he and his party may drown in disillusion.



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